Saturday, August 31, 2013

Asia Cup HockeyFinal-S.Korea vs India-31st Aug/1stSept. 17-30hrs(IST)

I invite a reference to my blog with title" Sreejesh Factor helps India eliminate South Korea" Let me first regret for using the term "Eliminate" which was an unintentional error. My real intention was just to literally express my wonder of how India was able to beat South Korea so easily @2-00 fact South Korea is very well still there and is taking India in the final of the the Asia Cup Today the 31St of August at 17-30 hrs( IST) at Ipoh in MALAYESIA . However one Team really eliminated not only from this Asia Cup but from the next World Cup Hockey to be held at Hauge,Netherland is Pakistan .The Arch rival of India did not qualify for taking part in the World Cup after having been defeated by South Korea in the semifinal. India now getting relieved from Tension & free from Worries about making to the World Cup is likely to put up a glorious fight as in the olden Days when India was considered as the best Team in the world & also being the National Game of India However this reputation ,later on , had to be surrendered from those days from which Teams like Australia,Germany, Netherland ,Britain& NewZealand acquired efficiency in the game besides the the Arch Rivals Pakistan who were also Considered as one of the leading forces in the field of Hockey. So today could become a red-letter day for India at Ipoh ,MALAYESIA if India plays with their full force& Expectedness. All the Best to South Korea and India in the final encounter today SreedharanMundanat 31st August2013 0623 Hrs (IST)


Righteousness in heart is a clear indication of a noble mind &reflects in the Chatacter of a person. This we could consider as a Univeraslly aprroved yard stick to measure the greatness in the Character of a person. When one's heart is filled with rightousness ,he is the right person to possess kindness to everyone&everything in the world. The most accepatable view to establish this lies in the most valued Epic of India the Ramayana. Valmiki Maharshi who had written Ramayana in days when printing was not available used the "thaliyola grandhas" to write.This being so the wordwide popularity the Ramayana in those days is something astonishing &wonderful how the Rishi got so much of tremendous followers for the great work Ramayana How Valmiki Maharshi happened to write Ramayanam is very interesting. One day Valmiki witnessed the killing of one of the two birds (Inapakshikal)one male&the other female,by a hunter with an arrow. This had instantly produced profound sorrow&Agony in the mind of the Rishi.This prompted him to write the Epic Ramayana.Apart from Men&Women ,monkeys,birds why even small plants form part of the characters designed in Ramayana. It is also said that "Ra" means Rathri,Andhakaram&Ajnatha(Night,Darkness&Ignorance).These are generally not generally loved by people."Mayanam" means "Should disappear).So the objective of Ramayana was to eradicate evil &establish Virtue. The Theme of Ramayana is basically Rihteousness in Heart. The flowers in the Garland of Ramayana are the unbreakable Relationship betwwn Father&Son.Also depicted covincingly in Ramayana are the relationships between brothers,Friendship,rrelationship between the ruler&ruled Destruction of evil&sin &establishing goodness&virtue,Sacrifice,suffering,patience &all such good qualities. Perhaps this is the reason why the Four brothers Rama,Lakshmana,Bharatha&Sathrughna are sometimes depicted as representing YAJURVEDIS,RIGVEDI,SAMAVEDI andADHARVAVEDI.Thus Rama,Lakshmanan,Bharatha& Sathrughna are symbols of the FOUR VEDAS. ONE fact about Ramayana is beyond doubt.The Ramayana is the most popular Epic translated into various languages Worldwide. There are many a versions of Ramayana existing in India today.some of them are the Kambaramayana,,Thulasiramayanam,Kannassaramayanam,,Vallathol Ramayanam,Vasishta Ramayanam & many many more. As is the case with any famous Epic ,the Ramayana also is not free from Controversy. Some people did consider Rama was not so honest & Good saying that Seetha when tried AgniPravesha ,Rama did not Try to prevent her from doing so inspire of being his beloved who sacrificed her life amidst sorrow& Agony during The 14 years of life in horrible Forests.Notwithstanding this view,some considered it also a virtue fitting to a Great prince like Rama.Their view is that by allowing her AgniPravesha Rama endorsed her being remembered as a Great Lady. Even some people went a step ahead to depict Ravanana the evil King also as a symbol of virtue.some still went a further Step ahead by writing Ravanayanam.but this work of Fiction did not earn much of a praise& Popularity. In Ramayana at the time of AgniPravesha Rama calls himself a common man .But the devotees of Rama consider Him as A Great God.There are many Temple for Rama all over India & the World. In the state of Kerala there are four different Temples for The great Rama,Lakshmanana,Bharatha and Sthrughna. Mejority of god believing people in India consider Rama as God.Indeed He Should be! Many a Stewarts in the wold of Literature over the World has written in detail about Rama& His Brothers.there are many epic serials & Movies on Ramayana. So if I go further Steps discussing the Great Epic it is in all probability would tend to become a kind of Sin. I do not believe in committing Sin knowingly. But at the same time I am one among many believers that telling a lie for a noble Cause is not a sin but a pure Virtue. SreedharanMundanat 31St August,2013 16-10hrs(IST)

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Sreejesh Factor helps India to eliminateSouth Korea

India's National Game Hockey has a successful Tale to tell when their Goal Keeper Sreejesh guarding his Motherland under the bar did a tremendous job to advance India to the semifinals of the ongoing Asia Cup Hockey tournament at Ipoh in Malyesia. Sreejesh did save India as many as 7 clear saves from thye attempts from the Defending Champions South Korea in their repeated raids breaking the defence of India. Sreejesh in fact produced a Brilliant display of courage&efficiency under the bar for the two times Champions India But defeating an expert outfit like South Korea is indeed is something to remember for a long time to come thanks to the Hero of India Sreejesh without the help from him it was almost a certain defeat for India. India had earlier in the 6th minute of the match had converted a Penalty corner to a corner cleverly by Raghunath.Again in the 65th minute Mandeep Singh who hold the reputation of scoring goals had hammered the final nail with a powerful shot from the top of the circle just five minutes time left for the Hooter. In the meantime South Korea had raided the Goal of India continuously though such advances turned out to be Futile with the strong presence of Sreejesh with enormous element of Courage. Had he failed to guard so efficiently India could have lost the match with a margin of as many as 4 goals. India's arch Rival Pakistan also made it into the Semi Final from the other pool "A" Now it would be a pleasant experience to watch the further progress of the Tournament in this year of series of victorries for India in other Games Cricket&Soccer. The Indian Soccer Team after their selection ia awaiting their departure to Nepal to take part in the SAFFChhampionship to be held there fromAugust31 to Septembrer11 SreedharanMundanat 27th August2013 09-33Hrs(IST)

Gesture from England

I invite a second look to my Blog Dt Regarding ashes Series. I am not sure I know the traditional gestures of the Britishers ,Australians,West Indies,Pakistan ,Srilanka or New Zealand about the gestures they adopt after winnings Test series. But I know about Indian that they would never pee on the Pitch they have won to celebrate a Win The gesture from England to do it at the Oval Pitch is a good gesture or not fitting a leading CRICKETPLAYING NATION is best known to England alone. Any way a Win is always a win. But at the same time is is a healthy a habit to review the self performance of any Nation either after winning or getting defeated. Every one who is crazy about Cricket knows that the Ashes win by England was more or less owing to the Help from Weather as it on many occasions was a contributing Factor towards their Win or Maintaining an equal Status. Though this win is creditable and worth celebrating there does not appear to have any sufficient Ground to become oversmart to boast about a series win the achieved incidentally and not out of their pure efficiency. If I am wrong Cricket wizards are requested to grant me pardon. SreedharanMundanat 27th August2013 07-18 hrs(IST)

Right to food& Food Security

I am to invite a look into the Blogs from me Dt 9th May 2013&10th May 2013 on the subjects "Right to Food"and " Believe it or not" respectively and to say that the need of India has since been looked into by the rulers and Representatives of the People in the Parliament has passed a bill in the Loksabha subject to approval by the Rajya Sabha as a matter of a must. This approval is also likely to be obtained despite the amendments suggested by Opposition Stewarts. The ruling Section has also claimed it as a Dream project they began in the Year & after many a deliberations is Being put into an absolute Shape. Had this been not approved by Loksabha with Voice Vote ,the loss I had computed in the Blog Dt 10th of May would Have multiplied manyfold in wasting the Precious time& energy of our beloved representatives of the People. Now the Drama is being shifted to the Upper House. Let us hopefully pray that the Upper House also would extend generosity in approving the bill with a view to affording it the Status of an Act approved by the Parliament. The Act if it comes into effect would certainly have the hopeful effect of virtually eradicating poverty & fulfilling the need of the People for food & their Right to it. Sreedharan Mundanat 27th August2013 04-48hrs(IST)9

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Day to offer tribute to a great Soul by India&Detroit-27thAugust1976

May the Soul of Mukesh rest in Eternal Peace!. My mo0st favourite singer the great Mukiesh left us all in sorrow for the last 37 years. The voice of Mukesh had such an impact on the hearts of Music lovers of India since the year1941 He became a prominent singer along with the other two great singers Mohemmed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. It would be more appropriate to say that Mukesh shared the throne of singers by becoming a member of the Thrimoorthys of Hindi Movie Music. I dont have to go in detail to the profile of Mukesh as he does not need any sort of introduction. My mind fills with profound sorrow to note that none of this Thrimoorthys are with the Music lovers to day. I like all the songs he had sung &there is no choice to point out any song singly. Every song he sang for Rajkapoor were evergreen hits.This is the reason why Rajkapoor had said when he passed away that "I LOST MY VOICE"! out of his songs the best I always liked was "Mujhe Raat aur Din yeh Khayal Hai","Jane Kahan gaye voh Din""Mujhko is raat ko--------Aawaz no do""Ek din Midh jayega" and many many more. All his hit songs are easily available on YouTube search. If you ask any one who likes Hindi Movie Songs about which song of Mukesh he liked Best,perhaps,you will get the same reply "All the Songs" There is no much choice to choose from precious Gems. Great people leaves for Heaven earlier.This could be the only reason why the singers Rafi,Mukesh&Kishorekumar left us early making the Hindi screen darker in terms of Music. The great Tragic songs singer had also met with most unexpected tragedy at Detroit in USA where he had been on a mission of singing along with the Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar.He had a massive Heart attack.Though admitted to hospital ,unfortunately,his life could not be saved. The entire India plunged into deep sorrow on the 27th of August1976. Lata Mangeshkar curtailed her programme& brought the body to India at the eraliest. The nightingale who always made her listners maintain pin drop silence while she performed might have experience Agony beyond explanation on the fateful day. Mukesh,Rafi&Kishore Kumar might be singing together in Heaven cutting jokes also as they did in lifeIn this context It would be a sin if I dont again remember the just THE FIRST&LAST SONG by the great four together in film"Amart.Akbar Anthony" viz "HUMKO TUMSE HO GAYA HAI PYAR KYA KAREN" May the Soul of Mukesh rest in Eternal Peace! SreedharanMundanat 26th August2013 11-12HRS(IST)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Defensive tactics from England tending to frustrate OZ

A bright morning,the cranes flying from South to North over the sky forming bows and arrows,perhaps,searching for water announced the arrival of a good day.But it may not be so good for the Australians at the Oval in England.The Team Australia has every reason for becoming anxious about the final day of current concluding Test match which is likely to decide their fate in this series. England,Indeed the style adopted to play on the 3rd day of the current Ashes Test at the Ovalwith slow defensive batting after loosing their top order is by all means a natural Tactics to force a tame draw which place the Britts at added advantage of a a Tame draw as they enjoy a fair2-1 up in this Series.But this resulted ,obviously,in frustation for the visitors.This kind of situation is common in Cricket.But being a prestigious Ashes Series that too at the Oval ,the deliberate scoring pattern of run rate of 2.12 runs per over on third day raise eyebrows into the fairness of tactics employed by a great Cricket Playing Nation. Of course,this opinion is strengthened with the total Wash out on the Fourth Day of the series .this amounts toa total loss of 90 Overs for the Visitors.Even if it is decided to start earlier on the Final day,the impact of the irreparable loss of overs suffered by Australia would not stand to get compensated.What is lost is lost.What is lost can not be gained in just one day by any Cricketing Nation. So it can be generalized that what has happened on 3rd day can not be unhappened under any circumstances.All the Sweetest Perfumes of Arabia would not be sufficient to wash away the sins in the Hands of the performers on the third day ,who it would appear to have employed Slow tactics without attracting any of the provisions of the Cricket Rules prevailing. This is a personal Free,FrankFearless opinion.This kind of thought might have inducted into the minds of many a Australians also who like England take Ashes as a Prestigious series of close rivalry from the Day the series began a long time ago. All the efforts of Australians on the final day even if weather permits playing is likely to end in disappointment,frustration and Agony to a great Team that literally ruled the game of Glorious Uncertainty for more than a decade. Sreedharan Mundanat 25th August2013 08-35Hrs(IST)

Brainteasers again- Deciding Ashes Test in dilemma

The final test match in the Ashes series ,which is also a deciding Test for both England& Australia,is becoming Yet another prolonged Grey day is on the card as the rain has delayed the 4th day of the match. The synopsis of the first 3 days could be some what as under: Australia won the Toss on the first day& wisely elected to bat as it is crucial for them to win by hook or nook to level the series and for England to win the series. England is ,however,at an added advantage of winning the series just by managing a tame draw. On the first& second days Australia managed to score 492 runs for the loss of 9 wickets & declared to get a few Overs to bowl.They bowled but without any expected success on the second Day. Shane Watson & SPD Smith managed to get 176k& 138 runs respectively to put the Australians in a favorable position after,in fact,rescuing the side from a possible slide to doom. England continued on the third day fairly well playing as though they were playing under a Democle's Sword. Anxiety prevailed throughout the third day for both the Teams with fortune fluctuating between them. At stumps on the third day England had a healthy score of 247 for the loss of 4 wickets from 116 overs .the run rate did not,however,lok so healthy .It was just 2.12 runs per over. On the 4th Day today Australians might have arrived at the Stadium with the hope of folding up the first innings Of England. But Alas! to their dismay a grey day welcomed them with the threat of delayed start. The threat is still prevailing over them even when the Lunch on the 4th day is approaching towards them as if the Lunch ,instead of giving them more comfort& satisfaction ,is continuing the threat. So the progress of the match today only time could tell. It,however,appears that whenever England is under pressure the RainGod comes to their rescue! Sreedharan Mundanat 24th August 2013 17-06 hrs(IST)

Friday, August 23, 2013

A silly joke from a cricketer

A report in the Times of India leads to the statement supposed to have been made by a prominent Bowler in Asia He is none other than Syed Ajmal of Pakistan.The best joke of 2013 from Syed Ajmal was that veteran Sachin Tendulkar of India had to announce his retiremen from One day cricket because he was dismissed by Ajmal in amatch at a stadium in Bangladesh during the Asia cup held there in the year 2012.As an insult to injury thesremarks he is understood to have been made in an Interview to the leading& famous Wisden India.But at the same time in this match Sachin had made 52 runs from 49 balls when he lost his wicket! Although he might have made this observation as a matter of a joke reserved to himself in his mind,the impact of this in the Mecca of Cricket Bombay is certain to form a big controversy in the coming Days. Syed Ajmal would not have made this remark against an Indian Cricketer had he not forgotten the fate of Pakistanin the Recent Champions Trophy when they had to return empty handed even without a single win in the tournament. Obviously& most strikingly Syed Ajmal was a prominent member in the Pakistan Team. Of course Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ,who had made every record possible to make him a living Legend of India to make her a proud Nation,was not playing in the Champions Trophy!But where was the self announced talent of the uncrowned king of Spin Ajmalwas hiding during Champions Trophy? One could allow to leave such remarks to be heard with one Ear& passed out through the other.Had such a joke was made by veteran Abdul Khadir,Saqlain Mushtaq or even SahidAfridy one could have relished it to some extent. But such a remark from a cricketer, obviously not matured enough to play Cricket,is something needing to be considered as Silly&ignored as such. Syed Ajmal ,from the point of view of his own bright future,should avoid such jokes in future. Had he been at least a part of the 2011 World Cup of 50 over format,He would not have made such a remark. He should also remember that he belongs to a Team in which Imran khan,Wasim Akram& Waqar Younis were members in the past.Everyone of them maintained high value for the talent of Sachin& loved as such just like a closeColleague. Also good to remember, in the best interest of his own carrier that when syed Ajmal was a kid Sachin had made many Centuries & that Sachin still holds the record for highest number of Runs & Centuries in the Word of Cricket. Cricket is a Glorious Game of Uncertainty. It is not fair trying to slaughter cricket by making this kind of remarks by any cricketer. In fact,Syed Ajmal in his own interest should remember that his remarks amounts to nothing but Unbecoming of a cricketer with Sportsman Spirit. SreedharanMundanat 24th August2013 05-32Hrs(IST)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Madhuram Malayalam

Malayalam is a sweet Language ,of the South Indian Languages,which do have a rhythm also peculiar to it alone.What I mean to say,or rather like to illustrate is that if one writes the word "MALAYALAM" it could be read & spelt the same in both horizontal and backwards Recently there was a hue& cry over insisting Malayalam as a prime language in it's use as official language of the state.There is nothing appears to be wrong in insisting that working staff should have a fair knowledge of Malayalam/This is especially so while one works in Kerala because in theier day to day discharge of duties they will have to deal with General Public.One can not expect every needy person approaching you for some purpose should be proficient in English or the National language Hindi. In many other states,mostly are using their regional language as official language why this speciality is to be given to the sweet Malayalam alone? Apart from this,in many Nations they use their national language as official language The typical examples are Russia,France&Germany.But at the same time no harm done if English is used as a medium of convenience since English is a widespread language all over the World. Besides the fact remains that the Constitution of India based on which India depends for all purposes was written in English .The courts including the Apex Court ,it appears, is using English for referring to Constitution for many purposes. So while it is a healthy way to use the regional language Malayalam as an Official language ,there is no need to totally avoid English Language.If we do so ,of course , Malayalam people could survive but how much inconvenience we will have to incur in these modern world where one can not work without aid from IT&Computer? This is a matter needing a lot of thought before making much ado about a trivial matter. Now let us discuss how the Name KERALA came into existence & how far we know in detail about the basis on which the name was derived. "KERA" broadly refers to coconut tree.The name Kearalam or abridged Kerala came after this tree dearly known as "KALPAKA" tree.This means this tree is the one which provides everything necessary in life for a Keralite.Anyone who has any doubt about this statement should consult a farmer who maintains Coconut trees The most anxious&sad matter about coconut tree is that the present generation and obviously consequent on this the future generation is becoming ignorant abouts the benefits the Keralites enjoted & now deprived off are the peculiar qualities of it. It is a fact every part of a coconut tree is useful to us.To illustate,the coconut is used all over the world as Chatney like Sambar along with Masala Dosas. Cocunut is an absolute ingredient to prepare mant dishes in the kitchen. The trunk of coconut tree can be used as wood even for building houses.In the olden days they were used by Kerala people for building houses.Even today in hilly area and villages the coconut leaf is being used to build roof to get protected from rains. The same coconut leaf is the most favourite food of Elephants. The flower of the coconut tree which is lengthy is being (Pookkula)used in many a religious functions as auspicious presence& also for decorating purposes. The shell(Chiratta) of coconut is very good to produce heat when burnt.To make it clearershells are being used as fuel in iron boxes otherthan Electrical irons. The upper portion of the shell(Chakiri)is being used for making fire to cook food in villages.Any other part when dried in sumn could be used for fuel to cook food. In fact this is the only tree of which every part of it is useful& beneficial to human beings. The most beneficial part of the coconut which is also the craze of the World is the TENDERE COCONUT tye price of which is generally more than coconut proper. Tender coconut is an unavoidable ingredient for patients recovering in Hospital beds. It is really a pity that the present kids in Kerala do not know,or rather are not being taught about Coconuts&Coconut tree. Why kids many of the College going students too do not know about the facts of this Mother tree of Kerala. In the Best interest of everyone the Malayalam Language&about Coconut tree should be taught by parents to their kids if not taught in their school SreedharanMundanat 22ndAugust2013 20-20 hrs(IST)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Turmoil in Kerala Politics

Of late there were clear indications to show as though the Kerala Politics has tendency to move towards turmoil Instead of looking into the needs& welfare of the public. Political Parties seem to be interested just in assuming Power inspire of anything else including the Welfare of People. Many a Political parties are in the field now instead of a couple in the olden days vizthe UDF& LDF. The reasonable arguments & oral fights are generally allowed in Politics in the form of STATEMENTS between & among One & many. Getting shocked over hearing the Statements & otherwise when some one dies or some kind of calamity takes place, it is a common practice among Politicians Ruling as well as in Opposition to say "Shocked" to convince General Public.There were instances when Political Leaders getting shocked over the death of persons whom they never knew or met.This Practice is just with a view to ensuring Support from Public & their rights to Vote. The Politicians call it with a Pet word " VOTE BANK". Their Aim is always this Bank.There are instances reported from time to time making allegations many a representatives in the Parliament & State Assemblies never visited their constituencies during their regime of stipulated 5 years ensured under the Provisions of different Articles under the Constitution of India. But ,of course,there does not appear to have any provision anywhere in the Constitution of India that a People's representative should visit a constituency from where they were elected . However,it is Proclaimed "OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE& FOR THE PEOPLE" as the basic element in framing the constitution of India. But we seldom find people who believe in this basic principle especially among Politicians. So beware of such people when they approach you with the request to elect them. It has also become an act of habit like visiting a Temple,Church or Mosque to preach peace,security for Food , Shelter & freedom to to travel but the rulers whoever in Power never bother to implement these principle or rather Motives are implemented in practice to benefit the People who are supposed to be the the Most Powerful Element in Democracy. But unfortunately this Element is never being protected & instead, in fact ,being slaughtered in Politics. Perhaps,this might be the reasons behind the Vision of Winston Churchil which was expressed by him when Power Was to be handed over to India on getting Independence.He said conveying almost like this to put them in mild Words " Don't hand over power to Indians .If you do so,one day they would fight among themselves to get Power& destroy This Holy& Beautiful Nation" Our Political Leaders seem to be putting into practice in toto what said by Sir Winston Churchil. The communal fights,Murders,Scams,theft& cruel exploitation of Women being seen in Kerala today prompted me yto Write this Blog knowing well that this kind of expressing Profound Sorrow has no effect on any of the evil happenings taking place on a Day to Day basis Despite all these relating to Kerala,there are some Consoling& Welcme news also from Kerala.KERALA resembling KARELA in Spelling & habits of bitter & Sweet happenings is never short of good news also. One such good news is about a BSNL employee attempting to find a place in the Limca book of Records. Mr.K.Goplalakrishnan from Kodungallor is likely to break the existing record of producing the longest Ladies Finger a vegetable prominent among all the Vegetables. The first record of producing big Lady finger belonged to a resident from Singapore when he had produced 13.3 inches Lady Finger to enter the Limca records.Later on this record was broken by a resident from Sarjah who belonged to Guruvayoor.his name is Sudheeshkumarband the length of the Lady Finger he produced was 16.5inches. Now,Shri Gopalakrishnan claims to have Produced Lady Finger measuring 22.5 inches & he is expecting to enter the Word Record of Limca shortly. All the Best to Mr.K.Gopalakrishnan from Kodungalloor. SreedharanMundanat 20th August2013 05-32 Hrs(IST)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

ACC Emerging Teams Cup at Mutual Venue SINGAPORE

The Cricket Match played at the mutual venue at Singapore between India& Pakistan under 23 teams was a higly Welcome trend . This match in which India won the match rather easily against the arch rivals proves a couple of facts about Indian Cricket. 1)india is now on the Path of tremendous improvement in the game of Cricket unlike olden days when uncertainty Had dominated. 2) India is now able to select Indian Teams without adopting any biased process when certain regions alone were able to find place in the National Teams. A typical example is the dominating way in which the Indian under23 performed in Singapore against PakistanIndiawas able to win convincingly. Of late many cricketers from South India also got opportunity to play & get themselves to recognized at National Level. In the match under discussion,2 players from Kerala ,a state which never had any reputation in Cricket in the past, Sandeep warrier& KL.Rahul dominated the game against Pakistan despite sending Pakistan to bat first. Singapore is ,perhaps,most ideal venue to stage cricket especially when the matches are played between arch rivals Like India& Paikistan,England& Australia& Australia& NewZealand,Srilanka also fits in when it comes to matched AAgainst India are concerned. ICC should also consider the matter of choosing Singapore for staging Cricket Singapore it is also Possible that a lot of Talents are existing Hidden. Singapore should be allowed to play in the World cup .Gradually with more & more opportunity to play in Internaational Cricket ,Singapore can try to get themselves involved in Test cricket also. Undoubtedly,Singapore should have players willing to play & talented genuinely. Exploring the Possibility of getting this kind of matches shown on Television if taken would be a highly Welcome move.Taking into account the enormous success in staging matches at Singapore the possibility of showing tthem on Television alsobshould be Explored to afford more chances to spread the game with Publicity SreedharanMundanat 18th August2013 21-03 Hrs( IST)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fools Paradise-At times the name for Politics

There are many a occasions when one could get surprised&wondering why the standard of Polititics is diminishing day by day. Of course ,I am referring to an incident in which the leaders of Politics even startedplaying Politics even without sparing the colours recognised by different Parties. This Blog is purely based on Media Reports which says in one state even the colour of Beacon Lights on Vehicles were a ordered to be changed because of allergy of one party to the recognised colour of another party. The sufferer &victim is red colour. The background of the story is like this: The Apex Court of India had recently siggested to all the State Governments to reduce drastically the list of VIPs who are authorised to use Beacon Lights on their vehicles. Accordingly,the %Transport Department recognised the Governor of States,the Chief Minister,the Ministers of the Council of Ministers,the Chairman of Legislative council,the Speaker of the Legislative Council,the Chief Justice,the sitting Judges of the Highcourts of Karnataka,were recognised as eligible to use Red Beacons on their official Vehicles. This notification comes under the provisions of the Rule108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1989.This rule provides for empowering the States to recognise and specify dignitaries&the Vehicles on which the Red Lights can be used. The Supreme Court made the remarks to do away with by curbing the increased use of Beacon Lights.According to the Affidavit furnished by the Department to the Apex Court,the leaders of Oppositionin Legislative Assembly& council,the Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Boards,theChief Secretary,the Karnataka Lokayuktha,Mayors of City Corporations,Chairmen of Boards&Corporations,Deputy Commissioners,Presidents of Zilla Parishads,and Top Police Officers are not Eligible to use them. The aforesaid Rule 108 of Act 1989,Blue Lights with or without Flash can be used by only Vehicles escorting high Dignitaries as specified. On the basis of the directive from the Apex court the Chief Minister of West Bengal who has allergy towards Redcolour who also sometimes is stated to assume rhe form "Devi" is planning to do away with Red colour light , insisting just for the Governor alone,&for all others who usually use red color should replace it Green colors. Similar incidents were there in the eatlier regime of Karnataka Chief Minister. The colours are innocent.Red,Blue,Geeen,Yellow& all colors of Rainbow are generally recognised by every Indian from time imemorial. The Red colour is more widely used to for traffic signals all over the world. Thank God thev Chief Minister of WB when she was the Minister of Raiways did not make use of her allergy to change the signals from red to green&Green to Blue. Let us await the final outcome of the issue SreedharanMundanat 17th August 2013 18-26Hrs(IST)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Of Course!.Yet another Gloroius title with resounding win for INDIA. This was the turn of India"A" over Australia"A". Cheteswar Poojara,the captain of India'A"stepped into the shoes of Indian Captain MahendraSingh Dhoni& continued with the Glory of winning 4 titles by Dhoni.Dhoni's achievement of the Indian Captain Dhoni was Unique& a World Record.He took India to the Zenith of Glory by winning World Cup 2011on 2nd April 2011 followed by the World Cup T-20 in the same year & later on the Champions Trophyin England&finally the Trination Cup in West Indies in which SriLanka&West Indies participated.This Trination victory on the final over of the FINAL Dhoni stunned every Cricket lover in the World by hitting 6,4&6.This was a victory managed by Dhoni alone .This,however,was also a cause of shock for the SriLankans who had began to celebrate. Now,this Glorious act of Cheteswar Poojara emerging with Flying Colours enabled India to hoist the Tricolour one day in advance at Pretoria in South Africa. The Dare Devils Dinesh &Dhavan who made 73&62 runs respecively to put on a respectable score of 243 on the board.The Bowlers also rose to the occasion in forcing win. Dinesh Karthik's 73 from 75 Balls was studded with 10 hit to the fence.Similarly, Dhavan's 62 from 65 Balls had 9 glorious hits to the fence. The Independence Day today has thus reasons to become more proudful in terms of SPORTS&GAMES also for the first time.Thus, this victory by India"A" is also a Unique feature this year &is not likely to repeat unless a final of a Game or a Sports event takes place on the eve of Independence Day again& INDIA wins. This also once again proves that Cricket is a Glorious Game of Uncertainty. It was so satisfying &proudful&additional attractive Day for us that we joined the Prime Minister respecting the Tricolour by saluting as usual,at 8-05Hrs(IST) Sreedharan Mundanat 15th August2013 9-45 Hrs(IST)

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ashes between England& Australia-a review

The Ashes series 2013 played in England won convincingly&in most unexpected way by England .Australia needing just 299 runs in almost one&a half day's left to play were in a very comfortable stage when David Warner&Captain Michael Clark were at the crease with Warner doninating with a compensation performance from him with an individual score of 71 runs with 10 fours&a Six to his credit. But Alas! then came the most severe blow from Bresnen well caught behind by Matt Prior Warner did not wait at the crease to know the decision of Umpire&left back to Pavilion.At this stage it was 168 for 3 wickets. This was the turning Point of the Ashes series in favour of England in 2013. This blow was so severe that Australia could not recover from it despite needing just a paltry 131 runs with 7 wickets&more than one days play left to get it. Obviously Australians were just a pitiable shadow of their past Glorious days unlike Ricky Ponting Days when the Australians used to dominate to force wins. The remaining part of the day'sgame turned out to become just a formality for England with the veterans&experts following the suit of Warner. Michael Clark,Shane Watson,SPD Smith&Brad Haddin returned to pavilion without least amount of resistance thus adding 13 runs.Something unbelievable.The score card read 181/7 when Haddin fell. Thereafter mit was a matter of Agony for the Australians to witness the slipping of Ashes Trophy from their grip.Thus this day the 12th of August2013 stood as a silent witness to the Debacle of the Australians ,the once upon a time dominating force in the history of International Cricket. The Australian 2nd Innings was terminated abruptly for 224 runs on the 4th day itself. This,perhaps,became the instance when for the first time the Australians could not overcome the resistance caused by the England Bowlers in Ashes Series. Thus ,the famous Urn world's smallest Trophies would be owned by England with just one Test left in this series. In this connection, kind attention of everyone is invited to my Earlier Blog Dt 14th 14th July 2013 on "The Ashes-Historical rivalry between Australia&England"in which I had stated about the equal terms in which both Nations stood in terms of winning series.With this win England is ahead at 32-31 in Ashes Series win. This is not in terms of matches or taking into account the retaining the series This is purely in terms of wins alone SreedharanMundanat 13th August 2013 08-16 Hrs(IST)

Wonders for Wanderers at Sea

Recently to be precis this Sunday(11th of August 2013)the people residing on the banks of Sea at Vizhinjam,Trivandrum are understood to have witnessed a foglike phenomenon . Though this generally do not last for long,during the duration of its existence neither the sea nor the Bank would be clearly visible for naked eyes.The waves in the sea happened to be stronger than the wind&the water particles spilled from the waves upwards rested in the aimosphere which produced an effect of Fog.But for the people residing near the banks mostly Fishermen this was enough to get emberassed.This phenomenon incidently coincided with the seige of Trivandrum by over lakhs of volunteers taking part in an agitation planned by the opposition to protest against the GTovernment of Keral by not allowibg anyone entering Secretariat through any of it's 4 gates. There are many a such Phenomenon over the sea. This Phenomenon has prompted me to attempt this Blog. The Atmosphere&ocean are two elements which control global climate.Being the part of same system,they continously transfer energy or Mass between them all the time. Similarly,the Heat a form of energy from the SUN travelling through the atmosphere reaches the Land as well as Ocean.Heat Energy this reaches Ocean surface as Radiation and is being absorbed by the seawater molecules.It is also radiated into the atmosphere directly or sometimes wind interacting with Ocean Surface might carry it a bit away Another wat by which Heat Energy goes back with the Atmosphere is through evaporation of water. Almost in the same way the Gas present in the Atmosphere & it's elements are transferred into the Upper Ocean Current to distribute Gas&heat around Planet. The waves at Sea are generated by Wind&this makes the waves to begin as ripples After this formation of Ripples the wind has an easier time building larger waves because it has a surface to push on. There are many many Phenomenons in &around the Sea of this sort So is it right to burden the Atmosphere more&more by bringing all of a sudden by bringing Lakhs of people to a city like Trivandrun near Sea overpopulated. All these people extra to the normal presence in the city ,is it possible to cope up with the extra energy&heat emitted &absorbed by the people owing to this kind of exodus for a purpose which could be avoided easily? In case any calamity calamity occurs in the vicinity of the City how it would be treated Natural or Manmade? Let us hope people would try to become themselves wiser& refrain from from such activities as far as possible. SreedharanMundanat 12th August,Monday 2013 19-20Hrs(IST)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The picture above is one seen at the Independence Day Flower show at the Glass house in the Lalbaugh,Bangalore on the inaugural day of the show.Megahand Floral display looked like anything according to the imagination of the visitors Some imagined the display as Kangaroo,others from snake,lizard,to Penguin as possible as the individual imagination permitted..But the display never looked like a Hand. The Megahand,in fact ,was to symbolise grouth&production& . It lookedc as if it was a novel way of entertaining the visitors without displaying any specific description or instruction from the Horticulture Department. Yhe Flower show which is progressing is obviously based on two concepts.Roof Garden&Vertical Garden.It is very useful for any city especially for a city like Bangalore starving for Space. Though at the moment it would appear as though more information about the flowers & their show is hardly available one could certainly expect more active,explanatory & elaborate displays during coming days of progressing of the Flowershow. Any how,Flowers,Seeds,Fruits& Vegetables are welcome to everyone We could hope for the success of the show during the course of time.Independence Day is still a week ahead from now.People in & around Bangalore should see that they do not miss the Flower Show. (Courtsey: the Hindu) SreedharanMundanat 8th August 2013 t

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Lord of Malayalam Movie Music-A Tribute

"Kanaka Simhasanathil Kayariyirippavan"&"Kattile Pazhmulam Kombil Ninnum".These two beautiful Songs mixed with a touch of Scientific Karnataka Music made Shri.Dakshina murthy immortal in the hearts of Music Lovers. In fact the first film for which music score was undertaken by Shri.Dakshinamurthy was a movie called "Nallathanka"(1950) in which the greatest Mousic Director of Mzalayalam movies made a kind of immitation music from other Languages as it was the tradition in those days .This was insisted by the Producer of the film Shri.Kunjakko. On finding the music score, inspite of being immitation,an excellent one ShriKunjakko made him famous made him famous by allowing him to undertake music direction of many films produced i produced in Malayalam.Shri Kujakko also made him the "Swamy" of Malayalam film music. Later on everyone in the Industry confirmed this trade mark name "Swamy" and Shri Dakshinamurthy was popularly called by this name.In "Nallathanka" the most famous song was Manoharamee Rajyam".All other songs in the film were all borrowed vtunes. The Lyrics were scored by Sri Abhayadev. The singers in the film were P.Leela,Vaikkom Mani&Augustine Joseph. Augustine Joseph is the father of GanaGandharvan Yesudas. It is quite a striking coincidence that Shri Vijay Yesudas son of Yesudas also sang under the Music Direction of the great Guru(Swamy) in 1987 for a famous film "Idanazhiyil Oru Kalocha" Thus shri Dakshinamurthy achieved the rarest Boon to boost the talents of three Generations. Yesudas later on rendered his Golden Voice for many of Swamy's music andn for many more Music Directors. The songs mentioned at the beginning of this Blog was in fact rendered by Yesudas individually &as a co-singer as well. The scientific score of music was more appropriately reflected in a song "Manohari nin Manordhathil..........Manivarnanaro" in the Film 'Lottery Ticket' is one of my most favourite songs.In fact this song was/is the favourite song of many a romantic lovers. "Hridaya sarassile Pranaya Pushpame","Swapnangal Swapnangale ningal Swarga Kumari kalallo","Uthara Swayam varam Kathakali Kaanuvan Uthrada Raathriyil Poyirunnu " are s few of the Gems of Music to quote. If I try to attempt quoting all his beautiful songs,I would need 2 or more fullscape sheets to note them. Swamy was born in Alappuzha on the 22nd of December 1919 to shriVenkateswara Iyer and Parvathy Ammal. In fact it was Parvathy Ammal who taught the basic lessons of Music toShri Dakshina Murthy. Swamy had a role in a film also which I do not remember readily.But I shall try to get it &include in a comment under this Blog. The Funeral of Shri.Dakshinamurthy is to take place at Chennai(where he passed away) at 3-oo PM today(Saturday the 3rd August 2013) He had scored music for over 800 songs in more than 120 Films spread over a period of 60 years. MAY THE SOUL OF SHRI.DAKSHINAMURTHY REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. SreedharanMundanat 3rd August2013 10-20 Hrs(IST)