Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here sre the Pictures of Ant&Grasshopper.Nothing unusual.Right?But you would be stunned to hear a story about them &wonder how the present world is so foolish without realising the truth around them.So it bhe!
Hear it or rather read it now

                                          AN OLD STORY
The Ant works hard in the withering heat of the summer building it's house&laying  up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool&laughs&dances&plays the summer away!

Come winter! The Ant is warm&well fed.Tyhe Grasshopper has no food or shelter&so he dies in the severe cold!

The Ant works hard in the withering heatof the summer building it's house&layingup supplies for the winter

The Grasshopper thinks the the Ant is a fool&laughs&dances&plays the summer away!

Come winter.The Ant is warm&well fedThe Grasshopper has no food&shelter&so he diesin the severe cold.

Come winter!.The shivering Grasshopper calls a pressconference&demands to know why the Ant should be warm& well fed while others are cold&starving!NDTV.BBC&CNN show up to provide pictures of starving Grasshopper next to the video of the Ant in his comfortable home with table full of food.

The World is stunned by the sharp contrast.How can this be the poor Grasshopper is allowed to suffer so much?

Arunthathi Roy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant's house

Medha Patkar goes on a fast along with the Grasshoppers demanding the Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during winter wuth sufficient food&suitable shelter.

Matawati states this is Injustice done to minorities.

Amnesty International &Kofi Annan critize Govt of India for not upholding the Fundamental rights of Grasshopper.The Internet is flodded with online petitions seeking support to the Grasshopper(Many promising peace for prompt support as against the wrath of God for non-complaince)

Opposition MPs in India stage walk out in Parliament.The CPI(M) &left paties call for "Bandh" in West Bengal& Kerala demanding a Judicial Enquiry.

CPM in Kerala immediately passes a law preventing Ants from working hard in the heat so as to bring about equality of poverty among Ants&Grasshoppers.

Lalu Prasad the Railway Minister allocates on boghie to Grasshopperson all Indian Railway Trains,aptly named as the "Grasshopper Rath"

Finally the Judicial Committee drafts the (POTAGA) with effect from beginning of the winter

Arjun makes special R$eservations for Grasshoppers in Educational Institutions&in Govt Services.

The Ants are fined for not complying with POTAGA&having nothing left to pay their retroactive taxes,their homes confiscated by the Govt&handed over to the Grasshopper in a ceremony covered by NDTV.

Arundhati Roy calls it a "Triumph of Justice

Lalu calls it Socialistic Justice.

CPM calls it "Revolutionary resurgence of  the Downtrodden"

KOFFIANNAN invites the Grasshopper to address the UN General Assembly.

The Ant has migrated to USA&set up a Multibillion Company in Silicon Valley

100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite reservation somewhere in India


as a result of Loosing a lot of ants&feeding the Grasshoppers

                 The opinion on this is reserves&left to decide by the readers

                                                                     1st August2012 

Monday, July 30, 2012


The Food items fried in different oils do enormous damage to our body&health.Those who are affected by

increased presence of Cholestrol&Sugar in their body should avoid fried food as far as possible.However

to a very large extent one could solve these problems by resorting to the use of OLIVE OIL&Canola Oil

instead of other oils &Ghee.The latest medical researches have revealed that the use of Olive Oil

could reduce fat in the Liver&also increase the production of insulin in the body.This means Cholestrol&Sugar presence could be controlled.

This study was carried out by the Diabetes Foundation of India&National Diabetes &Cholestrol Foundation.They took three years to experiment on 90 patients&proved that by using Olive Oil highly desirable improvement&control of Cholestrol&Sugar was noticed.The study also proved that the effective change could be observed with the usage in 6 months according to these Foundations.

The experts of Diabetes&metabolic Foundation say that those affected by Diabetes&ailment of Heart  can

safely depend upon Olive oil

But still the use of Olive Oil too liberally without any control is not good for the patients.

So why are we waiting to start to include Olive Oil in our day today Menu?

                                                                31st July 2012

A song dedicated tothe killed in a Movie House-The Dark Night Rises

The Music Director of the Batman movies MrHans Simmer has composed a song in London recently dedicated the people killed by Terrorists/Gunners while watching the Movie "Dark Night Rises" in a movie House atColarado.The name of the Song is "Aurora"The realisation of amount from the sale of this song is likely to be donated to the relatives of those killed,

A lot of Donations from Public has also been received towards this noble Cause.The song lasts for almost 8&1/2 minutes.Hans Simmer has composed music for several Hit movies.

So contribite liberally of get the song by spending a few bicks.

                                                                  31st July 2012

The Tallest Animal on Earth.

The Giraffe is .perhaps the tallest &innocent Animal on earth.This is the only animal which surprises human beings with it's distinct height.

Their height helps them to get themselved fed woth mostly grass&leaves of Trees,It can extend it's neck to
reach the top of the trees.

The most surprising fact is that Giraffe&human beings have equal number of Nerves on their neck.seven each.But man can never reach the height of Giraffe,Giraffe is also a friendly animal with human beings though human beings alone are their enemies.

Even the most ferocious animal of Forest Lion is afraid of going near the Giraffe.Giraffe can with just one blow with their leg make a Lion immobile.So Lion never goes near Giraffe.
The leg of a grown up giraffe itself is about 6 feet ,the height of a man.

The kids of a Giraffe is also about 6 feet in height when given birth by it;s mother.Within one hour of Birth a giraffe can run.The giraffe like a deer can run at a speed of 50 per hour.
Giraffe is a perfect vegetarian.

So next time when you meet a giraffe feed it with Grass &leaves.It can asi consume veg items like Bread.

                                                31st July 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

AAyiram Padasarangal.................

"Aayiram Padasarangal Kilungi Aluva puzha pinneyumozhuki
Aarum Kanathe Olavum Theeravum Aalinganangalil Muzhuki

This is a very famous Malayalam Movie song known &apreciated by every Malayali.

The meaning of this song is almost like this:
"Thousands of Anklets jingled &Aluva River continued to flow

The waves&banks of river looked as if  both are engaged in a warm embrace"

The photograph depicting the river&the bank was a difficult one to catch by the camera as one had to wait
until the train stopped or moved very slow over the bridge on the river.Usually the train never stops on the bridge&move with normal speed .Finally, recently I had an oportunity to catch the beautiful river ,a part of Periyar.

This river is well known for many features.This river &the bridge over it is the stepping stone to enter the town of Alwaye.This bank of the river is where the famous "Sivarathri Mahothsavam "is being held on a large ground known as "Aluva Manappuram"is situated.Many people in lakhs visit this place on the day &night of Aluva Sivarathri.This place is famous for shooting of many movies&is considered to be one of the
best locations.

This river&bridge have many sad stories also to tell.Many people have drowned in this river.Many have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge.And the worst of it all is this happened to be a place to throw deadbodies into the river mostly from murders.

The better aspects of this river is that it is a source of Drinking water for Alwaye&Ernakulam cities.This river is also a source of drinking water for many a birds&animals including Elephants.The Elephants get a glorious opertunity to drown themselves in pure sand after their bath in the river.

Thus this river is a blessed one in many respects.So next time you pass over this bridge dont forget to have a look at it &offer prayers to it as many people do

                                                    30th July2012


As In the case of Mullaperiyar,the Tamil Naadu is posing yet another serious problem for Kerala.This time it is in the field of  Protecting our Tiger Reserve at Periyar.Today being the World Tiger Protection day ,this is more significant.Tamilnaadu is indirectly trying to prevent protection of Tigers in the Periyar Reserve where therev are around 36 to 40 Tigers.One Tiger needs approximately 200Acres Forestland to live.Thus Kerala has approximately 923 SqKM forest Land to protect the Tigers.This indeed is a matter to be proud of especially when the Tiger Reserve of Priyar is knpwn to be the leading reserve in the World.

As the Tamil Nadu Border is almost adjacent to Keralala Tiger reserve ,the way by which Tamil Nadu is allowing hunters in  their area is becoming a constant threat to the Priyar Tiger Reserve.

The entire world is very careful in protecting their Tigers,Forest &its life  while Tamil nadu is trying to preventing to disrupt its smooth functioning.The Priyar Reserve has nostly Bengal Royal Tigers.These Tigers have long life as compared to other Tigers.Tamil Nadu tried for a Sreevalliputhur Tiger Reserve to compete with Kerala but their efforts flopped in the middle with the result they could not bring it into existence.

The Central Govt is giving every possible help to Periyar by making it a foundation.But still the interruptions  from Tamil Nadu is posing continous problems for Kerala,

The interference from the Central Govt&World Organisation interested in the protection of Tigers would appear to be necessaty to to get things set right to protect the Majestic Tigers in the long run

                                        29th July 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012


Once upon a time,it was conventional tradition in Kerala to include "Muringayila"&"Cheera in their regular

routine of food items.In almost every family people used to cultivateMuringa&Cheera in their compound

without use of any Pesticide for their grouth with the result people used to haveplenty of these two foodstuff

at home for daily or weekly use.

The fresh leaves were used for "Curry"&"Upperi" in large quantities following contemperory tradition.

Thus ,our old generation made food a pleasant event in their kitchen.

As a contrast,todaythere is hardly a family using these as a regular basis&instead  resorted to the use of

Hamburger&Chicken.The new generation do not like even seeing Cheera&Muringyila on their Dining Table.

It is too late now to make a revision of our food habits to include the leaffood in the daily routine especially


Muringayila is in fact a PANDARA BOX of iron,vitamins&phospherous.Vitamin"A",Vitamin"B","C"&"D"

are richly present in Muringayila.This being so,why are we running around  by looking for Medical shops to

get tablets by spending a lot of money on them?.

More than double quantity of Calcium in Milk &almost thrice of Iron in Cheera is available in Muringayila.

In Ayurveda,the Muringayila is being used as an ingredient for medicines.The Muringakkaya&it's seeds

also contain Iron&Vitamins as much as Muringayila.

Doctors say that Muringayila in liquid form &using it as such could bring downBP to normalcy.

It is also recommended by Doctors that using Muringayila regularly is very helpful in building&developing

brainpower among Kids.Thios leaf also contain more protien than contain in Milk&Eggs.

This plant/Tree does not need much care to grow.They grow themselves with the available manure around

them.They grow in very good height.&has long life also .Although the parts of Muringa are so strong as

medicines ,the trunk of the tree is not as strong as other trees.So once has to be very careful while climbing

on them to fetch Muringakkaya.

In the traditional "SAMBAR" of old Kerala&old Madras State Muringkkaya is said to be an unavoidable

ingredient to contribute more to the taste of the Dish.

So with regular use of Muringayila&Kaaya could provide comfort to our health why are we running up

&down searching for Medical shops?.

The very sad  sight of axing & removing a Muringa tree from their compound by a known person,prompted me to write this Blog.

                                                      28th July,2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Finally the Glittering Spectacular Day has arrived to make London Thye centre of Festival for the next 15 days until August 12.The Olympics is the topic of today especially among Sports Lovers.

The opinion on thye glittering function to follow attract different views from different people all over the World.

Some say the epic Games woulde turn out to be an interesting show of Strength which would warrant stern challenges.An instance has already happened to support this view With Japan Defeating the World Champions Spain 1-0 in their opening encounter subotaging all expectations.!!.

Some are of the view that the Games would become a wet affairs with heavy rains threatening to play Spoilsport.

Anyhow,everyone is so enthusiastic about the games imagining differently but mostly in favour of their own country.But this view is different in God's(Devil's!)own country where some faction thinking negatively that India would return empty handed.A few of these,surprisingly, belong to the faction of Sports &Games.
The 30th Olympics is ,however,going to be an event of surprise to many countries.

The Strawford City is ready in every respect to start the Games with total Optimism.

The Great city of London is smiling with Enthusiasm.

There are 10,500 participants taking part in the Olympics from 205 countries.

100 Top leaders of different countries are assembling in London to wish the games a Grand Success.

The Security arrangements&Transport ,food &Accommodation are so comfortable this time that there is no any minute element of difference among the athlets living in the Olympic village from different countries.

The Five Rings of Olympics is shining in every street of Londonannouncing the Glorious Tradition of the Games.

The Flags of all participating Countries are flying with pride in the village.The volounteers are working overtime in different Airports particularly Heathrew Airport to greet&recieving guests flowing into the city.

In 200 places 13200 security Guards have been deployed to avoid ant untoward incident.

There was threat to stop work from different employees.But this has since been sorted out &amicably solved by authorities by offering extra attractive allowances to them/.

India is expecting Medals in the following events.


Lawn Tennis in Mixed Doubles.


and a Few Athletic events.

Let us wish them all the Best in every endeavour they  make to earn a few Medals with them to return to India after 12th of August2012

                                                         27th July 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The PARADISE ON EARTH!.This is how the Olympics village at London can be described .There are every arrangements those are required for such a spectacular event.The Organisers have taken maximum care to see that everyone participating &living in the Oltmpic villafe irrespective Country ,cast&creed are being treated in the same way.There is no discrimination here for men or Women of different countries or even for the event they are representing.

The arrangements for Food &accommodation made for different countries are stated to be exemplary.
The roads insde the village are understood to be of very wide nature justifying the conventional style of Britain.

NJo one would complain of any shortage ,lapse or nonavailability of ay facility of any kind here.Every minute factors have been taken care of.

The spectacular event is sure to become a Grand Success.

The added attraction for India this time is the presence of BigB Amitabh Bachaan ,the legendary  Bollywiid Star will have the Honorur of carrying the Olympic Torchon Thursday (26th) in Londonat Southwarkfor the
2012 LondonOlympics on the last day of the Torch Relay.

Bachhan had revealed this information himself.He said it is a proud mpment for himself& his country.!

So evefy one get ready to witness this at around 10-30 AM London time&thereafter for every event every day.
All the Best toIndia&her participating men&Women as well as the Coaches&instructors!

                                    26th July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theory of Albert Einstein-Higher you live faster you age

Nearly 100 years ago,Albert Einstein had predicted that  the higher you live the faster you age which means

the time would run faster.Einstein's theory of relativity statesthat Time & Space are not as constant as every

day life would suggest.He said that the only true constant  ie the Speed of Light meant that time can run faster or lower depending on how high you are&how fast you are travelling.

Now the Reseachers have demonstrated that the True nature of Einstein's theory  for the first time  with

an incredibly accurate atomoc Clock that is able to keep time to with one second in about 3.7  billion years,roughly the same length of time that life has ecxisted on Earth.This was reported by The INDEPENDENT.

James ChinpWen Chou &his colleagues from the US National Institute of Standards &Technology  in BouldermColorado  found that time really does run more quickly  the Higher you are

Mr.Chou said these precise clocks  reveal the effects of Gravitational Pull,so if we position one clock to closer to a planet ,you also increase gravitational Pulland time actually runs slowerthan for another similar clock positioned higher up.

                   25th July 2012
(Based on authorised scientific reports published)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Nowadays everywhere in the world especially in India,usage of CFL BULBS is considered as preferable to the usage of Tube lights& ordinary Bulbs as a measure to prevent the wastage of electrical energy with a view to saving huge Electricity bills. This practise is especially so in Kerala.This method of using CFL BULBS was prescribed by the earlier Left Government which ruled the state for the previous 5 years. It has since been proved by a A team of Research scholars of Stoney Brook university That if one does not maintain safe distance from CFL BULBS it could affect the health like The UltraViolet rays could affect the health of a person.They also said tha The loss of coverage of Phospherous on the Cfl bulbs are more detrimental to health The researchers of NewYork also found out that on a thorough examination by them it has been established the Phospherous coverage is not unto the required standard of CFL BULBS The summing up of the net results found by them during research also proved that those who sit near to CFL BULBS for longer period could have the same effect of Sunstrokes which could produce skin deceases. Perhaps this could be the reason why ladies are nowadays spending a lot of money on Skin specialists. Using Bulbs with special Glass coverage is the only remedy for escaping from various Deceases according to Dr.Mirium Reifeloivich of the Research branch of the University. As this kinds of Bulbs are yet to be manufactured in India,it looks the easiest method Would be returning to the use of conventional Tube Lights& Bulbs.This is more economical also SreedharanMundanatMundanat 22nd July 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Congratulations to MASALADOSA

According to the (news paper from Newyork ) study report ,our traditional MASALADOSA Has found a place recently among the 10 items of Food that should be consumed by every One in a life time.the other 9 are all Nonvegetarian food items of different countries. Masaladosa is the only one Vegetarian Dish from India included in the report This selection was made by the daily after carrying out their special surveys in different countries.South India could be proud of this rare achievement. Usually Govt declare some kind of award to this kind of distinct fakes .Here Masala dose too deserves an award.but the question is to whom the award would be presented since MD is popular in Southern States & even in other states.so let us Indians get Ourselves contended with the announcement. In Ernakulam MASALADOSA is very famous & the best restaurant that served MASALADOSA for A long time was BHARAT TOURIST HOME .Now there are many more Hotels which serves MD. One of the best hotel in the MG ROAD IS Dwaraka hotel though comparatively costly. The lowest price in normal hotels ranges from Rs25/- to30/- whereas in posh hotels the rate vetoes between Rs45/- to 55/-.MD had been the traditional favorite of all to India Specially so for the south indians& Vegetarians.The advantage is that with one MASALADOSA could help to skip a lunch or dinner.In other cities like Thrissur one should visit hotels at least not later than 7-30 PM. The happiest persons who enjoy the new Status of MD are carefree of different cities According to a caterer in Kadavanthara,EKM IN THE RECENT TIMES THE MOST FAVOURITE of all dishes was MD.He says the MD should not be too sour& should be made after two hours at least from the time of grinding the ingredients rice& urad dal.It should be Served with Sambar& coconut chutney or powder chutney of different kinds of chillies The MD is very famous in the leading cities of the world.And the favorite of Bombay,Ma Madras& Delhi in India.For that matter all cities invariably serve MD especially Pilgrimage centers like Guruvayoor& Thirupathy. For the academic interest of other nine most liked dishes are Nonvegetarian type from China,,France,USA,JAPAN,ITALY,MALAYESIA,THAILAND,& AUSTRALIA-NEWZEALAND& BRITAIN. SO have a nice Day with a MASALADOSA !!! SreedharanMundanat 19th July 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello Friends,
The photo above was the very first one published by uploading to internet 20 years backBelieve it or not but it is a fact

The 4 beautiful girls above,are the first lucky lot to be uploaded to the Net.
They were members of a Music troupe,who used to sing Parody songs called "Less HorribleSernet"

An organisation which was interested in the experiments on Nuclear Projectshad employed the girls to
sing for their compaign

The man behind uploading was BernersLee who did the uploading in a difficult processconnected with the M other Boardof the Computer.&by editing it efficiently in the Photoshop of Microsoft.

To be precisethis was done on 18th july1992.

In 1990sin the Europian Physics Research BranchCollette Marks was responsible for making his friend Lee to do the Job.

The trend of uploading anything to Net started since then.

Today even a 5 year old knows how to upload a photo to the internetSuch was the tremendous&fast development of internet technologies.

The internet is a boost to everyone to know the world better which was unknown to many for a long time!!!
                                     Sreedharan Mundanat
                                      13th July2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Perhaps,in the history of Cricket this is the worst tragedy occurred to a very prominent Wicket Keeper of World Cricket. Mark Boucher one of the best Wicketkeeper-cum-batsman in the world & the best in South Africa met with the worst tragedy in the world of Cricket. He was playing for SouthAfrica against Somerset a county Team in England. The fast Bowler of Somerset Imran Tahir bowled a good ball.The ball striking the stumps was the cause of the tragedy.the Bails ,in fact,did it.the bails rising from the wicket Was badly hitting the eyes of Boucher.He was rushed to hospital where his eye was subjected to a surgery.but as according to the Doctors whether Boucher would regain his full clear vision turned out to be a matter of doubt As a result Mark Boucher decided to resign from International Cricket!! What a Tragedy for one of the best world class Player .this added as an insult to injury as the ball which resulted in the accident was Bowled by another South African Bowler Imran Tahir.He was ,however,not a member of the touring team of South Africa South Africa after their joining world cricket with Proper permission from International cricket,Mark Boucher was playing as ,perhaps,as the best wicket Keeper-cum-Batsman.He had in the past the cause for many victories for South Africa& as a saviour from matches which were likely to be lost. He was adored by team mates& his country men for his most decent behavior in the field And efficient keeping of wickets& Batting very well in situations where long stand at the crease was warranted. The resignation of Boucher is certain to hit South African Cricket though De- Villiers can act as wicket Keeper for sometime to come.But he being one of the most valuable Batsmen in South Africa can he be entrusted with the additional responsibility to keep Wickets also is to be seen. There are Players like,Dhoni(the Best),Sankakkara,Arvind Desilva,and many other players Who have undertaken the double job of Captain & wicket keeper.Dhoni& Sankakkara stand apart,their job being "Triple responsibility" as Captain,WK,& Batsman ,Dhoni being the Best after winning the last World Cup for India at the Wankhedes on 2nd april2011. Let us hope Mark Boucher would completely recover from the accident & come back to the field inspire of the general opinion of the Doctors. SreedharanMundanat 11th July2012

Monday, July 9, 2012


Pleas get stunned by reading the title of the Blog.I am not to write anything vulgar of unsuitable for reading.The title is just a title of one comedy show available in UTube. As every one of Keralitesknow,in villages the central stage of Gossip is always a Tea shop where in the early morning of any day all prominent figures in the locality such aspolititians,writers,common men,Govt employees ,Pensioners ,& all sortsofpeopleassemble/ meet to discuss & analisethe day after going through the various News papers which reach the Tea shop very early. We could see in almost all the Tea shops a board displayed informing visitors not to discuss Politics in their premises.But very few know(outsiders other than those mentioned above)about the real intention of such display Boards.it is ,in fact,an invitation to discuss Politics & an indirect method of boosting the sale of Tea in the morning. One fact about the Tea is that they serve really tasty Tea worth taking at much cheaper rates compared to standard hotels of the locality.the. Secret about the Tea is the proportion of mixing tea with milk & above all the method of fixing them together.That is they always mix theTea with milk with the traditional method "astral" which means raising their hands in maximum height to mix the liquid in the vessels used to doit. The context has changed.sorry for that.But it was really necessary to bring out the Background clearer. What I want to arrive at is the story in the Comedy show-cum-movie like show is very interesting and full of chance to laugh & enjoy.The language used is superb, As usual there is also the presence of two cental characters one a " namboodiri"& the other his trusted servant called "Raman" The show starts with them with a great joke which one should see to know it.Occasionally the two characters reappear to entertain.Their gestures & dialogue are doing real justice to what really stage in villages. The traditional & innocentlookof Villages can be appreciated to the maximum by viewing this comedy movie. I don't want to become killer of interest by writing more about the comedy& instead would like to invite everyone of you to the show from You-Tube. All theBest to a funny day as a relief from reading the Political Turmoil described in newspapers. SreedharanMundanat 10th July 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Great Gesture from a Great Colonel

The purpose behing writing this is to let my friends abroad know about a recent development in their homestate.Recently Shri Mohanlal a movie super star of Kerala made an announcement which was full of the qualities of a Noble Deed.To be precise this was declared by shriLal on29th June2012
This is regarding a great gesture from a great Colonel(he himself)shown to oneshri.K.T.Irfan of Regimental Centre working in a much lower rank.
Shri Irfanhas himself qualified himself for 20KM walkevent in the forthcoming London Olympics.He belongs to Malappuram.
At the moment,he is undergoing the training course for the event at Sai Camp,B angalore.
He has too payRs7000/-per month as fees in the Camp.Being a lowpaid employee of MRC he was finding it difficult to meet the expenses from the money being made available by hisfather.He has also made a request to the CM of the state.As it is likely to take much time even for CM to see his application in the normal course ,the prospects of his getting help from Govt is a remote possibility before the came is woundup.
In the meantime Shri Mohanlal who had come to know about his problem,announced to bear the entire expenses for him in every respect until he wins a medal in the Olympics.
What a striVelloreing Noble Deed from a Lt Colonel to a lowpaid ranker of the Army!!!
This also shows the great love of Shri Lal to Sports&Games.
In an earlier occasion also when the Tuskers of Kerala was eliminated fro IPL Cricket,MohanLal along with a famous Director Priyadarshan expressed their willingness to revive it by shelling out enormous amount of money to repurchase the Team.But all efforts for it turned out to be a futile one due to the stern politics in the Field of Cricket among socalled  stewarts of cricket.
But this latest good&noble gesture from Shri Lal deserves every form of Praise.
The Political elements of the state has already in mind to mix this with the communal angle by compariong with Mamootty another Superstar of Kerala.The reason is obvious.Shri Irfan&Mamootty belong to the same community.

Even though shriLal&mamootty are good friernds &no rivary exist between them some people of Kerala who do not have any other job to do other than politics are capable of creating any kind of
controversies to poison the minds of fellobeings.some lowprofile media too join the occasionally.

Mohanlal is generally free from all kinds ofprejuidiced,sanctimonious,hypocritical,self-righteous,proud,intrigue,stupid&selfmotive habits &devote most of his time for his family&film Worlld. some Keralites&media have their own way of making allegations which have no grounds.
Many social workers have tried to discourage this.But habits never die.

ANOTHER GOOD NEWS:Shri Jagathy is understod to be recovering very fast.This is known from Horsemouth of another Veteran actress Sukumari who visited him in ther Medical college hospital at Vellore.She says he  recognised her &her words &replied in actions as he is unable to speak as yet.however Smt Sukumari is of the view that he would start speaking soon.LET HER TOUNGE TURN OUTGold!!
                                             4th July 2012