Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mahabharath -A mythological 21st Century Cocktail- Fusion,

The legend goes that an Emperor ofDelhi Adil shash wanted to settle the conflict going on between him and Krishnadevaraya invited the king to Delhi.The king Who wished to avoid bloodshed headed to Delhi with his team of poets,Dancers and Scholars.during Discussion with the Emperor the poets described the Mahabharatha to the Emperor. The Emperor who was delighted asked Krishnadevaraya to rewrite theMahabharath portraying him and his friends as Pandavas and the rivals as Kauravas The king Krishnadevaraya got worried how to meet the demand of The emperor. Thenali Rama said he would rewrite the Mahabharath in a weeks time and sought permission to meet the Emperor before doing that.When he met the Emperor he said his poets were making new Mahabharath but got stuck at one stage.the Emperor asked him to elaborate the issue..Thenali Raman said that the Dharmaraja of Mahabharath had 4 brothers with whom he shared his wife Draupathi and sought from the Emperor the names of the Persons with whom he wished to share his wife.A shocked Sultan could not even imagine his begum sharing with four others and told Thenali Rama to stop rewriting forthwith. The present day Bharath too has resemblance with the Mahabharath Epic.The Mahabharath is relevant at all times as a cocktail-Fusion of 21st Century. Please read further to get convinced about the similarity: 1)Duryodhan and Rahul Gandhi:Both without talent but yet wanted to be the Ruler of principle by Birthright. 2)Bhishma and Advani:Never got Crowned.But both yet got respect and became helpless at the fagend of life( Sarasayya) 3)Arjun and Narendra:Both talented.Reached the highest position due to Destiny. 4) Karna and Manmohan : Both highly talented .But did not reach anywhere for reasons known to them alone. 5) Abhimanyu and Kejriwal: Both new in war.They did not pass the Chakravyuh that enemies had spread and got trapped somewhere or other. 6)Shaguni and Digvijay Singh:Both wanted their masters to be Happy irrespective of Talent. 7) Dridhrashtra and Sonia: Both were Blind for the love for their sons. 8) and the last, KRISHNA and ABDUL KALAM: we celebrate both earnestly.But do not follow any of their sacred Words they preached and take those divine words as a matter of routine and not as principles. JAI HIND Sreedharan Mundanat 9th of Sepember,2015


  1. Thanks a lot.The present situation in India also is not much different from Mahabharat epic.there exists every where hate, intrigue,Envy,animosity and fighting among political parties besides autocratic nature of Government in some states like UP and Kerala,.