Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flower shows -The craze of the World today

Flowers and Birds are most favourite,attractive,beautiful,And enchanting creations of God.Perhaps, this is the reason why everyone from irrespective of age adore them.It is specially so with small babies from 6 months of age are fascinated by these creation of God.Flowers and Birds take the attention of babies as soon as they are out for a stroll.Day by day ,babies on their days out start looking for Flowers and birds.Although they can not speak to the flowers or Birdst their facial expressions ,if minutely watched, would indicate as though they are conversing with them.In fact the birds do come near the babies anmake different types of chirping is really impressive when one could keenly observe the baby, Birds and Flowers.Strikingly ,all are innocent and tender in behaviour.Here too there are exceptions like threatening birds and poisonous flowers.One will have to keep watch for them. Nowadays there are flower shows all a over the world .The birds shows are restricted to zoos at different places. . The pictures above are GLYMPSES of flowers in the flower show 2015 atSan diego,CA,USA.Besides in San diego USA there is a vey big flowervb field which is world famous.This is spread over 50 acres of land nearby sea. in India Flower shows are heldv at many cities.THRISSUR Flower show is also a very nice experience.Hereunder are Glimpses of Thrissur Flower show 2015.
BANGALORE CITY FLOWERSHOW called Lalbaugh Flower show is ,perhaps, the best in India. Whether any better show is being held anywhere else is doubtfulThe reason for calling Bangalore "Garden City"and "City of Flowers Is presumably relating to this Lal Baugh show.Lal Baug probably means to say Red Garden. There are Flower Shows every year in Pune,Calcutta(Kolkatta),Delhi,Chandigarh,Sikkim and Gurgaon There are Flower Shows in Ahmedabad City also.Managed by ONGC. Flowers are the most beautiful and good smelling objects. Jasmine Flower is the one with good smell. In flower shows all the flowers exhibited there do not have pleasant smell like Jasmine. In Carlsbad Flower I searched for Jasmine but could not find.But then we had not covered all the 50 acres (Approx) Perhaps could be somewhere hiding .But the pleasant smell could have allowed us to locate.But in vain. In any case a flower show is worth spending a few bucks for which one won't have to regret later SreedharanMundanat 28th of January 2016