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In continuation of my blog dt 27th April 2015, it is very much disappointing that no alert system of week in advance or month in advance is existing inbtheworld.In spite of continous research not been possible to establish A warning system . However,in certain selected places likeMexico, Japan & United States there is a one last minute warning system The cost of development and installation of such a system is enormous to the extent of many many Laius of Rupees. The latest last minute warning system is in California .The cost of development of this system was around 383 lakh dollars andcthe Recurring yearly cost was 161 lakhs of dollars. This was after research for many years established by the Geological survey of the United States The United Stated Geological survey along with a coalition of University Partners did the research and a system of Earthquake Warning called Shake Alert was established to get a last minute warning from it. The warning could help to take precautionary measures andbdefending methods like evacuation etc. Apart from this,no system of any warning is available to the world. This is why the Earthquakkes are considered as the worst form of devastating tragediesvin the world Sreedharan Mundanat 27 th April 2015

From Science of Earthquakes to Safety Precautions with anxiety& Love

The earth quakes are,perhaps,the most recasting form of Natural Calamity. The recent massive Earthquake in Nepal, after a long time since when last struck Nepal,was the worst ever occurred In's effect was reflected in theNorthern parts ofIndia also. Until now no valid reason for Earthquake nor when it would strike where havenot been able to state correctlybdespite various scientific studies were carried out by various organizations & Agencies from all over The world. This is why it has been considered as menace to humanity beyond the control of human beings. Let us ,however,make an effort to understand theEarth quake by studying various information available to u The science of Earthquake- What is an earthquake ************************************************ An earthquake is what happens when two blocks of Earth Suddenly slip Past one another.The surface where they slip is called the Fault Plane.The location below the earth surface Where the earthquake starts is called the Hypocente & the surface directly above it is the Epicenter. Sometimes an Earthquake has foreshocks.These are smaller quakes that happens in the same place as the larger earthquakes do happen.The scientists can not tell that an earthquake is a foreshocksUntil the larger earthquakes do happen. The largest main earthquake is called the Mainshock.Mai shocks always have aftershocks that follow.These are smaller earthquakes that happen at the same placecas Mainshock.Depending on the size ofvMainshocks,aftershocks can continue forvweeks,months,and years after the Mainshock! What are the reasons for the earthquakes & where do they occur? ***************************************************************** The Earth has four layers.They are called 1)the inner core,2)The outer core,3)The mantle& 4)The crust. The crust& the top of the Mantle makes a thin skin on the surface of our planet Earth. But this skin is not all in one piece.It is made up of many pieces like a Puzzle covering the Surface of Earth. Not only this but these Puzzles Pieces keep moving around slowly sliding past one another and bumping into each other.These puzzle Pieces are called Tectonic Plates and the edges of the plate are called Plate Boundaries. The Plate boundaries are made up of many Faults and most of the earth quakes in theWorld occur On these Faults. Since the edge of the Faults are rough,they get stuck while the rest of the Plates keep moving.Finally when the Plates have moved far enough ,the edges get unstick on one of the faults and then happens an Earthquake. While the Edges of the Faults are stuck together,and the rest of the block is moving, energy that would normally cause the blocks to slide past one another is being stored up.When the Force of the moving blocks finally overcomes the friction of the jagged edges of the fault and it unsticks ,all that stored up energy is released.The energy radiates outward from the fault inall directions in the form of Seismic waves like ripples on a pond.The seismic waves shake the earth as they move through itand when the waves reach the earth's surface they shakes the earth and anything on it like our houses and us. The impact of Earthquakes are measured by instruments known as Seismographs.Therecording actually done by thecabove instrument is the difference in position between Shaking part of Seismograph and the motionless part It is extremely difficult to measure the size of an earthquake as the faults are beneath the earth spreading over many the measure of the size of the Earthquake is based on the readings if the Seismographs.This may not be always accurately reliable.But there is no other accurate ways and means available to measure. Can scientists predictEarthquakes? ************+********************** No it can not be predicted accurately. The scientists can only say that more earthquakes might occurbobpn a fault but when & where can not be predicted by the scientists. This is how the Earthquakes are considered to be the Glorious happenings of uncertainty of the nature.this is why Earthquakes are being considered as the worst Menace to the world. There is nothing like Earthquake weather.Or it can not be said beyond doubt that certain kind of animals could sense Earth quakes in advance.These are all illusions. However,there is a general saying that Dogs can sense Earthquakes and they make untimely barkings and show symptoms of nervousness.This too ,however, not proved scientifically beyond doubt. Thus Earthquakes are the worst phenomenons of nature which has no clear scientific theories behind it What are the safety measures Precautions in regard to an Earth quake? ************************************************************************ There are various measures of safety & precautions designed by various organizations. The Emergency kit & Disaster plan management Before,During and After an Earthquake are mentioned in various instructions prescribed by various organisationscall over the world & are available on the Internet. One link for ready reference is So if this brief and comprehensive coverage of Earthquake if itbhelps anyone to have an idea formed about earthquake ,I could remain highly grateful. Sreedharan Mundanat 27th April2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Thrimurthis of Indian cricket

The coach of the Indian cricket Mr.Duncan Fletcher is completing his term as the coach shortly. So ,there was a proposal to make Either Shri.Saurav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid to be names as the coach of Team India. While this proposal was in consideration ,the BCCI( Board ofControl of Cricket in India) has come up with a new proposal to make the Thrimurthis ofIndian Cricket Sachin Tendulkar,Sourav Ganguli & Rahul Dravid as the advisers to the board in all matters concerning cricket.Their appointment in this capacity is likely to me announced shortly. This would mean that BCCI is looking for a new coach for the Team India. Sachin,Ganguli And Dravid were all captains of Indian cricket teams.the three are thorough Gentlemen Captains in their capacity when they did the job in the past. The three are perfect sportsmen with extremely honored Sportsman spirit. Everyone in the team liked them when they were their captain.the three were distinguished batsmen.Ganguli & Sachin Were bowlers also .so they were outstanding All rounders. Sachin had not left any worldrecord unturned.In other words he had achieved all the records in cricket. He alo gotbthe the highestbaward of Australia known as Order of Australia. The prime minister ofAustralia had personnally announced the award for Sachin.usuallythis award was being conferred upon Australian players alone Sachin was an exception to this. So,hereafter The Thrimurthis will have their voice heard in all matters relating to cricket. This isca big boon for the Indian cricket. Let us wish the three all the Best in life .Long live the Thrimurthis of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar,Sourav Ganguli& Rahul Dravid. Sreedharan Mundanat 26th April 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Universal Connectvity &Net Neutrality can & must coexist.

Defending it's position on Net Neutrality Mark Zuckerberg,the Face Book Chief recently said their Internet org, a platform,with Reliance Communications as it's India Partner which offers free access to data&custemers has benefitted several people in India. Similarly,Bharati Airtel whose Airtel Zero venture was also drawn into the debate,said it is completely committed to Net Neutrality. Zuckerberg claimed in his Facebook post "Over the past week in India,there has beena lot written about Internet org& Net neutrality.I would like to share my position on these topics here for everyone to see.We have made some great progress and already more than 800 million people in 9 countries can now access free basic services through Indiawe have already rolled out free basic services on the Reliance Network to millions of people In Tamil Naadu,Maharashtra,Andhrapradesh,Gujrat,Kerala& Telangana& we just launched in Indonesia on the Indosat network on 17th April 2015" Net Neutrality means that Government& internetservice providers should treat all data on the internet equally thereby not charging users,contents,platforms,sites,applications or modes of communications differently. Mr.Mark Zuckerberg continued to say that they are proud of their progress but some people criticized the concept of Zero- rating that allows Internet org deliver free Internet services saying that offering some services for free goes against the spirit of Net Neutrality and he strongly disagreed with this view.He also said he fully supported Net Neutrality and desired tonkeep the Internet open. Net neutrality ensures network operatiors do notbdiscriminate By limiting access to services desired to avail of by Users.He also said it is the essential part of Internet to honor Net Neutrality and they were fully Committed to it. Net Neutrality is not in conflict with working to get more people connected.Universal connectivity and Net Neutrality can and must coexist. Thus it may be seen that the giants of Internet of the world and those in India are in favor of maintaining Net neutrality. So where is the question of the Indian service providers disagree with this principle to deviate from it and charge users over and above the normal Internet Charges. In the circumstances,the TRAI & Government of India should look into ways and means through which the Present Internet charges levied should also be reduced to maintain equality & neutrality Of Internet Suchva move would be highly welcomed by the millions of Internet users in India Sreedharan Mundanat 25th April 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kerala& Karela

Those who observe the happenings in Kerala would be convinced that it is no longer a God's own Country. But ,on the other hand, one would be tempted call her Karela instead of Kerala because the bitter Happenings as a result of deliberate attempts from Politicians to dethrone the present Government By means of unparliamentary ways including imaginary allegations. Some people belonging to the Liquor lobby one fine morning said one minister had accepted huge amount as Bribe and the Minister is no longer entitled to beva minister & instead should resign. There was neither solid proof to substantiate the allegation nor any law enforcing agency or court said so. The opposition and the liquor lobby decided the Minister had accepted the bribe. There was no evidence of any transaction either in cash or through Bank or any other means to Prove the allegation. The Minister rightly said one could find him guilty only when he is proved to be so in a court of law Or he had virtually Been punished. He still continue as Minister. More than 4 months elapsed since the allegation by a man belonging to a Liquor bar was raised. On the basis of this allegation ,the constitutional responsibility of the Minister to readcthecBudget of the state Was prevented by the opposition by staging unparliamentary dramas on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. Thus the state had to earn disgrace in the eyes of the world. This was because virtual bodily fight was staged irrespective of the the gender of the people's representatives. Itvwas indeed a shame for the state initiated by the opposition. The Governor ofvthe state also observed that the unruly scenes were indeed unparliamentary. In no other state or country ,an opposition would have tried to dethrone the legally elected Government. The dramas of Hartal,Jatha,dharna still continues & is likely to be so until the next Election to the Legislative assembly is held. As a result of the unlawful means adopted by the Opposition,the Government is not finding timeto govern because a major portion of the time time available with the Government is being afforded to defend the Faulty & unproved allegations. In a nutshell,the State is in a mess. So what can we call such a state Kerala or bitter Karela(bitter Gourd) SreedharanMundanat 24th of April 2015


Cholestrol is a fatlike substance in the body.Most of the Cholestrol in our body is produced in the Lever.However, Some of them come from the food we eat also.The body needs some Cholestrol like sugar as it is important for the Body's membrane to produce certain Hormones.This helps act as insulation for our Nerves.Cholestrol also aids In The manufacture of Bile( which is stored in the Gallbladder & helps digest Too much of Cholestrol in the body May cause Gallstones.It can also lead to a build-up of Fat in the Arteries which may cause atheroscleRosie,a disease that stops Or slows Blood Flow. Cholestrol itself is not bad.Everyone has this & need this waxlike Substance on the body. Cholestrol is a fat or Lipid.It is also sterol from which steroid hormones are made.If Cholestrol can be held in hand We could see a waxy substance . Cholesterol is essential for the body. There two main types of Cholestrol1) HDL Cholestrol& 2)LDL Cholestrol HDL CHOLESTROL: ****************** This is known as Good cholesterol because It helps to remove bad cholesterol from body LDL CHOLESTROL *************** this is also known as bad cholesterol.This is bad because it can build up in the arteries and form Plaques. Plaques can Reduce blood flow. & by forming blocks could produce heart attacks. The best way to achieve more HDL& Less LDL is to resort to vigorous exercises & take good diet food. Smoking should be totally avoided. There're various medicines in the market which claims control over CHOLESTROL. Usually diet&Exercises can control If this is not Finding any good result ,thenalone resorting to medicines should be considered. There aresomemedicines which could produce allery . So consulting a doctor regularly is the only remedy to control CHOLESTROL. Control ofCholestrol & Blood pressure are of vital importance to maintain a healthy Heart. It is notadviceble to take any medicine one learns from hearsay & carry out your own Medication. This does more harm to your heart than help to control Cholostrol. In Kerala there are expert Doctors in the Shri Chitra Institute of Medical sciences & Technology at Thiruvananthapuram. The Amritha Institute of Medical sciences at Edappally,Kochi also has expert Doctors and Facilities to treat Heart Diseases. All the Best for a healthy heart. Sreedharan Mundanat 24th of April 2015 Sreedharan Mundanat

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The decline of Pakistan cricket

The world of cricket has not,perhaps,witnessed such a debacle in cricket before. What Inintend to arrive at is about the misery of one of the leading cricket playing nation Pakistan. The one day series concluded recently against Bangladesh produced an unbelievable whitewash for Pakistan winning all the three matches by the comparatively minnows of cricket Bangladesh. It isa practice of Pakistan to play againstba weak nation after loosingbany major tournament.This time it was the Worl cup.the World cup was a disaster for Pakistan after having lost their match against India whom they had never beaten in a world cup match .This time also the world record was kept in tact. Despite this,they could move to the next stage to play against Mighty Australians.but again lost taking exit from World cup. The world cup resulted in the resignation of Pakistan Captain Mibah-ul- Haq. Then came the series against Bangladesh beginning with one day international series. The first ODI was played on the 17th of April 2015 at Dhaka Bengladesh scored a mammoth 329/6 in 50 overs in the strength of Tons from Tamim Iqbal& Musafiqr Rehman. Pakistan had a reasonably good start in reply With the batting of azhar Ali,SarfrazAhmed,Hais so hail & Mohmed Rizwan.However,a middle order Collapse spelled their defeat as they could score just 250 in 45.2 Overs. Thus Bangladesh had an emphatic victory by 79 Runs.Thevworst part of this defeat was in spite of the presence of their strong Bowlers Junaid Khan,RahatvAli,wahab Riaz& Syed Ajmal. Here comes the Second ODI at The same venue on the 19th of April when Pakistan batting first could post a score of 239/6 in 50 overs inspire of the presence of Mohmed Hafeez, In reply,Bangladesh easily overhauled this total in Just 39 overs with a Ton. From Tamim Iqbal.(116& Mushfiqr ). This was a big blow for Pakistan because after the debacle in World Cup,it had theveffect of contributing to their agony beingthe loss of series to their Regular rivals after India. Bangladesh hadvavfairly good performance in World cup though lost in the Quarterfinal tonIndia. The sorrow of Pakistan mounted many fold. It was the third and final ODI in the series on the 22nd of April 2015 at Mirpur .Pakistan batting first on the strength of their captain Azhar Ali (101) Pakistan had a good start of 91 runs for the first wicket and dreamed a Possible win.But the fate thought differently. A middle order collapse resulted in Pakistan rounding up their innings which abruptly ended at 250 runs on the Board. Although Azhar Ali rejoiced on his maiden ODI hundred, he never knew the inevitable tragedy was in the offing. In reply ,Bangladesh with their added enthusiasm of securing the series win ,again blew apart Pakistan by eclipsing their 250 just in 39.3 overs thereby enforcing a clean White wash for the first time in the history of meeting the 2 sides. Although the Bangladeshis had the advantage of their home soil,it can not be considered as a major factor becaus Pakistan had their mighty batsman Mohmed Hafees and all their leading bowlers in the squad. The absence of Younis Khan & former captain Misbah -ul- Haq could have been one of the reasons for the tragedy Awaited Pakistan.But Pakistan being one of the strong cricketing Nation in the World such lame excused had no relevance at all. The only consolation for Pakistan is that "Cricket is a glorious game of acute uncertainty" The series against Bangladesh not yet over.T20 & Test series are yet to be staged . The only T20 on the 24th,andvTest matches due to start on 28th April and 6th May 2015 All the Best to Pakistan &BD in the remaining schedule Sreedharan Mundanat

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Playing Magic with cricket

Chennai Superkings captain M.S.Dhoni& Their strike batsman Brendon McCullum NewZealand Captain together played Magic when they took Sunrisers of Hyderabad at the MAC Stadium Chennai. It all happened this way: MSDhoni won the toss & elected to bat. In his prematch Dhoni had said his team was going to make a big score & pose a challenge to the Sunrisers. And he did what he said. The openers Smith& McCullum began their innings with a bang.both the batsmen scored freely .DR Smith made 27 runs From 26 balls containing one4& a six.unfortunately in the 9th over Smith fell when the score was 75 runs. He was Victim of a run out. Suresh Raina joined MeCullum in the middle & continued.After Raina joined at the crease both began their their usual game of scoring steadily .MeCullum was steady as ever & went on hitting 6s & 4s at his will & pleasure. Raina who seemed more interested in sticking to the wicket played slowly but steadily.He made 14 runs from 12 balls With just one 4 when he also became the victim of a Runout attempt from Rahul of Sunrisers.This was not a mere run Out attempt from was rather an Acrobatic effort which hit the bulls eye to remove Raina. In the last editions & this Edition we had no opportunity to witness such a run out Ttempt.Rahul deserved every praise for his performance. Let us continue with the Magic Match. MS Dhoni joined MeCullum with a determined face to accomplish what he said prior to the beginning of the match. That is scoring big to challenge Sunrisers. He did what he said. MS Dhoni with MeCullum went ahead to take the Score to 198. At this stage Dhoni ,who had temporarily taken over the scoring pattern ,had hit 4 Sixes& 4 Fours to take his individual score to 53 from 29 balls when he departed caught by David Warner a ball bowled by Boult. The score was 198/3 wickets,. Brendum MeCullum who was stranded at 89 by giving more strike to Dhoni was in doubt of making his ton. When jadeja Realised that unless he gave strike to MeCullum the long waited Ton from the NewZealand Batsma V would not looked as if he was not sure of taking single to hand over strike to MeCullum & decided to get himself out.He did it.he was out & Brenden took strike And MeCullum completed his glorious century in the last over. The statistics of Brenden MeCullum read as 100 runs from 56 balls with 9Sixes& 7 fours. The total on the board of CSK CHENNAI read 209/4. Indeed a big score. The way in which the understanding among Brenden MeCullum,MS Dhoni & Jadeja worked leading to a big total was something like a Magic which had never happened before in any of the IPL match. The capability od the Indian Captain controlling the game at his will was something struck me which prompted me to write this Blog.. The match continued .Sunrisers began their innings to score a target of 210 runs from 20 overs. The openers David Warner& Shikar Dhavan gave a promising start to the challenge posed Dhoni& his men. At the stage of 30 for no loss the inevitable damage was done by Mohit Sharma the fast Bowler of Chennai. He had caught Shikar Dhavan by Jadeja with straight ball Sunrisers 30 for one wicket in the 4th over. Rahul ,a promising batsman from Bangalore replace Dhavan to join David Warner. He was unfortunate to get bowled by Mohit Sharma again.He could make just one 4 in his score of 5. This brought NVOjha to the crease to continue the fight along with veteran captain David Warner who Was steady at the other end. Ojha looked like doing some good batting in the company of Warner.Warner too Was hopeful of doing Well with Ojha. But Alas !in the12th over he too fell to a tricky ball from Aswin caught by Sharma. The scoreboard read 91 runs for 3 wickets in the 12th over. The time & overs were running out for the Sunrisers.They needed 119 4runs from just 8 overs left. David Warner was still hopeful of making it.To his calibre nothing was impossible in a 20 overs game. But here his plans did not work as planned. Warner too ultimately fell in the 15th over Caught Smith bowled Pandey.Score stood 114/4. R.S.Bopara who had joined Warner in the Challenge had in the meantime made 22 glorious runs paving way for hoping over hope in the company of Warner.But Warner's wicket looked like a big blow & a turning point in the game. Bopara was joined by another striking Batsman Williamson from NewZealand. Both did a recovery act together but to their bad luck R.S.Bopara was the next victim of Bravo clean bowled for 22 The score card read 136/5. This was the beginning of their end for Sunrisers.They still needed 74 runs from 4.2 overs KV Sharma joined Williamson in a futile effort to win. Williamson showed his class With 26 runs from 18 balls. So far no such an interesting game was witnessed in any edition of the IPL. Dhoni deserved every praise besides Brendon MeCullum ,the typical T20hitter. Sreedharan Mundanat But that was not enough to force a victory against the mighty CSK with 209 on board. With the fall of KVSharma at 150 the hopes of Sunrisers faded away. The inevitable end of Sunrisers came at the end of 20th over when they had just 164/6 on the board Giving a handsome victory by 45 runs to the CSK. One could just witness the Blowing away ofthe Sunrisers against the ton of Brendon MeCullum& a calculated 53 from Captain M.S.Dhoni. A match one could never forget as it was executed in a calculated way by Dhoni who had predicted the result in the beginning itself.