Monday, October 22, 2012

Platinum Planet-A rejoinder to the main blog

Onethird of the Platinum Planet is stated to be Platinumrich&the rest Graphite.This is the Planet  picture in the  imagination of the scientists&its diagram  drawn.
And  here is the pride of India MrNikku Madhusudanan. it would be etremely interesting when the
thesis is published.Let us await this Golden Day of MrMadhusudan&India.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Platinum Planet.-55 KanKree E

A scientist Nikku Madhu Sudan a US born Scientist ialong withFrench Scientist Oliver Mousis have discovered a new planet  which is double the size ofEarth.

This Planet which circles a bright Star is 8 times Heavier than Earth .the speed of the circling is faster than Earth..It is 40 Light year(230lakh crore miles) away from Earth.The Temperature is 2148 degree Celcius.

The name given to this extra ordinary Planet is "55 KankreeE".

The researchers say that 3/4th of the planet is Platinum&the restGraphite.

This is the first time a  Planet entirely  different Chemical Combimation &Stonerich Planet according to Mr.Nicku Madhusudan of Yel University in US.
Though Platinum   Planets  were found earlier also This is the First time  a  a planet  circling a Star as Bright as Sun has been Found

So shall we call it an Invention &give full credit to the 2 scientists busy with research.?

As The Thesis  is likely to be published in "Astrophysical Lrtters" shortly.

Shall we wait until then for more confirmed&reliable info?

                      22nd of October 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Grapes, a Healthy Life style& Red Tomato too

A recent research Result indicates that making Grapes a regular Life style is an extremely healthy style.

The Research strongly stresses that Grape Juice&dry grape fruits are equally good for all ages including

children.The Research was conducted on 21,800people of different ages for a continous period of 5

years before letting out the results.The life &food style with Grapes among these people showed rich

presence of Calcium,Potacium,VitaminaA,C&B6 apart from rich contents of Fibre also.These people

were found to be capable of taking&depending upon more vegetarian food.

Among them it was  observed not only the less presence of Fat&Cholestrol but these people turned face 

towards food items containing more fat&Sugar as well.

The Research Results were introduced in the Academy of Nutrition&Dietic food&  Coference of

NutritionExposition  at Philadelphia recently.

TOMATOES:In yet another study conducted in London recently Showed that use of Tomatos regularly

could prevent chances of Stroke to a very large extent.The observed people of same number who consume Tomato Regularly&the same number of people who do not regulary depend upon  Tomatoes for a long time&found that those in the former category chances of stroke was less as compared to the the later category

The reason for this is stated to be  the rich presence of Lycopene.

An old study had,however, indicated that the excessive use of Tomato could  result in Kidney problems

though not scientifically proved beyond doubt.

Opinion of some funny people:

on Grapes:In USA the production of Grapes could be enormous to attract World Market

On Tomatos ,some are cofused to rely on old or new Theory?&some say the price of Tomato alone is enough to  attract strokes!

Conclusion :The above two superior veg items are being consumed in India  since time imemorial.

So, it looks ,reasonably wise to continue with our good Old Habits.

                  19th October 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The Australian Prime Minister ,who is visiting India ,has announced  a very rare Honour"Order of Australia"

to the Master Blaster Of IndiaSachin Tendulkar.According to the PM,Sacin is a rare Brilliant cricketer.

According to Australian convention  this Honour afford is being coferred  upon Australian Citizen/National al

alone.But very rarely outsiders are also being considered for the Honour..There are no Indian cricketer or

sportsmen  honoured by Australia so far.Sachin is the first to be honoured .Earlier former Attorney  General

ofIndia was honoured with the membership of "Order of Australia"

All the Captains including Ricky Ponting got this honour starting with Sir Donald Bradman.(Incidently Sachin

is the only cricketer who had oportunity to get an interview with Sir Bradman,who invited him to his

residencein Australia).Shri Sohrabji was honoured in 2006.

While making the announcement the Aus PM said it was the "rare brilliance in cricket" that persuaded them

to grant the rare honour to Sachin,The total number of matches he had played against her country in the three versions of cricket too was a contributing factor towads awarding this honour.

Earlier three other legends of Cricketers outside Australia  who were honoured were Clive Lloyd,Gary Soberse& Brian Lara , all from WI

But Sobers was Aus national by marriage.

The Australian PM  also said it was not only their pleasure to  honour the  brilliant cricketer but adds towards  srengthen the strong relationship between India&Australia as well!

Sachin has scored 15533 runs from 190 Test matches&18426runs from 463 One day internationals apart from scoring one Hundred Centuries from International Cricket.These features are likely to remain intact
for a long time to come.

               The following is my personal opinion purely or poorly! when is British Govt going to honour him with "Sir?"

Another personal feeling.! why Australian Government skipped their greatest achiever living, the Great Shane Warne even inspite of honouring the less popular Mathew Haiden?!!!

17th Oct2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tomy Thomas-The real James Bond

Handsome,Dream Lover of beautiful women,deadly for the enemies.This is generally one would form an impression about James Bond the spy created by famous writer Ian Fleming.James Bond became very famous through the movies

But the real James Bond was one British spy of the second world war.His name was Tomi Yo Thomas.He was a brilliant spy of Britain who was adored by women .He was very adventerous.This nature was the charecterestics of the hero of Ian Fleming.These were the real factors made the writer to wrtite his novels.

Based on the novels written by Ian Flaming ,many movies like (For eg The Famous Gold Finger)starring Sean Connery  were made .These movies conquered the World of Movies.

The  theme of almost every movie was the same viz conquering the "Evil".The character James Bond  had many qualities like conquering the Women Hearts with  his courage &expert usage of Guns.The007 movies were the dream of every young boy&girl in the world for a long time.Perhaps this series of movies in the category 007 made maximum revenue for the movie makers.

The typical style of Bond appearing &saying "I am Bond the name is James Bond" was enough for girls &Boys to rush to movie housed repeatedly.I know one person who saw Gold Finger 26 times during a span of 6 years.He was a lover of Guns like most of the Boys under the age 5 today.

Many never knew that a real  James Bond ,a British Spy in the British Army was alive &served the Army for a long time with enormous succes.In the movies also there were not a single occasion where Bond failed in in movies also.
17th of Oct2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hello Kishoreda,13th October(the samae day of your brotherAshok Kumar's  birthday) made me ,who has witnessed many of your live shows
in the Shanmughananda Hall at King's Circle,remember youagain .That too on the 25th Anniversary,the same day

on which your eldest brother &your mentor's birthday fell..He has also  left this world to join you in Heaven.I am sure you must be

trying now to make yet another "Chalti ka Naam Gaadi"B ut please dont demand Panch Rupaiya to please him.But no need to make yet another "Gaadi". Dada!All the three of you are in our minds as Immortas.Yet another immortal movie isnt necessary to remember you

Your most favourites Devsahib&Rajesh Sahib have already joined you.So also your favourite Lyricist Anand Bhakshi,ShakthiSamantha ,Composers RD&SD all are there .You must have met them.Your Master peace Aradhana&Pdosan too can be again  there, since Mahmood too is available therewith Sunil Dutt

Above all , you yourself  is a writer,Composer,Actor &Director .We still call it All in all&All Rounder in Cricket.

But why Dada ? Why again taking troubles.You live immortal in Millions of Hearts in this World.

But the controversial debate you created for Public to decide with your article on Illustrated Weekly of India

stating that Rafi Sahib is the greatest is still  alive here.These kind of controversies&debates ,generally arises when the Anniversary is approached.

In your case,everything special.For that matter,your Yodling is a speciality still no one has mastered.So you areUnique in this regard.

So are your songs like Sapnon ki Rani&Chatur Naari.

\But dada,My three favourites are of course you,Mukesh&Hemant Kumar
When you meet them ,please convey my immense regards.

My most favourite Song is ,however,to your Surprise is "YEH SHYAM MASTANI"which you rcorded in

1970 in Bombay Studio at Dadar.Later on on many occasions I had seen you reciting it on the Shanmughananda stage with your typical Dances no one could immitate.

And Dada ,above all ,your Godgiven GoldenVoice is absolutely difficult to imitate.It belongs ever to one and

only one great singer KISHORE KUMAR!!!

So Salam Dada,Salam!

Oh! dada,I forgot to mention .In your days of Yodling,Singing&Dancing we had to depend upon Cassette Companies to hear your songs.But today we could carry all your songs &many more in a thump length device we call "Pendrive"

So all the Best to you &your companions in Heaven from Earth from your fan
16th October 2012