Monday, June 30, 2014

USA all the Way to win the Soccer World Cup

In continuation of my blog dt 30th june2014, on Soccer World Cup here is yet another blog in support of USA. "Attacking is the best form of " this good old saying is what JurgenKlinsman ,the Cruise Missile of the German Team for a long time,& the present Coach of the USA Soccer Team has to say on the eve of their pre quarter match to be Played against Belgium today( tonight IST) All the way in this tournament USA can confidently say they performed unto the required Standard in the world Cup so far.Although they lost to the mighty Germans in the final group match by a solitary goal,they could certainly be proud of keeping Germany in the knife point threatening to defeat them convincingly. Today's match against the Red Devils Belgium is one in which nothing other than regular attack could save USA from a defeat to advance to the quarter final. The talent & techniques exhibited by USA until now,were far better than what they did in their previous World cup encounters.The performance in this World cup is a fair indication to keep their hopes alive for further advancement Belgium is assessed asvthe Dark Horses of the tournament by many experts.In their earlier performances theUSA certainly did an all out effort to defend their goal line.However,their attacking tactics were comparatively given less fact their attacks were rather limited. This tactics would not serve any purpose against Belgium.To keep Belgium on their defense & not to allow them more opportunities to attack should be the policy of USA in this match.Perhaps,this pre quarter match could be the turning point for USA if they intend to win a World cup for the first time. A sea of men& women has arrived in Brazil to provided enormous Ground Support to USA.Their enthusiasm& Spirit would indeed provide the much needed crowd support for USA.The injury to certain key players of Belgium could also Provide ample chances to the USA.besides the defense they adopted in the group matches,USA now need continous Attacks to create chances to score.
With the prayers of millions of US fans & the strength of Klinsman's tactics to support them USA is in every possibility in the quarter final on their way to the final to win the cup for the first time. SreedharanMundanat 1st July 2014 09-55 AM(IST) ,

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Soccer World Cup 2014

The Football world cup (Soccer) began in the year 1930.Since then every four years except in the years1942& 1946 , when it was not held due to Second World War. The current Champion of the World Cup is Spain by virtue of their winning the title in the year 2010 when Was held inSouth Africa. In the past the World cup football(Soccer),was won mostly by the Latin American nation Brazil 5 times ,4 times by Italy,3 times West Germany,2 times by Argentina& the inaugural winner of 1930 World Cup Uruguay. The other nations who had the title once are England France& Spain. The inaugural two matches were held simultaneously on The 13th of July 1930 between France & Mexico an USA&Belgium. The matches were won by France& USA. Thus France& USA are the winners of the first match played simultaneously in World Cup. In the current World Cup held in Brazil,there were a lot of surprises until now.the holders Spain was eliminated in the first round itself.The 4 time title winners Italy also got themselves out of the World Cup. The most celebrated team Brazil who had the title 5 times ,had performed as a dark shadow of their past Glory until now. The Days of the great Masters like Pele,Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Kaka,Carlos,Romario are gone & the present Brazil Team was held to a draw by their Arch rival Mexico& in the pre quarter match against Chily they just escaped from the jaw of defeat after penalty Shoot out . Chily Played brave game& was worth winning by all means taking into account the short passes,long Passes,dribbling ,shots to the Goal& above all their understanding in the field were much better than Brazil. Except for the Performance from their Goal keeper Julio caser & striker Neymar ,the Brazilian Team looked an ordinatry view of this,Brazil does not appear to have a sure place in the is also reported that when Brazii's game extended to Penality Shoot out ,a couple of their fans collapsed due to heart attack. There are a few teams left in the competition who have not won a world cup title so far. They are Colombia,Netherlands,Costa Rica,Nigeria,Switzerland,Algeria,Belgium and USA. Out of these 8 teams worth of winning this World cup for the first time,Netherlands,Belgium& USA are likely to be the fore runners forerunners for the title taking into account their performance in this World Cup until now. The World Cup football is the Most widely viewed & followed sporting event in the World exceeding even the Olympics Games. The most tragic casualty of this World cup is the exit of Mexico who were performing well .But the cruel ill luck In the injury time against Holland decided their fate. The last World Cup held in 10 Stadiums all over South Africa,on an avergge over 50,000 people watched each match. This is a measure indicating how popular the World cup football( Soccer) is around the World. Generally ,people have a fancy for anything new .the World cup does not appear to be an exception for this kind of thinking. As the most popular team Brazil does not appear to be worth of winning the current cup,taking into account their Performance so far which depended more on luck than genuine skill,a new Champion is always welcome. Let us hope One of the three teams Netherlands,Belgium& USA would come up as the new champion of the most popular and Spectacular Sporting event, Football World Cup 2014. SreedharanMundanat 30th June 2014 09-20 AM(IST)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Status of three dams .Mullaperiyar dam restored to Kerala

This Blog is in continuation of my Blog dt 12th June/13th June Blog regarding the dispute by Tamil Nadu on the ownership of the dam which made strong difference of opinion in the Legislative Assembly of Kerala. The opposition maintained that the Government due to carelessness lost the control of the ownership of the Dams Mullaperiyar,Parambikkulam,Perivarippallam,& Thunakkadavu Dams. Although the CM maintained that the Dams belonged to Kerala & the right for repair & maintenance were done by the Tamil Naadu Government,the opposition was not convinced & continued with their view. It has now been decided by The Central Water Commission through their National Register of Larger Dams in page Number 81 that all the above four dams do come under the Ownership of Kerala & not of Tamil Naadu.HoweverTamil Naadu Government can do the Repair& maintenance of the Dams even though the dams have not found a place in the List of Dams recorded in the above mentioned Central Dam Register. SreedharanMundanat 24th June 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fish eating Spiders.

Fish-eating Spiders would rather sound like a nightmare.But it is not so now as Scientists have discovered that there are atleast 26 species of Spiders in The world except in the Antarctica.Lying in wait at the water's edge with 4 legs on a plant leaf & 4 on the water surface For vibrations a spider can catch a fish twice it's size in an instant.Holding on tight it injects It's prey with a deadly Dose of Venom and drags it to the dry land where it spends Pumping it full of Digestive enzymes to suck the blood of the prey with a peculiar sound until the liquified flesh of the fish is completely consumed. This kind of Spiders that can capture & eat fish has been discovered by Scientists at the fringe of shallowFresh water. The study by a Swiss- Australian Team appeared in the academic journal Plos One. It revealed that the amphibious creatures,more commonly found in warmer areas,can swim& walk on the water's surfaceand are capable of killing fish bigger & powerful than themselves. This Blog is in continuation of my Blog on Spiders wrote on 24th of April 2013 on Most poisonous Spiders in the world. Incidentally ,Spiders especially big Black Spiders with glowing eyes ,is the one species I hate most since my childhood.The very sight of them takes me to the level of vomiting & I can not sleep in a room where I find a Black Spider.Big Black spiders are common sight in villages.Spiders are also a friendly neighbor which eats harmful insects to human beings.Thus Spiders are dangerous but at the same time helpful. SreedharanMundanat 20th June2014 05-25 PM(IST)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tongue Cleaning- a habit to teach children

The children in the present generation do not appear to be keen on cleaning their Tounge.This is not their fault. They are not being taught about the need of it & how it helps the children to keep their mouth clean & fresh. It is said that even Doctors also give advice not to clean Tounge.But Dentists all over the world are of the view that Tounge cleaning helps to protect not only kids but everyone from from developing Bad breath. Let us look into the ancient history of Cleaning the Tounge.we could never say the people of old generation are unwise in the matter of cleaning their Tounge as they were very particular about doing it every day. In fact they were more comfortable & healthier than the present days. The Tounge cleaning was very popular since 19 th century in ancient India. In Aayurveda the Traditional medical treatment ,it is recommended Tonguecleaning as a part of One's daily routine Hygiene practice to remove the Toxic Debris known as Ama. Ama is a term which indicates indigestion. The Toxic residue do get deposited on the Tounge & it's accumulation could cause diseases like Laziness,Drowsiness,Weakness,Loss of Appetite& Bad breath Tongue cleaning every day can effectively stop this kind of uneasiness& avoid bad breath to a large extent. Mouth wash for refreshens etc can be avoided if Tongue cleaning is done daily. The need for children for Tounge Cleaning may be summarized as under: While brushing with Tooth brush the bacteria deposits on the teeth& Gums can be effectively be removed.But 50% of the bacteria are left on the surface of the tongue which won't get removed by Brushing alone. The Best way to clean tongue is to scrap the surface of the tongue.Generally kids do not like Tongue scrapping or Tongue cleaning.But if one could explain to them the benefit of tongue cleaning is that they could Enjoy the clean tongue because it helps to refresh the taste buds on the tongue which helps Indirectly in enjoying tastFood.Some people believe the brushing the tongue with toothbrush or a spoon could also remove the bacteria. Although this is also a way to clean ,the best way to clean Tongue is Scrapping. There are different kinds of Tongue cleaners& Tongue Scrappers available in the Market. It is said that in the Nineteenth Century ,tongue cleaners were of Silver,Ivory& Tortoise Shell. This is a fairly good indication how much the ancient generation had cared for tongue. Tongue is the main Organwhich helps speech,enjoy food with real taste. Believe it or not Tongue is an organ that can clean your teeth also without a Brush Thus tongue is not merely an organ relating to digestive system but helps us to develop good speech and Pronouncition as well. In view of the facts brought out above,Tongue Cleaning is a habit parents should take care of among to promote among their kids as a routine measure of cleanliness. The demerit of Tongue cleaning is that children might sometimes cause injuries to the tongue. Considering the enormous benefits,this minor possibility of injury to the tongue is something everyone could avoid with an element of Carefulness. Let me conclude this with a curious fact that Like Fingerprints the Tongue Prints are also Unique & different from person to person

Monday, June 16, 2014

Schumacher out of coma - In recovery path now

In continuation of my blog dt 5th April 2014,Michael Schumacher,the formula1 Champion has left the French Hospital Where he was in a coma since last December as a result of a Ski accident & now come out of Coma & admitted to the University Hospital of Lausanne,in western Switzerland.It has been confirmed that he is no longer in a coma.He is in the Path of recovery & would continue for considerable days in His long phase of Rehabilitation according to a Spokesman of the University Hospital. This indeed is a welcome news for all sports lovers. SreedharanMundanat 16th June 2014 , 7-22PM(IST)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three more Kerala Dams under Dispute with Tamil Nadu

After the sensational verdict on Mulla Peryar Dam from the Apex Court( My Blog dt 11th of May 2014 refers),three More Dams belonging to Kerala are under dispute now. They are 1)Parambikkulam,2) Perivarippallam& 3) Thunakkadavu. The CM OF Kerala has stressed that the Dams are still in the List of Kerala. An agreement concluded between the Chief Minister of Kerala Shri EMS Namboodiripad,& the Tamil Nadu CM Shri M.Karunanidhi on 10/5/69 after discussion in the presence ofvthe then central Minister for Power& Irrigation Shri K.L.Rao seemsto be indirectly permitting Tamil Naadu to carry out Constructions although there does not appear to have any clear indication to the Ownership,the matter is also likely to pave way for yet another unending dispute in the matter. The cases need thorough examination & representation in the court by bringing out factual position regarding the Ownership convincingly as otherwise the fate of Mullaperiyar is likely to govern these three Dams also. As per the entries made in the National Dam Registy,all the four Dams are in Kerala.However,it appears that the Tamil Naadu assumed the Management& minor repairs to these Dams .whether it is on their own or under instruction from any court is unknown. The arguments put forward by by Tamil Nadu in comparison with the Ownership of The Padmanabhapuram palace in the Kanyakumari given to Kerala& the ownership of the Dams over Rivers in Kerala do not appear to be similar unless any Court of Law& Authority uphold the views of Tamil Nadu. In Kerala it has become a regular feature until now that every five years the Government changes with elected Members of different Political Parties.As the Dams are not changing in any respect according to the change in Government,blaming each other for Lapses does not seem to be correct. The Political Parties should share responsibilities collectively for Lapses also as they do make claims for Gains. In this case of the 4 dams the Contact agreements were signed by the Governments belonging to the Left wing In respect of Mullaperiyar dam in 1970k& the remaining 3 in 1969. By blaming each other ,the beneficiary becomes another State. This does not appear to be in the right perceptive and in the Best interest of the State. SreedharanMundanat 13th June 2014 05-58 AM(IST)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

iPads& Smart phones - Harmful to the kids.

What iPad& smart Phones is doing for the Kids is something shocking& every parent should be aware of the Harms Coming in the way of their kids. If you enter any restaurant with your family for dinner ,you are sure to find most of the kids in the Restaurants Are sitting their heads down looking keenly at something with terrific concentration.. What are they doing their heads down? Of course,they are playing different games on Tablets& phones concentrating on them without taking their eyes away From the iPad or Phones. , According to the Centres for Disease control& prevention (CDC) United States of America alone,Over 6 Million children aged between 4and 17 at one point of time or other could be Diagnosed With Attention Deficit Hyper activity Disorder(ADHD).Before 1990,less than 5% of School-Age Kids Were thought to have the condition present in them,but Data from the CDC reported that In 2 decades Those numbers Increased to more than 11%Making it the most common Childhood Disorder. It has thus become an Epidemic rather than a habit. Meanwhile according to the Kaiser Family Foundation,children on an average spend Nearly 7&1/2hours staring at those Tiny displays upto 20%just 5 years ago,leading some Experts to beLieve the surge of ADHD diagnosis coincides with the Skyrocketing Use of Mobile Devices according to the NewYork Times. I am indebted to Margeret Rock& the link below for attempting this Blog which could help parents to open their eyes to dissuade kids from excessive use iPad& Smart Phones. The relevant link for more information is SreedharanMundanat 10th June 2014 05-04PM(IST)

Monday, June 9, 2014 The Mulla Periyar dam issue is a burning one for the last many years more or less like a Dispute between Kerala& Tamil Naadu. In this connection my Blog dt 11 th May2014 is also relevant. Now the Legislative Assembly is stated to have approved as a topic of dispute to be confirmed by a Presidential Reference tonthe Apex court. This has to be treated thisvway because the Apex court had approved the proposal of the Tamil Nadu to raise the Level of water in the Dam to142 feet from existing 136 feet.This raising ,however,is detrimental to the life & property of around 40 Lakhs of people residing in the vicinity of the Dam. Besides,The raising of the level is also harmful to the Wild Animals nearby& rare plants & insects found in the Western Ghats near the Dam.The forest,wild Animals & Environmental protection act needed to be referred to prevent the proposed Action by the Tamil Naadu. As the Apex Court has already given the verdict,the President of India will have to recommend to Apex court to to reconsider the matter With reference to the provisions contained in the Constitution of India. The approval of the Chief Minister's proposal unanimously by the Legislative Assembly ,would thus be submitted to the President of India. If the President approves this the Supreme Court might reconsider the matter as the lives of over 40 Lakhs of people are involved if a calamity like flood or Earth quake take place. The natural calamities can not be predicted by anyone. In view of this proposal of Tamil Naadu which was upheld by the Apex court does not appear to be fully within the interest of the innocent people residing in & around the Dam with Anxiety looming over them like a sword. sreedharanMundanat 9th June 2014 6-27 PM(IST)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lawn Tennis History by Rafel Nadal

The Roland Garrows at Paris witnessed a golden History being created when Rafel Nadaldefeated the Serbian arch Rival Novak Djokovic in a matter of 4 sets 3-6,7-5,6-2,6-4. In the start of the match as in many occasions in the past,Rafel Nadal lost hisvfirst set to Djokovic3-6. Tension began prevailing in the faces of Nadal as well as the major part of the crowd.They had come to witnes the Spaniard writing his name in Golden letters in the History of Lawn Tennis by winning a 9th Crown at Roland Garrows. The second set,however,was different with both playing cautious Tennis with expert exchanges of volleys. The games were locked at 40-40.Both the players started showing the signs of uncomfortable heat of Paris. Both had to use iced Towels repeatedly to cool off themselves during change overs.Djocovic even vomited. In the second set,despite the unbearable heat,the Spaniard broke the dues to win 7-5. Later on it was Nadal all over the Ground. In the Third set ,Djokovic looked out of sort conceding 3-0 games initially.Later on though he showed signs of recovery ,it was almost next to Impossible to stop the overwhelming Spaniard. Nadal won the third& fourth set in a row 6-2,6-4. Rafel Nadal is the only one player who has won the same Grandslam tournament 9 times in the history. Rafel Nadal is the only player to have won the French open for a 5 Straight wins. SreedharanMundanat 9th June2014 5-56 AM(iST)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his world famous book "Discovery of India"had described India as a Holy& Beautiful Country of Imperturbability.Are we living today in that India he dreamed? Winston Churchill at the time of handing over Power to India on getting Independence had said"Dont hand over Power to India because one the people of India would fight among themselves for Power & destroy this Holy & Beautiful Country" We Indians have proved what he said true in toto in every respect. Today we are not living in a country very Holy& peaceful envisaged by those leaders like The father of Nation Mahathma Mohandas Gandhi,Sir Vallabhai Patel,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,Dr.RajendraPrasad,Dr.S.Radhakrishnan and many more such Holy men fought very hard for getting our country free from the rule of the Britishers. The India Today is a land of Turmoil with Violence,Corruption& Victimisation of different sorts. There is not a single day on which we could get up peacefully without hearing any one of the following crimes viz Murder,violence,theft,Rape,atrocities on women,victimization of small children,or man made accidents by way of sabotage. The peculiarity of today's unrest & sufferings everywhere is that most of them are manmade & not natural Calamities. The main manmade calamity today is Gangrape of innocent women including girls who are not even matured. It would appear no Law or Law enforcing people could stop such happenings which are being repeated every day. The latest addition of another crime is the child trafficking from one State to another.The main motive behind this ,it appears,is to put such children including girls to work in restaurants etc &later on when they grow make them victims of Rape by offering them for such acts at big price. Apart from this co erring the religion of the children to increase the population of a particular community Is also planned. It appears that there are people in India posing themselves as Human Gods& mislead people in various ways to make easy money & easy sex. Students community should be alert about such people & keep them at distance. Another disaster facing the Students community is the use of Drugs of various kinds . It looks that there are many a agencies in the country to supply Narcotic drugs(Kanchavu)even in the form fob cigarettes at the gates & surroundings of Educational institutions .this is one of the biggest menaces facing the Students community today.Though the Authorities do their best to curb such activities by using force level available to them,such activities to continue to flourish manyfold. The main reason for the illegal activities allover the country is the lack of employment opportunities People are tempted to carry out any kind of illegal activities for the sake of money for their survival. The increase in population,despite Family Planning,during the past many years since independence is also a factor contributing towards the unrest& illegal activities among the people of India. More than 130 Crores of people in India are considered to be believers in religion with faith in God. How can such people could indulge in different illegal activities such as corruption?So, such people found to be involved in illegal activities should be sacked from the religion by religious leaders themselves. Women should get equal opportunities in Education& jobs like men get.Dowry the worst menace in the society should be curbed at any cost.Dowry in money,in kind like Flat, Villa ,Cars ,estates should be banned & hdispensed with at any cost. Economic inequalities between Rich & Poor is widening day by day.the Rich become richer& the Poor become poorer. Every measure should be taken to control this trend as well as the trend in deceiving the laborers by Union leaders With a view to becoming themselves richer & even milliners.Poor workers do not realize what is happening to them. Modernization is something every country needs & in fact a must for every country.Whether we like it or not, the Modernisation should be carried out.But at the same time it should be ensured that our Cultural Heritage and Environmental protection are afforded topmost Priority. SreedharanMundanat 3rd June 2014 Hrs(IST)