Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Just one record Sachin the greatest cricketer of India could not make&is not likely to make ,the Best&the super first recors among Indian Cricketers has been made by M.S.Dhoni,the Indian Skipper today at Phiros shah Kotla Stadium,Deli. Yes! I am referring to the first ever Whitewash in a Test series belongs to Mahendra Singh Dhoni when the event staged at the Stadium today. No other Indian Captain could claim this Unique crown until today in the History of Indian Cricket. He is also the winning Captain of One day Cricket World Cup&the T-20Cricket World Cup. M.S.Dhoni has many outstanding features to his credit.He is the most successful Captain of India. In the history of overseas victories Dhoni stands first.As a Keeper with Gloves behingd the wickets his records are exemplary. He is a dominating Batsman&a dominating Captain. Indian Team in the Last World cup shown the dominating captaincy of Dhoni. Indian Team has never before dominated as much as it did under the captaincy of Dhoni He has opted to play from number 3 batting position to number 7 position dominating every position equally. His national Spirit while playing for India has no comparison. Players like Sachin &yuvraaj Singh had praised his ability to take decisions which have in most of the occasions found winning ways for India The Best quality of Dhoni as a Batsman&a captain is his frame of mind to overcome the resistance caused by the opposition.When his team is in a bad situation, he plays with better enthusiasm to take the Team to success. In a matter of 7 years of play in Test cricket he had played 73 Tests scoring over 4100 runs at an average of 40&an amazing strike rate of 60, He had ,however ,won Player of the match award only twice both occasions against the Australians. He has scored 8 centuries&28 half centuriesapart from a double century. If one starts narrating the qualities of Dhoni,he would need at least 25 fullscape sheets of paper&enormous amount of time. So let me not go very deep into those aspects. Let us come back to the present Test match at Kotla on the third day. I have not enjoyed a better dominating Test match than this one today. Australians crumbled like cookies in all the departments of the game except bowling by Nathan Lyon&batting by Peter siddle. They were continuously on the backfoot even producing the impression that some other team other than the once upon a time dominating team of Australia under Border,Tailor,Steve Waugh or Ricky Ponting. The match winners WATSON&WARNER flopped in both the innings cutting most pitiable sorry figure of themselves. Johnson never appeared to be the same Mitchel Johnson who used to strike frequently with broad smiles on his face. In this Test it appears that the defeat of Australians are likely in a matter of under just18 hours of Play. The Indians Dominated particularly Jadeja,Aswin&Sharma. With end of this Test today on the third day Sachin Tendulkar has played 198 Test matches.2 more required to create a world record of 200 Tests by any cricketer of the World. As the next Test series is likely after almost 6 months gap,Whether Sachin would continue to play until then is a matter Sachin Tendulkat&time alone could tell. Jadea claimed 5 wickets in the second Innings,Nathan Lyon 7 wicketrs&Peter Siddle 2 half centuries This is, perhaps,the fist Test match in which a CENTURY was never born. In view of this Peter Siddle with 2 half centuries should be awarded the Player of the match which is most unlikely because the selectors of the Award would never think on these lines.The usual tradition is to bestow the award on someone from the Winning Team.Especally when Cheteswar Pujara had overtaken him not merely today but in thr series as well. So finally India has won the Border&Gavaskar Trophy in suchy a way that never before Australia or India won in the manner it happened today. Most strikingly the winning shot came from the Blades of the great Skipper with a 4.Or was it Pujara purposely avoided taking a run from the last ball of the previous over to give the Glorious honour to the most honourable Skipper of India? The man of the match is likely to be Ravindra Jadeja &the series could belomng to none other than the Skipper himself. Murali Vijay had most of the runs a in aggregate.And Aswin most of the Wickets.But the way Murali Vijay got out today ,perhaps,confusing a Test match to be a IPL match with most unwanted reverse sweep had reminded me of Mike Gatting the then Captain who lost an opportunity for England to win a world cup against Australia towards the fag end of the Final. So Hip Hip Hurray to India &her greatest Captain who is celebrating the First ever whitewash of the series with any Country. Today's win for M.S.Dhoni is as good as winning yet another WORLD CUP in imagination. By SreedharanMundanat 24th March,Sunday 16-16Hrs(IST)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

TIT forTAT from OZ

Peter Siddle with a well earned carrierbest54 in the company of Pattinson extended the overnight score of Australia to a most deserving 262 on the unpredictable Kotla Pitch on the second day morning.R.Aswin once again starred as a successful bowler with a 5 wicket haul once again in this series. India in reply started on an encouraging note,with a century partnership between the openersVijay&Pujara both posting 50+ in the process until when Pujara became the first victim of Nathan Lyon for an individual score of 54,An unplayable turner from JLyon did the trick to the relief of the Australians.Pujara,usually a very good batsman who knows how to choose nalls like veteran Tendulkarwas decieved by Lyon on time. Shortly afterwards,the disaster continued for India in the form of most unexpected Virat Kohli who became the successful victim of Lyon once again an unpredictable beautiful turner,Australians had a sigh of relief with the paltry score of 262 threatening them with a hard look. Thereafter the falling of wickets continued like a procession ,this time a celebrating one or rather like a Tit for Tat to Aswin by Lyon.None of the leading batsmen of India found yet another 50 crumbling like cookies. Sachin Tendulkar&RAJadeja for a while tried to keep the rhythm going on &on but the inevitable followed when the former was claimed by Lyon&the latter by Maxwell.Tendulkar was yet another LBW victim of Nathan Lyon the hero of the Day. Thus the second day of the Final test ended on a none the too bad score of 266 for 8 just a lead of 4 runs over the Australian. But a lead is always a lead& with B.Kumar,the most successful all rounder the wall Rahul Dravid ,in the so called Tail enders &unpredictable Sharma&Ojha yet to follow ,a reasonab;e extending on the 3rd Day can not be totally ruled out unless the famous morning dews play the trick for the Australians! Any How three full days left anything is possible in this Test match. After all,Cricket is a Glorious Game of Uncertainty!! By SreedharanMund 24th March2013 04-50Hrs(IST)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Water Water Everywhere not a Drop to Drink-22nd March2013

The 22nd of March 2013 is being Celebrated as an International water Day.this has the approval from The United Nations to treat it with high consciousness of avoiding waste. The UJ has given wide Publicity for this.Waterway Badge has also been issued all over the World. It has also Universally declared that one in three people internationally & globally affected by the Scarcity of Water.everyone has to take a pledge not to waste water& to preserve it all possible way. There are three ingredients on which the life of Human beings depends upon. They are WATER,LIGHT& AIR. THIS COULD BE THE REASON WHY EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD WORSHIP THESE INGREDIENTS IN ONE WAY OR OTHER OF THEIR CHOICE. In India we had traditionally found God in these these three matters. Still in India there are many disputes fighting for the most invaluable Nector. Certain southern States in India has also made it a Habit to fight for water despite knowing that it is Traditionally worshipped by Indians as God. If this kind of pracises for disputes on water do not cease,a day would come for everyone to to cry out loud WATER WATER EVERYWHERE NOT A DROP TO DRINK. THIS EXACTLY WAS WHAT THE TIGER IN LIFE OF PI MIGHT HAVE FELT IN THE OSCAR WINNING FILM,The theme of which Hadca Basic relation to the requirement of Water& the need for doingbaway with Thirst. So let us people of Kerala & the school going children stop at least one day in an year all the irrelevant Slogans with different flags& observe a new Slogan "RAIN RAIN COME RAIN"carrying a white flag depicting these Letters on it Sreedharan Mundanat 22nd March 2013

Warner& Watson Flop-OZ flips into a pit of Agony

The real Hero &the Villain turned into hero Watson both flopped at Phirozeshah Kotla ,Deli tosay nuch to the their Agony Pj Hughes&SPD Smith alone had a touch&go with 50 without reaching there. The real villain of the day was Ishant Sharma,who is climbing theladder of fame gradually,with 2 dangerous grabs of the wickets of Warner&Hughes though the destroyer of the day was Aswin with 4 wickets,a repeat performance at Chennai. B.Kumar the most useful player in the Indian squad had ,however,remained wicketless. But Australians still left with 2 of their wickets ,could ,perhaps,help BK with the new Ball taken in the 94th over. It is a pity that Capt Michael Clarke4 the real saviour for Australians in this kind of situation was unable to play being a victim of of Back pain.Australia, however,is crawling towards 250 while Peter siddle is doing it towards 50 the highest of his carrier against India&in fact,the Top score of the Day At 230 for 8 towards the end of the day ,The Australians could still manage to salwage some prestige&advantage tomorrow the second day of the Test match By SreedhyaranMundanat 22nd March2013 1630(IST) By

From Kerala with Love-The Genuine Explorer of the World

Kerala has a real Explorer of the World who did everything possible to visit many parts of the World.Not merely did He visit,but described everything happened to him lucidly to make the fellow countrymen assimilate the traveling Experiences he had in the form of books as well.Yes he was a traveller who shared his thoughts& experiences with everyone in his books Of course,I am referring to none other than the most read Novelist in Malayalam Shri S.K.Pottekkad Shi Sankaran Kutty Pottekkat was the most favourite storyteller&Traveller of the world who introduced the worldand habits of the people of the world to the Malayalle through his books His birth centenery is being celebrated on a large scale in his birthplace Kozhikkode now. It is sometimes felt that ShriSKP was not recognised by the Keralites in the right perceptive while he was alive. But the most coveted award in the literature of India "JNANAPEETH" was bestowed upon him.This perhaps,is the highest recognition for himfor his great novel"ORU DESTHINTE KATHA" Whether we recognised him the way he deserved or not,I am not supposed to make any comment on Shri Pottekkat because I am just one small drop in the ocean of his Fans! But I am indebted to him through most of his books which had the magnetic effect on me in Glewing to them forgetting even food&sarroundings. I remember days when I had to burn midnight oil because I was not in a frame of mind of keeping down his books to go to sleep. I sincerely feel that this had been my highest tribute to him. An exhibition of his books&imprints is being organised at Kozhikode. Let me again remember him&express my sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart for affording me immense pleasure of reading which at times had the effect of turning into sweet dreams. Is there anything better than to express our heartfelt Tributes to him on this occasion of his birth centenery? SreedharanMundanat 22nd March2013 14-20Hrs(IST)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Thoughts of an Explorer

I got up early morning to day around 5 AM today.Perhaps,I think I was so early up due to change of residence temporarily.I was in a not too remote village house in Thrissur house.As soon as I got up ,I came out just with a view to watching the morning skies&birds.Every one who stays in cities wont get such opportunity. When I was looking at the sky ,I heard a welcome voice of a bird usually called "come East ,comeEast" calling bird.Some people call it "East rising Bird" also.I n my place if it happened to Salim Ali,he could have become curious to trace&watch the bird.But I know from my childhood experience that this bird ies neither traceable nor easily watchable I had my basic morning routine like brushing teeth etc & had a cup of tea. Still it was not yet dawn.I thought I wont change my routine of morning walk &so started to go out with my cellphone Torch with me.I might have walked 500 metres,when I heard the second bird.This time it was a familiar bird known as "Chemboth" in Kerala.A bird as big as a crow similar to it,if not bigger, with red eyes.Red&Black color.Red in the body&black in the neck &tail. This bird is said to be one which gives warning signals with a peculiar sound whenever a sranger is seen I ignored her warning &walked ahead.The next I encountered was a Cuckoo black in colour similar to crow but smaller.I always liked her voice&the rhythm she employed in the mornings of February to April.So I tried to trace her.When she knew I was looking for her she stopped singing&vanished to find place in another tree a little away. So I continued with my task a little faster. The speed it looked to me attracted a dog which started barking.I generally,I dont like the barking of Dog.I stopped &looked direct into his eyess for a while .He also stopped barking.He was on a chainat the gate of a house whereas I was walking on a village road. I walked faster further ahead not bothering to more birds when crows started to make sounds.I was wondering where they were until then!. While returning ,I cared to walk by the side of the house from where the dog had barked.When he saw me again ,he didnt bark but started wagging it's tail a signal for me that we are no strangers now. On reaching back home ,the first thing I did was to have a glance at the News paper lying near the gate. The first news that attracted me was abot Shane Watson.It was said that the Delhi Test match betwen Australia&India would be staged under the officiating Captaincy of Watson as the regular captain Michael Clarke was placed in the injured list. It was welcome news for many in Australia,The ACB had also justified the return of Watson to look after his pregnent wife who later delivered him a son. But,somehow Watson being instrumental in taking away 4 others with him putting Australia Tiger by Tail&indirectly causing third successful defeat in Tests,the right of Watson to turn into a Hero from Villain seemed questionable to many in Australia&India. Though I didnt boter much about it as what was going to happen again at Delhi was a matter to be seen ¬ worth discussing. Still I am not convinced about the injury about Clark ,since he is the best player in the Australian squad who could change the fate of game on his own. Anything is possible in the game of Glorious Uncertainty but this kind of talk about Watson leading Australia is absurd.He is not deserving to do that after having betrayed his nation openly. Let us stop guessing &wait for reality tomorrow as the media news are sometimes misleading. There are many matters worth further thinking other than cricket.I hope to do justice to bring them out in the right perceptive later on sometimes. SreedharanMundanat 21st March2013 16-15 hrs(IST)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This Blog is written with a view to enabling friends abroad ,who do not get time even to cook &eat (let alone watching Internet news of homeland) to get themselves updated of good&interesting news from Kerala Nandini,the female Elephant of Shri Guruvayurappan,who used to take part regularly in the Temple procession of Caprisoned Elephants&Melam during Temple fastivals&winner of Aanayottam in the Temple,has been crowned as Gajarani in a function organised by the Vazhoor ,Kodungur Temple of Kottayam District by His Highness Swami Prajhnanda Theerthapadar the Madhathipathy of Theerthapadashramam,Vazhoor. The prominent personalities of Thiruvithamkur Devaswam,Guruvayur Devaswam,The representative of people from Vazhoor&the sttaff of Guruvayur Devaswam&many many prominent people from Vazhoor had taken part. Earlier,Nandini was given a warm welcome by the people of Vazhoor.From Kodungur Town to the Temple Nadini was accompanied traditional Thalappoli&Melams a rare gesture afforded to VVIPs.For the Next 10 days Nandini would be a part of Kodungur Temple for the Utsavam being celebrated .Nandini would carry the idol of Kodungurappan during fastival. Nandini is now 46 years old,belongs to beautiful Asian Elephants .She became a part of the Great Temple Guruvayur by virtue of an offering. Nandini has the reputation of belonging to the Guruvayur for more than 20 years taking part regularly in the Famous PALLIVETTA&AARATTU fastivals. Besides,Nandini has won the first place in a yearly competition known as AANAYOTTAM on many occasion. She is beautiful,energetic &cheerful Female Elephant of Shri Guruvayurappan. This crown now presented to Nandini in memory of the female Elephant VIJAYANTI who left for heavenly abode recently/. LONG LIVE NADINI IN THE SERVICE OF BHAGAVAN SHRI GURUVAYURAPPAN By SreedharanMundanat 20th March 2013 10-00HRS(IST)

MALAYALAM-A UNIQUE LANGUAGE-in Government Service too now!

Malayalam is a beautiful&rich Language like Flowers&Nature. I name Malayalam unique because no oter language when spelt in English coud read across&reverse.But the for the rich heritage of excellent books written by many famous writers.Malayam is the vernacular language of the people of Kerala. The origin for almost all Indian Language is Sankrit&Malayalam is not an wxception. he original name of the land of Malayalam was Keralam.This trademark name was afforded to this land presumably because of rich presence of Coconut trees all over the land of malayalam speaking people."Keram" means coconutSo the original meaningful name was rightly derived from coconut.Coconut Tree is such a one that every part of the Tree is useful to human beings. So also the people of Kerala!!.Famous for their urge to work &do everything intelligently,efficiently&effectively. In every corner of the world one can find a Malayali.They are traditionally famous \for doing work even without rest. However ,this quality of people of Kerala is true only when they work outside Kerala. In Kerala there is a generally there is a tendency of becoming lazy.This is the basis for too much of political experts belong to Kerala.Every one out of ten would like to become a leader in politics if they live in Kerala Comng back to thye origin of Keralam,the present state of Kerala came into effect on 1st November 1956 when the Stated of India were devided based on Linguistic reorganisation of state Act. Keralam had an importance &reputation all over world sine 2nd Century because of the land being the biggest exporter of spices since a long time even before 2nd Century. uring&even after the rule of the Britishers English influeced the people .There was a time when people preferred sending their children to English Medium schools instead of Malayalam medium schools. When days progressed after the linguistic devision,people even feared sending their children to Malayalam medium schools because of the students unrest&agitations there This resulted in the popularity of English media schools. The influence of English also resulted in neglecting of the sweet language Malayalam. After the formation of Linguistic state almost all the other states like Tamil naadu,Maharashtra,Punjab,Andhra Pradesh &many more turned into Linguistic conscious states&even changed the media of using regional language in transacting the business of the state. B ut Kerala inspite of every Government ruled by turn initiated the need for using Malayalam as the official language.But neither they were successful nor they took real interest in converting the official language. But recently every one all of a sudden arose to preach the need for using Malayalam. The present Government even brought a new law into effect from this year to compulsarily recognise only those who are prominent in Malayalam for government jobs. This looks like a descision well justified especially when Malayalan is being projected as a prominent language in the world. Until now this recognition was being afforded to Telugu alone out of the South Indian Languages. Notwithstanding this decision,the Education sector particularly professional courses like Medicine&Engineering will have to be continuesd in English basically for the reason that to find equivalent terms for Medicine theory&Engineering is not a matter possible overnigt. It is a herculian Task to find the terms which is likely to take many years even if some organiszation undertakes the task. A day when an Alopathy Doctor prescribes medicines in malayalam like Ayurvedic Medicines&technical terms in ek=ngineering used by the students to study&to work is beyond expectation. But service matters need discussion on files &in day to day work of public relations shoud start in vernacular medium. People sending the kids to English medium also will have to be continued to avoid days of attending schoolminimised due to unrest among students. Apart from this ,there appears to have enough dicipline in English medium schools as compared to vernacular medium schools. It is time we should learn to behave in schools earnestly without avoiding schooldays and classes. The need of the day is convincing people to become aware of the dangers facing their children in school & to stop recurrence of the sort like Politics&agitations in Educational Institutions. Posted by SreedharanMundanat 19th March2013 14-21Hrs(IST)

Monday, March 18, 2013


The Australians could neither survive the initial burst from B.Kumar nor their own foursome Tigers by Tail allowing bthe the inevitable to fall in line. Finally India tasted yet another glorious Triumph against the Australians,rather a noble revenge to their debacle when India visited down under as their guests last year. Mitchel Starc& Xavier Doherty on a herculian task to prolong the game beyond Tea after the 9th Wicket fell at 179 were successful in doing so when they took the score to 223 addinng 44 precious runs for the 10th Wicket. But this act of survival instinct could not help OZ to avoid the inevitable They fixed a target of 133 runs A reasonably fair lead where the Indians can not take liberty to strike .As the pitch has turned into unpredictable at Mohali on the final day final session the probability of wickets falling like ripe mangoes in India can not be ignored The Indians have to take precaution not to allow the exit of more than 3 batsmen in this battle for triumph. Cricket is a Glorious Game of Uncertainty.this is equally applicable to Indians in India also 133 runs in the final session of 26 overs just under 5 runs per over does notappear to be so simple as it might look. An eventual Triumph here which has a bearing on the next& last Test to be played at Delhi from 22nd March2013 where a White cwash could be in the mind of the Indians The possibility of inflicting a Whitewash at Delhi seems to be in the offing despite the return of the wounded tigers Watson,Johnson,Pattinson,&Khwaja. India in the final session advanced positively but lost 3 wickets of Poojara,Vijay&Kohli.However they had an eye on the target &kept the rhythm to the advantage of India. Captain Dhoni&former Captain the great S.R.Tendulkar ironically joined to execute the kill using their bat fluently. More ironically, the winning shot should have come from the Blades of alltime great Sachin Tendulkar to the delight of the spectators &millions glued to the Television sets all over India&abroad.But the wish was not answered as Sachin met with an unfortunate Run out.Quite more ironically the winning shot came from the Captain's blade with 3 cosequitive 4s .India won by 6 wickets flashing smiles on the face of the Skipper Let us get ourselves convinced thatb at the fag end of carrier approaches such misfortunes do happen in the walk of life of Celebrities.This is what happened to Sachin now with the run out. Sachin has yet another role to play.This is the reason why he is still in the team.He is desirous of creating yet another final World record of appearing in 200 Test matches.He has 4 more matches to grab the target&the world record. Let us wish him all the sucess in everything he does & a long life to entertain us as a commentator or a coach if not as a player, All the Best to the Indian &Australian Teams at Delhi on 22nd March. SreedharanMundanat 18th March 2013 at16-45Hrs(IST)

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Parambikulam Embankment Dam on the Parambikulam River located in the Palakkad District of Kerala State in the Western Ghats of Kerala is considered to be the largest in India The Dam is the 10th of similar Dams in the World.This Dam has a capacity of 69, X100 The largest Embankment Dam is situated in Pakistan.The capacity is 148500 The next one of the largest is in USA.capacity96, This Dam is owned &controlled by Tamil Naadu.How this Dam on a river in Kerala is owned by Tamilnaadu&whether there is any dispute on it like the Mullaperyaar dam is not readily known to me. similarly a few other similar dams are owned by Tamil Naadu.They are Mullaperiyaar Dam,Thunakkadavu It is well known that there is dispute in regard to the ownership of the Dam Mullaperiyaar. Similar disputes do exist in respect of these Dams mentioned above is unknown. One aspect of Dams built on the banks of Rivers of Kerala is that Tamilnaadu has a fancy of claiming ownership of them by virtue of concluding some contract agreemen or other to stress the ownershipv despite they are on the banks of Rivers the major part of which flows in Kerala the source being Western Ghats. One other peculiarity is invariably every year Tamil Nadu stops supply of water to the Chitur District of Palakkadu which results in the destroyal of Agricultural Paddy fields. The compensation for such losses usually born by the central Government when their representatives visit Kerala to assess the magnitude of draught in the state in such a pattern that this has become a routine matter every year. The central government instead of taking responsibility for providing Funds to the areas of Draught ,should direct the Tamil Naadu Government to pay compensation simply for the reason that the Pddy fields are subjected todestroyal as a result of stopping water under the agreement. Disputes between states arise as a result of there being no proper clauses are incorporated in the initial Contract Agreement The consignor(one who delivers) should be made responsible to compensate the Consignee(one who receives)for breaches of contracts such as stoppages. JUsually such suppy agrreements when drafted a proper&binding clauses are not incorporated to fix responsibity for losses sustained by the consignee. When dispute arises &goes to Courts the existing clauses in the agrrements are subjected to scrutiny&why the root cause for making any binding clause not made is not looked into.This way the consigner always get away with the need for compensation payments. Now in the case of Parambikulam Dam Tamil naadu has stopped supply of water to the Kerala state stating non availability of water to resume suppy. The blame goes to Rain&weather as these are not the agencies to supply. This Blog is written with reference to a teport on the Malayala manorama edition in internet dt18th March2013 in which a loss of more than Rs 98 Crores due to the destroyal of Agricultural products in the Chitur District of Palakkad.Plakkad is the main source of maintaining paddy fields in Kerala 10,172 Hectors of paddy fields were rendered as destryed for want of water to be supplied by Tamil Naadu under agreement relating to Parambikulam Aliyar project.It is also reported the agriculture of Paddy in many Panchayats of the sector The losses are reported by the Agriculture department of the Government according to this media report A further scrutiny indicated that a contract agreement was concluded between the officials of Kerala&Tamil naadu in October 2012 According to this agreement the Tamil Naadu had agreed to supply 1250 mcft water to Kerala as against the demand of 1340mcft by kerala. The Board of meeting between the two states was attended to by the the CE of Tamil Naadu Electricity board,the CE of Kerala water resources Deptt&the CE of Kerala Electricity Board besides 30 other engineers from both sides. (EXPRESS NEWS ERVICE-COIMBATORE 17th October2012 is relevant in this context) The fate of the loss &details of compensation are awaited. THERE ARE 10 MORE SIMILAR DAMS ofPARAMBIKULAM IN KERALA. They are Aliyar,Karuvanam,Neyyar,Periyar,Wadakkancherri,Pothencode,Peechi,Idukki&Vazhari dam on which Kerala depends for water. Still the fate of Kerala which was once upon a time considered as state of water is a pitiable one. The present situation is the summer is likely to be extremely severe this year e all over the world due to changed conditions of environment some natural&some manmade ,the nation particularly Kerala is going to make hue&cry "WATER WATER EVERY WHERE NOT A DROP TO DRINK" The people who destroy,Trees,Plants,Rivers by digging for building materials like sand,&those responsible for changing Kerala into a concrete Land instead of the Traditional state of Water,Trees &Mountains should think twice about how they are pushing their kiths&kins to disaster not long away now. SreedharanMundanat !8th March2013 11-25 Hrs(IST) In a news item appeared in the media today (refer to Internet edition Dt 15th of April2013,the blog I had written Needs a bit of amendment. The latest news says That the Kerala government is filing a suit in the Supreme Court regarding the violation of The provisions of the Contract concluded between Kerala& Tamil Naadu. The need for suitable clauses in the contract was exactly I stressed upon the Blog I wrote on 18 th March 2013 the intention of the Government in filing the case against Tamil Naadu is to insist upon the compensation to Overcome the Loss sustained by the Kerala State because of not supplying the water agreed to in the Contract Agreement. So the Blog of 18 th March needs reading with the present news.the Suit is likely to be filed within a couple of days according to the Media Report SreedharanMundanat 15 th April2013

Bhuvaneswar Kumar-Most helpful Partner in Test Cricket

Bhuvaneswar Kumar is the Best Partner in the Indian Cricket Team to help the Parntners in achieving land marks&mile stones. He is purely a Pace Bowler very useful with ball to the team. At the same time he could also use the bat to stay at the crease to help his partner to score while he himself uses his bat technically to remain at the crease for long time besudes scoring singles &doubles &occasional fours. He would not leave the crease&return to the Pavilion as soon as he reaches the crease. Very much useful for partners especially who are on the verge of scorinf fast to serve the Team as well as to brighten their individual scores. A typical example is the way he helped Virat Kohli in the Mohali Test under progress at the moment. He joined Virat Kohli when R.Aswin fell, at the crease when Kohli had 19 runs to his credit Kohli continued positively while Bhuvaneswar protected his wicket giving ample time&room for Virat Kohli to score .He joined Kohli in the 107th over when kohli was just 19. He remained at the crease until 130th over ie for 27 long overs.By this time kohli had reached 61 adding 42 runs. Kumar in the meantime had made 18 runs to his credit.At this point of time India was 492/8 We could no longer call him a tailender.He did this kind of job earlier also in the previous test matches. So better let us call him an All Rounder instead of a Tail ender Bowler As soon as he left the Indian innings folded up at 499.So the remaining 3 batsmen a&kohli made just8 runs. Kohli finishes 67 not out B.Kumar did another useful job today.He removed the great Warner in the second innings for just 2 runs caufght behind by Dhoni. Indian cricket is not running short of records&miracles nowad SreedharanMundanat 17th March2013 15-25Hrs(IST)

A New Star Shining in the Galaxy of Indian Cricket

A new Star is shining now in the Galaxy of Indian Cricket.Shikar Dhavan.He had proved earlier akso he was a real " shikari" in the matter of hunting for runs in cricket. His profile&figures speak for him to support this opinion. In first Class Domestic cricket in 81 Matches he had earned5679 runs inclusive of 16 sparkling centuries.Besides,he was an active member of the Under19 cricket Team of India. Inspite of this shining records ,he could not become a part of Test Cricket Team until heattained the age of 27.Many a time he was expected to get selection to the Indian Team. But somehow or other the door of opportunity opened to him only now. In the meantime ,he had married Aesha Mukherjee&have been blessed with kids. His daughter was the happiest person in the world to welcome hois entry into TGest cricket&also to celebrate his fastest maiden century by an Indian on Debut. His Test carrier started with an anxious note.he was out before he played his first ball in Test cricket. Dhavan was outside his crease while Mitchel Starc was about to bowl his first ball of the Indian Innings to Vijay on when he slipped& the ball in his hand fell on the stumps.Dhavan who was ahead of his crease was Technically out.But neither Starc nor Captain Clarke made any appeal showing a lot of Sportsman Spirit not to make any appeal to the Umpire.had they appealed the Umpire had no choice but declare Dhavan out. Escaping from the mouth of the disaster,Dhavan went on to make his maiden century on debut,a rarecpphenomenon in cricket.later on he advanced further without giving any opportunity to the opponents to claim his wicket Easily.In the process he created record being the highest scorer on debut. He was all set to score a double Ton ,when at 187 fell to Lyon as a result of lack of concentration. Cowan was the lucky man to contain Dhavan in his hand.Misfortune played it's role on S.Dhavan. Thereafter,the wicket of the hero of Hyderabad Cheteswar Poojara also fell to a doubtful decision of LBW to Peter Siddle. Nothing except routine cricket followed after Vijay also completed his century.Vijay was still carrying on Well when just before Lunch Sachin Tendulkar returned to Pavilion for an early Lunch when he was caught by Cowan again to an ordinary ball from Smith.he made 37 in a partnership of 92 with Vijay.he was also yet another victim of lack of concentration. At lunch Murali Vijay was at the verge of 150 Just 8 short of it. After Lunch ,Virat Kohli joined Vijay in the middle who is still at 142 thinking over extending it yet another addition of 8 runs. He added 2 more runs reducing the balance to 6. India is at 395 for 3 .so if Vijay makes his milestone of 150 now it could also serve as another happy note Of taking India to 400 ,a score short by 8 from Australia. He eventually did it with 2 hits to the fence.A happy man Vijay now.his tally of 4s touching 19& 6s,3 And he is OUT At 153 after a noble deed to India giving a lead of 4 runs over Australia. It was Captain M.S.Dhoni's turn to join Virat Kohli in the middle.India 412 for 4 wickets which Dhoni made into 416 with a 4.but Alas! Next ball he was trapped in front by M.Starc.India plunged into a dark pit the score card Reading 416 for 5 wickets. R.Jadeja is walking to the crease to join Kohli.Both these batsmen together should add at least 100 runs more If India has to look for forcing a win in this Testm, But the game is not advancing according to my looks the Australian plans are better working one. Than mine as is obvious from the fall of Ravindra Jadeja for just 8 runs caught behind by Haddin b.Siddle. India plunging further to 431/6forcing Aswin to join Kohli as a company. But as though bad luck is reigning over the Test Match today ,Aswin fell identically to Jadeja. India going down to Down under at the deep trouble of 431/7. It looks as if the second New Ball taken by Australia 6 overs earlier is playing the Villains role for India. B.Kumar is giving company to Kohli now who is on 19. Virat Kohli is the lone player left now to lift India to a reasonable total to register a substantial lead over Australia. M.s.Dhoni & co in the dressing room might be wondering what to do & consoling themselves that a draw could safely allow them to win the Series against Australia.Michael Clarke his counterpart on duty in the field must also be fe Feeling the same way but with difference that he must be regretting whereas Dhoni refreshing. Now it is almost one hour left for Tea to stage a routine monotonous course of action at Mohali. One more day after stumps to day would be just a formality in this Test match. So I would be delighted to take a break from writing any more of this match& so allow me to take leave of you on a Happy note like the skipper of India. Sweet dreams to friends abroad . I would be at loss if I do not Congratulate Shikhar Dhavan& Murali Vijay once again for their centuries Which placed India in a safe position lifting them from a possible loss in this Test Match!!! SreedharanMundanat 17th March 2013 13-20 hrs(IST)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Budget Proposal -New Medical -separate Cardiology Block ffor MEDICAL College Thrissur.

The proposals of welfare measure afforded Thrissur includes one Separate Cardiology block for the existing Medical College. The basic requirement for establishing a New Medical college as per the provisions of the Medical Council are a minimum of 25 acres of Land&other Infrastructure like Class Rooms,Auditoriums,Administrative Blocks,Wards,ICUs &many more similar buildings normally needed for a Hospital. The total cost of establishing infrastucture alone depends upon the needs being General or specialised Departments. This cost varies from College to College also depending upon the place natural environment around it &many more factors relating to a College&a Hospital. This needs allotment of Funds&actual availability of it based on the Budget proposals. A medical college needs enormous time to complete. But affording a New Block to an existing college is comparatively easier. GHere also the co-ordination between different Departments ,allotment of funds &it's actual availability are of Paramount importance. Usually,The PWD,IMA,Medical Council,the department of Finance &the Engineering Department of the PWD are the branches who decide how&when the work should start&of fixing the target date for the completion. The involvement of different Departments entails delay basically due to movement of papers from one department to another until final approval is accorded. Generally a new Block could be completed within a matter of 6 months provided the relationships& control over the work is effectively monitored&done. Another factor that normally affecting the functioning of the New Block is positioning of Staff reqired .Here the posting of Suitably qualified Doctors&other staff is a matter of experience.So getting staff proper could also entail delay. But all these kind of hinderances &obstacles could be done away with if some one takes sincere interestto co ordinate the Concerned Departments suitably &on time. If these problems likely to be faced are not anticipated &timely action taken to look into solving such problems the Establishing just a new block could also be delayed beyong expectation. Any how,a New block could be completed in all respects within a year from the date of sanctioning funds required. Co ordination between depatments is the essence of establishing anything New relating to the functioning of any Government. If there is no proper relation ship&understanding among different Departmens even a New Block which is just an extension to an existing Establishment(here a Medical College) could meet the fate of the prolonging Smart City project in Kerala So we the hard working people of Thrissur submit our earnest wish to the Authorities to accord Priority to the issue&oblige us with better facilities SreedharanMundanat 17th March2013 08-05 Hrs(IST)

MIRACLE IN INDIAN CRICKET-Openers made100 runs without aid from Extras

Today(16th March2013)on the third day of the 3rd Test match India vs Australia the openers created a Miracle of scoring 100 runs partnership without any aid from extras purely from the Bats of Shikhar Dhavan&Murali Vijay. Dhavan scored his maiden century from just 85 balls on his debut in Test Cricket.Dhavan not out at the moment(14-20 hrrsIST) had a record 21 hits to the fence.A genuine left hander Dhavan has the reputation of representing the Under 19 squad also besides many more appearence in First class cricket.A most ideal replacement for Vinod Kambli a left hander of high calibre who was the classmate of great Sachin Tendulkar.He,however,left cricket for reasons best known to him. Any how Dhavan is capable&of same calibre to fill the vaccum of Kambli . Earlier in the day Australia mde a formidable 408 runs thanks to Mitchel Starc who was unfortunate to leave the crease just one run short of a fine centur Soon after his exit Australia folded up their innings at 408 runs, This time the destroyers were Ishant Sharma&RAJadeja with 3 wickets each to their credit with Sharma his price wicket of Mitchel Starc. The Australian bowlers ,perhaps,in the absence of Watson&Johnson,looked ordinary & average to make any significant advancement let alone any strike until TEA.India had made 156 runs at Tea without loss of any wicket to produce smiling flashes on the face of all players especially Dhoni,Dhavan& Vijay besides Sharma& Jadeja Now it is nearing 16 hrs(IST) when the score is 246 runs without loss of Wickets.this is yet another rare occasion When India crossed a milestone of scoring the runs required to avoid a follow on without loss of any wicket. The score at the moment is 257 without loss for India who are still trailing by just151 runs with Vijay on 71& Dhavan173 looking for a double ton on debut. A few more words about Shikhar Dhavan.India has discovered a new opener that too a left hander .Gautam Gambhir too was a left hander. Now the IPL IS Approaching.I am not sure about the auction of Dhavan whether he was picked up by any team appearing in the IPL. Even if he isn't he might be hooked by some team or other shortly or in the next auction for IPL. THIS I am saying because he looks like a very fluent left Hander like Brian Lara& Clive Liyod of West Indies. He has a resemblance to the fluent batting of Kumar Samngakkara of Srilanka particulary in dispatching the balls to The fence. Until now when just 5 overs left in the Day Dhavan had 33 hits to the fence besides 2 glorious hits over it. Vijay too is not lagging behind in hitting to the fence.he did it 9 times besides 2 over the fence. All the 4 sixes by the 2 batsmen were treats to watch reminding the glorious hits in the IPL. DHAVAN IS SHORT OF 18 runs on way to his doubleton. I am not very sure he is go going to get it today but when he gets ,perhaps,he would be the first left hander in India to reach the milestone of earning double ton on Debut. Perhaps,enthusiastic youngsters would start calling him Double Ton Lefty Dhavan. Still trailing by 132 runs in the last but 3 overs of the day ,India is in the path of making many a records today. A golden day for India to remember for a long time to come.this kind of happenings do not occur in every Test Match.can Dhavan get 17 more today to earn a distinction of rare nature?time can only tell! Let us wait& see.If not today it is eventually likely to happen in the early morning of tomorrow before the hands Of Clock reach ,The smaller in 9 & the bigger in 12. The score at the moment is 283 without loss for India. The Mohali spectators are getting restless to witness the double Ton from Dhavan. My responsibility to write about the wicket takers is practically NIL today.This too is a rare phenomenon In the carriers of reporters of Cricket,this too could ,perhaps,enter the books of records of Cricket under the Heading Statistics. Better we should ask Yahoo cricket or Cricinfo on Internet or the reporters of leading News paper the HINDU. SO THAT IS THE END OF THE day three.the Indians & the Australians are congratulating Sshikar Dhavan for his record Performance of the Day.A very warm & WelcomeGesture from the Australians. Bye for now to everyone abroad to continue with their sweet dreams until dawn to read this Blog as a morning Gift. SreedharanMundanat 16th March2013 16-40 Hrs(IST)

Friday, March 15, 2013


The proposed Budget Proposals strongly benefited Thrissur for a change from earlier Budgets of the State. The following are the projects awarded to Thrissur.Indeed an exception to Thrissur & most deserving proposal for the Cultural City of Kerala.One would wonder why all along the Thrissur District was placed in ignorable list of Districts despite the presence of Resources& areas of development.If the proposals are properly dealt with to implement the proposals,the time for Thrissur becoming a mini Gujrat does not seem to be far away! The beneficial proposals which has touched all areas of Welfare: A separate Cardiology Block for the Medical coollege along with a unit to treat burns fromFirers 2)Rs2crores for Sahitya Academy 3)RS 1.7 Crores for a Lalitakala Academy 4)In Vellanikkara one Vegetable Research Centre at a cost of Rs1.25Crores. Another research Centre for research on CocoaAt a cost of Rs50 Lakhs One more proposal for an AgriculturalBioTechnology Centre -The costRs25 Lakhs Yet anotherIP Protection Centreat RS25Lakhs 5)RS10 Crores for a Agricultural Complex. 6)RS25 Crores for Water Distribution. 7)Meat refining Centre at Chalakkudi at a Cost of Rs35 Crores 8)RS 200 Crores for the famous Azhikkode Bridge. And 9)A carrier Development Mission. The last of the proposal CARRIER DEVELOPMENT MISSION appears to be the best of the proposal being a novel proposal And most beneficial one to people of every kind from every walk of Life in Thrissur Thus the Fiinace Minister has remembered Thrissur exemplarily for which the People of Thrissur have to be Thankful To him not only for awarding the projects but for the sincerity & faith shown to us in a manner never experienced by people of Thrissur as well SreedharanMundanat 16th March2013 08-10 Hrs(IST)

A Welfare measure& Grouth oriented Budget of Kerala

The finance Ministefr of Kerala proposed a welcome Budget to the Legislative Assembly of Kerala State on the 15th of March 2013. An overview of the Budget would appear to be of welfare & Grouth Oriented features mentioned therein. Any Grouth oriented Budget is broadly a welcome Budget especially when the Finance Minister claims it be the one which is the Best in the southern States & also providing for measures to achieve Grouth over & above those proposed & stated to have achieved by the Central Budget. The Finance Minister also claims that he is expecting a double figure Grouth in the State He says in 2011-12Kerala had achieved9.5 %economic per the Economy Survey report rendered by the Planning Commission of the State.He claims this is better by 3.3% of the All Indiagrouth Rate of 6.2 percent. The Finance Minister is expecting over Rs58,057 Crores as revenue Income in 2013-14 He is also expecting over Rs60,327 crores as revenue Expenditure The Budget is expectingrs8613croresas capital expenditure. All these features claimed by the Finance Minister points out to a simple Healthy Budget. The welfare measures to which stress have been afforded to are in the Agriculture Sector,Education Sector, Fish production Sector,welfare measures for Pravasis,Solar energy generation, and so on. The Salient Features of the Budgets are Rs100 crore for KSRTC an organization every Govt found difficult to tackle Rs50 crores for Mullaperiyar Permanent steel bridge for Aluva Manapuram Rs14 Crores for Suplyco to start Rice Mills. Rs3 crores for protection of Fishermen Individuals excempted from Agricultural Income Tax. Housing Loan Subsidy to Journalists. Mangalya Nidhi to poor families Solar Power Generation Shelter home to protect Beggars Tax rebates to families who gather Rain water for harvesting purposes. There are many more welfare measures proposed by the Finance Minister of Kerala The most unexpected and widely protested by the opposition is the enhancement of retirement age to 60. In fact as most of the states in India& the Central Government already introduced & implemented this measure there does not appear to have much grounds behind protesting the retirement age In fact this retirement age enhancement was introduced as a hidden agenda by the opposition when they were ruling the state.the then Finance Minister had introduced the unique retirement date of 31st March for everyone in service. If one takes a deep look into this ,it can be found that a person due for retirement in April on Achieving Date of Birth for retirement could 11 months more until next March31st.similarly a person whose date of birth is in May could continue to serve for 10months more, June,July,august& September for 9,8,7,6 months respectively. In other words on an average ,nearly one year service was already extended or enhanced by the previous regime Perhaps with the intention of declaring retirement age as 60 years in due course had they continued in Power This deemed plan or rather dream was shattered with the then opposition came to Poer overthrowing the earlier regime. As the retirement age of 60 is to be introduced in respect of entries into service from April 2013,there does not appear to have enough justification for protest from the generation of the Present youths With the Grouth rate of the state is the criterion to determine the state of Economical stability of any Government And since onus of the Budget is Grouth ,this Budget presented by the FM of KERALA needs to be terms as a welfare Oriented fair budget It is, however,easy to prose measures of welfare& economical Grouth. But whether they are properly implemented without allowing RedTapism& Pilferage is the one area in which The Government should excercise perfect control with strict measures to make the dream Budget of the present Finance Minister into reality with proper collective responsibility by the officials & Ministers put together In the future activities. SreedharanMundanat 15th March2013 20-45Hrs(IST)

Captain's untimely&unexpected fall puts Australians in a Fix

The Australians with extreme caution&boldness began their first innings encouragingly by the openers EJM Cowan&David Warner posting a very fair opening partnershipof 139 runs. However,at this Stage Warner played a ball forward straight touching the bat&rising in the air .Dhoni from behind made no mistake in making a running catch to marrk the end of warner in the 48th over of the innings.Ravindra Jadeja was the striker.Warner had made a hard earned71 with 9 hits to the fence. Michael Clarke ,the Captain joined Cowan in the middle but fell to the next ball from jadeja playing advancing from the crease&again Dhoni made no mistake in stumping before the Australian could retrieve his crease. The untimely&unexpected wicket marked the beginning of the end of the AQustralian innings. PJ Hughes who joined Cowan took the score to a reasonable 151 when he in the 50th over was removed by Dhonicaught behind to a good ball from Pragyan Ojha. The score card read 151 for 3 wickets. Desperate Australians struggled when EJM Cowan was the next casuality at the score of 198 for 4.A good ball from R.Aswin, the destroyer at Chennai,was taken by Virat Kohli who was very much on the alert. This took the procession of wicketfalling to 198/4. The Australian started sweating in the heat generatyed by the overnight rain. But then SPD Smith&man in glows Haddin had taken rthe score to a fair position when Haddin fell to a ball from Ishant Sharma which uprooted his stump to lead the score to244/5 Yet another strike in the same manner after the gap of one ball found the stump of MC Henriques uprooted.The score card read 244 for 6. Thus the double strike from Ishant Sharma again had the effect of Australias Entering the Dragon when Peter Siddle balso fell at 251 on the boardfor the loss of 7 wickets in the 99th over. The match had started earlier to compensate for te wash out on the first day. Australians continued tio struggle until stumps after playing 6 more overs. At the close the score card read 273 for loss of 7 wickets. SPD Smith on 58 with 7 glorious hits to the fence remained not out for the day with MA Starc playing a supporting role with 20 runs to his credit Tomorrow is yet another day!.Unless Australia makes a score of over 350 runs in the first innings ,a repeat of the preceding Tests can not be totally ruled out at Mohali also as the loss of one day does not seems to affect Indians too badly. All the Best to Australians mainly&also to Indians tomorrow. SreedharanMundanat 15th March2013 17-03Hrs(IST)

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Again

Viewing Sachin Tendulkar on TeleVision running in the field to stop balls from the bats of Warner&Covan at Mohali today ,reminded me of a serious lapse on my part to cover of the most important event of his carrier in a Blog.I had written many Blogs on SRT &missing this one from my side was indeed a serious shortcoming. This was somehow missed partly owing to the Test series between India&England and later on between India&Australia bu mainly due to being away from our conputer on a vacation. Any how a lapse is a lapse.So I have decided to amend it &hence this Blog ,perhaps,of paramount importance to me &our evergreen hero of Bombay Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. A few months back when the Australian Prime Minister had visited India she had announced about the decision to award the coveted award of Order of Australia to Sachin Tendulkar taking into account the unforgettable contribution from Sachin to Cricket.Usually this award considered to be the highest honour bestowed up on prominent Australian Cricketers alone.The just one exception was CliveLlyod of West Indies.But Llyod was by virtue of marriage an Australian also. The highest Honour of Australia was to be presented to Sachin by AustralianMinister at Bombay . This highest Honour of Australia was presented to Sachin in November 2012 by Australian Minister Horn Simon in a Fuction held in Bombay.. The picture above shows Sachin with a broad smile on his face ,as it used to be always,with happiness&thankfulness reflecting in his eyes. Sachin is still playing Test Cricket for India.Within a matter of 4 more Test matches he would become the owner of yet another World record of Playing 200 Test matches. Sachin is still continuing in Cricket, inspite of becoming a member of RajyaSabha just because he did not feel like leaving cricket after having reached the brink of achieving a special honour&record.He played his first test Match against Pakistan on 16th November 1989 in Karachi Long live Sachin Tendulkar the greatest cricketer from India who had created all sorts of records some of them likely to remain for a very long time to come. SreedharanMundanat 15th March2013 13-30Hrs(IST)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It is considered to be rare phenomenon for a cow to have Twins. There had been many a case in the past when cows had given birth to Twins. But in most of the past cases ,it was very rare to have both the kids to remain alive. One used to leave the other alone in most of the cases. To have both alive&kicking is a rare phenomenon. Such a phenomenon has taken place recently at the farm of a famous business man Shri.K.R.C.Menon of a suburb of Thrissur by name Puttekkara where Nandini pasu gave birth to twins on Monday morning of 11th March 2013 He owns a farm by name"JAYARAM FARM". This Blog is being made possible purely based on Media Reports with a view to spreading the News in India&abroad being an intersting news of common value. The Nandini pasu of The Jayaram Farm is the Heroine who gave birth to twins .Both are Male boys of Nandini. The heroine&the cheerful&Smart kids with full of enthusiasm are running with overwhelming joy all over the farm much to the delight of the family of 15 members. The businessman Shri Menon is back at Puttekkara from abroad to celebrate the occasion. With same facial features&same type of spots designs in black &white all over their body ,the kids are in the centre of attraction of many a visitors besides shriMenon &his big family. It is now a period of celebration with sweets& flowers in the family while the twin kids are enjoying the scenes by shaking their heads to everyone watching them running around the farm house. It is a scene of total dedication,enjoyment,celebration&exchange of sweet words among the family&the enormous number of visitors. A scene every one would love to experience in the company of Nandini&her twins. It was told that the estimated value of Nandini around Rs50,000/- Shri Menon had left for Bangalore on Tuesday itself but is understood to be enquiring about Nandini&her kids every now&then over the Phone. He has every right to consider himself as a Blessed Man with the Birth of the kids to his Darling pet Nandini. Long live Nandini&her kids. SreedharanMundanat 15th March2013 09-50 Hrs(IST)

The National HighwayNH47-The burden of Toll

Travelling from Alapuzha to Thrissur/Guruvayur costs more than Rs100/- by bus. The rates by Train are much cheaper.But the availability of trains&frequency thereon do not help the travelling Public much. If one decides to use a motor vehicle of his own to cover the distance according to their need to cope up with the timings of the Guruvayur Temple& the worshipping system prevailing there ,he is in for a big surprise.This is because one will have to face the Demon called Toll Fee.You take any route ,you will have to pay Exhorbitant rates of Toll fee. If you are taking the Mannuthy -Edappaly stretch of the highway on the reverse side , this Demon will not spare you. Toll fee has become a matter of pinching the pockets of travellers too much just because of Toll fee. Those who visit the guruvayur Temple, one of the most famous Shrines in India,it is with the basic intention of deriving peace&happiness.Many visit this Shrine to perform marriage of dear&dear and also to perform yet another noble prayer called "Annaprasam" of Kids. But when the demon of Toll falls upon you on the way ,the entire peace&happiness sought for in mind vanishes like mist in the sun. There are a few even forced to decide either the postponement of the Noble Functions concerned withGod Almighty &return cursing the demon. To illustate a typical example of the Exhorbitant rates prevailing &their increasing trend every now&then is the PALIAKKARA BRIDGE in the Thrissur-Edappally stretch of the NH47. There had been a regular agitation going against it by the people of Thrissur&sorrounds besides regular travellers using the stretch. All of a sudden ,it appears that a decision has been arrived at by the the management of impossing tollto increase the rates further with a view to coping up with their likely profit ignoring the hue&cry from Public prevailing since a long time. It also appears that the Government had assured the Agitators against the increase futher. But it appears that everything falls in deaf ears of the management. The current rates itself are beyond the limit of bearing by the Public .This being , so, urgent need for interference from the Authorities would appear to be absolutely necessary in order to discourage the management &also to reduce the prevailing rates instead of increasing it No serious thought appears to have been applied to the issue taking into consideration the Prons& corns of it either by the management or the Authorities empowered to exercise control over the issue SreedharanMundanat 15th March 2013 08-20Hrs(IST)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rare Bird Ceylon Frogmouth in Kerala

The rare Bird Ceylon Frogmouth has been traced in Kerala near the bank of Bharathapuzha in the Malabar area at a place known as Thavanoor. The Frogmouth generally found in Ceylon(Now Srilanka) is a rare bird often confused by Bird experts as an Owl.Owk as everyone knows owl well.It is a funny bird which can even be tamed by man.It is also a Night Bird like Frogmouth.But Frog mouth is called "False Owl. Owls are even tamed and used for a living in certain Zoos in various parts of the world. This is because it can turn it's neck in 360 degrees.This feature amuses everyone particularlyChildren&because of children Women too. Frog mouth has nothing in common as compared to OWL except for the reason that it is also a Night Bird. It has a draw back.It can not fly freely&fast like other birds do. The cryptic pattern besides wide eyes have made bit often to get confused with Owl. Owl can fly freely. The Frogmouth is found generally in Srilanka&the border districts of TGamil nadu. Tracing the Frogmouth in Kerala is for the first time. Salim Ali could have been happier to find it in Kerala if he was alive! The Frogmouths are found in 1200 metre high sealevel. The Zoology Department Exoerts who conduct research on birds are responsible for tracing the Bird now in Kerala. The Frogmouth has an approximate length of 23 Centimetres. The color of the bird especially it's feathers helps it to hide from human beings. SreedharanMundanat 14th March2013 06-55Hrs(IST)


Ambati Rayudu ************** The Deodhar Trophy is one of the most prestigeous cricket tournament in the domestic circle of cricket in India.The tournament in the format of One day cricket is being played among different cricket zones in India The Deodhar Trophy started in the year 1973-74 &since then various Zones won it from year to year. This year the final was played on 13th March2013(today)at Guvahati between North Zone& west zone. in the past North zone had won the trophy 13 times while West Zone won it 10 times This year(today )after a neck to neck fight ,the West zone finally came out with flying colors, besides,making the winning tally to 11 as against the 13 of North zone Batting first ,at the wish of West zone,the North zone captained by Gautam Gambhir made a big score of289 in 50 overs(Thanks to Yuvraaj Singh&U .Chand who made67&88 respectively).Gautam Gambhir,however, could make just 6. In reply the West zone players rose to the occasion &met the target with a formidable 293 with ten balls to spare. Rayudu the hero of West Zone made an unbeaten 78 runs to make the prestigeous triumph possible. Yuvaraajsingh migt be regretting his decision to leave the Test series against Australia for the sake of his home Zone. SreedharanMundanat 13th March2013 17-10Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Zoo for THRISSUR

My Blog on Indian Elephants dedicated to kids looks very auspicious one for kids of Thrissur as a new Proposal for setting up of a New Zoo in Thrissur instead of the existing one has come up.the estimated cost of The new Zoo is in the region ofRS 105 crores.The central Govt would contribute Rs100 crores while the State Govt Of Kerala has already sanctioned an Amount ofvRs 5 crores. This Zoo is going to be a State-of- Art zoo in an area of 336 Acres In Puthur at Thrissur. The veterinerian& Elephant Expert Jacob Cheeran said thatvthis project was in the pipeline since a long time. This Zoo project is likely to be completed in 3 stages within a period of 7 years according to Mr.cheeran. Australian Environment ArchetectJohn Coe provided the Plan for the Project after he was approached by the Film Star-cum- Politician Shri K.B.Ganesh Kumar,who is the present Forest Minister of Kerala . When this proposed Zoo comes into existence the Animals in the Present Zoo would be transferred to the New Zoo & many more new Animals brought in into this new Zoo. Who knows!It could turn out to be a vast Natural zoo like the one available at San Diego,California,in USA. Are you ready to visit the Zoo with your friends in School?But please don't jump to go.It would take 7 years For the Zoo to become reality.But don't worry there is no harm done if grown up boys & girls and elders do visit the Zoo when it comes up. So all the best & congratulations to your younger brothers & sister already born & who are to take birth later on SreedharanMundanat 12 th March 2013 20-35 Hrs(IST)

Crisis in the Australian Team visiting India.

After having lost both the first & second Test matches to India,the second miserably with an innings and 135 runs, It was absolutely required for theAustralians to to win the next two tests at Mohali& Delhi to level the series. At this juncture,however,Australia is facing an unusual crisis.the crisis is basically due to the fight between the Players against the Coach& Captain. The coach & Captain had asked the players to give how they intend to amend the shortcomings by Berger performance in the Third & final test at Mohali & Delhi.they required the team members to suggest their ways & means through an E-mail,SMS or through a note. There is nothing wrong if a desperate Captain& Coach asks the Team members to oblige them this way.Their intention was to analyze the views of the Players to arrive at an amicable solution to overcome the resistance caused by the Indians to them. All the players except the seniors like Watson,Johnson,& good players like Kwaja& Pattinson replied the note from The captain& Coach. In this case Watson,Johnson,Pattinson& Khwaja had clearly violated the code of conduct.They did not even bothered to tell the Captain & Coach why they do not intend to reply. So this behavior which clearly indicates lack of Dicipline promted them to take Stern Action like acing them from the Team eleven to play at Mohali tomorrow.They are right in doing so because discipline is the essence of cricket especially when a nation is on tour to another Nation. Here the 4 players are at fault. Watson left all of a sudden back to Australia& declared his intention to quit all versions of cricket.he desired to Retire from cricket. However,the responsible team management at home said that Watson was back to look after his wife. The former. captains Allan Border,Mark Waugh,Tom Modified & Tailor & many prominent Australian former cricketers Preferred calling it to School boys behavior by Captain & Coach& such Stern action like acing the players Was not warranted.they said the Captain& Coach behaved in Haste& made Australia like a school Yeam visiting abroad. They too have reasons to say so as in their regime such matters did not come up at all. This kind of crisis is happening in Australian cricket for the first time. But the fact remains that the Australians when they become Hosts do behave badly without any element of Dicipline to the Guests. In the last Test series in Australia when India visited Down Under there were many incidents in which even Sachin Tendulkar was deliberately prevented from retrieving the crease & declared OUT. David Hussey behaves without discipline in makingIndians out in a manner not available in the books of cricket but Right with the rules prescribed. But fighting among them is happening for the first time Coming to the net outcome of this kind ofBehaviour from Aiustralians ,it can be summarized to say that the charm of the game is lost as beating Australia without 4 prominent playerswas never the intention of India. Beating Australia by employing a Whitewash was indeed the intention of India to get their ICC rankings enhanced . But to achieve this Target by beating a weak team does not appear to be right& wise for India. So what the Australians should do now is to sort out the issue amicably in consultation with Top authorities at home& bring back the 4 players back. In this connection it is apparent & most justified to say that all this kind of lack of dicipline started in Cricket Teams all over the World after introduction of T20& IPL in cricket. IPL HAS VIRTUALLY RUINED THE Charm of Cricket .as enormous amount of money staged in IPL THE GLORIOUS game of Cricket was turned out into A Gambler's game. Introduction of many new rules also changed the Conventional Cricket a few years ago. west Indies was reigning Over cricket before Australia had taken over from them. But the time when Clive Llyod,Vivian Richards,Allan Border,Steve Waugh & many England captains like Mike Gatting Played was totally different. When India won world cup for the first time under Kapil Dev ,things started changing.but those changes did not have any bearing on ruining the game of Cricket. All the indiscipline in the World started creeping in after the introduction of the new version of T20 cricket. Until then the two traditional versions of Test Cricket& one Dayers were running along smoothly. Now ,there is nothing India could do solve the Australian Crisis except waiting to watch the final outcome of it SreedharanMundanat 12 th March2013 17-35 Hrs(IST)

Elephants' beauty belongs to Asian&Indian Elephants

Elephant is the most beautiful&biggest animal on earth. But Lion is known as the King of Animals. In fact,taking into account the size&strength the Elephants should have been recognised as the King. But the Elephant is not as ferocious as Lion.Elephants do not believe in killing &eating fellowanimals. Elephants are strict vegetarians.They eat mainly the coconut leaves,Sugarcane, Bananas&similar fruits. Elephan has very small eyes as compared to their big body These should be the reasons why LOion is still the king of Animals Had the elephants got bigger eyes ,perhaps,it could have recognized its body&tempted to fight Lions&replace their crown as Kings Kids are very fond of Elephants especially those taking part in Temple festivals. I dont think there is any one who had not shown fancy for Elephants during their Childhood. Kids start their first lessons from "A for Apple,B for Ball,C for Cat,D for Dog &E for Elephants So this Blog is dedicated to growing kids who do not know about the cruelty in the minds of grown up men!!! Let us now discuss the Elephants in General&particularly the beautiful Indian Elephants. The Asian Elephants are recognised ®rouped into mainly 4 categories.They are 1)Indian Elephants2)Srilankan Elephants3)Sumatran Elephants&4)Bornio Elephants The average weigt of a grown up Elephant is 4 Tons& height around 3 meters. But when they become caprosoned Elephant in a Temple Fastival their height increses to more than 3 meters because of their tendency to rise their forhead while the the Vigraham of the Diety called "Kolam"is kept on them to take them in a procession. GURUVAYUR KESAVAN was a specialised Elephant fo this habit.He was well known for this& his long ivory/\. Those kids interested in watching him ,who is no more,could go to the Guruvayur Temple to see his Statue erected near the Devaswam Office. A sample picture of him is here for quick view though not for real The Asian Elephants are generally found in India,China,Srilanka,Burma, Bangladesh,Nepal,Indonesia,Kampoochia,Lavos,Thailand&Vietnam. The Asian Elephants has reputation for their broad forehead,Beauty of their body&the Get Up of their Head especially when they are caprisoned in a Temple fastival. The other nation where Elephants are in plenty is Africa.The ears of these Elephhants are so big like small umbrellas .But they are not as beautiful as Indian Elephants.But they too have their own specialities .One particulatr speciality is playing with too much of sand&mud for a long time as compared to the Indian Counterparts. The Best place see almost all animals in one place(All -in-one) is the San Diego natural Zoo in California in USA. In 1992 the Government of India had envisaged a project with name "Project Elephant"&allotted funds to varoious states including Kerala.Howfar the Kerala Government had utilised the funds without diverting to other purposes than the Protection of Elephants is unknown to me. The Elephant reserves in Kerala are at Wayanad,Nilambur,Aanamudi&Periyar . Their efective functioning&how far the Poor Elephants are benefitted from the project is unknown to me . In India Kerala State has the second place in the number of holding Elephants. The first place goes to Karnataka. Exploiting the money meant for Elephants without even affording proper and sufficient food had been a topic of discussion among Elephant Lovers for some time as brought out my media.But whether anyone had taken any effective measure to avoid recurrence of such matters is also unknown to me. When who love Elephants when they grow up should take active interest in these matters with a view to avoiding the decreasing trend in Elephants of Kerala. Or else Elephants would turn out into strangers to the coming Generation. SreedharanMundanat 12th March2012 13-25Hrs(IST)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair passed away

The Veteran&Guru of the Pride of Kerala "KATHAKALI" shri Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair has passed away Monday evening at his residence in Vellinezhi Njalakurishi in Palakkad District. The great celebrity of Kerala was 87 years years. Guru for many famous artist including Kalamandalam Gopi a resident of Peramangalam was the veteran's student. Shri Ramankutty Nair was bestowed upon by many a awaeds the foremost of which is PADMABHUSHAN Sri Ramankutty Nair had received many more famous awards a few of which are Central Sangeet Natak Academy Award,State Kathakali awaed,Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy Award,Mumbai Natak Chakravarthy Award,D-lit from CUSAT,Kerala Kalamandalam Silver Jubilee Medal,SreeGuruvayurappan Award,Kaalidas Samman from MadhyaPradesh Government &many many more Merit awaerds from various organizations. The Sad demise of the Kathakali Acharys is the biggest loss for Kathakali and Kathakali Lpvers all over Kerala,India&Abroad. May the Soul of Shri Ramankutty Nair rest in Peace Sreedharan Mundanat 11th March2013 19-25Hrs(IST)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Test Match -Srilanka vsBangladesh

Two test matches are scheduled to be played byBangla Desh in Srilanka during this season. The first test match is scheduled to be played between 8th&12th March 2013. In the ICC Test rankings Srilanka is in the 6th Rank&Bangladesh in the 9th. The first Test being played at Galle in SL might have,perhaps,given SL to enhance their rankings as the opponents are minnows BDesh. With this intention clearly in the mind of the Srilankan players,they decided to bat first as soon as they won the tos Srilanka with good batting line up better when compared with BD started aggressively 7 by the evening of the second day amassed 570 runs just for 4 wickets&declared the innings to have closed.There were three players with century Dilshan,Sankakkara&Thirimanne. Bangladesh in reply started slowly wondering how to cope up with such a huge score in front of them. while most of the players blinked at the score of SL,thre players Ashraful&Rahim with centuries and Mohemed Haque with a half century came to the resque of BD as Life savers for them. At the end of 3rd day ,BDesh had made 438 runs just for the loss of 4 wickets,shattering the sweet dreams of the islanders to improve their ICCRankings The match is noe posed for a remarkable&unexpected end. Mostly a draw if not a win for the wounded tigers. Let us await the uout come by the 12th of March. SreedharanMundanat 11th March2013 09-40 Hrs(IST) .

Children on their first step of planning their carrier

The first step of school going children is appearing in the SSLC examinations to determine how to build their carrier depending upon the marks&their general performance in the said Examinations. This examination for large number of students from Kerala,which they consider as a Herculian Task starts today the 11th March2013 This year as many as 4.7 lakhs children are wtiting in this test of skill. This figure is said to be more by 9550 as compared to the last year's figures. we have to wish every child writing /testing their talent&skill best wishes.They are now stepping on to the first step of building their carrier today. Strangely enough ,rather astonishingly is a news report that there are 4 twins from Koothattukkulam on the list of those attempting to cross their fisrt hurdle in their carrier. It is also reported that the Authorities have claimed that they have every arrangement to look after every need of the candidates&also to afford proper and quick valuation of the answer books by providing for enough teachers who are supposed to do their job efficiently. If at all there is any shortcomings in the arrangements ,it would be known only after the event is over when remedial measures /Correcting process would be employed with by the authorities. Coming back to the TWINS appearing this year,they are from St Pauls Highschool in a place known as Mootholapuram . Their names are 1)Akhila/Aleena,2)Albin /Anil,3)Akhil/Aarya&4)Stenchu/Steni. We should wish every child appearing in the examination a very good performance from them &also specially for these Twins. Why Twins need special treatment? Who knows when they were in the womb what are al the things they discussed in gestures and also using their mother as a via media to communicate between them?!! This is just an imagination of a strange thought though this thought has not been scientifically proved beyond any doubt. But, still no one can say anything clearly about the wonders of human birth. Medical science is ,however,doing research on these kind of unknown wonders. We would come to know in future the same way knew recently that a Mechanical man (Yanthra manushyan)can be made doing every function of the body of human beings except the function of Stomach. My intention ofbringing out this at this point of time of SSLC Examinations is just to remind every one that the children who are taking this first step today could step in future on many many important&vital scientific steps to help humanity. So let us once again wish all the Best to all children to enable them to meet the competition successfully& come out with flying Colours. SreedharanMundanat 11th March2013 8-25 hrs(IST)