Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weaver Birds of

The weaver Birds found in Kerala&South Asia are seasonal Birds.Most of the weaver birds of Kerala are found during Paddy Cultivation season through the Harvest..They come over near the paaddy fields well before the season begin. Their main food are related to paddy&also small insects those are detrimental to the grouth of Paddy.The weaver Birds ,thus indirectly helps the farmers to look after their crops &maintaining their proper grouth. In the Pokkalifield of 150 bacres in Ezhupunna Panchayat ,the weaver birds were a common sight 25 years ago. Later on cultivation came to a standstill with the result that for the last 25 years the Birds were not turning up to the fields. Now recently again cultivation of paddy fields started.The birds started coming back in groups. They weave their nests artistically on the trees adjoining to the fields. But they select one side of the field exclusively because there is vehicular traffic on the other side. It looks the birds are intelligent to avoid noise pollution. 25 years back school children used to come &enjoy the swinging nests of the birds with small eggs in it.After a gap of 25 years the school children again started to come back to the Pokkali Fields. Traditionally,the fields were used to cultivate turn by turn the Paddy&the other half year for Fish&shrimp culture Unless it is again decided to terminate cultivation mainly due to laziness to work,the hard working Weaver birds would continue to come &entertain the people&children of Pokkali SreedharanMundanat \ 23rd Sept 2013 09-58 Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HERCULES-Giant 10 feet Liger

Iam just a messenger of Good&interesting news to bring it out to the notice of friends A Herculian Cat of 10 nfeet large Liger ,hybrid of a Tigeress&Lion,has been named the World's biggest Cat by Guinness World Records. The Liger most appropriately named as Hercules weighs 418 KGs and lives at Myrtle Beach Safari Wild life preserve in South Carolina,USA. Ligers are known as famous for being bigger than their parents.The ten feet size itself was enough for the liger to enter the World record. The Guinness world Record Authorities were of the opinion that though they had not measured the size of a liger before,the present measurement they saw was enough to enter the Liger into world records. The true size of the cat is 131 inches is kept as an endangered&rare species. The Feline appears in the Guiness book of records 2014 as "The World's Largest Feline weighing at 922 Lbs or 418 Kgs&measuring 131 inches long 749 inches tall at his shoulders. Ligers are not found in the wild&they can achieve double the size of their parents and weigh 100 times more than an ordinary healthy pet cat. SreedharanMundanat 18th September 2013 07-18 Hrs(IST)

Friday, September 13, 2013

The SIDDHIVINAYAK& Ganeshavigrahas of Mumbai

In continuation of the Blog dt7th Sept2013&8th Sept2013 regarding Ganesha Utsav, the most famous Siddhivinayak& and the various Great Ganeshas are brought to you in the form of Images. While all along the Siddhiviayaka at Dadar-Worli is the most famous the richest Ganapahy of this year is Matunga the Bhandarkarcha Raja is the costliest Ganapathy the cost of which is Rs 234CRORES(Two Hundred Thirty Four Crores). The Lalbaugh Rajah &other Glorious Ganapathys are in line with Bhandarkarcha Rajah. The height of Bhandarkarcha Rajah is 16 feet&33 inches.The Crown is worth 23 KFG of Gold.The throne is worth 12 KG of Gold. The two peacocks,seven Snakes,the weapons in the four hands are woth big fortune. The Vehicle of Lord Ganesha,the Mooshika(Mouse)is made of 120 Kgs of Silver. From this &the earlier Blogs one could make out how much people of Maharashtra particularly Bombay City(Mumbai ) worship Lord Ganesha&how Ganeshotsav became the biggest festival of MUMBAI. No wonder why Lord Shiva declared His son Ganesha as the superior God besides&barringVishnu,Lakshmi,Shiva&Parvathy The Vighneswara should be always remembered for the happy ending of any event or venture SreedharanMundanat 14th Sept 2013 07-45 Hrs(IST)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Atham Path Onam-Ten Days Festival of Flavours&Flowers from Keralala

There are Six Indian seasons called Ritus. They are Vasantha(Spring),Grishma(Summer),Varsha(Monsoon),Sharad(Autumn),Hemant(prewinter)&Shishir(Winter). Out of this the best esason is considered to be Autumn between August23&October23. The Onam of Kerala which is being celebrated over 10 Days falls in this season Autumn Which starts with the Shravan Month otherwise known to be the Holiest month&is broadly known as Sivapooja Month.
The month of Shravan is very pleasant month in which the Ten Days of Onam with different kinds of Flavours of Keral are being enjoyed by people.These 10 Days are also well known for decoration of the front of every house in Kerala The speciality of the Autumn is the clear nature with crystal clear Blue sky,trees&plants full of Flowers. In Kerala generallyduring the ten days of Onamit is the work entrusted to children of every house to collect flowers from thye sorroundings &nearby areas in containers made of Cocunut leaves.The children roam in the villages to collect different flowers of different colours available in plenty all over the villages.These muticoloured flowers are being used to decorate front of every home in what is called Pookkalams.Whereever, there are no children the elders also do the job themselves finding time to do so.Thus the system of decorating homes with beautiful Pookkalams is never violated. This season of Onam Festival falls immediately after the months of Heavy rains,floods&a time when when food items are in scarce The Onam season in other words starts with the end of a difficult season in all respects. The Farmers become happier with the availability of plenty of grains&bananas during the Onam festival season. In every home big feasts are arranged during the Ten Days of Onam.Variety of Kerala special dishes using variety of fresh vegetables &pure fresh rice .It is a season to welcome the great king Mahabali who ruled Kerala according to the will&pleasure of the people.Every one liked the King who was kindhearted to the people Thus the Onam celebrations is dedicated to the great King Mahabali who ruled Kerala long ago. The Vamana yet another avathanr of Vishnu had sent Mahabali with his feet to Pathala(Dark Caves underneath the Earth).However, the King who was very fond of his People ,was granted permission to visit his people every year during the Onam festival season.In fact,the period of the visit of the King was termed as Onam Season The people of Kerala worshipped the King so much that a famous poet of the era wrote the under mentioned Poem "Maveli Naadu Vannedum Kalam Manusharellarumonnu pole".This means"When King Mahabali was ruling Kerala the people were happy &had equal status in every matters " There is one &only one Mahakshethra (Great Temple) for Vamana in Kerala at a place called "Thrikkakkara"in the Ernakulam District.There are many more great Temples in Kerala which are mainlyGuruvayoor Temple,Vadakkum Nathan Temple in Thrissur,Poornathhreyasi Temple at Tripunithura&Shri Pdmnabha Temple at Trivandrum. During &just before the Onam season,the paddy harvest would be over to collect the yields every year.Thus every home would be plenty with pure rice.The vegetablesof all kinds &varieties are also available afresh from the Plants during the Onam season. Thus the farmers not only are plenty with vegetables but get good price for their products which would make them much more happier. The Onam season is a good time for animals also as they get fodder afresh from the remainings of the plants&paddy. This is how the Onam season is blessed with all sorts of completeness in regard to food. The following are the major vegetables that are being produced in Kerala since a long time.But with the invasiion of Concrete builders&buildings all over Kerala there is a reduced production prevailing in the State of Kerala today The change in enviroment&climate also partially contribute towards the reduction of vegetable Products. The major vegetable production since a long time are indicated below: 1)Potato2)Onion,3)Lady's Finger,4)Brinjal,5)Bitter Gourd,6)Drumstick(the leaves of this tree is also a nutrious vegetable)7)Tomato,8)Pumpkin9)Ash Gourd,10)Bottle Gourd,11)French Beans,12)Carrot,13)Raw Banana,14)Yam,15)Green Peas 16)Curry Leaves&17)Corriander Leaves. Those who grow Vegetables,apart from having them in plenty get an opportunity to sell the which fetch good prices. The real Culture of Kerala is reflected all over more during the Onam season.This is the Best season to visit Kerala. As the rivers&Back waters are filled with plenty of water after the exit of monsoon,one cold get ample opportunity to enjoy Boatrides.At the same time one should be careful to take ride only under the supervision/Guidance of local people who know the Rivers&Backwaters intimately when you go on a ride on your own.Otherwise there are hidden chances of meeting with accidents.Unless one is an expert in swimming in deep water,it is advisable not to undertake such ventures.One should not forget to enjoy the natural food of Kerala while enjoying the picturesque scenerio all over Kerala.There are plenty of natural beaches to visit in Kerala spreading from Trivandrum to Cannanore (Kannur) One should not miss the Cultural City of Kerala Thrissur & sorroundings.Thrissur is famous for the Vadakkumnathan Temple&the neighbouring Guruvayoor Temple. Thrissur is famous for the Temple festival Thrissur Pooram.To witness this one should visit T%hrissur between April& May months.So enjoy Kerala&Onam when you get an opportunity or try to find time for this enjoyment. This Blog is dedicated to Ms Valerie Anderson. This blog is also to remember children all over the world. SreedharanMundanat Thursday Sept 12th, 2013 17-35Hrs(IST)

The war cloud gradually disappears- Divine Spirits triumph over Evil.

It is a great relief for every Nation that the the cloud of war is gradually disappearing with the change of stern mind of USA to refrain from an immediate war .But they have their open conditions for this change to apply. The main condition is that Syria should surrender all the Chemical weapons they had acquires from elsewhere to the international community. The Russians along with China who were opposing the threat from America ,have agreed to discuss the matter with Syriya.the Russian minister of Foreign affairs has already assured in this regard.America who were ready to stage a war even without the approval from United Nations have shown a bit of Generosity towards the proposal made by the Russians.It appears that Syriya is in favour of the proposals from Russia Had this new development not took place on time, every Nation in the world would have suffered beyond Explanation not only from Financial crisis but in regard to crisis of food,HealthHazard,Education& shelter. Every Nation including America knows very well that a war could bring out Nothing but Misery& loss of life and Property & not gain of any kind.But at the same time they can not afford to the loss of Prestige & theirSupremacy. The China was the only nation which could ,perhaps ,gain something out of a war.They have already gained a lot and made their economy more than stable with their co-operation with USA in the field of trade of their products. Now joinining hands with Russia again they could still further strengthen their financial Status.For India on the other hand,it is a big relief as signs of gaining on economy is rapidly coming into view now paeticularly the Rupee is gradually recoverinf from the damages already happened/ The ultimate aim of China all along was to compete with USA,build their economy & gradually gain supremacy over USA.THe Americans knows this very clearly & are on the guard against China. With the latest developments the long plan of China in all probability is likely to get backfired.Perhaps,one can not say categorically but looks like a big disappointment for them.China is one Nation which can not get themselves convinced with failures.China did not spare even a small state Kerala .Their products were all over Kerala being sold freely sometimes with Change of Government has produced the effect of a little bit of slowness.This is being observed explicitly the selling of their products. Apart from the interference from Russia ,there is another vital factor which averted an immediate war. The Interference from the Pope.The Great Pope boldly requested through Prayer to the USA to refrain from a war against Syria.the Pope requested through Prayer to every catholic nations to to spare the people of Syriya.ThePope had proved beyond doubt that the Prayer has the biggest strength than the different disastrous weapons.The Pope has proved that Prayer,Generosity& kindness to Humanity alone can prevent disaster as they are better weapons than those used in war.Yet another theme of Robert Ludlum's fiction "Cassandra Compact" is avoided for the present. The Devine qualities always triumph over Evil methods.This is the Message Pope has put forward now to Humanity
SreedharanMundanat 11th September 18-37Hrs(IST)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Greatness of Lord Ganesha

The greatness of Lord Ganesha is depicted in the Diagram shown above. The main factor that comes into the mind of everyone as soon as one thinks about Ganapathy Pappa is his power to remove obstacles from your way of life.This is how Lord Ganesha is popularly known as Vighneswara. For everything before you start ,it is general habit of Hindus to please Lord Ganesha to become free from all the obstacle that might come on the way. Even before one starts a long journey it is general practice to pray Lord Ganesha. One can find the presence of Ganapathy in every place of worship of Hindus. There are no Temples without a prominent place for Ganapathy. If you visit any Temple &pray you prayer would be fulfilled only if you pray in front of Ganapathy also. Unlike all other Gods,when one prays Ganapathy .,there is a usual habit of lowering one's head.This process is called "Thopikkaram".Just cross your both legscatch your right earwith left hand&vice versa&lower your head as many times you feel doing so. Then only your prayer to Lord Ganesha is complete. In all Temples the position in which Lord Ganesha sits is on the right side of the Main Diety. Thus Ganapathy Pappa is respected&loved by every Hindu. If you want to know&experience more better pay a visit to Bombay during the 10 days of Ganapathy Festival from the day of Ganesh Chaturthy.For that matter any city like Pune,Nasik,Nagpur or any other major city could also provide ample opportunity to know aboutGanesha&his devine adventures. T%he Lord Ganesha is a Thought Inspiring Diety! SreedharanMundanat 11-59 Hrs(IST) on the 9th Sept2013


NASA joins Instagram

NASA has finally joined the Instagram.Their joining had attracted many a followers instantly. As a debut the US Space Agency posted two beautiful pictures of the Moon&the Rising of Earth in the moon. We have seen Sun&Moon rising over Earth,Bit not yet the risinf of Earth in the Moon. NASA has also extended a promise of more pictures of stunning nature shortly in future. NASA also said that they were looking for expanding Social Media Portfolio to include tools that would tell stories of their Explorations &Discovery.They also said the INSTAGRAM has a passionate following of users who are hungry for new and exciting photos&NASA believed that they had some of the most engaging images on&off Planets and they hope to engage with Instagrammers. Aeronautics,Astrophysics,Earth Science,Human Spaceflight and more the NASA Account would provide a Comprehensive view of the Space Agency by sharing new and Historic images&Videos. Let us hope NASA would keep up their promise with a view to entertaining us more &more SreedharanMJundanat Sunday September8th,2013 19-29Hrs(IST)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The Ganesha Utsav is being celebrated all over India&abroad. In India the most prominent place for the celebration is Bombay(MUMBAI) The other prominent cities are Hyderabad,Bangalore&Chennai. The Ganesha Utsav is being celebrated in Kerala also in places like Trivandrum,Kochi,Thrissur,Guruvayur and all over the other important Towns of Kerala&the nearby Cities like Mangalore&Coimbatore The fastival starts on the day of the birthday of Lord Ganesha which falls on the fourth day of the waxing moon and is known as Vinayaka Chathurthy. This year the birthday of the Lord Ganesha falls on 9th September. Usually the GTanesh Chaturthy falls between 19th August&20th September. The Legend goes on as : It is believed that Lord Ganesha bestows His presence on earthfor all the devotees during the fastival for ten days from Ganesh Chaturthy. It is the day Lord Shiva declared his son Ganeshaas superior to all Gods barring,Lord Vishnu,Lakshmi,Shiva&Parvathi Ganesha is widely worshipped as the God of Wisdom,Prosperity&good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture including New business.Even at the start of a travel Ganesha is being worshipped as a good omen. The fastival ends on Anant Chaturdashi ie the 14th day of Waxing Moon period.The immersion of idols in the sea is an important event in Mumbai for which Holidays are being declared by the Government of Maharashtra. The Lalbaugh,Matunga&Dadar Ganeshas are very famous in Mumbai &is being visited by people from different nplaces im Mumbai.This period of festival is being considered as a period of total Unity in Mumbai. This year the cost of Ganesha Idol from Home made to High Tech varies exhorbitantly ,it is said. While being celebrated all over India,the countries abroad do not fall behind. Outside India Ganesha Utsav is being celebrated in Hindus in the United State of America,Canada,Britain,Mauritius,Singapore,Malayesia,Thailand,Cambodia,Burma,Fiji,Trinidad,Tobago,Guyana&Srilanka. Let us hope Lord Ganesha bestows His Blessings on everyone of us who believe in his devine Powers. SreedharanMundanat 7th September,2013 @0-00Hrs(IST)