Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Environment and Climate change.

The environment is a very important factor relating to the life on Earth both for Humanity and Animals. Environment generally in a lay man's eyes relate to Mountains,Forests,rivers,water and all living beings on earth. The living beings and environment are related because many wrong deeds by Humanity leads to destroy all of Environment .Consequently the benefits derived from the nature ,if not protected it can lead to disaster. Water is the most essential factor for life besides air,light and indirectly food for maintaining the life. Water is a Treasure..Water represents 70 percent of Earth's surface.and is covered by Oceans,Seas,lakes,Rivers,and Streams.When sunlight enters into the Earth's surface it heats water and plants creating vaporisation of water molecules and transpiration of Plants.The water vapour in the atmosphere gets cold and changes in to liquid forming clouds through condensation.After a level reaches ,more accumulation becomes impossible.Then water falls into the Earth's surface in the form of Rain,snow,or hail.Part of the water infiltrates into the ground and remains in what is called Water table,the remaining rain water lows into nature's reservoir s vizOceans,sea,Rivers,Lakes,Streams etc.This process continues over and over and this constitutes what is called Water Cycle. From the above it is clear how important the natural resources are and any damages caused to them are basically the causes for climate changes. So to prevent Climate changes adversely affecting humanity it is absolutely required to protect our environment consisting of natural resources. In order to protect the Natural resources ,the following measures are necessary.This is a broad view depending up on different scientific measures that could be taken according to the requirement of the location which might be slightly different from place to place. 1) Preventing pollution to the warter resources: The practise of throwing Domestic and other wastes to the rivers,streams and all sorts of water resources should be discontinues. 2) Destroyal of Mountains by employing by extracting Rocks and Sand and Minerals should be totally stopped. 3)destroying precious forests by felling trees and plants which also involves disturbing and killing of birds,animals and Precious Medicinal plants should be stopped forthwith. 4) Waste Management and Pollution control should be insisted depending upon the quantum of such measures required in different areas and locations as per the existing conditions of such places. Besides,some Gases in the Earth's Atmosphere act a bit like the glass in a green house trapping the sun's heat and stopping it from leaking back to space. Many of these gases occur naturally,but Human activity is increasing the concentrations of some of them in the atmosphere,particularly in respect of a)Carbon Dioxide(CO2) b)Methane c) Nitros Oxide,&I'd)fluoridated Gases. CO2 is the green house gas most commonly produced by Human activities[inhaling Oxegen & Exlaling Carbon Dioxide],responsible for over 60 percent of man made Global warming.It's concentration in the Atmosphere is currently 40%higher than it was when Industialisation began. Other Green House Gases are emitted in smaller quantities,but they trap heat far more effectively than CO2, and in some cases are thousand times stronger.Methane is responsible for more than 17 % of man made Global Warming and Nitros Oxide for 6 percent. The reasons for the rise in Emissions: 1)Burning Coal,oil and Gas produces Carbon Dioxide and Nitros Oxide. 2) Cutting down Forests( Deforestation):Trees help to regulate the climate by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.So when they are cut down,this beneficial effect is lost and the carbon stored in the trees is released into the Atmosphere adding to the Greenhouse effect. 3)Increasing Livestock Farming:Cows and Sheep produce large amounts of Methane when they digest their Food. 4)Fertilisers containing Nitrogen:this produce Nitros Oxide Emissions. 5)Fluorinated Gases:This produce a very strong warming effect,upto 23,000 times greater than CO2.However,thankfully these are released in smaller quantities.some countries have regulations to control this where more of such emissions are noticed. Effective control by every Nation of the above Emission effects could produce lesser harmful effects on Global Warming. There are some effective measures the common man also take to prevent Climate change: They are: 1) Plant as far as possible drought- Resistant trees and Shrubs around one's home and outdoor air conditioning Units. 2)Replace your current Home appliances( Refrigerators,Washing Machines,Dishwasher) with High efficiency Models 3)Buy Food and other Products with reusable or recyclable packaging instead of those in non- recyclable packaging. 4)use fluorescent Bulbs instead of ordinary ones. 5)instal Solar Heated System to make hot water. 6)Recycle one's Home waste news print,Card board,Glass and Metal. 7)insulate one's Home,clean your Airconditioning Filters and install energy efficient shower heads. 8)As far as possible discontinue use of Cars,Motor bikes and such vehicles with usage of Petrol or Diesel or reduce their use as far as possible by resorting to using BycYcles or by Walking 9) Avoid use of Plastic totally. 10) Avoid waste in the Usage of food and food articles by resorting to using quantities only to required measures.Even if one runs short of quantity of food occasionally it would not matter and instead would enable the digestion system to get some kind of rest once in a while.This is the basic reason some people resort to live without food once in a week( UPAVAAS).From time immortal ,there is a practise among Hindu Homes to observe Ekadasi day( Fast day) There is a belief among some people in India that by doing Yoga every day , one could contribute towards prevention of Climate Changes. This seems to be absolutely baseless as is clear from the factors mentioned above. It is one hundred percent right that Yoga helps the Body conditions and Body climate of individuals.By doing Yoga every day along with Pranayama( Salutations to the sun) one could control the mind to make it free from Hatred,Intrigue,Anger,abusing and criticising others and in finding fault with the work done by others.This is total control of mind and gives a lot of Peace of mind.Yoga can never go together with Hatered,Intrigue,abusing and Anger. The very intention of Yoga is to get oneself free from these kind of Emotions and acquire perfect peace of Mind. If we think that Yoga can prevent Climate Change it is like one famous yogi in India Says with his tummy churning Yogic postures that Yoga is a cure for cancer and Homosexuality.This can never be true because it has not been proved Scientifically that Love and Sex of any kind is a Disease. Sreedharan Mundanat 23rd September 2015

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