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World Environment Day 2015.

Every year when our wedding Anniversary comes on the 5th June of the year ,I think about environment because it coincides with World Environment Day.I have been studying about Environment and used to contribute a bit in the form of bio diversity,increasing Global heat etc ( my blogs Biovdiversity dt July 10 2013 & Bhumiyude Maranam dt6th January 2012 Refers).but these were not written in the first week of June.but there are matters connected with Environment in these blogs. I am fully aware that my efforts to study and express views on Environment which is a huge subject which is very difficult to understand and assimilate is a Herculian Task.However,as the Squirrel did in the construction of Ramsethu bridge as described in Ramayana, I am trying every year to understand nature better and better & part with such information in the form of blogs.This indeed helps me to refer later sometimes when necessity arise.So this year also let me try to explore new fields relating to Environment.this blog is comprehensive study on Environment and I have tried my level best to make it presentable.But of course the evaluation is for the readers to make. The United Nations General Assembly designated JUNE 5th as World Environment Day. The 5th of June was chosen Because it marked the Opening Day of the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm,Sweden which led to the establishment of the United States Environment Programme,based in Nairobi, Kenya. The World Environment Day is celebrated Every year on 5th of June to promote Global Awareness to take positive environmental action to protect Mother Nature and the Planet Earth. The conference .The conference was again convened in 1992 with the hope that all Nations would recapture the enthusiasmand take up the Challenge Of preserving and enhancing the Environment. The General Assembly of United Nations urges every year all countries & Organizations to mark this day with activities that educate people about the threats to the Environment and encourage them to strike a balance between development and concern for the earth's future This year the Theme of United Nations is "seven Billion Dreams,One Planet,Consume with care" As the name "Environment"suggests,the topic is closely related to Nature. First of all what everyone should understand is that the NATURAL RESOURCES" it's protection and maintenanc of Mother Nature andshould also become the criterion for deciding the economical / Financial Stability of a is not based merely on the gains achieved during a particular period or the losses sustained are not the factors of prospects of a country. These gains & losses are useful to assess the capability of Government in managing the affairs of the nation but are not the facts alone to assess the Financial stability. So let us try to attain a basic knowledge as to what Natural Resources are ,how to protect them & to flourish the Nation in terms of it's Stability NATURAL RESOURCES: **************+++++ This is not manmade.This is given to us by unknown powers of different Nations it is different. Often this is classified by those who took interest in knowing it and availing of it's benefits,as Eco system. Eco system consists of BIODIVERSITY and GEO DIVERSITY. Natural Resources are Derived from ENVIRONMENT.Some of them are essential for our survival while most of them are used for our needs. Natural Resource are materials and Components that can be found within the Environment. Every man-made Product in composed of natural resources at it's fundamental level There is ,however, a separate Entity known as WATER,AIR,As well as a living organism like Fish or it may exist in the form of ORES,OIL and any form of ENERGY.These are not manmade. In the world today exists much debate and discussions on the allocation of these resources.Aii the debates and fight are based on what is given to us by nature.But in fact we are forgetting that it is she the Mother Nature that enables us to meet our both ends other words it amounts to hurting our mother if we neglect nature Some of the Natural Resources like Sunlight& air and water are found all over the world.But most of the natural resources ,other than sunlight,Air& Water,are found in particular places and can be called localized resources. Thee kind of localized resources may not be exhaustible easily .These are solar Radiation,Geothermal Energy,and air. However,vast Majority of resources are exhaustible which means they have limited quantity and can be depleted if notmanaged properly In order to protect the natural Resources an organization was formed in NEWYORK in the year 1970 which is known as Natural Resources Defense Council( NRDC).This organization works to protect wild life,and Wild placesAand to ensure a Healthy environment for all life on Earth. In India the most important part of this kind of place where protection is a must and is being safeguarded is the WESTERN GHATS, which is spread from Kerala to end of Maharashtra and a very small area of Gujrat as in the map below:
More about Western Ghats and the need for protection later on.Let us look into NRDC AND IT's functioning now NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL ************************************ NRDC IS THE WORLD's Most effective environmental action organization.They use Law,Science and support of more than Two Million members and Online activists to protect the Planet Earth's Wild life and wild places in order to make sure A safe and healthy life for all living beings. NRDC has been certified as one of the best charity organization of America as well as an organization meeting the Highest Standard of accountability of Donor funds in the world. There are places in the world looked after by the Government who do not get this kind of certifications because wherever there is Government funds there do appear to have tendency of doing undesirable activities leading to loss and is highly difficult keep vigil over such organizations looked after by Government. Here NRDC got the best certification through Business Bureau reports Since the organization NRDC came into existence in 1970 by a Group of Law students& Attorneys,they helped in framing laws by America On Environment.Today a large number of Lawers,Scientists,and Professionals are working hard in NEWYORK,Washington,Chicago,Los Angeles,San Fransisco and Beijing. This organization has the reputation of being called by The NEWYORK Times,and the National Journal as the " credible,and forceful advocate for Strict and stringent Environmental Protection". The organization NRDC together with online activists works to solve the most pressing problems relating to Environment. The main issues that are looked into and is being continued to look after by NRDC are curbing Global warming,Creating a clean Energy Future,reviving the WORLD's Oceans,Defending endangered wild life& Wild life places,protecting health of Humanity by preventing Pollution,ensuring Safe & sound water and Fostering Sustainable communitiess. As mentioned above,the very purpose of NRDC IS to safeguard the Earth,It's people,It's plants,and Animals,and the Natural system on which All life depends.The NRDC work to Restore the integrity of the Elements that sustain Life VizAir,land and water and to defend endangered Natural places. The NRDC is in fact trying to achieve the goal of protecting Nature in Waysvthat advance the Long term welfare of Present and future Generations. This organization is working to ensure that The fundamental rights of all people are protected in such a way that they have a voice to take decisions to their environment.The ultimate Aim of NRDC is to help create A new life for the Mankind that can reach A definite stage without depleting Resources that support all life on Earth. While NRDC and United nations are tirelessly trying to protect environment in all respects,we Indians should not fall behind. In India we face the uphill Task of staging a battleon Biodiversity to protect the SpeciEs Rich mountains of Western Ghats.The indifferent attitude prevailing from time to tme had angered ConSerVationists in the The Western Ghats are a tainted Paradise.Spread over the western cost of the country from. Kerala to the end of Maharashtra excluding GujratThe area covered is just 7% of the land in India.But at the same time More than 30% of the Plants,Fish,Birds,Mammals Make the Ghats as their home. In this regard the Western ghats ALS is one of the leading places in the world As far as Bio diversity is conferee Besides,the Mountains are rich in Mineral resources also.every mountain in the world do not possess this kind of richness .apart from this the presence of Medicinal plants scan additional attraction forWestern is rated as one of the Top ten such mountains in theWorld. The western Ghats is big boost&Blessing for the region from Kanyakumari to the end of Maharashtra through krnataka,Goa,and Maharashtra and a small portion of Gujrat where active presence of Western Ghat is felt. The western Ghats also include many places of Heritage recognized by United Nations. The richness of the Ghats withbthe environmental features including mining potentials for minerals made Western ghats also place for competitions and disputes between interested parties ready for flourishing their business interest,. As the problems prevailed among,Conservationists,Eco friendly people, Miners with business interests were on an increasing Trend the Government had decided to appoint a committee headed by shri Madhav Gadgil to look into the merits and demerits of the area taking into account the environmental richness and it's importance. The Madhav Gadgil committee submitted their report on 31st of August 2011 As the report was for the Western ghats with paramount importance for the protection of Environment, Madhav Gadgil gave more importance for Environment than the Ground Reality relating to the interest of farmers in the valley and the migrants of Wynad who had procured enormous Land at cheaper price being Forest Land.Madhav Gadgil by giving more importance tot protecting the environment had assessed in his report on the basis of 1600 KM stretch covered by Biodiversity And the forests and wild life.His assessment was based on facts of Tiger reserves,National Parks, Wild Life Sancturies and reserved forests.So his assessment was 64% in favor of Eco friendly Environment. The interests of business was given less importance in this report So,there were hue& Cry from all corners from people who were interested in profit at the cost of destroyal of Forest& Wild life. So,Government had to appoint another committee called Kasturi Rangan committee .This committee submitted their report reducing the area of Eco friendly Forests giving more importance to mining etcIn this way they assessed the environment just 37% as compared to the Gadgil report of 64 percent. The 37 percent(%j) findings angered every Biodiversity Experts in India.They were of the opinion that the Kasturi Rangan report was just an under estimation ogThe Madhav Gadgil report and did not match the real situation prevailed in the country .They said neither the report had enough recommendations to safeguard the environment protection nor methods suggested to keep it in par with Business interests of Mining etc. Kasturi Rangan was of the opinion that the Biodiversity act of 2002 was sufficient to protect environment.This was not in par with the opinion of various experts on environment. TheGovernment was totally in darkness and did not know what exactly to be done. There was a lot of exchange of harsh words between Madhav Gadgil & Kasturi Rangan thereafter .Apart from this nothing has been decided either by theUPA government or by the NDA Government until today.Blaming the earlier government that they ruled for 60 years and did nothing are not honourable words from a honorable head of the nation forgetting that they also had ruled the country and various other parties also besides the Congress. Instead of Putting the Blame for everything on Congress alone calling them a family tree (Kudumbavazhcha) ,the present regime should have tried to put India on the right track by action & not by preaching.Besides India is still indebted to the Mother India Indira Gandhi who had introduced the Nationalisation of Banks in India In fact this was the steppingstone for the sound Financial Stability India has achieved today and nothing else matters. Anyhow that is a different matter which has just indirect impact on Environment. Let us now come back to Environment issue to find out how far our nation has progressed in this regard It is common knowledge that in India Environment and Natural Resources are the basic factors that contribute towards the Financial stability of Our country. We are very rich in natural resources,By exploiting Natural resources we could still maintain better standard among other nations of the world. For a typical example the smallest resource of SANDALWOOD alone ( normaand the red type) can earn India over 7500 crores of rupees a year.This is an Agricultural product in just a few acres of land in South India. Similarly there are enormous number of Agricultural Products in India that made our country richer than many other countries.There had never been any fall of natural resources in India except those forced by us by using potential places mining etc.these are matters which could be avoided in the best interest of the Nation Coming back to Environment ,our nation INDIA can not claim any substantial progress in relation to protecting the Environment since 1972 when the idea was first discussedin Sweden& later on 20 years later by United Nations. 43 years is too much of a period or rather 23 years after United Nations started handling the matter ,nothing has been done In India inspite of many Stewards had ruled the states ofthis Nation besides the central Government. In other countries like America ,they have many organizations with the support of the Government to protect Environment. There is a proverb in English that " Too much cooks spoil the meal"" This is what exactly happening in India.At least it is perfectly so in the matter of Environment.they fight each other with different arguments from the points of views of saving wild life to business like mining .But never do anything to protect Environment. The story of Environment is thus becoming rather pathetical by mixing it with personal interests of business. This is the two reports of Mr.Madhav Gadgil and Mr. kasturi Rangan are highlighting.While Gadgill gave paramount importance to Environment protection by giving 64 percent ofthe Western Ghats should be protected,the Kasturi Rangan report just afford 37 percent of protection for the Eco friendly Ghats.Obviously the Kasturi Rangan has not taken into account the specialized areas of wild life,rarecspecies and other rare aspects well known to everyone. The Environment is a vast subject which has scope to develop from the point of view of brightening the future of India.So let us pledge now to work hard to protect the Environment as this is the basic element that could control a nation's Fate The Devastating calamities like Earth quake,TSunami,Sea fury,Heat wave,Drought,Flood,Storm,Tornado and many more disasters are owing to not protecting the Environment properly ACCORDING TO THE INTER GOVERNMENTAL PANEL OF CLIMATE CHANGE (IPCC) an organization established by World Meteorological(WMO)& UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME(UNEP),the temperature of Earth would go on increasing to the extent that in polar& Himalayan Area ICE would melt resulting the rise of the sea and within 90 years everything would burn on earth making Earth a collection of Ash by year 2100. By this time the sea would also rise Conquering earth and total disaster would take place. [ those who are interested to know more may kindly read my blog " the Death of Earth(Bhumiyude Maranam) dt Friday 6th of January 2012] Whether this could be true just time alone could tell. However,if the Environment is neglected totally for the sake of gaining a few bucks ,the possibility of such disaster can not be totally ruled out .The calamities mentioned above which are on the increasing trend due to r rise in Global Temperature day by day and the opinion of IPCC read together it looks like a matter of expecting the Unexpected. So it would appear that it is better for our country to approve and implement the Gadgil report ignoring the Kasturi Rangan Report. Inviting disasters of the kind like Earthquakes mentioned above for the gain of minor financial benefits does not appear to be adviceable . As I mentioned earlier ,the Environment is a vast subject .As no substantial progress in the protection of Environment has been subjected to serious thougtbso far,let us see the further developments in the next Environment Day in 2016. THIS YEARS DEADLIEST HEAT WAVE PREVAILING NOW CLAIMING MORE THAN 2000 lives is a record in three decades.The rising temperature in certain areas is over 47 degree Celcius. It is therefore time nowto think more effectively and seriously to protect ENVIRONMENT in order to protect future Generation. SREEDHARAN MUNDANAT 31st of May 2015

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Lord Ganesha-Jaladhivasa Ganapathy

This blog on Lord Ganesha is in continuation of my blog on Siddivinayak & Ganeshavigrahas of Mumbai dt 13th September2013 Now the IPL season is over during when lakhs of people of Mumbai had prayed for the victory of the Mumbai Indians and Lord Siddivinayak the prime Ganesha of Mumbai would appear to have blessed the cricketing world of Mumbai. This is moe evident from the fact that the Mumbai Indians ,who were not even sure of reaching the Paly off stage, not only reached there but defeated the most powerful Team Chennai Super Kings in the qualifier but in the Final as well with comfortable margin making the fans of Mumbai happiest than ever. No wonder the lord Shiva had declared the Lord Ganesha as the Super God besides lord Vishnu,Lakshmi,Shiva Himself& His beloved Parvathy. Let us have yet another look into the present world ,especially India where people are seeking the Blessings of Lord Ganeswara who is considered to be the Vigneswara meaning the God who can remove obstacles from the way of progress of any event or venture. The reasons. The admissions for Medical and Engineering Colleges are commence shortly. Besides schools are to reopen & school going children are to face all kinds of anxieties regarding,books school bags and again admissions in standard schools. Everywhere from nursery Class to secondary classes competition is existing .people are anxious about their children getting admitted to classes from Nursery to Medical& Engineering Colleges. So Hindu population though they may not admit it might be remembering Lord Ganesha and seeking His Blessings every where in India. In Mumbai( Bombay) the Siddivinayak Temple must be a sea of devotees nowadays especially on Tuesdays which is considered to be the most auspicious day to pray there. All over India there are plenty of Lord Ganesha particular in South India all the states viz Kerala, Karnataka,Tamil Naadu and Andhrapradesh ( both old & new viz Telungana) have plenty of Lord Ganesha Temples. During this season of Admissions & Monsoon ,in one way or other the prayers & offerings in the Temples of the Lord Ganesha is visibly on the increasing trend. In this Blog I am going to introduce two new Lord Ganeshas.This is nota discovery.Existing for centuries but not popular and known to many.Hence this humble attempts with reference to reports available but might be missing by many. This Lord Ganesha Temples are sightly differently known as Jaldhivasa Ganapathy which means tye Temples are existing in water unlike other famous Ganeshas. These two temple are in Kerala( picture above)and neighboring Karnataka. 1)JALADHIVASA GANAPATHY OF CHIRAYIL , DISTRICT,KERALA.: ********************************************************* This Ganesha Temple considered to be rare type because of it's existence in water. This Lord Ganesha is being worshipped by devotees for the grant of the following benefits.This lord is said to be Granting your wish instantly( Kshipraprasadi). 1) worshipped by farmers for getting timely rain and for getting best yield. 2) for keeping cultivation free from being affected by untimely rain. 3)To remove obstacles in the process of wedding 4)For marital Bliss and for getting children. 5)For unity in families and to prevent quarrels at Homes 6)For getting success in cultural competitions. 7)For fairy good intelligent,brightness and success in educational Examinations. Many more blessings also this Lord is being worshipped by many people. 2)GUDDATTU JALADHIVASA VINAYAKA TEMPLE,KARNATAKA: ****************************************************
Guddattu Jaladhivasa Ganapathy Temple was considered to be the unique Ganapathy Temple of this kind. this Temple is resting on the foot of a granitic rockWhichnitself looking like a sleeping Elephant.On the eastern portion of the rock there is a cave on the ground level Where there is a " SWAYAMBHOO" Ganapathy(emerged on it's own) legs twisted and trunks turned towards sun in the sitting position. The cave will be always filledwith water which submerges the emerged Lord Ganesha upto neck level.The Idol of the Ganesha is about 3 feet And is in Black stone Sculpture with little gap around it. The lord is visiblevthrough a hole when Aarathi is performed. Even though the entire Sanctum Sanctorum is natural one Mukhamandapa & Theerthamandapa were constructed with granitic structure as per Temple Vastu and looks very attractive. On bothbsides of the rock there is forest and Lush green Paddy fieldsands the place is picturesque. Even though there is no information as to when the Temple came into existence,the Temple is believed to be very ancient. It is also believed as in the case of many other Temples in South India,someone saw Ganesha in dream who told him to constructba Temple for him and to worship him. The Special Pooja here is stated to be Unique as the Idol itself called AYARAKODA Which means SAHASRAKUMBHABHISHEKA starts with draining the water from the cave performing various Kriyas such as Tailabhyanjana,Panchamrutha,and Rudrabhisheka and Aarathi to the Idol inside the cave.First section of the Pooja contains Abhisheks with water chanting Paramanasooktham till the water overflows from the cave,that is unto the Neck of the Idol. All thee performances require water of around thousand pots and hence Pooja is called " Aayirakoda "( Aayira means Thousand in Malayalam& Tamil)Then Mahamangalarthi will be performed and thereafter Lunch will be served.This is considered to be a very big Seva( Sevanam or Kriya or Performance) and needs advance booking at least 6 months before the event is required.Apart from this, Mudiakkikadabu,Kayi mood Ganapathi, PanchaKajjaya etc will also be performed( the details of these Poojas and their performance would be explained to those required to know on the spot) There is no restriction for Devotees to attend and becoming recipients of the Blessigs fro the GreatLord Ganesha. BELIEF IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE IN PERFORMING POOJAS AND HOMAMS TO ANY LORD GANESHAALL OVER INDIA. The effects and Abhistha sadhyam ( the Achievement are almost one at the same everywhere namely surviving the Obstacles ) So in brief, all your Prayers would be heard by Lord Ganesha and answered as is believed in the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai) IN FRONT OF LORD GANESHA ALL ARE SAME AND THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION IF ONE IS A TRUE BELIEVER AND DEVOTEE. Is it not belief everything in life. So in short,in addition to all the Ganesha Temples in India and Abroad,the above Two Jaladhivasa Ganapathys can be visited,attended.and POOJAS Performed for achieving one's goal. There is no harm in trying In Siddhi Vinayaka temple at Worli,Mumbai "MODAKA" a triangular shaped sweet dish is the main offering . Similarly inf one offers MODAKA every where this would be accepted by Lord Ganesha and His Blessing showered upon you. Please remember Belief is the essence of Prayer in any Temple of Lord Ganesha. Jaladhivasa Ganapathy is Unique in Guddattu while the one in Kottayam is not falling behind as far as granting Wishes of the devotee. If possible,taking bath and visiting the Ganesha temples in the morning before taking breakfast is believed to be more effective.Bath is possible for everyone invariably where as the question of Breakfast depends upon the habits according to Madical advices. So visiting Ganesha Temple with full belief is of Paramount importance for devotees. This does not mean that everything would be looked after by Lord Ganesha without any effort from Devotee especially in case of educational is always advice able to take every efforts on one's part before leaving everything to Lord Ganesha.Lord Ganesha is a remover of Natural Obstacles and not a creator of opportunities though with Utter belief Miracles also do happen sometimes. So always visit any Temple with clear mind and with full devotion. In order to reach the templet Kottayam in Kerala it is easy just reach Kottayam by Road or Rail and enquire there. In regard to Guddattu in Karnataka those who come from Udupi side it is 35 KM from Udupi viaBhramavara- Barkur and for those who come from kundapur about 15 KM via Koteswara and about 10 KM from Shankaranarayanavia Haladi,Bidkalkatta- Shiriya. [ As far as Guddattu Vinayak Temple ,the contents of this blog is indebted to Prasad Shetty,Barkur,South Canara bangalooru, Karnataka, India] Sreedharan Mundanat 28th May 2015

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Red Sandalwood-Raktha Chandanam

This blog is in continuation of my earlier blog on "Sandalwood-A blessing for Life" dt24th May 2015 In the earlier blog I had mentioned about common Sandalwood.this one is a special variety found in Western Ghats. If one likes it can be called the Medicinal Queen of Western far,this variety has not been named this way. Let us look into Raktha Chandanam in more details: There are two types of sandalwood.1)common white sandalwood which has Fragrance(the earlier Blog refers) and 2)Red Sandal wood.The main difference is that the former has pleasant Fragrance whereas the later has mild Fragrance and also being used for the same purposes as of White but not in large scales. The Red Sandalwood( Raktha Chandanam) is the variety which is more useful as a medicine than for the use in Temples And in the manufacture of Sandalwood Oil,perfumes and Soaps& Cosmetics. In Ayurveda,after many tests in the ancient period. It has been classified As a medicine the heartwood of which Is very useful for diverse clinical conditions. This is found more in Andhra Pradesh. The properties of the red variety are mainly bitter and sweety in Taste.very useful for the coolness of the eyes The heartwood and the seeds are very helpful to prevent cough,Vomiting,Fever,and illness relating to blood and eyes. The heartwood and fruits are very useful for stopping bleeding& for healing of Wounds.They are used as ingredients to prepare medicines for internal bleeding also. Both White Sandalwood & Red sandalwood arevsuch trees as coconut tree in the use of their parts.every part of the trees are useful in one way or other. The commercial importance of Sandalwood is of pamount importance.since a long time,every year the market value Of sandal wood is on the increasing trend. The price of Red sandalwood is always more than the white though the fragrance is less. This is because of it's medicinal value and te strength of the trunk. The trunk of Red sandal wood is obviously red. The red Sandalwood is found more in the region of Rayalseema& Thirupathi but a ban is on in dealing with the Red sandal wood since a long time. Recently in 2014 the ban was lifted to conduct the e- Auction of 10,000 tones of Red sandalwood recovered from poachers. As I had mentioned above the maximum cultivation of red sandalwoodbiisvin Andhrapradesh.But at the same time the menace of smugglers& poachers are also at the maximum in Andhrapradesh. The authorities are append ding the poachers sometimes Nd recover the loot from them .such looted & recovered Sandalwood is in godowns awaiting orders from Government for their auction. The 10,000 tones accumulated in the Godowns were e-Auctioned in December 2014 which fetched Rs 991 crores. The sandalnwood is just a small commodity.there are many more items dealt with farmers Are not looked after by the Government in the right perceptive affording more importance to Agriculture India is a nation which is depending more on Agriculture to improve the economy of the country further and further. Similarly the nation is surrounded by other nations also from whom India constantly face Threat in one way or other.Even SSrilanka is givingnIndia perpetual headache by detaining INDIA's fishing boats& frisbee en. This being so,India need a good Defence system on the borders by employing maximum H service personnel. However,it is very sad affair to note that the present changed Governmentbat the Centre is ignoring the legitimate requirement ofbthe Nation in regard to Agriculture and Defence. Instead there are reports overflowing in the Media that the mostnimportant sector of Defence is subjected to reduction instead of increase. Similarly ,the department of Agriculture which is the Oxygen( Pranavayu) Of the Nation is also being totally ignored without affording prime importance. The days of our Nation and the people attaining self sufficiency looks like a mirage . SreedharanMundanat 25th may 2015 .

Sunday, May 24, 2015

SANDALWOOD- A Blessing for life

Whenever one hears the word Sandalwood,the first thing flashes through one's mind would be the "Prasadam" one gets from famous Temples like Guruvayoor .This Prasadam is made out of Sandalwood paste made by crushing the sandal wood Into a paste.Either sandalwood powder can be made first and adding a few drops of water into it by putting it in the palm of hand & mixing until it turns out in to a paste but, the best method is to make the paste from the wood direct by crushing it on a rough surface using both hands and water.In temples people are employed to do this work.Earlier days in Kerala every house used to make sandal wood paste .nowadays peoplecarecso busy that they do not get time for doing this . Applying the sandal wood on the Temple ofbyour head not merely a custom followed while visiting Templesbut it hasscientific & medicinal effect on your head as well.It gives daylong cooling effect for your head.there are manynpeople who do not know this and even try to hide from doing so for reasons best known to them.Thus applying Sandal wood paste on the temple of your head is not only a religious process followed by Hindus But also a medicinal application from the scientific point of view.The sandalwood paste applies on your head gives cooling and freshness for the entire day. In Kerala ,there is no religious function without the presence of Sandalwood Paste. For Annaprasam (Chorunu or otherwise giving rice for the first time to 5to6 months old child),Threadwearing ceremony for Brahmins,feast on birth days( Pirannal),polkas at home,Marriages & Housewarming Ceremonies ,all need the presence of Sandalwood Paste. The sandal wood trees are generally found more in India& Australia. The places where Sandal wood Trees are found in Asia are India,Nepal,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Srilanka,Australia,Indonesia,Hawail& Pacific Islands. In India the Mysore area in Karnataka is considered to be the the place where best fragrant Sandalwood Trees are found.The fragrance of the trunk is the speciality of the tree.Sandalwood is used besides the use in Temples,asfragrance factor for perfumes and as medicinal factor in Ayurvedas Of late,the Indian Sandalwood has become endangered and with a view to curbing it's extintion ,the Government of India had since a long time considered Limiting the exportation of Sandalwood tree and is in the Government control since many years. The Removal of the tree is prohibited Irrespective of whether on private ground or religious ground until a sandalwood tree attains Thirty years of life.This prohibition has,however,not stopped many PoachersFrom cutting trees down whenever they find free time from the eyes of the Authorities.Smuggling of Sandalwood had become a Socio -economic and Law and Order problem in India especially in the borders of Tamil Naadu. In India,sandalwood is primarily distributed in the Deccan plaTeau.The total Extent of it's distribution is around 8525 SqKM of land in Karnataka,Kerala,Andhrapradesh and Tamil Naadu.Out of this 5245 sqKM is in Karnataka( Mysore And Shimoga).3040 SqKM is in Tamil Naadu,175 SqKM in AndhraPradesh and 65 SqKM in Kerala. Besides, Madhyapradesh,Orissa& Maharashtra have a combined coverage of 299 SqKm of sandalwood cultivation Sandalwood,perhaps, is a Blessing from God as all the Hindu Temples all over India use sandalwood Paste as part of Prasada to the devotees.It is a big source of revenue for the State&& Central Governments. Sandalwood is being used for Medicines,for manufacturing Perfumes and many more purposes. Karnataka State which practically controls the manufacture ,factories,marketing,promotion,sales in India have Framed various regulations & have taken various stringent measures to protect Sandal wood their production & control . They have various organizations law and order arrangements to deal with offenders and poachers of sandal wood. Still the smuggling and poaching continue everywhere despite following the same measures employed by Karnataka. Today the business of Sandalwood,sandalwood oil,sandal wood soaps are being carried out in full swing in all places Where sandalwood is available This is one of the best sources of revenue for Karnataka,Tamil nadu,Kerala,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra& Orissa. The price level of Sandal wood and Sandalwood products in India is an astronomically bigger a result of this the central & State Governments take every step to ensure it's availability and plantation wherever it is grown. The central andState governments usedvto form expert board and committees to look into the needs of the Industry who often offer their remarks on how to improve the Industry in India.Their proposals are examined at regular intervals and suitable decisionsvare being taken &implemented by the Governments. The farmers are provided with low cost Saplings to promote it's plantation and all other facilities and assistance to the people working in the field. For some time in the past there were no takers for sandal wood & their products in India due to the exorbitant prices prevailed in India and abroad. Of late ,the position is understood to have improved on the higher side. The quantity offered and price fetched in Kerala where the production area is the lowest in the SouthvIndia would give an idea how the Sandal wood business is flourishing in India. In Kerala 65 SqKm alone is the area in which Sadal wood is available This is in a place called Marayur.Every year here Sandalwood is being Auctioned to private,Government and Temple trusts. This year on 5th February 2015 an Auction was held.
The picture above is the classified Sandalwood for Marayur Sandalwood Depot in Kerala The Sandalwood Auction held at Marayur recently in February 2015saw the highest ever quantity sold in Auction and a record collection in terms of revenue. Of the 77.87 tonnes of Sandalwood put up for auction 52 Tonnes were sold.The Marayur Divisional forest Officer Had confirmed that the Auction saw a record revenue collection of Rs46 Crores( including a tax of Rs8.3 crores). Class Three sandalwood Recorded the highest price of Rs13,000/-per KG. In Class three and Class six there was a record increase in sale of 45 to 50 percent as compared to previous years. Both class three and six ie the sandalwood proper and Root wood were sold The most sold items were in Clss six 18.3 tones. This year it was totally e- Auction which found better results. The largest number of participants were from outside Kerala including Kolkatta,Chennaiand Delhi. From Kerala those who participated were Temples,Ayurveda Medicines Manufacturers and Private persons.The private Party had optioned for highest quantity. The Range officer of Marayur division confirmed that Only matured and dried Trees and those fell due to Natural causes were collected for e- auction. The Oil content and quality of Marayur sandalwood Are stated to be one of the best leading to good demand from Ayurvedic Medicine Companies,Soap and Cosmetic Companies. As there is a ban existing in India for the Export of Sandal wood oil, the demand for mixed chips ,from which Sandalwood Oil could be extracted Was at a Low level. From the foregoing ,it is reliably clear that the Sandal wood Industry could turn out to be Blessing for the life of peoplevin India provided proper care is taken to protect the Sandalwood trees from Poachers and e-Auction introduced all over the country where sandalwood is being grown. SreedharanMundanat 24 th May 2015

The Pepsi IPL 2015 Final between CSK&MumbaiIndiansat Eaden Gardens.

Finally the Final of PepsiIPL2015 is being staged at the Glorious Cricket venue of India ,the Eaden Gardens. Eaten Gardens has staged many historical games of Cricket in India. This is going to be yet another one. The two teams have played each other many times before. In this final there is a peculiarity that both the MI played just one qualifier,the CSK played in both qualifiers. This is a repeat of First qualifier of this year2015. So the Spectators are expecting an encounter of Run feast today. Both Chennai Super Kings& Mumbai Indians had won the IPL before.Chennai twice in 2010&2011 while Mumbai in 2013. . So what the cricket world would be watching today would be whether Indian Captain of the Word cup Squad of 2011 would add yet another feather to his cap or Rohit Sharma would betaking Mumbai Indians to victory today . The weather in Kolatta could be a deciding factor in Kolkatta where Rain could come and go anytime. So it does not seem to be the right choice to imagine or predict the fate of this Match when the two teams are readying themselves now.Chennai with an aim of winning against MI who had beaten them in first qualifier and Mumbai With the aim of repeating their performance. So let us wish both the teams which are a Mix of both Indian players & Players from abroad( an AVIYAL as is called In a Vegetarian dish in Kerala where all the vegetable together are used for making the dish) So ,all the Best to CSK and MumbaiIndians. Sreedharan Mundanat 24th May2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh- A place where perfumes are made from Rain.

This blog I am tempted to write is based on a discovery accidentally from the net.I was not looking for. Such a place but it so happened that I came across with it by chance. When Im read the history of the place I was so much impressed to put it in the form of a blog As the heading of this Blog suggests Kannauj is a place where everywhere the fragrance of perfumes prevails. This place is in is said to be the place where perfume is made from Rain.It might look like hearing a paradox.but no.there is some facts in saying so. Some Research people had tried to prove scientifically also that the place smells perfume due to various natural reasons This town is a business town of Perfumes..All the people in this village are in one way or other related to the Perfume business. The attar is the main perfume being made in Kannauj. In my childhood atvthevtime of School Education I had many friends from Muslims and Christians.Kerala is still a place where religious controversies do not affect friendship.Those days there were never any discrimination based On religious feelings. My Muslim friends on various occasions used to spray attar paticles all over my body saying that I would smell fragrance .Today I am happy to knowv the reasons behind whatvtheybwere telling me so. The ingredients required for the making of Attar are mainly as briefed hereunder: 1)Basic materials:Sandalwood oil,Dl- OctYl Phthlate( DOP) and Liqid Paraffin. 2)Floral Material: Rose Flowers, Kewra flowers,Bela Flowers,kadamb flowers,Chameli Flowers,Marigold,Suffron& maulshri Flowers. 3) Herb and spices required: Many many Herbs & Spices are being used in the manufacture of Attar.they are mainlyoak moss,Suganth Mantri,Laurel Berry,Juniper Berry,Cypriol,Indian Valerian,Jatamansi,Hedychium Spicatum, Dau Haick,Sugandha Bala,Sugandha Kokila,Kulanjan,,Javitri/ Jaiphal,Cardom,clove,Suffron,Ambergris& Musk. The ingredients are available. And spread overAligarh( U.P),Palampur(H.P),Ganjam( Orissa),KANNAUJ(U.P).North, East& SouthbIndia,Madhya Pradesh Let us look into the procedure being followed in Kannauj,the principal perfume town where perfume Attar is being manufactured. The Hydro distillation process is a traditional method of manufacturing Attar.this process is still being followed In Kannauj. Here the main flowers used for preparation of Attar are Jasmine,Marigold,Chameli,Kadamb& Maulshri These flowers are more easily available here in Kannauj. The Hydrodistillation process consists of two main process called "Deg & Bhapka" process. Let us see what these are briefly. Deg or Still: ***************** The process is carried out in Copper Stills called " Degs"as was done centuries ago.These arecall directly heated Stills and their capacities can range from 10 to 160 Kgs Of Floral/ Herbal materials. The lid of the still is called"Sarpos" and is also Made of Copper having openings for Connections to one or two receivers. Bhapkas or Receivers: *********+++++++++++++++ One of the peculiar features of thebAttar Distillation is that no separate confessor is used.The unique Odour of Attar is obtained by condensing vapor into the base material mainly Sandalwood Oil.The receiver is built of Copper and is of Round Shape with Long Neck for case in connection withDeg or Chonga.It is known as Bhapka and it acts as Condensors aswell. Chonga or Bamboo condenser: ****************************** The still and the receiver areConnected by a Chonga.This is a Hollow Bamboo pipe wrapped with twine or insulation. Traditional Bhatti or Furnace: ******+************+************* Normally wood or Coal is used for heating and heat is controlled manually. GachchiOr cooling Water Tank: ****************************** This is the place where Bhapka or receiver is kept and used for Coolingbthe distillate from Deg. Kuppi or Leather Bottle *************************** These are bottles made from leather of Animals.The reasons for making these bottles are theIr semi- permeability towards Water.It is used for removal of moisture from Attars.The leather allows water to move out and Attar to remain as suchvthereby removing water from Attar. Copper has been the main structural Material for Deg &Bhapka because it is malleable good conductor of Heatand easy to repair. Now let us look into various types of Attars: MAIN TYPES OF ATTARS: ******************************* The Attars can be broadly classified and categorized into the following types based on the Raw Materials used. FLORAL ATTARS: **************** Attars manufactured from single species of Flower are coming under this category.These are indicated below: 1)Gulab ex Rosa damascena or Rosa Edward. 2)Kewra. ExPandanus odoratissimus 3)Motia. Ex Jasminum Sambac 4)Gulhina Ex Lawsonia Intermis 5) Chameli exJasminum Grandiflorum. 6)Kadam exAnthoephalus cadamba HERBAL AND SPICY ATTAR: ************************* Attar manufactured from combination of Floral ,Herbal and Spicy materials are coming under this category. Hina and it's various forms Viz Shamama,Shamama- tul- Amber,Musk Amber and Musk Hina. There are some Attars which are neither Floral nor Herbal . They are generally called ATTAR MITTI FALLS.This is manufactured by using a different process of distillation Of baked Earth over Base material. There are many auses for Attar.Basically it isca personal perfume .It is also being used for Pharmacritical purpose and as flavor for different types of Sweets. As in the cases of any other Iindustries,Attar also undergo Qulality controlb and Standardization Of Process parameters.As in any other Industry Standardization is essential to capture World Markets and to sustain there. The eqipments required for the manufacture also being made locally to boost the local manufacture in and around . The project cost depend upon the cost of ingredients in the market and vary according to increase or decrease of prices prevailing at different periods. So no specific formula can be derived for this purpose on a permanent basis. For quality control and better marketing goals Research & Development Organisations and the manufacturing units are continuing their association to achieve better and better results in the industry of Perfumes. Before concluding ,it is worth of looking into the process of keeing the perfume business In the thickly populated Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai .There are enormous number of shop owners who are experts in the attar Industry still doing their business in full swing.They are very. Cordial people ready to part with their full co opration with customers .For them customer is the primarily important part of their business.there are many dealers who constantly innovate to keep pace with the demand of the present day Customer. They thrive very hard to do their business honestly by safeguarding the traditional old methods also alive even today while mix the modern methods also to benefit both the business as well as the customer. There are dealers in Bhendibazar who maintain that their attar has even permanent shelf life and the Attars manufactured from original herb Extracts smell better as they get older. In short ATTAR attracts angels and ward off Evil Spirits!!! Sreedharan Mundanat 21st May 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Makkal mahatmyam- Family Tree

The Makkal Mahatmyam or Family Tree is an obvious feature in many fields of performance and Glory in Indi Starting with the entertainment field Cinema(Movies/Films),the prominent name that comes to my memory is Prithvi Raj Kapoor & the Kapoor family.Prithvi Raj Kapoor was born on 3rdNovember 1906 and in a span of life ended on 29 th May 1972, he had contributed a lot to Indian Cinema.Even if we call him father of Indian Hindi Movies it is a justifiable title for the following reasons: He started carrier with the creation of a travelling Drama Troop called Prithvi Theatre In 1944 and continued with it for a long time until he found that it was next to impossible to maintain a troop of 80 people traveling all Over India.He was compelled to cease the theatre and switch on to movies in 1950 when he got few offers to act In films.His movie acting carrier started with AWARA in 1951 with his son RajKapoor.He played the role of a strict Judge in it.later on in 1960 in Mughal Eh Azam as king Akbar, and thereafter in Sikandere Azam,Kal aaj aur Kal In 1971. By this time he had acted in movies with his sons& grandson. His sons are RajKapoor,Shammi Kappor ,Sashi Kapoor.Grandsons are Randhir Kapoor& Rishi Kapoor.. Shri Prithviraj spoor had recd all the wards imparted by the film Industry. Including the dadabhai Phalke Award. But this most famous award by the Film Industry was given to him Posthumously.the ward for the year 1971 was Given in his honor after his death in 1972.At that time he was the third celebrity to receive the award. Starting from 1931 with Alam Ara to 1940 he had acted in 14 movies& from 1941 to 1971 another 19 films ending with Kal Aaj,aur Kal.thus a total of 33 films were to his credit besides silent movies prior to 1931, His best film & role i to be the King Akbar in the film Mughal e Azam. He was awarded Padmavibhooshan by the Government of India The postal department had issued one stamp of with the picture of the Prithvi theatre& later on another stamp with his face on it His son Raj kapoor was the Showman of the Hidi cinema who had protected Makkal Mahatmyam( Family Tree) in every respect like his father ,if not better.He acted with almost all heroine of Hindi Screen starting from Madhubala in Neel Kamal to Hema malini in Sapnon Kal. His brothers were also famous actors Shammi Kapoor, Sasi Kapoor.His sons Randhir Kapoor& Rishi Kapoor also famous Actors .He and the family memmberscwere all Actors,Producers&Directors securing a place in Hindi Film Industry which could last as a permanent honour for the Kapoor family.his top class films were Aag,Andaz,Aawara,Barsat,shri420,Chori Chori,Anari,Teesri Kasam,Chhalia,Jis deshme Ganga Bahtei hein,Sangam,Around the World,Sapnom ka sausagar,Mera ma'am Joker and many many more. His sons Rrandhir Kapoor & Rishi Kapoor were introduced in films Kal Aaj Aur Kal & Bobby respectively.They were produced and Directed by him He got all wards from The Film Industry including Dadabhai Phalke award the highest award.INCIDENTLY AFTER RECEIVING THIS PRESTEGIOUS AWRAD HE HAD AGGEVATED HIS AILMENT AASTHMA AND WAS ADMITTED TO AIIMS,DELHI.Like his father he also died in 1988 at the age of 64 years.his brother Sasi Kapoor also received Phalke Award recently. He was honored with Padmavibhooshan by the Government in 1971. Thus the Kapoor family also safeguarded Makkal Mahatmyam successfully. Now, let us look into another field ofventertainment viz Hindi Film & devotional Music For this let us take into consideration the Mangeshkar Family Lata Mangeshkar,the Nightingale of India,her sisters Asha Bhosle& Usha mangeskar & brother Hridayanath Mangeshkarare the pride of Mangeskar family who have successfully secured Makkal Mahatmyam or Family Tree. In this family Lata Mangeshkar ,her sister Asha Bhosle,& Usha Mangeshkar are more prominent in the field of music. The eldest of the family Lata Mangeshkar ,popularly known as the Nightingale of India is now 85 years old.Lataji still continue to sing to entertain the people of India. Lataji isvthe best known play back singer of India. born on September 1929,Lata Mangeshkar had started her play back singer role in the year 1942 and spanned over seven decades now.Lataji had recorded songs for over 1000 Hindi filmsAnd has sung songs for more than 36 regional and foreign Languages though primarily for Marathi& Hindi. LATAJI IS THE SECOND VOCALIST AFTER M.S.SUBBALAKSHMI TO HAVE EVER BEEN AWARDED AS BHARATRATNA,INDIA's HIGHEST CIVILIAN HONOUR. According Guiness book ,Lataji has sung over 30,000 songs . It is a herculian Task to list the films & popular songs of Lataji. All songs sung by Lataji are treat for ears. Besides,BHARATRATNA Award,Lataji has been awarded with Padmavibhooshan,Padmabhooshan,Dadabhai Phalke Award,Maharashtra NHL Shan Award& many more awards sponsored by various states & organizations all over India. Her sister Asha Bhosle is also not less in the performance though not as much as her elder sister Lataji. Ashaji had recorded more than 11,000 solos and sung for 20 languages in India for film and devotional songs. Usha Mangeshkar has also followed the footsteps of her elder sisters in to to. Thus, the Makkal Mahatmyam ( Family Tree) prevailed successfully without any criticism in India. The next in the list of Hindi singers and Movie artists in the field of Entertainment are Mukden,Nitin Mukesh,Ashoka Kumar ,Kishore Kumar,Anoop Kumar in Hindi film
The next best examples of most successful people who maintained the Makkal Mahatmyam are none other than Ashok Kumar,Kishore Kumar,& Anoop Kumar who need no introduction at all. Out of the 3 brothers Kishore kumarvwas also popular in Music besides movie acting. Then comes the list of Amitabh Baccchhan family,Shivaji Ganeshan & Prabhu family,Mamootty and Salmanazars family and many more people who have created unforgetable images in the minds of Indians Similarly in the field of Sports and games are the famous people Lala Amarnath,MohindervAmarnath Amarnath,Nawab ofvPataudi & his family, Sachin Tendulkar& Arjun Tendulkar. All the people mentioned above have been adored by Indians and have established a permanent spot in the minds of Indians But above all ,are the names of Javaharlal Nehru,Indira Gandhi,and Rajiv Gandhi who were the Prime ministers of INDIA( BHARAT). The basic reason for our country India to have a strong place in the world & it's map are the above Prime Ministers.the moulded the present India with all kinds of developments in every fields of prosperity and would be remembered for ever in their names. There can not be any doubt in the minds of any Indian in this regard. The economy Status India has today mainly belongs toIndira Gandhi who introduced Nationalisation of banks India ignoring the difference of opinions from some corners. In view Of what have been brought out abovethe reasons for adverse comments arising from many corners today Criticizing the former Prime Ministers is at loss to understand. So,the reasons for this is very much obvious. IT IS THE GREED , ENVY ,INTRIGUE and PERHAPS, THE THIRST FOR POWER& CHAIR ARE THE THE FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO SUCH REMARKS PREVAILING ALL OVER INDIA TO DAY. Otherwise ,why all are ready to accept the Makkal Mahatmyam in every field mentioned above the same yard stick is notnapplied to the intelligent and intellectual family of the Nehrus? Unless the wrong mentality of not appreciating the good deeds done by the former prime Ministers Our country is not going to have any prominent place in the eyes of the world. Sreedharan mundanat 19th May2015 reviewed and revised on 9th March 2016

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pepsi IPL 2015( Season8)- Glorious Games ofvUncertainty

This was the first time in the last 8 Editions the play off Teams of the last 4 could not be decided until the last game no 56 was played at Hyderabad between Sunrisers& & Mumbai Indians . Usually towards the of the season ,the last week of the schedule emerged a fairly good picture of the final four Teams. The Sunrisers (formerly Decan Chargers,Hyderabad) is one of the best Teams in the IPL They had won the prestigious Final at South Africa under the captaincy of Adam Gilchrist in the year 2009. This season under the Captaincy of another Australian fine performer DavidWarner the team had every chance of making the making into the Play off stage.But Las! the fate thought differently!throughout the season the openers David Warner & Shikar Dhavan performed fairly well especially Warner whereas the performance of Rohit Sharma the captain of MumbaiIndians was very poor compared to Warner in leading the team and playing But in the crucial game on their home ground the unexpected had happened.The openers Warner &Dhavan who were the real builders of a good foundation for the score of the team was unfortunately fell in succession in the first over Shikar Dhavan for just 1 run bowled by Malinga followed by David Warner in the first ball of the second over for6 runs caught Pollard bowled McClenaghan.this was the worst performance by the openers in the season leavin 7/2 for the others to follow. The stunned Sunrisers later on could not maintain the rhythm . They succumbed to a paltry 113 all out posingban easy target for the Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians eventually won the match rather easily With a secured performance from the openers Pathiv Patel& LMPSymmons.Thus with high run rate they ensured a second spot in the Play off tally. It was an unexpected gift for the Mumbai Indians fallen from the play Chennai Super king in the first Qualifier on the 19th of May 2015. The other teams in the final 4 a re Rajastan Royals & Royal Challengers ,Bangalore. Who are to play the eliminators on 20 th May. This season the worst game came from Kolkatta Knight Riders whovwas on the top for some time until the lat week. Here also it was a story of shocking performances.Gautama Gambhir& Robin Uthappa who had been fairly good performers throughout suddenly deteriorated their game in the crucial match against Rajastan Royals.shane Watson until the earlier match who was the captain of RR,Jaipur once again made a match winning performance by scoringba century in taking the team to play off stage.
Yusuf Pathan who was a very good performer who took KKR to many wins fell unfortunately while he was playing well Thereafter it was curtains for KKR though the tail Ender Yadav tried an adventure in the final stage. One change for Sunil Narine (.whether rested of injuredvunknown)was uncalled for and contributed adversely for KkR.Azhar Mahmood for the first time this season was a replacement for Sunil Narine.his worst Performance made RR richer in terms of runs scored.In three overs he bowled ,41 runs were given allowing sixes and fours freely.Later on his batting too was not upto the mark and expectation.thus his performance was rather contributing more to the agony of KKR than relief.In short the defending Champion was thrown out of Play off this season. The performance of RCB was fairly good this season with one big knock from West India Gayle and an outstanding Final knock from captain Virat Kohli.He virtually forced his team to the playoff like doing an adventure.It was a superior over he played and a treat for the eyes.The crowd was roaring for him from the stands. Thus the captains of CSK,RCB,RR( until the previous match shanecWatson) were outstanding in this IPL.David Warner of Sunrisers was a super hit this season but luck was not in his favor. Let us wish him good luck next time. Sreedharan Mundanat 18th May 2015

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Love for Trees & Flowers

In joy or sadness,the flowers are the best companion for Human beings. The Spring Season in America is ,perhaps,the best time for an explorer of beautiful nature in The states. All over America one could find elegant & beautiful trees and Flowers spread over streets & nature parks. Really not only a feast for eyes but for experiencing the coolness of the cities in their true senses as well. The Americans are generally well known for their love for trees,plants,Flowers ,Birds,pets and wild animals There are strict laws to protect them& violations are least allowed.question of enforcing such laws very rarely arise as the people are. Self conscious about these and so they never try to destroy the beauty of it & instead have an instinct in them to admire protect them without the help of any law or regulation. The children are brought up by giving proper training about the awareness of these beautiful creations God has given to Humanity. Every city in America is so beautiful to roam about to relish the beauty of Nature that one would never feel tired of roaming ,especially romantic beauty lovers.there are well maintained Parks and Gardens all over American cities. America spend lavishly for the beautification of her cities & Suburbs.This is the reason everywhere to have sincere Civic staff to maintain trees& plants by watering them regularly with arranges schedules besides individual care. The pictures depicted above are just a few of them as a demonstration. No one ,perhaps ,could find all the enchanting flowers at one place.perhaps,there are ways& means in many cities to have a heartening view in Public gardens& parks.For example there is one Flower field at Carlsbad in San Diego on the one side of the express high way from Los Angeles to City.but there is a seasonal restriction to get entries to this garden which grows flower On a seasonal Basis.The season is from 1st March running through to 12th of May. It is indeed a heavenly experience to spend a few hours there during the season.Many people from around the world visit this flower field during the season. All the trees that gives us colorfulFlowers are not Equal in their nature as considered by experts in the field of study of Nature.Some trees are hauntingly beautiful than Othere in terms of the speciality of their flowers.The flower tree do create separate moods all by themselves and convey the essence of a season in their flowers. It is said that there is love and romance in the flowering trees. Here are the names of 10 choices of flowering trees depicted above to fall in love with. 1)Sassafras: This tree light up early in spring in Landscape areas.Generally found in NorthnAmerica. This is said to be attracting birds because it's fruits have more fat contents.This tree also attract butterflies. Grows as much as 30 to 60 feet. 2)Redbud: This flower tree is known to be the announcer of's colorful flowers light up garden.usually the flowers lastb3 weeks. Found in North American Landscapes. Redbuds grow about 25 feet. 3)Flowering Dogwood.: The snow white flowers has the effect of transforming a landscape.Known to be super attractive bird tree. 4)Flowering Crabapple: There are 700 varieties of this flower tree ,the flowers are white ,Pink & red colors .They grow 15 to 25 feet anvattractive addition to any garden. 5)Fringe tree: The flowers of Fringe tree is irresistible& beautiful tassel-like flowers ,the tree grows to 10 to 20 feet. These are old fashioned trees & a must for any garden. 6)Sweetbay Maglonia: This tre has fine flowers are cream colored Goblet - shaped flowers. Very much necessary for garden because of the Sweet fragrance ofbthe flowers. It is found in Chicago& North Boston.Grows to 10 to 20 feet. 7)Chaste tree: This flower tree grows in a height of 20 feet approx. The peculiarity is it blossoms with it's beautiful flowers even after Spring through Summer. From April in Washington to June in South America through to August in The Northwest Pacific. It has mind catching Lavander shade flowers a great distention for any garden in terms of colorful flowers.. 8) American Yellow wood: This is a native of Mid -Atlantic& Midwest.Blossoms early summer with white fragrant flowers.An ideal addition to the garden as an attractive & fragrant variety.the flowers are beautiful in many respects. The flowers are rare in the wild.Bee magnetic in attracting the bees.These luxurious flowers are an unavoidable addition to gardens. Grows to 12 feet height. 9)CRAPE MYRTLE: Grows in the heat of summer for 3 months.the shape is of dense cloud as much beautifully as her color in white,pink,yellow& Purple.Grows into glorious bloom in extreme heat Multiple trunks are an added attraction to the flower tree with filling effect in the garden.A must for any garden. 10)SEVEN-SONFLOWER: Grows to a height of 15 to 20 feet.A native of China .blooms in Summer..The Pinkish red calyxes adds to the beauty of the flower .A late summer variety.a must for any garden.. *************************************** The best time to plant a flower tree in when it rains at least for 4 the American forecasts are reliable it isveasy to choose the time to plant.watering too is necessary until grows well. Self - sown seedlings collected from neighborhood could help to better growing and relied upon more advantageously.Transplantation easier if done this way. Flowering trees Looks better especially in Groves in groups of three or morefor a more natural effect. Using native trees can help to attract pollination as well as to have a regional identity to the garden. Local shopping better to collect seeds From Specialized garden makers & Nursery specialists could help to select treasures from their inventory. { COURTSEY: 1)MARTY ROSE AND 2)David Winston of USA} ********************************************************* In this connection ,please also read my Blog on Carlsbad Flower field- a heavenly Experience on earth dt 29 th April 2013 with large number of picture of beautiful flowers photographed from the field during a visit there. Sreedharan Mundanat 16th May 2015