Saturday, September 26, 2015

Face Book- It's different uses for different people.

The Face Book need no introduction.It is a well known boon to the humanity in the field of communication. This Social networking Website is estimated to have more than 700 million Active users today. This itself proclaims the unparellel popularity it has assumed of late. Hereunder I make a humble attempt to analyze it's merits and demerits in a common man's point of view and not from deep technical aspects of it Face book is a paradise of Lovers,friends,relatives and business contacts. It is a field liberally used by students and Teen Agers to communicate among them freely without fear or anxiety. We call many things of day to day use as Twoin One, Three in one,Four in one for denoting the multi usage of certain Home Appliances. Face book is also a very useful Home Appliance ,which is All in one that does not need any repair or maintenance. Face Book serves the Purposes of Cell phone,exchanging Messages,calling each other and many more activities of entertaining nature like videos movie trailers etc. Face book is more popularly used than Twitter and other Social Networks. People from all class use Facebook liberally for communicating and counselling on large variety of Topics. From Women Gossip to Celebrity Gossip all kinds of purposes are served by making use of Face book. Some of the most popular purposes for which Face book is being used are: 1) For exchange of private topic between lovers,acquaintances,friends and Politicians,Sportsmen/ Women,students,grown up children ,workers,employees in different firms,Government servants, and what not all kinds of people. 2) political rivals to exchange heated words. 3) various people to discuss cinema,other entertainments ,sports and games. 4) people to post news from various Internet news sites. 5) people especially older to convey Philosophy. 6) people to discuss various medicine for different types of Diseases 7) people to discuss dos and Donts regarding treatment of diseases of various kinds. 8) habits required to maintain health. 9) Religious matters connected with Temple,Churches and Mosques. 10) people interested in Politics to hero worship their leader by highting good deeds done by them. 11) People interested in Politics to degrade and underestimate their rival party leaders with supporting facts and figures. 12) to announce weddings and to post the wedding photos and Family photos. 13) Family people to give publicity to the achievements of their children in School and extracurricular activities. 14) for publicity of buying and selling of Different products with prices andvsources of availability. 15) writers to publish their writings. 16) to publish,Bus,Trains,and Flight times and the economic fares that could be availed of. 17)To post photos and videos of Festivals relating to Temples,Churches and Mosques 18)to announce religious festivals and events to remind believers. 19)To post warnings regarding habits that could lead to ill health. 20)The best and foremost use of Face Book as far as I have observed is posting the news about people who need help to Undertake costly treatment which are not within the reach of their financial stability.Many people respond to such requests and contribute their might .There are many such cases of such timely help provided relief cure from various serious diseases.This indeed is a big boon from Face Book as more people go through Face Book every day than those read News papers Besides,often communities are created on Face book.This could enable sharing experiences,knowledge,information,and discussions within the groups or communities.Communities of various sorts like Education,bird watching,Sky watching,religious nature and many more such groups can be formed on Facebook. Thus there is no end to topics for which the Social network Media Face Book is being used as a Boon. Apart from all these,the Political parties are using Facebook for their Election It is said that the Americanpresident was an extensive user of Facebook for his American Presidentisland Election compaign and found himself coming out in flying colours on both the occasions. Another branch which is using theFacebook is Cell phone Companies and Electronics companies for publicity of their products. There are a few demerits also in using Facebook.For students it affects their carrier as they extensively make use of Face Book for entertainment without seriously looking after their studies. There are hackers and misusers who use information from the Face book for misuse to extract benefits for them. However,generally Face Book is an Ocean for the society in various branches of utility. Long live Facebook. Sreedharan.Mundanat 26thSeptember 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Environment and Climate change.

The environment is a very important factor relating to the life on Earth both for Humanity and Animals. Environment generally in a lay man's eyes relate to Mountains,Forests,rivers,water and all living beings on earth. The living beings and environment are related because many wrong deeds by Humanity leads to destroy all of Environment .Consequently the benefits derived from the nature ,if not protected it can lead to disaster. Water is the most essential factor for life besides air,light and indirectly food for maintaining the life. Water is a Treasure..Water represents 70 percent of Earth's surface.and is covered by Oceans,Seas,lakes,Rivers,and Streams.When sunlight enters into the Earth's surface it heats water and plants creating vaporisation of water molecules and transpiration of Plants.The water vapour in the atmosphere gets cold and changes in to liquid forming clouds through condensation.After a level reaches ,more accumulation becomes impossible.Then water falls into the Earth's surface in the form of Rain,snow,or hail.Part of the water infiltrates into the ground and remains in what is called Water table,the remaining rain water lows into nature's reservoir s vizOceans,sea,Rivers,Lakes,Streams etc.This process continues over and over and this constitutes what is called Water Cycle. From the above it is clear how important the natural resources are and any damages caused to them are basically the causes for climate changes. So to prevent Climate changes adversely affecting humanity it is absolutely required to protect our environment consisting of natural resources. In order to protect the Natural resources ,the following measures are necessary.This is a broad view depending up on different scientific measures that could be taken according to the requirement of the location which might be slightly different from place to place. 1) Preventing pollution to the warter resources: The practise of throwing Domestic and other wastes to the rivers,streams and all sorts of water resources should be discontinues. 2) Destroyal of Mountains by employing by extracting Rocks and Sand and Minerals should be totally stopped. 3)destroying precious forests by felling trees and plants which also involves disturbing and killing of birds,animals and Precious Medicinal plants should be stopped forthwith. 4) Waste Management and Pollution control should be insisted depending upon the quantum of such measures required in different areas and locations as per the existing conditions of such places. Besides,some Gases in the Earth's Atmosphere act a bit like the glass in a green house trapping the sun's heat and stopping it from leaking back to space. Many of these gases occur naturally,but Human activity is increasing the concentrations of some of them in the atmosphere,particularly in respect of a)Carbon Dioxide(CO2) b)Methane c) Nitros Oxide,&I'd)fluoridated Gases. CO2 is the green house gas most commonly produced by Human activities[inhaling Oxegen & Exlaling Carbon Dioxide],responsible for over 60 percent of man made Global warming.It's concentration in the Atmosphere is currently 40%higher than it was when Industialisation began. Other Green House Gases are emitted in smaller quantities,but they trap heat far more effectively than CO2, and in some cases are thousand times stronger.Methane is responsible for more than 17 % of man made Global Warming and Nitros Oxide for 6 percent. The reasons for the rise in Emissions: 1)Burning Coal,oil and Gas produces Carbon Dioxide and Nitros Oxide. 2) Cutting down Forests( Deforestation):Trees help to regulate the climate by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.So when they are cut down,this beneficial effect is lost and the carbon stored in the trees is released into the Atmosphere adding to the Greenhouse effect. 3)Increasing Livestock Farming:Cows and Sheep produce large amounts of Methane when they digest their Food. 4)Fertilisers containing Nitrogen:this produce Nitros Oxide Emissions. 5)Fluorinated Gases:This produce a very strong warming effect,upto 23,000 times greater than CO2.However,thankfully these are released in smaller quantities.some countries have regulations to control this where more of such emissions are noticed. Effective control by every Nation of the above Emission effects could produce lesser harmful effects on Global Warming. There are some effective measures the common man also take to prevent Climate change: They are: 1) Plant as far as possible drought- Resistant trees and Shrubs around one's home and outdoor air conditioning Units. 2)Replace your current Home appliances( Refrigerators,Washing Machines,Dishwasher) with High efficiency Models 3)Buy Food and other Products with reusable or recyclable packaging instead of those in non- recyclable packaging. 4)use fluorescent Bulbs instead of ordinary ones. 5)instal Solar Heated System to make hot water. 6)Recycle one's Home waste news print,Card board,Glass and Metal. 7)insulate one's Home,clean your Airconditioning Filters and install energy efficient shower heads. 8)As far as possible discontinue use of Cars,Motor bikes and such vehicles with usage of Petrol or Diesel or reduce their use as far as possible by resorting to using BycYcles or by Walking 9) Avoid use of Plastic totally. 10) Avoid waste in the Usage of food and food articles by resorting to using quantities only to required measures.Even if one runs short of quantity of food occasionally it would not matter and instead would enable the digestion system to get some kind of rest once in a while.This is the basic reason some people resort to live without food once in a week( UPAVAAS).From time immortal ,there is a practise among Hindu Homes to observe Ekadasi day( Fast day) There is a belief among some people in India that by doing Yoga every day , one could contribute towards prevention of Climate Changes. This seems to be absolutely baseless as is clear from the factors mentioned above. It is one hundred percent right that Yoga helps the Body conditions and Body climate of individuals.By doing Yoga every day along with Pranayama( Salutations to the sun) one could control the mind to make it free from Hatred,Intrigue,Anger,abusing and criticising others and in finding fault with the work done by others.This is total control of mind and gives a lot of Peace of mind.Yoga can never go together with Hatered,Intrigue,abusing and Anger. The very intention of Yoga is to get oneself free from these kind of Emotions and acquire perfect peace of Mind. If we think that Yoga can prevent Climate Change it is like one famous yogi in India Says with his tummy churning Yogic postures that Yoga is a cure for cancer and Homosexuality.This can never be true because it has not been proved Scientifically that Love and Sex of any kind is a Disease. Sreedharan Mundanat 23rd September 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

World in the Eyes of India- Loko samastho Sukhino Bhavanthu

Here are a few logical conclusions about how much India has contributed towards the welfare of the World.Believe it or not,these are logical facts with possible evidence to convince since a very long time India was a spiritual force behind the progress of the World. India is always known to be a Nation which has been interested in the welfare of the world as can be seen from the Famous saying in India "Loko Samastho Sukhino Bhavantho" which was a mantra chanted during the conclusion of any auspicious event. Until 1947 the culture of India was being handled badly by Foreigners in India.Thereafter We ourselves started treating it badly towards destruction. Whenever damage was done to our culture thereby destroying Dharma,there used to be Adharma taking place.however on every such occasion,nature re-established dharma.this is how India is still existing with high Glory to show the world. Whenever World needed any kind of knowledge,the first place to find such source is indeed India Sciences of Metals,health,mathematics,Astrology all are the contribution to the World by India.Until 10th Century Europe was not knowing the Arithematical Progression and the Geometrical Progression .But Indian had chanted Vedamantras using Arithematical Progression and Geometrical progression.There are mantras in Yajurveda where the metals like Copper,Brass,Tin andvLead were honoured.We had learned in books that all these metals were discovered by Europians after 1500 AD.But these metals were known to India about 5000 years back. Between 400AD and 1500AD many Chemistry books were written in India.the books by names,"Rasaratnakaram",rasa samuchayam,Rasendra Sara Sarveswam,and Rasendra Choodamani were books written by Chemistry experts and Ayurveda Vizards like Nagarjuna of these books it has been clearly mentioned how to use these metals.It has also been clearly mentioned how to process Gold,Silver,Tin,Lead,Iron,copper and Mercury We believe that the seven colours of Sun called Vibgiyor,was discovered by Newton.This could be true that the theory was introduced by Newton to the World but it has been mentioned In Indian Vedas by Viswamitra that the sun sends seven colours to the Earth.Similarly,It has also been mentioned that the light is sent in 2022 Yojana speed to Earth by Narayana Acharya of the Vijayanagaram Empire of Harihara &Gupta. As regards Newton's Theory of Gravity,this phenomenon had already been mentioned in the Astrology of India.Bhaskaracharya in his book Siddhanthasiromani,in the chapter Bhuvanakosam ,it has been recorded as a definition that the Earth attracts all solid objects in the sky and those which are not attracted equally by other planets would fall to the earth and others attracted by other planets do not fall.This was recorded by Bhaskaracharya who lived between 1114-1185 Besides ,Aryabhata another famous scientist of olden dayS had discovered that Earth was a round planet and this planet revolves around the sun. all the details about earth and sun are recorded in the book called Aryabhatteeyam. However what we have learned is in the name of Galileo and copper Nicuscus.But ,in fact,in AD 449 Aryabhattacharya- 1,When he was 23 year old had written about this. Incidentally India had named their first Sattelite as Aryabhatta. Brahmagupta another Astronomer has written more in detail about Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya in the book Bhramaspuda Siddhantham.he has also recorded about the details and formula of circle in Geometry. Varahamihira yet another Mathetician cum Astrnomer in AD 553 had calculated the longitude and Latitude of Alexandria on the two sides of Green which line which was stated to be in India.Alexandria was located 23.7 degree from Ujjain. A book written by Panini Of India called " Ashtaddhyayi" is stated to be the basis for the German Language. All the diseases likely to affect mankind and about the medicines & Mantras required to be recited while giving the Medicines are described in the is insisted in Adharva Veda that water is one valuable compound required to be given for all diseases. Hippocrates who is known as the father of Modern Medical sciences,says in his book 117 times that he learned the secrets of Medical sciences from two Indians Charakan and Sushruthan
Sushruthan had said in a book that for effective medical treatment the mind and Body should maintain a state of Unity.He had also said that every attack to the human body affects Mind also and vice versa.This is so said by Sushruthan in the book "Sushrutha SA highs" written in 700 BC.Today in America The same principle of treatment is being employed.This is considered as the Quantum healing of the 21st century.It is also said in American medical science that there is no better medicine to activate brain than Yoga and Meditation. According to the Syllabus of Universities in the last chapter of The text books published in America is dedicated to Yoga and Meditation. The Salutation to Sun( Suryanamaskaram) has become a daily routine among Americans and Britishers nowadays. According to the data maintained by the Washington Post and Newyork TimesMagazines,65 percent of the Adults in America Above 40 years perform yoga and Meditation daily. The yogasasthra written by Patanjali Shasthri,there is mention about evolution. It was first said that in 7 days of a week one day should be a holiday was declared first by Chanakya of India And not by Britishers.This is clearly said in his book Athasasthra. The Panchathanthra written by Visnu Sharma in 505 AD is a part of the Syllabus of CIA of America. The world today gives importance to the Heritage of the principles of Medical sciences,Chemistry,Metellurgy,and Astronomy of India. It is said that in the Oxford University In the Boleian Library,20000 Boxes The Indian origin Taliyola grandhas .are kept and is being maintained.It is also said that many discoveries today had the knowledge behind it from the The knowledge gathered from these Grandhas. In Harward University it is said that 442 Hrigveda Grandhas are kept which are of Indian Origin. These are the reasons why Maxmuller had said that the World would Extend their both hands in front of India for useful knowledge. Max Muller had studied Sanskrit for 11 years in Inda and translated 47 books and made one book called The book of Oriental. MaxMuller had said that when Euoropians lived in Darkness there were also one society among Light in India and Unfortunately, the Indians are the Only people who do not know the Indian culture and their enormous value in the Eyes of the World. SreedharanMundanat 22nd of September 2015.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Salar Jung Museum,Hyderabad ,India

Internet Giant Google's Cultural arm recently announced that they are planning digitizing yet another Indian Heritage Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad to add to their online Museum.They plan to add more museums to their online collectIon. They are,Victoria memorial Hall, Kolkatta,Dastkari haat Samiti,Devi art foundation,Kiran Nadar Museum of Art,Academy of Fine artscand Literature,Kalakriti Archive,HeritagecTransport Museum,Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres & Ashrams and Remani iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. There are 5 National Museums in India.They are 1)national Museum New Delhi2)National Museum of Natural History Museum New Delhi.3)Indian Museum ,Kolkatta,4)Salar Jung Museum,Hyderabad and 5)Allahabad Museum,Allahabad. The Salar Jung Museum ,Hyderabad is perhaps the best I have seen in India.This one is now being digitized by Google. Let us have a look at it.Salar Jung Museum is the third largest and perhaps the best National Museum in India A person who visits Hyderabad must visit SalarJung museum.This is one of the Best places we visited in Hyderabad whenever we had been to Hyderabad.This Museum housesa Ancient collection of Manuscripts,Sculptures, Textiles,Paintings and clocks,Ceramics,Carpets and Metalic Artifacts. Out of these the Most popular attraction is the Clocks at the Museum most of which are collections from European countries There is one bracket clock here which is of British origin.This is a Bracket clock with a Mechanical device which wouldremind Perunthachan's toy.It has a miniature toy Figure which comes out of an enclosure and strikes a conga at every hour.At 12 PM the toy comes out and strikes 12 times .So this is a special attraction for everybody especially children.So at 12 PM every day one can observe a big crowd in front of the Clock just as in the case of Cheeta run at 4-30 Pm in San Diego Zoo,USA when a trained Cheeta, under the direction of Expert trainers Run in front of the crowd very close to them.At 4-30 all visitors gather at this place making a big crowd every day. Daggers belonging to the period of EmpreSS Noorjahan,Emperor Ahangir and Emperor Shahjahan are found in the Museum among antiques. The Ancient Artifacts held at the Museum belong to the Salar Jung Family.These collections dates back to The First Century. Under the Salar Jung Museum Act of 1961,the Museum is being maintained by a Board of Trustees,the ex- Officio chairperson is the Governor of the State. Apart from The Thirtyeight Galleries containing precious Artifacts,the Museum also has a Cafteria,Library and a Reading Room. This Great Museum is being visited by 10 lakh people on an average every year. The Salar Jung Museum boasts of Collection of Artifacts by the Nawab Mir yousuf Alikhan Salar Jung|||,who was the former Prime Minister of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad.He spent an ample amount of money for almost 35 years for acquiring the collections.People believe that some of the Nawab Properties were misappropriated when the items were shifted from Dewan Devdi,the place of the Nobles to it's current place.About 50 Thousand booksand 40 Thousand artifacts were believed to have been collected by N.M.Y.A.Khan Salar Jung 111,but a few of these are Featured in the Museum now. The Salar Jung Museum houses the Nawab's prized ancestral collection which are beautifully Displayed in this Museum. These collections are inclusive of the beautiful Paintings by famous Raja Ravi Varma,Tipu Sultan's Wardrobe,Ancient Daggers crafted with Gems which are believed to be belonging to the Kings and Queens,Aurangazeb'sSword and Jewel boxes .There is also ancient furniture collection of 14th and 17th century. Every items have been notified with labels for the visitor to recognize.Besides,there are wood cut paintings The statue of' Veiled Rebecca',Mugal miniatures,euro Ian Sculptures, Chinese PorCelain,Embridery works,Metal ware,Jade carvings,Japanese silk paintings,and elegantvivory works are added attractions in this museum. The other items of Admiration are famous "Mestophiles",And "the Lady with the Lamp"Which are considered to be the unique collections in this museum. Coming to the building ,architecture and infrastructure of this Museum,There are Thirtyeight Galleries,Which are spread on two floors.therecare Twenty Galleries on the Ground Floor,and Eighteen on the First floor.Each gallery exhibitsArticrats under separate headings. The Salar Jung Museum is one of the most highly visited place besides the Birla Mandir,Ramoji Film City and Nehru Zoological Park and the Charminar in Hyderabad. This IT City is worth visiting with family especially children during Holidays and Vacation to admire and enjoy our Heritage and ancient civilization. Sreedharan.Mundanat 14th September,2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

ONAM Celebrations 2015 at Sandiego,CA,USA

ONAM is one of the leading Festivals celebrated by the Malayalees Associations in San Diego,California USA every year. This year the celebrations were held on Saturday the 12th of September in the famous Performing Art center Auditorium of Rancho Bernardo High Cchool,Sandiego along with glittering Colorful Programmes performed by various family Members of Keralites of Kerala The highlights of the programme are depicted above. The Celebrations commenced with a grand Feast of Traditional Vegetarian Dishes including the most popular Palada Pradhaman.Large numbers of Malayalee Families participated in the Feast.Packed food was also arranged for those who could not attend due to unavoidable reasons The feast took more than 2 hours to conclude and there after around 2-15 PM the cultural programs were commenced. The programmes started with a traditional Welcome to the gathering by singing the famous song "Maveli naadu vannedum Kalam Manusharellarumonnu pole" Thereafter the famous King Mahabalivwas welcomed to the stage with traditional Chendamelam and conventional "Aarappu Vili" ( a welcome call to the graceful King with chanting and dancing ) The Mahabali was a very kind King ruled Kerala giving highest care and attention for the welfare of the people. However,the King being one belonged to the Asura clan ,the Devas got frightened by the tremendous popularity enjoyed by the king threatening the existence of Devas headed by Indra.Indra had to take the Help of Vishnu who assumed the form of a Vamana( a young Brahmin boy) .The Vamana approached the Generous king and requested for 3 feet of earth .The king readily agreed to the request of the Brahmin and allowed him to measure the earth according to his style.The Vamana then assumed the real Gigantic form of Vishnu and started measuring .The first two feets Covered the Earth and Heaven and there was no place for the third feet.So, in order to honour his word,the King Mahabali told the Vamana to keep his feet on his head to measure.Lord Vishnu who was pleased with the nature of the King ,before pushing him down to Patala allowed the King to visit his " Praja" once in every year .The day he visits Kerala is being celebrated as ONAM.There is a famous Temple in Thrikkakkara,Kochi called Vamana Temple. [for more details about the legend and the Temple please read my blog on " Mahakshetrams of Kerala- Vamanamurthy Temple,Thrikkakkara) Coming back to the Onam celebrations programme at Sandiego,the programme included Kaikootkkali by women,other Dances and various cultural and Skits of art forms related to Kerala The most attractive programme was by young girls welcoming Mahabali with flowers and graceful dances besides traditional Kaikottikkali. Every one departed with the wish of taking part to recollect and relish the sweet memories again nextYear and years to come. Sreedharan Mundanat 13th of September 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Divine and Academic Feasts with devotion.


The above two pictures are of traditional KeralaStyle feasts served in Plantain Leaves. The first one arranged for a divine purpose in the Aranmula Temple relating to a traditional festival going on for year after year since a very long time .There is a Divine purpose behind this feast.It is for pleasing the The great God ,Parthsarathy an avatar of Vishnu.the Temple is in existence since the 8th Century.The name of the God is attributed to the role of Krishna as the sarathy of Partha( Arjuna) in the Mahabharath epic.There are, in fact, the four most famous Vishu Temples at Guruvayur ,Trichambaram ,Thiruvarpu and Ambalpuzha. Similarly ,there are Five Temples dedicated to Yudhishtira,Bhima,Arjuna,Nakula andcSahadeva.The names of the Temples are respectively,Thrichittatt MahaVishnuTemple,Puliyoor Temple,Aranmula Temple,thiruvanvandur and Thrikkodithanam Thus it can be seen how important and Holy is the Temple at Aranmula which was built by Arjuna.So the feast for Aranmula Parthsarathy with 64 vegetarian dishes is justified in totality.
The feast is enjoyed by large number of devotees There are adequate arrangements for the treatment of Garbage waste even if it occurs as a result of the feast. Let us consider the feast arranged in the Christ college,Irinjalakkuda by the commerce Department of the college which had 151 items of dishes served in the plantain leaf.The size and condition of the Plantain leaf itself depict the vast nature of the feast.
The Feast was arranged by the commerce Department of the College. It is presumed that this feast was in connection with the THIRUVATHIRAKKALI of The" Thanima" group of 5000 people which was staged .In fact ,the programme found a place in the Guinness Book.Famous people ,cine artists and popular singers(Innocent and P.Jayachandran) VVIPs like Dr.K.Radhakrishnan(I.S.R.O),Shri.K.V.Ramanathan( Sahitya academiwinner)besideInnocent,Shri.P.Jayachandran were all thus part of the Guinness Book.. This has to be consideredvas a Tremendeous achievement for a small town Irinjalakkuda of the Thrissur District. The feast has to be considered as fully justified as in the case of Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. So both the above events are fully justified to block the intention of a few people who might hold a temptation to bring the events from the point of view of Food Security and Garbage Waste management. Both the divine Temple at Aranmula and the sacred Institution at Irinjalakkuda are to be praised for arranging such events .Being so famous ,both should have adequate arrangements for treating the Garbage waste arising out of the largest feasts. The vast number of dishes on the plantain leaf is mouthwatering.Those who attended and relished the feast are blessed people with a lot of Appetite,willingness and adequate digesting power. Let this kind of Glorious feasts continue to make devotees and well wishers enjoy it for many more years to come. Sreedharan Mundanat 11th of September 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mahabharath -A mythological 21st Century Cocktail- Fusion,

The legend goes that an Emperor ofDelhi Adil shash wanted to settle the conflict going on between him and Krishnadevaraya invited the king to Delhi.The king Who wished to avoid bloodshed headed to Delhi with his team of poets,Dancers and Scholars.during Discussion with the Emperor the poets described the Mahabharatha to the Emperor. The Emperor who was delighted asked Krishnadevaraya to rewrite theMahabharath portraying him and his friends as Pandavas and the rivals as Kauravas The king Krishnadevaraya got worried how to meet the demand of The emperor. Thenali Rama said he would rewrite the Mahabharath in a weeks time and sought permission to meet the Emperor before doing that.When he met the Emperor he said his poets were making new Mahabharath but got stuck at one stage.the Emperor asked him to elaborate the issue..Thenali Raman said that the Dharmaraja of Mahabharath had 4 brothers with whom he shared his wife Draupathi and sought from the Emperor the names of the Persons with whom he wished to share his wife.A shocked Sultan could not even imagine his begum sharing with four others and told Thenali Rama to stop rewriting forthwith. The present day Bharath too has resemblance with the Mahabharath Epic.The Mahabharath is relevant at all times as a cocktail-Fusion of 21st Century. Please read further to get convinced about the similarity: 1)Duryodhan and Rahul Gandhi:Both without talent but yet wanted to be the Ruler of principle by Birthright. 2)Bhishma and Advani:Never got Crowned.But both yet got respect and became helpless at the fagend of life( Sarasayya) 3)Arjun and Narendra:Both talented.Reached the highest position due to Destiny. 4) Karna and Manmohan : Both highly talented .But did not reach anywhere for reasons known to them alone. 5) Abhimanyu and Kejriwal: Both new in war.They did not pass the Chakravyuh that enemies had spread and got trapped somewhere or other. 6)Shaguni and Digvijay Singh:Both wanted their masters to be Happy irrespective of Talent. 7) Dridhrashtra and Sonia: Both were Blind for the love for their sons. 8) and the last, KRISHNA and ABDUL KALAM: we celebrate both earnestly.But do not follow any of their sacred Words they preached and take those divine words as a matter of routine and not as principles. JAI HIND Sreedharan Mundanat 9th of Sepember,2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Organic Apple&Pears Farm in the outskirts of San Diego,California,USA


San Diego,CA is called the Finest city of USA.indeed it is!Surrounded by beautiful Hills and Gorgeous Gardens,besides,places of Peace and Tranquility,Tropical Breeze,Natural charms of various forms and varieties,altogether can be experienced only in San Diego unlike other cities of USA. In the outskirts of San Diego,there are many Organic vegetable and Fruits farms .The road to these farms reminded me the road to Kulamavu from Ernakulam with many terrains and sharp curves to reach the place.The climate of the place is ideal for growing Apples of many varieties and also Pears.Spending some time in the farm is as good as a picnic with all the attractions of a Picnic around.the Farms are situated about 60 KM from San Diego.Being Sunday The roads were free from usual heavy traffic. Once you reach the place,there are counters at the entrance of the farms where they will collect a nominalEntrance Fee for a group irrespective of number people.They would also provide a Bags to pluck Apple and pears. The group can enter the farm and collect both Apple and Pears until the bag is full,besides eating the fruits as much as everyone likes.There does not exist any restrictions in this regard.A rod also would be provided to pluck from the top of the plants.We had carried water and towels .so it was helpful to wash the fruit before eating.Enjoyed the pure sweetness of the fruits one would never get from the fruits procured from the shopping complexes. After collecting the fruits, we had rest in the shadows under the Trees by spreading bed sheets.We had a baby with us who rested in her stroller itself.Had a nice lunch which we had carried with us.Thereafter left the place back to San Diego. Incidentally, this was the happiest day in my life as one of my childhood dream was fulfilled today.When I was around 8 years old I used to look at the sky and think why pictures of animals ,birds,flowers etc could not be displayed on the sky like the white clouds which sometimes formed the shapes of Elephants,horses,birds and flowers. Such images were visible just for seconds which used to get changed rapidly. Today in the sky I saw a publicity display just like cloud which belonged to the company known as Geico who are specialists inbthis field. Sky writing is a normal feature but I had not seen earlier.Also skywriting is not very popular This occasion was most unexpected and had made my childhood imagination a reality. SreedharanMundanat 6th September 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

Whole grain Pasta

Whole grains or food made from them contain the entire grain seed which means that they contain all parts of their original proportions including the naturally occurring Nutrients.If the grain has been cracked,crushed or flakes,a food must retain the same relative proportions as they exist in the intact grain to be called a whole Grain. This would imply that 100% of the original Grain viz the Bran,Germ and the Endosperm must be present to qualify as a Whole Grain.The refined Grains ,however,contain just endosperm thereby missing the Bran and Germ of the original seed.When consumed in the combined form of Barn,Germ,and Endosperm these are examples of widely accepted forms of Whole- Grains Foods and Flours. Tufts University in Boston had found in a study of 2004 that people who eat 3 or 4 servings of Whole- Grains a day had approximately 30 percent lower risk of having metabolic Syndrome,a common condition that increases the risk of Diabetes and Heart diseases.According to studies carried out In the United States of America,Finland and Norway,people who eat large amounts of Whole Grains have significantly lower rates of Heart Diseases than those who do not follow this. In America the The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)Urges citizens to eat at least 3 servings of Whole Grains which is equivalent to Half of the daily recommended intake of Grains.there exists options to take whole grain breads or cereals also.But it is generally considered now that Whole grain Pasta is the best option to meet the daily need ofWhole grains intake. Thus Whole grains Pasta assumes more significance nowadays.This is also the new tasty way also to meet the requirements. According to Nicola M.Mckeoen,PhD the lead author of Tufts Study,unlike traditional Pastas made of Refined durum Wheat or Semolina,Whole grains noodles do not lose their Bran and Germ during Processing.Bran ,the outer skin of the Whole Grain,the Germ ,the embriyo of the grain carry considerable health fats,Protiens ,Antioxidants,B vitamins Minerals and Fiber.One of these Minerals magnesium,increases the body's Sensitivity to insulin which may help to lower the risk of Diabetes.Similarly,the dietary Vitamin E,folate and Fiber may reducethe risk of Heart Disease. Another thing,High Fiber Diets might do is drive down harmful Glucose,Insulin and fat in the Blood. Fiber is a great boon for women.A study in 2005 revealed that the women who take more vegetables ,fruits and whole grains weighed less and had less body fats than those ate less fiber and more meat The fiber has more benefits to offer us.According to Dee Sanquist MS.RD of American Dietetic Association,Weight Management Center ,Washington the Fiber fills up us as much as necessary so that we don't have to eat much.Similarly,We could feel full Much more quickly than Than when we eat Refined foods. From what have been brought out above ,it can be seen that the Pasta of Whole grain helps us many fold as in the case with Oats. So it is very much beneficial for all vegetarian or Nonvegetarian to make Whole grain Pasta a regular item of our menu in kitchen so that we could have the satisfaction of having adopted a meaningful food in our routine . SreedharanMundanat 4th of September,2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Onion Crisis- Common man's Agony!

Onion being a common man's unavoidable need and since common men are more common in India,it looks like a Paradise For boarders and Blackmarket specialists. There is a general Tendency in India alone that a topic of hot discussion in The Media would take it's natural death soon after the issue is forgotten by the mob.The memory of common public is to some extent short lived. This is what exactly happened in the case of Onion. In 2010 ,there was a major cricis of Onion when UPA were the rulers.The then Prime Minister promptly interfered and Stopped Export of Onion and lowered the Import duties to cope up with the situation.but the then NDA opposition headed by BJP went virtually on a warpathand arranged public protests.The Hoarders had a field day or to be more précis a merry day.It is a common knowledge that when the prices of Agricultural products goes up it is the middlemen are the beneficiaries and not the farmers who grow agricultural product. Once again,as though to make the saying that History Repeats justified ,the same situation is prevailing in India now.The difference is that now not only the poor but the upper class and middle class are feeling the pinching of their pocket.This is ,perhaps,the reason why some cases of theft and hoarding of Onion reported in the media recently. In those days the NDA had virtually attacked the UPA from all the sides and some leaders even said if they had assumed power the diminishing value of rupee would be arrested and brought in par with the American Dollar which is the general yard stick adopted in India for all purposes of Comparison.the NDA leaders had even boasted that if they come to power ,they would bring rupee in par with Dollars. If one reads with the present cricis in the stock market also, the rupee behaving with a declining trend against Dollar and the trend of prices increasing( like Onion) steadily,it is not clear how the Government could manage the economy of the nation in the right perceptive. It has been reported in the media that onion is being imported and would take two months to getvdistributed in India.This implies that for next two months the shortage and price rise would continue to occur as the retailers are not ready to lower the prevailing prices.This is what Media reports.the true position would be known to Authorities alone.Anyhow,everything is not going on well in the country nowadays in relation to Onion. The question of Rupee in par with Dollar is unlikely to happen though there was such an illusion in 1940 & 1947. For getting into Power any party can say anything and promise anything to the Public.It is very easy to promise. But fulfilling the promises seems to be difficult.Nothing helpful had happened to poor people in 100 days. Similarly the promise of " ache din " too remains as a distant dream. Onion prices could be controlled and likely to be settled amicably.Similarly rupee also might get stabilized in due course because of the efforts of the people who had made it stable long ago. Making promises is one thing and very easy one to do.What is making matters difficult for aGovernment is The problem of high expectationsWhich are unreasonable to say the least. The present Government had made many promises and the public expected the leaders to wave a magic wand to set things right. So let us await the good days to come although one prominent leader had said it would take 25 years rule for good days to come. But the fact now prevailing over India amounts to a vacuum.The same promises and claims they offered to Public are coming back to haunt them. Loko Samastho Sukhino Bhavanthu!! Sreedharan Mundanat 30th August 2015 .

Saturday, August 29, 2015

IPL Cricket- Harmful Impacts of this commercial Game

This blog is in continuation of my blog dt 24th of July 2015 regarding" AVIYAL Cricket of India IPL- A Gamblers Paradise". It has almost been decided that from Nest Indian Premier League ( I.P.L) there would be two new teams in place of the two banned Teams Chennai Super Kings and Rajastan Royals.not only this but from the year 2018 after lifting the Ban there would be 10 Teams in IPL on a permanent basis.This is a decision taken by the IPL Governing Council. Let us examine the negative impacts of this decision. First of all the third version of the cricket viz T 20 cricket which is a reduced version of One Day Internationals approved by ICC since 1975. There is a T20 World cup also approved by the ICC besides Test Matches which are the classic versions of world cricket.The international and Indian cricketers who are to play these 3 versions of cricket,viz one day internationals,test matches and T20 world cup.the same players often take part in IPL cricket also.such players have to run after money also and do not get time to rest.thiscalso affects the quality of international Nation to Nation Cricket.thus they spoil their health also. The IPL is a commercial version of cricket involving Astronomical amounts of Money .The players auction cost,the sponsors cost,the Television rights ,the publicity involving Cheer girls and all together make it a Hungama besides Gambling in the form of Spot fixing and Betting.All these together ,makes the original Nation to nation classical Cricket less valuable and less honoured.This makes the very presence of Nation to Nation games of Cricket a mockery rather than a competition with National spirit.There is also a tendency among players to play for money instead of National victory.This is not an established fact.But a hidden secret.There are still players who play for Nation with Patriotism.However,the real charm of cricket is lost .The IPL seriously affects the standard of International cricket involving cricket playing Nation. A solid part of the crowd on the Stadiums where IPL is staged and in front of Television Sets all over the World ,are school and College students.More than the 40 days duration of IPL every year their mind and attentio are concentrated on IPL discussions and watching the games.Naturally this affects their basic cause of Education seriously.A large number of parents have this opinion in their mind though they do not express openly.Some wise parents are putting restriction on them but not very effective . Secondly,this Hungama started by Lalith Modi who discovered the commercial scope for making money simultaneously for himself and collectively for the players,sponsors ,Broadcasting Channels,and for all those who connected with the conduct of it from advertisement to even restaurants in and around the Stadium.For around 40+days IPL conquers the nation in one way or other.A lot of money in Crores and Crores are being spinned for which there is not even clear accountability. For the same reason and various irregularities relating to IPL Shri Lalit Modi is in exile for whom even look out notice has been served.the accountability is a serious matter which could even turn up and down the Economy of the nation. There ,it appears,does not exist proper records of transactions of money received and spent.Even the Government is not aware of the Tax evasion that could have happened all around. Besides,it has been proved beyond doubt that the game of cricket in the form T20 is a platform for Spot fixing and betting which are the evils of the society without an element of Doubt. Until and unless these transactions are made accountable by taking over by Government and audit by CAG is introduced,the stability of Indian Economy can not be guaranteed . With all these happening in front of our eyes,do we need such a sports event which could break the basis of Indian Economy.?there are many more games and Sport events in India.They do not get proper recognition because of this cricket Hungama.Basically this was the reason why A football league also started last is quite a reasonable demand that all sports and Games should have equal recognition for example Hockey ,Lawn Tennis,Table Tennis,and athletic events in the country .This is why we have a Sports Ministry in the cental Government as well as a sports department in the different States.The National Games is a glaring instance of the Government doing it themselves. So, it is time either to ban or Government to take over the IPL management. Thirdly,while India as a Nation is facing shortage of Electricity which often compels state Governments to employ Power cut resulting in enormous inconveniences to the public and especially for students who are to convert themselves as the Pillars of society in future. The power generated in the country and distributed by subsidized rate ,is being used by this IPL Hungama extravagantly to which the Government machinery themselves close their eyes. It is a matter to be looked into seriously whether we need such a Hungama or, if needed ,should it not be made covered by proper accountability and Audit by CAG of India? SreedharanMundanat 29th August2015 International cricket as top Players do not get time to rest.They have to run after money by spoiling their health also.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Onion-the most essential member of Kitchen

Onion,potato&Tomato are the Three most essential members of Kitchen all over the world irrespective of vegetarians or non- Vegetarians. Onion Family is a large and diverse one containing more than 500 Species.Onion being very small and their tissues leave little or no trace,there is no conclusive evidence about it's origin.However,many Botanists and food historians believe that Onion originated in Central Asia.Some believed that mostly this happened in Iran and West Pakistan. In India,Maharashtra,Gujrat,Rajastan,Punjab,Haryana,karnataka,Tamil naadu and Andhra Pradesh cultivate Onion in Different seasons. This is one item of vegetable that brings Tears to the eyes of Government every year due to seasonal scarcity and Sometimes due to hoarding by Manufacturers and Suppliers and consequent price increase. Of late the price of Onion roared all over India especially in Maharashtra where it even touched Rs80/- a Kilo. The government is planning the ban on export and hoarding which is the basic reason for the roaring of Prices. Most recently ,there was a news on media/ Internet that 636 quintal onion worth Rs30 Lakhs, kept for black- marketing due to the roaring price trend, was found in a raid in Raipur in Chathighat.This ,in fact,prompted me to attempt this Blog. In India,we can not imagine about preparing a delicious meals without Onion.Onion is very widely used all over India as the most popular ingredient of any kitchen irrespective of Rich or poor people.Every year it has become a common feature that the price of Onion used to rise without any attempt to arrest it by the authorities. There is no clear Policy in this regard with a definite control on the price of Onion. No wonder it brings tears to the eyes of poor,Rich and the Government. In the olden days,onion used to present regularly in the plate of poor people also and one never thought it would disappear from their plate due to abnormal increase in price.A decade ago onion used to sell at very reasonable price and there was no reason to imagine that one day it would disappear from the plates due to roaring price. The most surprising fact about Onion is that The prices rise year after year,but our Government does not take Effective steps to provide Onion at reasonable rates to the people.Onion is one such item that affect almost all families in India the price is not stable.There is History which tells the story of many Political parties lost Elections due to the roaring Price of Onion. There had been some attempts by some states and Union in the past to sell onion through their outlet at controlled rates.But this never prevailed as a permanent solution to the problem. Some of the reasons for the increase in Prices of Onion are : 1)Damage of crop due to rain.Rain is such a phenomenon that it is a Boon .But often it turn out to be a curse as in the case of Onion.We cry foul when there is no rain .we also cry foul when there is excess draught and Flood are reasons for any Government for constant worry.So naturally the a democracy there are ways and means to control the prices .But are not effectively done by the Government. 2)High demand of Onion. 3)bad weather 4)Problems in the chain of Supply. 5)the export of Onion. 6)Presence of middlemen in distribution. 7) absence of a clear cut Policy on Onion. While item 1)& 3) above are beyond the control of Government the remaining items can be looked into earnestly an decision taken favourably to the consumer Let us hope Good days are coming ahead in this regard. The medicinal properties of Onion: Onions can vary In size,Shape,color and Flavour.The most common varieties are red,yello and white .Flavors are sweet,juicy with mild flavor,Sharp spicy and pungent.often,the flavors depend upon the season and place where they are cultivated. The health benefits of consuming Onion are briefly as under: It reduces the risk of different type of cancers,improving mood,and maintaining the Health of Skin. And Hair. Onion family Known as allium vegetables have been studied extensively in relation to CancerEspecially Stomach and colorectal Canceers.Their beneficial and preventive properties are likely due in Part to their Organosulfur compounds.Although the exact mechanism through which these compounds inhibits cancer is not clearly known,The possible theory available is that it could inhibit tumours growth and Prevention of free radical formation.Onions are also source of the strong Antioxidant Vitamin C and helps to combatThe formation of Free radicals known to cause cancer. Garlic with white color & Pungent smell belonging to onion family is found to be helpful for the health of heart. So as far as possible include Onion in one's diet could help leading a healthy life. Onion is helpful to prevent colon Cancer and Prostate cancer also according to studies carried out. So let us welcome Onion to our kitchen warm heartedly with the hope that the government would take measures on a permanent basis to keep the price of Onion steadily by including it in the good days to come. Sreedharan Mundanat 26th of August 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

North-Eastern Sister States- An Accord of Glorious Diplomatic Game of Uncertainty.

The North Eastern Sister states of India,who vote for the General Election of India, are Assam,Tripura,Arunachal Pradesh,Meghalaya,Mizoram,Nagaland and Manipur.Thus they are integral Parts of India.These are sometimes being called Seven sisters State. Recently in the month of June 2015 these North - Eastern states all of a sudden became a topic of attraction by the People and Media of India. The NSCN-K( National Socialist Council of Nagaland- Khalpang) terrorists ambushed Manipur killing 18 Indian Soldiers on 6th of June 2015 crossed the border back into Myanmar and hid in 2 camps there Indian Army Intelligence traced the terrorist's organizations in a massive hunt that followed the Ambush. The Army found out that more attacks were planned fromMyanmar Camps. Drones were sent deep in Myanmar Camps. One camp was located east of Nagaland and another east of Manipur,approximately 150 KM south.both well inside Myanmar Once the Drones located the camps,Indian Army Top leadership sought operational clearance from PMOINDIA(involved border crossing).The PMO was quick in providing the clearance. Planes carrying Indian special forces silently crossed into Myanmar after informing Government of India. It was not a joint operation with Myanmar Army,intelligence or Government.All special commandos were dropped strategically. Indian Special Forces eliminated at least 20 NSCN- K terrorists in the two camps inside Myanmar.Best of all there was zero casualty for India which has to be viewed as a splendid achievement in a hostile Foreign Territory. The Indian Army announced the success of this hot pursuit inside Myanmar only after every single Indian Special Forces Commando reached home safely. The Government of India has lived up it's promise of providing a free hand to the Army when it comes to National Security.Not only it was a warning to China,against encouraging Terrorism in the North East,it is also a stern Message to Pakistan which has already been warned earlier against any Misadventure in J&K.Ajit Doval has categorically stated that any mischief by Pakistan in Indian Territory and it will end up losing Balochistan. This also ensure to serve as a lesson for the anti- AFSPA ACTIVISTS RUNNING THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS SHOPS at the behest of foreign powers that their propaganda is going to crack Now almost after two months, at a time when confusion,intrigue,hatred,tension and dissension over the Politica arena prevail over the nation ,an accord/Pact appears to have been signed between India and the Insurgent Group of Nagaland,The National Socialistic Council of Nagaland I-M( NSCN- IM).The issue is likely to raise a lot of tempers amd dissatisfaction within the Political arena of India as the pact/ Accord is understood to have been signed as a matter of secrecy without taking into confidence the public and even the Paliamentarians.This is what has been reported in the Media.The president of India is the Constitutional Head of the Nation who is to be informed about any event affecting the affairs of the states.Whether this was done prior to the signing of the accord,the time could tell. The President is the Titular head of the State and enjoys enormous Powers under the Constitution of India such as Executive,Legislative,Military,Diplomatic,Judicial,and Emergency Powers including Financial Emergency Powers.The Financial Emergency powers have never been used until now. The President is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces . Hece, it would appear binding on the part of the Government to inform the President about any development relating to the affairs of the State well on time . In this case of pact/ Accord with Insurgent Group it is reported in the Media that just 4 people knew about the terms and conditions of the Accord.They were the Hon.Prime Minister,Home minister,The National Security Adviser,the Insurgent outfit leader T.Muivah and Government's interlocutor RN Ravi. Later on the Primeminister claimed the Accord was "not merely the end of a Problem but the beginning of a new future The Accord came into existence almost 2 months after 18 Indian soldiers were killed in Ambush carried out by Naga Militants in the Chandel District of Manipur.Following this ,India carried outMilitary operation from within Myanmar about which it has been explained in the beginning of this Blog. The present situation is that while India is anticipating a new future ,there is another faction called NSCN( K)led by SS Khaplang ,a Burmese Naga outfit,who has chosen a hard line against the Central Government. This Khaplang faction Operating out of the Border region of the Nagaland and Myanmar Is understood to have brought together various Militant groups including the Paresh Barua-led ULFA Faction,Kangleipak communistparty(KCP),National Democratic Front of Bodoland( NDFB),Peoples Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak(PREPAK),Peoples Liberation Army(PLA), United National Liberation Front( UNLF)and Kanglei Yawol Kunna Lup( KYKL)To join hands to fight Indian State. The Group professes to create Western South East Asia( WESEA)as a larger separate Stateand comprising of all the Regions of NorthEast. The peculiarity of the pact/ Accord is that the neighboring States of Assam,Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh have neither been consulted nor taken into confidence according to Media reports.The CMs of the three states are stated To be opposed to integration of Naga- inhabited Areas and are not ready to be deprived of an inch of their territorial areas.Thus, uncertainty looms over the pact and unless the contents of the Accord is made known . Thus,it is not yet clear whether the Government is skating on thin ice or whether there is any sound basis for the confidence expressed by the Prime minister that the accord is the beginning of a new future. Although it would appear to be there is hope on the Horizon but whether this hope Will translate itself into reality is yet unknown. In a nutshell the entire issue,like Cricket ,would appear to be a Glorious Diplomatic Game of Uncertainty. Sreedharan Mundanat 23rd August 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five Elements of life

The matter (a substance which has mass and occupies Space)is classified into Atom which are made up of a number of Protons,Neutrons and electrons. Even though not the same way, the cosmos(an orderly system of Universe)Is full of Beneficial Energies which are to be kept in Balance for experiencing a state of Well being.Electro- Magnetic Energy produced by the rotation of Earth is basically the source of Energy for us.Earth is the Third planet ,where exists life beyond doubt, out of thenine planets well known to us so far.The life exists in Earth because of Five elements of Energy which are known as Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space( Sky).These elements are also known as Vaastu Elements.Vastu( object)& Vaastu( Science of placement of an object) are strictly speaking different. EARTH: The first,Best and the foremost Element of Nature which produce maximum energy is indeed the Earth.The selection of a site for the construction of a house is very important from the Vaastu point of view.A detailed inspection of the site include the inspection of the soil,the plot and it's shape and size.Earth is the most important Element in Vaastu Shastra and this influence the life of human beings in every way. WATER: Water is present in earth in many forms like Rain,Ocean,Sea,Rivers and Streams.This next to earth is also considered as a vital element in Vaastu Shastra.It is considered as an element of North- water sources in a house should be from North- East.If a swimming pool or an Aquarium is to be constructed in a building complex or house it should be situated in the direction of North- East.In the Ancient housed there used to have a " Nadu muttam"( Central courtyard) an open square or Rectangular space in the middle of the house where rain water can fall freely.this was very ideal for a house.but we have dispensed with this system. FIRE:Fire is considered as an element of South - East.So the Kitchen fire should be on the South east direction of the house.Water,air and Light are the essences of life.Fire is also light.Sun is the natural light giver for Earth. Fire/Sun is the basis of all kinds of Energy Including Thermal Energy and Atomic Energy.So in every house there should be sufficient sources of ventilation for sunlight to come inside the house.Human beings need light more than any other living bing on Earth. AIR: The most essential element of Life is Air.Air is also an Element of North -East.Air is a mixture of various Gases which has no shape.Gases are also matter like solid or Liquid atoms and Molecules but wisely spaced with power to expand unlike Liquid. Air consists of various gases like Hydrogen,Oxigen,Nitrogen,Helium,Carbon Dioxide etc.A balanced percentage of different gases,Atmospheric Pressure and Humidity level are important for all living beings on this Earth.So windows and doors should be properly placed in a house for proper circulation of Air throughout the interior of the house. SPACE( Sky):The Space or Sky is a never ending Phenomenon.The Space is full of Constellations,Galaxies ,Stars,Moon ,Sun and all other known nine Planets besides unknown.Hence called The Universe.Space has a very important place in our life.the Open space mentioned in "water" above is the same reason for affording importance to sky also.This space, the ancient people called is believed by ancient people that it was very important to have open space in the middle of the house because any matter relating to any disturbance from sky can be detrimental and should be minimized. The Magnetic Forces affects the body of Human beings.Human body itself acts as a Magnet with the Head the heaviest part of the body acting as a North pole .this is the reason why it is insisted that one should not sleep with head towards the direction of North.This results in the nort pole of Earth and human body repel each other affectingthe circulation of blood in the body,thereby causing disturbed sleep besides Tension and other connected problems. It has been well established that the Nervous system of the human body communicates with the help of Electric impulses,thus producing Electro- Magnetic field around the part of the body.Muscles also produce Electrical effect.It is also an established fact that all the activities of the human body are controlled by the Electrical and chemical reactions occurring in the body during the course of day to day life. The Electrical Movements will have a corresponding magnetic reaction in the body.These continue as a regular process in the body The heaviest and important part of the body,the Head,behaves as a North Pole because Head is the most powerful source of Electric and magnetic Fields in the organism and also that in the eye , the magnetic field Induction,is significantly higher than other parts of the body.This is how it is said that while sleeping the head should not be kept towards north side and positively kept towards East as far as possible.So the design of sleeping in bedrooms are to be arranged accordingly. The principle of the same poles of earth repels and opposite poles attract are relevant here. Similarly the Maglev trains ( Bullet Trains ) in China was designed based of the principles of Magnetic Levitation virtually by lifting the train from the track while running and brought down to track when required to stop.The speed of the Train is 300 KM per hour and covers 30 KM from Shanghai Airport to Shanghai Metro Station in 8 minutes.This is the fastest train in the world. The Distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is 458 KM by train.By bullet train with Maglev principle it would take Just over 2 hours whereas the present time taken is over 7 hours.The proposed Bullet Train would thus help business Travellers between the cities as the fare would be much higher.The cost of the system is also enormous and Astronomical. ( This blog has the curtesy of Site Divine Vastu also) The best place to follow the principles of Magnetic Energy is the Temples of Kerala. The placement of the Idol should be at place where maximum of The Earth's magnetic waves passes through .This is located by Vedic ways.So in all famous Temples where Vaastu Sastra is followed the Idol would be at the place where the maximum of magnetic waves are passed through. It is believed that even the water poured over the idol for Holy bath contains magnetic particles and helps our Heath to improve if the water( Theerth is taken).This looks very true.the Prasadam supplied by the temple also has Godly elements to help us maintain good health and peace of is considered extremely healthy to take bath and visit Temples in the early mornings. Besides almost all the Temples have Banian trees with a basement. If one takes round (Pradakshinam) by walking around the Tree it might help to enhance the life Span.This also has to be true as the Banian tree is the one which has maximum number of years as the life Span among trees. Incidentally,I think I had read in the Face book recently that according to the Vastu sastra the following pictures are notWorth placing in the drawing room of a home..these pictures ,in fact,are the most sought after paintings in India They are The Taj Mahal,the war at Kurukshetra,and the Nataraja.
The Taj Mahal:We all know TajMahal was built by Shahjahan for the memory of his belovedwife Mumtaz.It is indeed considered as a sacred token of Love.Then what is the harm in keeping it in the Drawing Room? The reason put forward by those who oppose keeping it is that The TajMahal is not just a symbol of love by the Emperor tohis queen But a Posthumous Tribute to a departed Wife from a loving Husband.Thus the TajMahal is as good as a Tomb. So irrespective of whether it is prescribed under the Vaastu or not,it should be treated as a memorial that might bring death to the household.This is more or less a superstition .But many people observe it. Similarly,it is considered not Auspecious to come across Ash,Firewood and Oil when one goes out for any purpose. At the same time these materials are freely used in villages for many purposes.Oil is being used everywhere and in every house.So these are to be considered as Superstitious views and limited to individual views .This should not Have anything to do with the Vaastu Sastra which is based on scientific Principl The Kurukshetra war picture: In the Kurukshetra war picture,Lord Krishna is driving a chariot for Arjuna the Pandava Prince.this picture is also relating to Bhagavad Geeta in which many Principles of Eternal source of inspirations are described.The Bhagavadgeeta is considered as a Holy Book like Bible and Khuran. The reasons put forward for exhibiting these in the home is that it is the story of war between brothers killing each other.Although this would appear to be a better argument than the TajMahal,this too has nothing to do with Vaastu Sastra.So it should be purely individual choice whether to keep it at home or not. The Nataraja: The Nataraja is a dancing form of Lord Shiva.The argument is that it is a destructive Dance of Lord Shiva and should not be kept at home. There are many places all over the world this painting/ Picture/ Wooden or metal carvings are being exhibited. In Hindu families also the opinion is decided.This also being one which has nothing to do with Vaastusastra ,this too should be of Individual choice. Sreedharan mundanat It ,however looks as though superstitions are trying to prevail over the beauty of the exhibits in the case of those who oppose to it.

TOMATO- The Red Queen of Veggies

Tomato need no introduction.It is ,perhaps,most popular vegetable being enjoyed by people all over the World in one way or other.Tomato the Red Queen of Vegetable is so popular among people due to the various different roles assumed by it beginning from ketch-up and Juice to various other dishes like Vegetable Sandwitch,Sambar, Chutney,pickle,salad,Tomato Uthappa,Tomato Upmarket besides most popular dish of Tomato Omlette in Bombay. Nowadays,for vegetarians Tomato is an invariable item of vegetable used in Indian kitchen.Tomato is not a seasonal product .It is an all-time product some places it is also considered as a fruit.the speciality of Tomato is that it can be used in vegetarian dish as an ingredient.this ,it appears is the most trusted vegetable - cum- Fruit among people.Irrespective of age everyone likes Tomatoes. The origin of Tomato is in Mexico as back as in the year1492.In 1515 during war between Mexico and Spain,the Spaniards had stolen the Tomato seeds and taken to Spain.This had resulted in wide cultivation in Spain and South America. In 1544 for the first time in Italy it was used for making Jam.In the year 1692 the Tomato was considered as a poisonous plant.the reason was very funny.In some areas people were eating it in the vessels made of Lead.the acidic juice of Tomato which when mixed with lead had the effect of poison .But later on those who took Tomato in wooden vessels did not have any effect of poison.later on with research it was established that there was no poison Effect in tomato. There are many varieties of Tomatoes cultivated all over the world.In Italy and Spain the 2 popular varieties of yellow and Golden color are called Yellow Apple and Golden Apple. In India it is said that the cultivation of Tomato started in the 16th Century. There is year- round growth of Tomatos in Bihar,Uttar pradesh,Orissa,Andhraprradesh ( both including Telungana) and Karnataka.But tomato can be cultivated anywhere in India where moist soil is available.With proper care of manure It grows in is ideal for home gardens and Terrace gardens.the seeds are available all over India.Best seeds are obtainable from Agricultural Depots .the present prevailing situation of alleged poisonous vegetables all over India I,t is ideal to grow Tomatos in Home gardens.The cultivation is not expensive.Even in big earthen pots one can grow Tomatoes. Now, coming to the most important part of this Blog regarding the Medicinal benefits from Tomato,Dr.Elaine Magee, MPH RD, has 10 reasons Why one should eat more delicious and Nutritious Tomatos .They are briefly as under: 1)Tomatoes contain all four major Carotenoids Ie Alpha& Beta carotene,Lutein,Lycopene.These provide high health benefits. 2)in particular,Tomato provides Tremendous amount of Lycopene which acts as highest Antioxident for Human body. 3)Tomatoes contain Synergy that can help prevent Prostrate Cancer 4)A diet rich tomato based products can help prevent Pancreatic cancer according to a study carried out by the University of Montreal.This is because of the rich contents of carotenoids. 5)The Tomatoes contain all the three essential Anteoxidants viz Vitamin A.Vitamin E and Vitamin C. 6)Tomatoes are rich in Pottasium,a mineral we don't usually get enough from other vegetables/Fruits.One cup of Tomato juice can provide 534 milligrams of Pottasium whereas half a cup of Tomato Sauce 454 milligrams. 7) Research study in the Ohio University has found out that when Tomato is takennalong with Avacado( a fruit) or Olive oil the body's absorption carotenoids Phytochemicals in Tomatoes can increase from 2 to 15 times 8)A study from Harward University school,had shown that 39,000 women Whom they followed for 7 years Showed that when tomato products ,particularly Pizza sauce taken with oil had increased the cardio vascular benefits & helped hearts functioning smoothly. 9) when Breast feeding mothers eat tomatoes it increases the concentration of Lycopene in their Breast milk.Cooked Tomato products are better in this regard.However Tomato sauce is found to be the Best for Breastfeeding Women. 10)There is a general belief spread among Indians that Tomato peels are more harmful than beneficial.This belief is absolutely wrong.According to a study by Marseille,France,The Tomato peels contribute a high concentration Of The carotenoids found in Tomatoes.The amount of carotenoids absorbed by human intestinal cells was much greater With tomato paste enriched with Tomato peels as compared to paste without peels.The Tomato skins also hold Most of the Flavanols as well.So to get most of the benefits of Tomatoes better not to peel them off. Now,get ready to welcome this Red Queen to your kitchen without any hesitation. Sreedharan Mundanat

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Water ,Water,everywhere! Not a drop to drink!

Water is a treasure.The three main elements for our survival are water,air and Light. Water represents 71% of Earth's surface and is covered by Oceans,Seas,Lakes,Rivers,Streams etc.When the sunlight enters into the Earth's surface,it heats water and plants creating vaporization of Water Molecules and transpiration of Plants.The water vapor in the atmosphere gets Cold and changes back into liquid forming clouds through condensation.After a level reaches,more accumulation becomes impossible.Then the water falls into the Earth's surface in the form of Rain,Snow,Sleet or Hail.Part of the water infiltrates into the ground and remains in the water Table,the remaining part flows into the nature's reservoirs viz Oceans,Sea,Rivers,Lakes,Streams et The above process continues over and over and this constitutes what is called Water cycle.According to the World Health Organisation Reports,the problems of Unsafe water and Inadequate Sanitation Systems are most acute in Developing Countries. It is said that Water and Sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns. There is a Global shortage of Drinking water.One might wonder how this can be when 70% of Earth is occupied by water. Most of the Earth's water in not fit for consumption by Human beings.most of it is Sea water and Ocean water .Both are salty water and not fresh water for drinking by Human.Just 4% of Earth water is fresh water and can be taken only a portion of this after purification is available for drinking. India is considered to be the 7th Largest country in the World By Geographical area and the first populous country and the second which gets most frequent rainfall in the World.Then why is India Experiencing water shortfall?This is mainly because abnormal population and lack of Sanitational facilities. There are many other reasons relating to environmental indiscipline Cities and Towns population dump Raw sewage To lakes and Rivers.this results in Contaminated water which are not useful for human Consumption. Excessive water withdrawal and Dams decimate Fish and other aquatic population. Climate changes and the increasing trend of Global Temperature are major factors likely to affect the evaporation rate in lakes and rivers to the maximum in future.This would result in shortage of water.Apart from this the climatic changes Could result in melting of GlaciersWhich increase the heat thus leaving less water for drinking Purposes. Thus while there are natural causes for shortage of fresh and drinking water,therecalso exists various other reasons contributing towards shortage which are a result saving water has become an ultimate need of the time.every citizen has responsibility to discharge in regard to saving water earnestly and sincerely bearing in mind that this is of urgent nature. Saving basically means not wasting or to be précis not becoming extravagant in using water.Everyone with volunteering with open heart can also spread the message of not wasting water to friends and relations. First thing first.Everyone can take care not to leave any tap of their household or public taps of water open.It should be made a habit to turn off water taps tightly after use without allowing spillage by even small drops. Besides,there are many more habits one can form to save water In our home, the usage of water Can be restricted INDOOR & OUTDOOR to save water. Saving of household indoor water: ***********************************what is required basically to save water indoor are : 1)Wash only in full load of Laundary as well as Dishwater process. 2)Fix household leaks of water promptly by changing washer etc. 3)Those who use shower ,just use it in minimum duration ,limiting to maximum of 5 minutes. 4)While brushing teeth ,turn off the tap and open it only when again required.The tap should not be allowed to remain open allowing water to flow throughout the duration of Brushing teeth. 5) Buy water saving devices like cloth washing Machines. Saving of Household outdoor water: ************************************ 1)Give water to gardens only once in 2 days instead of 5 days a week. 2)Check leaking in the rubber tubes used for watering frequently.Change water tubes asvsoon as you notice leak. 3)Resort to use of Brooms instead of Hoses to clean Sidewalks. 4)Always water the plants in garden in the morning or evening when Sunday's are not hot .This could help in Reduced 5)Car& other vehicles wash and Dog& other Pet wash should be restricted to the minimum possible. If every one strictly and willingly follow the above habits the amount of water saved in a country would be enormous even beyond calculation. ENVIRONMENT & MOUNTAIN FORESTS: ******************************** In protecting our environment Mountain Forests play a very crucial role.
Mountain forests make up I/3 of Natural Forest cove worldwide.They are found everywhere except Antartic. The main role played by Mountain forests is to Store water and prevent Erosion.They play another important role in climate changes of the region.They can absorb rain water like a sponge.Tropical mountain forests in particular,can give back the collected heavy downpours in the form of Water sources like river,lakes and streams and canals. Mountain forests are Home for a unique collection of Plants and animal species.They include very strongly specialized Species that one can not find in low lying areas.The craggy Landscapes and different temperature zones also lead to different animal and plant habitats.Some of these are smaller.Thus we have Islands of diverse plants and animal species. Mountain Forests are not merely threatened by Climate changes but by human use such as Cattle grazes,Collection of Firewood and above all Tea and Coffee Plantations as well.This is happening all over the world including India. IN INDIA THE WORST EXAMPLE IS THE DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN GHATS. The Mountain forests play a very vital role of fighting harmful climate changes also.Most of the Forests store vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide.When the forests are destroyed it amounts to the release of this harmful Green house Gas to the atmosphere resulting in harmful climate changes. THE WESTERN GHATS IN INDIA: ***************************++ The Western Ghats are Rolling hill and not snow covered mountains.the ghats stretch over 1,600 KMs from north of Bombay( Mumbai) to the souther Tip of India.They are Biodiversity HotspotsThat contain large Proportion of the Nation's Plant and Animal Species; many of which are only found here and nowhere else in the World. The Western Ghats are also called TRAINFORESTS.The destruction to Western ghats is destruction to rain water denying fresh water supply to India by nature. The Western Ghats also a source of Wild life conservation like Large numbers of Elephants and Tigers! THE MAJORITY OF THE FRESH WATER SUPPLYING SOURCES ARE THE RIVERS ,MOUNTAINS AND FORESTS. WE ,HUMAN ARE DESTROYING THESE MERCILESSLY DENYING FRESH WATER TO OURSELVES. THE destruction of Forests and Mountains are to be stopped by taking a vow to enable the next generation to live Peacefully.The Environment and Nature are our protectors.By removing Forests and destroying mountains for a few monetary benefits we are executing the Unkindest cut of all to our protector .Inspire of frequent Earthquakes ,T Sunamis,storms and Floods which are the fury of Nature ,we are yet to learn a lesson for the sake of survival of humanity. As a matter of compensation for our sins to the nature,it is time the Humanity think about remedies for the sins already committed. Remodeling of Earths Mountains & Environment Development Yojana is to be framed and worked on it devotedly without Destroying the Mother Nature any more.Or else one day the Mother Nature would be forced to perform yet another of her " Samhara Thandava Dance ".Humanity won't be able to survive it unless wevact wise from now onwards. (This blog is dedicated to Mother Nature and her nectar, the Water) Sreedharan Mundanat 2nd of August 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Coyotes-Amazing and Fascinating Animals

Coyotes belong to the Dog FamiNly.They are very similar to the wolves.The dog Family include Dogs,Jackals,wolves and Coyotes.Coyotes are generally found more in number in North America and Canada. San Diego is the finest and beautiful city of USA.There are many mountains and Hills and magnificent Landscapes .Around the Landscapesc there are green jungle growth and places to dig holes .The Coyotes stay in such places made by them.They are never seen in the days .But in urban areas towards evening when darkness approaches ,they come out of their shelters to go for hunting their food. Mainly they look for livestock, mices and rabbits.They are afraid of human beings but at the same time they do not avoid them as enemies.They come out in the open even in Highways where heavy traffic forms in the evenings. Recently, we had an encounter with a Coyote while we were on Evening walk in the late hours of SanDiego,USA. In San diego ,nowadays ,night is small and Day longer.Until 8-00 PM Sunlight is available.The incident occurred around 7-15 PM.We as well as the Coyote remained stunned for about five seconds staring each other face to face. And then the Coyote crossed over the road to the other side without indulging in any attack on us.It looked as though the Coyote was more afraid of us than it did to us.To be frank,we were really nervous during those 5 seconds. Any how,this unexpected encounter prompted me to attempt a study on Coyote.The results are berifly as under: Wolves and Coyotes share many common features.They both are members of dog family besides Jackals and Dogs. Both Wolves and Coyotes are Doglike in appearance.Both are threat to livestock.There are also differences between Wolf and Coyote.Though both look similar in first glance,the Coyotes have longer ears and Sharper nose than Wolves. Their legs are shorter and thinner than wolves.Coyotes have bushier tails
The above illustration would more or less distinguish the Coyotes and Wolves. Besides,one major difference is in their size.Wolves are much larger and heavier than Coyotes.A male wolf can have Length of 7 feet inclusive of 20 inches of their tail and may weigh 100 to 125 Pounds( 2.2 pounds =1 KG) whereas Coyotes' length can be 5 feet and Weight 25 to 75 Pounds.Eastern Coyotes are Larger than Western counterparts. Coyotes have amazing capability of adapting to Wide ranges of Environment including urban Areas. Wolves and Coyotes ,as large predators often compete for same habitats and food. The Coyote population in the World is on an increasing trend while Wolves appear to be decreasing.However,where wolves population is existing,the Coyotes population is found to be reducing. Both Wolves and Coyotes are well known for their Howling habits.Even jackal also howls. Both Wolves and Coyotes howl to communicate with their packs to co ordinate hunting or to locate their pack members. Coyotes rarely attack people in urban landscape.instead if people offer them any kind of food they accept and try to become friendly and habituated to people. Coyotes are ,however,not advice able to get friendly or tamed because they also like any warm blooded animal may contract rabies. Their close kinship to Dogs Places Coyotes at greater risk Where there are population of Unvaccinated Domestic dogs. Coyotes are amazing creatures.Theyv tricksters and have many cunning ways tobsurvive. Unlike wolves who always stay in packs ,Coyotes stay single,with mate or in packs like wolves. Coyotes ,generally being threat to livestock,they are sometimes in some places are being subjected to mass killing also. Despite all threatsbto them from human beings,Coyotes are Adaptable,intelligent,Socially complex creatures and deserve respect from human. Coyotes are model animals for adaptability in amazing ways and should be lovedvand respected for these qualities. Ssreedharan 28th July 2015