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Five Elements of life

The matter (a substance which has mass and occupies Space)is classified into Atom which are made up of a number of Protons,Neutrons and electrons. Even though not the same way, the cosmos(an orderly system of Universe)Is full of Beneficial Energies which are to be kept in Balance for experiencing a state of Well being.Electro- Magnetic Energy produced by the rotation of Earth is basically the source of Energy for us.Earth is the Third planet ,where exists life beyond doubt, out of thenine planets well known to us so far.The life exists in Earth because of Five elements of Energy which are known as Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space( Sky).These elements are also known as Vaastu Elements.Vastu( object)& Vaastu( Science of placement of an object) are strictly speaking different. EARTH: The first,Best and the foremost Element of Nature which produce maximum energy is indeed the Earth.The selection of a site for the construction of a house is very important from the Vaastu point of view.A detailed inspection of the site include the inspection of the soil,the plot and it's shape and size.Earth is the most important Element in Vaastu Shastra and this influence the life of human beings in every way. WATER: Water is present in earth in many forms like Rain,Ocean,Sea,Rivers and Streams.This next to earth is also considered as a vital element in Vaastu Shastra.It is considered as an element of North- water sources in a house should be from North- East.If a swimming pool or an Aquarium is to be constructed in a building complex or house it should be situated in the direction of North- East.In the Ancient housed there used to have a " Nadu muttam"( Central courtyard) an open square or Rectangular space in the middle of the house where rain water can fall freely.this was very ideal for a house.but we have dispensed with this system. FIRE:Fire is considered as an element of South - East.So the Kitchen fire should be on the South east direction of the house.Water,air and Light are the essences of life.Fire is also light.Sun is the natural light giver for Earth. Fire/Sun is the basis of all kinds of Energy Including Thermal Energy and Atomic Energy.So in every house there should be sufficient sources of ventilation for sunlight to come inside the house.Human beings need light more than any other living bing on Earth. AIR: The most essential element of Life is Air.Air is also an Element of North -East.Air is a mixture of various Gases which has no shape.Gases are also matter like solid or Liquid atoms and Molecules but wisely spaced with power to expand unlike Liquid. Air consists of various gases like Hydrogen,Oxigen,Nitrogen,Helium,Carbon Dioxide etc.A balanced percentage of different gases,Atmospheric Pressure and Humidity level are important for all living beings on this Earth.So windows and doors should be properly placed in a house for proper circulation of Air throughout the interior of the house. SPACE( Sky):The Space or Sky is a never ending Phenomenon.The Space is full of Constellations,Galaxies ,Stars,Moon ,Sun and all other known nine Planets besides unknown.Hence called The Universe.Space has a very important place in our life.the Open space mentioned in "water" above is the same reason for affording importance to sky also.This space, the ancient people called is believed by ancient people that it was very important to have open space in the middle of the house because any matter relating to any disturbance from sky can be detrimental and should be minimized. The Magnetic Forces affects the body of Human beings.Human body itself acts as a Magnet with the Head the heaviest part of the body acting as a North pole .this is the reason why it is insisted that one should not sleep with head towards the direction of North.This results in the nort pole of Earth and human body repel each other affectingthe circulation of blood in the body,thereby causing disturbed sleep besides Tension and other connected problems. It has been well established that the Nervous system of the human body communicates with the help of Electric impulses,thus producing Electro- Magnetic field around the part of the body.Muscles also produce Electrical effect.It is also an established fact that all the activities of the human body are controlled by the Electrical and chemical reactions occurring in the body during the course of day to day life. The Electrical Movements will have a corresponding magnetic reaction in the body.These continue as a regular process in the body The heaviest and important part of the body,the Head,behaves as a North Pole because Head is the most powerful source of Electric and magnetic Fields in the organism and also that in the eye , the magnetic field Induction,is significantly higher than other parts of the body.This is how it is said that while sleeping the head should not be kept towards north side and positively kept towards East as far as possible.So the design of sleeping in bedrooms are to be arranged accordingly. The principle of the same poles of earth repels and opposite poles attract are relevant here. Similarly the Maglev trains ( Bullet Trains ) in China was designed based of the principles of Magnetic Levitation virtually by lifting the train from the track while running and brought down to track when required to stop.The speed of the Train is 300 KM per hour and covers 30 KM from Shanghai Airport to Shanghai Metro Station in 8 minutes.This is the fastest train in the world. The Distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is 458 KM by train.By bullet train with Maglev principle it would take Just over 2 hours whereas the present time taken is over 7 hours.The proposed Bullet Train would thus help business Travellers between the cities as the fare would be much higher.The cost of the system is also enormous and Astronomical. ( This blog has the curtesy of Site Divine Vastu also) The best place to follow the principles of Magnetic Energy is the Temples of Kerala. The placement of the Idol should be at place where maximum of The Earth's magnetic waves passes through .This is located by Vedic ways.So in all famous Temples where Vaastu Sastra is followed the Idol would be at the place where the maximum of magnetic waves are passed through. It is believed that even the water poured over the idol for Holy bath contains magnetic particles and helps our Heath to improve if the water( Theerth is taken).This looks very true.the Prasadam supplied by the temple also has Godly elements to help us maintain good health and peace of is considered extremely healthy to take bath and visit Temples in the early mornings. Besides almost all the Temples have Banian trees with a basement. If one takes round (Pradakshinam) by walking around the Tree it might help to enhance the life Span.This also has to be true as the Banian tree is the one which has maximum number of years as the life Span among trees. Incidentally,I think I had read in the Face book recently that according to the Vastu sastra the following pictures are notWorth placing in the drawing room of a home..these pictures ,in fact,are the most sought after paintings in India They are The Taj Mahal,the war at Kurukshetra,and the Nataraja.
The Taj Mahal:We all know TajMahal was built by Shahjahan for the memory of his belovedwife Mumtaz.It is indeed considered as a sacred token of Love.Then what is the harm in keeping it in the Drawing Room? The reason put forward by those who oppose keeping it is that The TajMahal is not just a symbol of love by the Emperor tohis queen But a Posthumous Tribute to a departed Wife from a loving Husband.Thus the TajMahal is as good as a Tomb. So irrespective of whether it is prescribed under the Vaastu or not,it should be treated as a memorial that might bring death to the household.This is more or less a superstition .But many people observe it. Similarly,it is considered not Auspecious to come across Ash,Firewood and Oil when one goes out for any purpose. At the same time these materials are freely used in villages for many purposes.Oil is being used everywhere and in every house.So these are to be considered as Superstitious views and limited to individual views .This should not Have anything to do with the Vaastu Sastra which is based on scientific Principl The Kurukshetra war picture: In the Kurukshetra war picture,Lord Krishna is driving a chariot for Arjuna the Pandava Prince.this picture is also relating to Bhagavad Geeta in which many Principles of Eternal source of inspirations are described.The Bhagavadgeeta is considered as a Holy Book like Bible and Khuran. The reasons put forward for exhibiting these in the home is that it is the story of war between brothers killing each other.Although this would appear to be a better argument than the TajMahal,this too has nothing to do with Vaastu Sastra.So it should be purely individual choice whether to keep it at home or not. The Nataraja: The Nataraja is a dancing form of Lord Shiva.The argument is that it is a destructive Dance of Lord Shiva and should not be kept at home. There are many places all over the world this painting/ Picture/ Wooden or metal carvings are being exhibited. In Hindu families also the opinion is decided.This also being one which has nothing to do with Vaastusastra ,this too should be of Individual choice. Sreedharan mundanat It ,however looks as though superstitions are trying to prevail over the beauty of the exhibits in the case of those who oppose to it.

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