Monday, July 28, 2014

Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Tmple

The Guruvayur Temple ,known as the Dwaraka of South India,has inside a Bhagavathy Temple known as Edathedathu Kavil Temple. There is one Bhagavathy Temple inside the Thiruvambadi sreekrishna Temple also.Besides Paramekkavu Temple is also one of the Temples along with ThiruvambadiTemple which takes part in the Thrissur Pooram. The Bhagavathy Temples of Kerala: Many Texts, Myths,and Rituals concerning Goddess subsume them all under one great female being named generally as Mahadevi or Devi.Earliest Hindu Tradition as reflected in the Vedas speak of Discrete Goddess like Lakshmi and Parvathy.Later there emerged a tendency to relate all Goddesses to one ultimate Goddess,the best example of such texts being the DeviMahatmya.Another important feature of Mahadevi mythology and theology is the insistence that assumes both benign& Terrible aspects of Mahadevi. Durga,Saraswathy,SriLakshmi,Parvathy and Kali are the different forms of Female Goddess being worshipped in different Devi or Mahadevi Temples. Basically ,in the Hindu pantheon,Durga is the most popular Goddess and the creation of Durga takes place in the context of Cosmic Crisis.The Asuras were on the ascent and they became a threat for Cosmic Stability.The male Gods were unable to contain and subdue them.A number of male Gods having failed to subdue the Demons led by Mahishasura assembled into a conclave& emitted their energies upon UMA/PARVATHY the wife of SHIVA who became the Warrior Goddess of DURGA that is invincible.The Vedic Literature does not have any concept of Durga though it has references to certain Goddesses as Slayers of Demons. Durga is the slayer of Mahishasura. The Durga concept of Mahadevi thus assumes so much of Importance.There are many Durga Temples in India.Durga Pooja is celebrated during Navarathri . The different forms of Mahadevi are Saraswathy,SriLakshmi,Parvathy& Kali. SARASWATHY is the Goddess for Speech & Learning. SRILAKSHMI is the Goddess for Wealth,food & all other Day to day unavoidable requirements. PARVATHY is the Main Goddess as the Wife of Shiva assumes the concept of Shakthism.She is the Power of Shiva.It is said if there is no sakthi without Shiva or Shiva without Shakthi. KALI Is the most significant divinities and many text & contexts treat Kali as the Independent Diety not directly associated with a male God.In case she is associated with a male God it is with Shiva. Thus in short the Goddesses worshipped all over India& Hinduism are all one at the Same .The Goddesses can be worshipped together as is being done in the case of Male God. The Concept of God& Goddesses is a matter of Belief. If the Gods& Goddesses are not Spread all over the places differently and worshipped the concept of Belief itself would be lost.So the existence of Different Gods& Goddesses in Different places in different forms is to safeguard & ensure belief.So in order to safeguard the concept of Belief or sometimes called Bhakti is a must and should be followed as a method to visit different Temples in the mornings& evenings. This habit is a must to be developed among children from very early stage to bring them up successfully without diverting their attention from Belief. The concept of starting writing the first letters of langtage by children under ther supervision of elders in SaraswathyTemples like Kollur is relevant here. In order to train& spread belief among children ,it is a must for Elders also to go to Temples daily with clear mindsthoughts. This kind of habits can establish prosperity,Peace,Happiness& Stability in the Family Of everyone in the long run &would benefit the members of Family. So as a matter of Self discipline everyone should practice Belief & worship at home. SreedharanMundanat 29th July 2014,Tuesday 05-45AM(IST)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maha Kshetrams of Kerala-A brief Discussion on Guruvayoor Temple.

The GuruvayoorTemple , considered as the Dwaaka of South India, is one of the most sacredTemples of India.According to Hindu Belief the Temple is the creation of Guru,the preceptor of the Gods and Vayu ,the God of the wind. There are two main entrances for the Temple known as Eastern Nada&Western Nada. The Eastern Nada is the main Entrance to the Shrine.The Pilgrims usually enter through this entrance.One can observe long line of Devotes every day.On important religious holidays&Thursdays there would be Heavy Rush in the Temple. When one enters through this entrance he is in the Chuttambalam"the outer enclosure of the Temple there is one Kodimaram(Flag Post or Dhuaja Stambham) here 33.5m high which is Gold plated.One can see one 7m highn Deepastambham here,whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a magnificent andGorgeous view when lit. The Next Divine part of the Tempe to enter ,for which there are separate lines for Ladies&Gentlemen,is called the Sreekovil the Sanctum Sanctorum,housing the main diety \ of the sacred Temple. In order to enter the Chuttambalam &Sreekovil one will have to remove the Shirt & trousers&wear the Dhoti called Mundu in Kerala.However there are no such restrictions for Ladies.Hindus alone are supposed to enter the sacred Temple. Besides ,the main diety SreeKrishna(Vishnu),the Temple houses variety of other powerful Gods,Lord MahaGanapathy,Lord Ayyappa and Goddess Edathedathu Kavil Bhagavathy. The Dieties in this great Temple are renowned for Healing Powers. There are variety of astonishing ranges of offerings one devotee could offer in the Temple to enhance the power of Blessings from the Gods&Goddess. More importantly,they are in brief are THULABHARAM,Panchasara Payasam(Sugar Payasam) The Pachasara with Kadali Pazham(Sugar of a special variety with Kadali Banana). There are many more variety of offerings according to the choice of the devotee. Even a days Pooja known as UDAYASTHAMANA POOJA,can be performed here for which booking years in advance is necessaty, There are other sacred offerings like Sayana Pradakshinam(A peculiar type of Pradakshinam one could perform by lyinjg &rolling around rhe main diety inside the Chuttambalam .This is a hard offering of Pradakshinasm besides by walking one could do. A devotee's Darshan could be termed complete only if he/she visits the Parthasarathy Temple adjoining to Eastern Nada&Shiva Temple at Mammiyoor adjoining to Western Nada. The devotee is supposed go around both Eastern Nada&Western Nada to have a look at the treasure of attractive items like lockets,Garlands,Rings embossgods,Bangles,devotional books,toys,images of all theGods&Goddesses,Red Pattu pieces of cloth forChildren.These are available in plenty at different shops at reasonable prices. The offerings at the Temple incude the Manchadi&Kunni seeds ,alrupams(Different images of the parts of body like hand,leg,eye&many more. One can perform Marriage&Choroonu(The first feeding for a kid) also here. After Darshan the devotee need not leave the Temple empty stomach .On the other hand there is one Annadanam daily to feed the devotee which is known as Prasadauttu. The latest in the range of offering service is to become a subscriber to "Bhakthapriya" a religious magazine being published by the Guruvayoor Devaswam.But this does not come under the list of official offerings mentioned above.This is just a matter of choice to please the Lord at Guruvayoor. So have a nice Darshan at the sacred Temple next time. To make your Darshan worthy to get blessings from the Lord,kindly carry a big purse of money with you to spend liberally. But the responsibility to safeguard their Money &other personal belongings rests with the individuals . All the Best.Visit GTuruvayoor again&again&be the receipients of the Blessings and Prasadams from the Lord So have a nice Darshan at this Temple to come back soon. SreedharanMundanat 28th of July 2014 6-03AM(IST)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ancester Shephered Mani from Nelliampathy.

Can one imagine about a Monkey working as a shephered of Goats ?Yes this is i for real! In Nelliampathy ,Kerala ,a monkey named Maniis controlling about Hundred Goats He can make the Goats turn left or right(the direction not Politics of Kerala) by tugging gently at their ear.Mani would also attack if any ventures any mischief against the Goats. Mani &his goats are mutually understanding and obliging nature. There is a story behind this Novel Shephered Mani. He was once traced by P.J.Martin,manager of Greenland Farm House.This happened 3 years ago when Martin got him bleeding from an Injury lying helpless in ythe Jungle.Martin gave medical treatment by applying medicines & when fukky recovered left him along with the Goats.Tobe precis ,he was appointed as the Shephered of the Goats.He did his job well if not better than a man. He is still managing this .He even eats his food sitting on one of the Goats turn by turns. The tourists coming to Nelliampathy are being entertained by the smartness of the Novel shephered. He protects the Goats better than a man can do. Martin is thus benefitted from the free services from Mani whom he looks after nicely with food and any other requirement of his shephered.He can be trusted with confidence The amusing nature of the Monkey attracted me &hence this humble Blog. SreedharanMundanat Saturday,26th of July 2014 8-05AM(IST)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good old Slogan"Smoking is Injurious to Health"

It is reported that the Pioneering 30 years study Carried out by the Zurich University on the World Health Organizations four Behavioural Risk Factors conditions of Heart Disease,Cancer,Diabetes,and Chronic Respiratory Disorders broken down the effects of leading a healthy life into Numbers.The Reseachers compared the TobaCco,Fruit and Alcohol consumption as well as Physical Activity levels of 16,721people aged 16 to 90 from 1997 to1993 and studied the Impact of their Lifestyles on participant death rates unto 2008. There was no surprise at all in finding that Cigerettes had a detrimental effect on Normality Rates,with Smokers having 57% dying prematurely.Also an unhealthy Diet,insufficient Physical Activity Alcohol abuse each result in an Elevated Mortality Risk around 15 percent. When all the Four Risk Factors were combined,the prospects of an early Death increased dramatically and Drastcally. For example,the Probability of a 75 year old manwith all risk factors surviving the next10 years was 35 percent. Without the Risk Factors,there is a 67% chance he will live for another 10 Years. For Women,these percentages are 47&74 respectively. Poor Life Style Choices,however,had little effect on Death rates until people made it to the 65 to 75 Age Bracket, when the death rates of the Smokers,Physically Unfit& people with poor Diets started to rise dramatically said Dr.Brian Martin who was the Leader of the Research group. This Blog is in the interest of Tobacco awareness& other Risk factors mentioned above for the benefit of those who are desirous of Leading a Healthy lifebwithout becoming the Victims of Tobacco and other wrong beauty conditions. SreedharanMundanat, 25 th July,2014, 0-6-33AM(IST)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pilgrimage to Ramayana Temples of Kerala in July-August

Every year since 2012 ,I have been thinking about writing Blog on the four Ramayana Temples Existing in this small state of Kerala.Many Keralites outside Kerala& abroad are not aware of the divine Temples Situated in the Districts of Thrissur& Ernakulam a neighboring District. Ramayana is an epic very famous& known all over the World.But not the 4 Temples existing in Kerala spread over two Neighboring Districts which are of Prominent nature.Thrissur is known to be the Cultural Capital of Kerala while Ernakulam District is called the Commercial capital of Kerala.Kochi/ Ernakulam is the capital of Ernakulam District.The Smart city& Metro project are being established here. Let us come back to the Ramayana Temples.Why I call it Ramayana Temples?The reason is Obvious..The four main Characters of the Epic SreeRama,Bharatha,Lakshmana& Shatrughna are being worshipped here in Kerala as main Diet , The above four divine Temples are situated inThriprayar (near)Kodungallur,Koodalmanikyam Tmple inIrinjalakkuda 1)the SreeRama Temple in Thriprayar: This famous Temple for SreeRama the hero of Ramayana is situated about 23 KM from the well known Guruvayur Temple. The Temple has ancient history& is now being maintained by Devaswam Board,Kochi. The spectacular Festival in this Temple is Thriprayar Ekadasi as glittering as the Guruvayoor Ekadasi. The nearest Railway station is Guruvayur/Thrissur.The temple is on the bank of River Theevra. Many people visit this Temple with devotion in the Ramayanamasam( July-August) & during the Ekadasi Festival. 2)Koodal Manikyam Temple,irinjalakkuda:: This Temple belongs to Bharatha the brother of SreeRama who is supposed to be in wait here for his elder brother returning after the Exile in forest( Vanavasa) The one peculiarity of this Temple is that there is no Other deities here as is usual in every Temple of Kerala The temple is also known as Sangameswara Temple.Even Vighneswara( Ganapathy) present in every Templ is not present here. Another peculiarity here is that the Tulasi leaves which is considered to be sacred in every Temple & hindu houses in Kerala is not being used for worship here. Every Temple in Kerala are conducting Five Poojas & Three "siveli"s every day whereas here in this Bharatha temple just Three Poojas held every day & no Sivelis at all. This Temple is also being visited by Devotees during the Ramayana Punya Masam(July- August). 3)Muzhi kulam LakshmanaSwamy Temple: This Temple belongs to Lakshmana ,the brother of Rama who accompanied Rama to forest along with Seethadevi& is present with Rama in every activities during the war with Ravana& in protecting Seetaha. This Temple is situated at the sacred spot known as Thirumoozhikulam in between Aluva& Mala in Ernakulam District. The main diety is Lakshmana swamy Perumal.Butthere are Idols of Shiva( Dakshinamoorthy),Ganapathy,Gosala Krishna swamy Ayyappa,SreeRama,Seeta,Hanuman ( all Ramayana Characters)& Sreebhagavathy here.All these deities are being worshipped here. people with devotion visit this Temple also during July- August in big numbers. 4)Shatrughna Temple in Payammal : This famous Temple belonging to the youngest brother of SreeRama is situated near Irinjalakkuda. Located again in Thrissur District,this is one of the very few Temple dedicated to Shatrughna,the youngest Brother of Rama.this is the smallest Temple of the four Ramayana Temples. This Temple is also visited by people in big numbers during the Punyamasam in the month of July- August The visits tobthe Four Temples is Populary& religiously known as "NALAMBALAYATRA" & is being visited by devotees In the Ramayana Punya masam from July to august.The equivalent Month in Malayalam is known as KARKIDAKAM.This year this month ,incidentally ,began on the 17th of July& would continue until 16th of August. The Tourism Department of Kerala has made elaborate arrangement for the benefit of Pilgrimage. Any more information on the Temples known as Nalambalam can be had from the Tourism Department of the Government of Kerala. To visit the above Temples in their Traditional order,there are wide arrangements of Tourist Buses from Thrissur and Irinjalakkuda. In this month of July-August( Karkitaka), it is considered as a very holy activity to visit these Temples. Nalambalam Temple Dieties Jay Ho!!! SreedharanMundanat, 20th July,2014 04-10 AM(IST)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Second Test match between England& India

The first Test match between India& England is over.It it ended in equal terms &was a thriller in many respects. The World Cup soccer ,though the games were neither interrupted nor clashed with the timings of Telecast of the Test match many missed it, especially in Kerala, because the Sport& Games enthusiasts were to some extent preoccupied With the thought& thrills of soccer.The Germans the most deserving Soccer besides Holland took the Cup Over the seas from Latin America to Europe,perhaps,in the same manner Brazil had done by taking the cup from Europe to Latin America some time back. Let us come back to our thriller of a cricket match viz the first Test held in Tent Bridge from 9th to 13th of July.India scored a formidable 457 runs thanks to the last(10th)Wicket Partnership between Bhuvaneswar Kumar& Mohemmed Shamy which fetched an unexpected 111 runs in the First innings. England in reply started moderately & their 9th wicket fell at 298 giving India pleasant thougt of a huge lead & eventual Win over England. But James Anderson& Joe Root thought differently.The game continued thrillingly until England scored 198 runs more to finish at 498..A thriller of a partnership. Hopes for a Draw prevailed. But alas!England threatened India with early Wickets & at one stage it looked although India can not escape from a possible defeat.But again the thriller match continued with the threat of defeat straing at India. At this stage A glorious partnership between Stewart Binni & again Bhuvaneshkumar scored Individual score of 78 and 63 respectively .the match thus ended in Draw Perhaps for the first time in the History of Test cricket both the teams staged a last Wicket partnership of over 100 runs in First Innings. Now let us have a look at the prospects of Second test starting from today.Coach& Duncan Fletcher& Captain MSDhoni have decided to play with 5 bowlers. Rahul Dravid who is also epwithnthe Team in England has welcomed the decision of the CoCh& Captain. Sunil Gavaskar who had watched the first Test very keenly opined that Bat would speak for India in the second Test.He is a veteran who has tremendous trust in the Batting of India. Besides ,James Anderson & Ravindra Jadeja had a row over the play in the first Test & Both are likely to be kept away if ICC decides to take tuff action against them. The decision of the ICC is yet to be delivered. Let us hope again a thrilling encounter between bat & Ball in this second Test which is Going to stage in the Mecca of Cricket LORDS. SreedharanMundanat 17th July 2014 10-48 AM(IST)

DevineQualities of Temple Bells.

In India there are many Temples spread over the States.there does not appear to have any State in India without Temple,Church& Mosque.The Unity & diversity of India is reflected in the Religious Temples,Churches& Mosques. Almost all these religious organizations have Bells. The Bells are a symbol of Divine thoughts& religious beliefs. In Hindu Temples Bells are usually made of special Metals likeCopper ,Bronze,lead,Zink,Nickel,Cadmium& Manganese. The Bells have Scientific Structure.They are made of mixed&fixed propotions of the above said metals& so it is believed that there are Scientific principles behind the the Bells.This indeed is true. Ringing of a Temple Bell is considered as Auspeceious.When one enters a Temple by ringing the Bell one ia awakening oneself to become free from all thoughts to enable oneself to concentrate on God.The ringing also enables to get oneself free from outward disturbancesand to focus attention on God.. The bell is so designed that the Rhythemic sound of it gives soothing relief to ears. The Bells are also designed to produce the sound of "Aum" which is a highly religious term used by Hindus. It is also believed in most parts of India that the Temple Bell's sound keep evil spirits away.the Evil spirits are believed to be known as Yaksha,Rakshasa&Brahmarakshas There are some old Temples in the middle of Forests& amidst thickly surrounded mountains with adjoining Forests where wild animals roam.To keep them away the Temple Bell 's sound helps. In houses also while doing Pooja Small bells are being used. The bells also should have handles Scientific facts about ringing of a Temple Bell can be summarized as under: 1)The sound Of Bell gives positive Vibrations& enhance the Spiritual experience. 2)The sound of certain type coming from the bell unitesthe left& right brain& alert the mind. 3)The ring of the Bell will Produce sharp long lasting Sound that last 7 seconds that touch our seven healing Chakras of the body& is considered highly beneficial. 4)The ring of the Bell empties all the thoughts of brain&enters into the TranS State. 5)the sound of the Bells enables a person to get spiritually boost up& to relieve the stress. 6)Raising the hand to Ring the bell is supposed to make all the senses awake& resultant vibrations enter the heart and Mind. 7)The sound of ringing of Bel enhances the religious Mantra"AUM"& enters deep into the subconscious mind Now let us look into the Symbolic meanings represented by a Temple Bell.The body of the Bell is considered to be ananta.The tongue of the Bell represents the Goddess The handle of the Bell is represented by Hanuman,Garuda& Nandi the trusted representatives of Srirama,Vishnu& Shiva respectively. It is the firm belief of the Hindus that the basic meaning of Ringing of a Temple Bell is that" I AM RINGING THIS BELL TO INVOKE GOD AND TO LET THE NOBLE FORCES ENTER MY HEART AND KEEP EVIL SPIRITS AWAY." Coming to the report in the month of April2012 ,one Award winning sculptorMr.L.Radhakrishnan of Erode City had Made a claim that with the help of 2 famous Artisans from Kumbhakonam& Thanjavoor,Was to make the biggest Temple Bell for the Ugrakaliamman Temple Thennur, Trichy.the was to weigh 1.5 tons& the ringing sound was to be heard Within a range of 20 KM.
This Bell would start ringing soon. Now we have discussed about a lot in detail about the Divine nature of Temple Bells. Everything about Temple Bells & God mentioned above are pure beliefs.Different Religions have different Beliefs. We must respect all Beliefs of all religion.Belief gives one Confidence.Confidence helps one to carry out their Work& duties perfectly.Doing duty perfectly gets Appreciation from all sources.Appreciation makes one Happy happiness is the most vital part of life which makes one healthy.Health is better than wealth.So hereafter when you enter a Temple ring the Bell of the Temple. In every household Puja also,Bell in big or small size is a must& the Poojari who performs the Puja rings the bell Many times during Puja. Bell belief of every Religion is to be equally respected.So long as there is no clash of Bells or beliefs, Peace could prevail in the World.Peace can prevent War.So it is our duty to work for Peace.War& Peace is a topic we always hear.With happiness sometimes & Horror with other times.World still moves on. All the best to all friends & those on Facebook.When you hear a Temple/Church/Mosque Bell ringing think for a Moment about Peace,Pray& make your life Happier.Remove Hatred from your mind& live happily for ever. Have a Nice Day SreedharanMundanat 16th July 2014 6-37PM(IST)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fantastic Repeat of 1990 Final

The 1990 World cup would be remembered more importantly as the Final Final of a great Footballer Diego Maradona of Argentina.Every one in Rome thought Maradona would take the coveted Cup with him as Argentina was the holders of the cup & the favorites .The 1990 cup being the last International appearance for Maradona ,the expectation of people in Rome was Very high & something of a special Magic from him exhibiting his genius. But nothing of that sort had happened & instead Maradona stood watching the poorest performance from Argentina. I don't know whether there had been any worse final than this earlier in the History of World cup. The Most dubious Penality Kick was awarded to Germany justb6 minutes from the final whistle when Voller of Germany Was fouled & Brehem who took the kick made no mistake & Germany were the Champions for a third time. What is in store this time for Argentina could be known a few hours from now. This time the star players to watch for Germany is Thomas Muller& for Argentina is JavLer Mascherano. The other players who would stand apart for Germany& Argentina areToni Kroos,Philip Lahm& Miraslav Close for Germany and Lionel Messi,Gonzalohiguain& Marcos Rojo for Argentina. Both the the Nations are equal favorites in many Respects to win the Cup. A lot is expected from Lionel Messi who has not shown his magical touch until now in this World cup. The Germans had superior performance without any serious lapse until now & looks like the more probable Favourite. Any how,there is no need to speculate now as the result of the battle would be available in a few hours. So let us get glued to the television Sets & wish good Luck to Germany& Argentina. SreedharanMundanat 13th July2014 08-32 PM(IST)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The pride of the winner of the losers!

The losers final is as good & important as the final since the two teams are like two groups of wounded Lions. Both the leading teams of the world would be considering the penultimate match to the final as a matter of Pride & Prestige. The common feature of the two teams is that both come into the losers final after getting their dreams of a world Cup shattered beyond imagination. Brazil being the Host Nation had considered& were absolutely certain to win the cup in front of a enthusiastic Crowd who would do anything for the cup.Many wept when they lost especially with a margin of 7 goals which never happened before .Brazil would never imagine such a disaster coming their way again& instead would like to forget it as an incident never happened.This being so, Brazil team & their coach Mr Scolari would certainly like to stage an Unforgettable performance in front of their home crowd in which they would expect nothing less than a comfortable win.For the coach of Brazil Mr.Scolary the Horror of semi final would haunt him for many years, being a person who Has dedicated his life for Soccer,& would like to motivate his boys for the final Assault. The story of Netherland is also not less miserable. In the last World cup they had won all their matches except Final which they lost to Spain who got themselves eliminated in the first round. This year too until the semifinal they had not lost a single match & were carrying a load of pleasant Hopes to Plant kisses on the Cup before taking it with them.Indeed they deserved to take it but for their loss to Argentina in the Penality shoot out.and Alas! Everyone knows the Penality shoot out is a matter of chance .& luck not involving much of a talent.Even a veteran Striker might miss a shot in a shoot out. So leaving their bad luck behind ,they would like to retain the Third place though a degree below their lastbWorld Cup Ranking. Being two sides equal in their misery ,let us wish them all the Good Luck in their final encounter of World Cup 2014 in which a tuff contest with exciting moments are are guaranteed. SreedharanMundanat 12th of July 2014 06-37PM(IST)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Static Budget,Status Quo Budget or Statue Budget?

The budget presented in the Parliament is unmoving,unchanging,reflecting the existing policies& concerning with the Statue of prominent Leader.Thus this Budget is all in one of a Static,Statusquo& Staue Budget. There does not appear to have much of a deviation from the Budget of the Predecessor. The present presenter of the Budget had criticized the Predecessor on various counts especially keeping the Target Of Fiscal Deficit of 4.1 percent in the interim Budget of current year.But what he did is just acknowledging the efforts as right & kept the same target for the presentt Budget.this is a clear indication of maintaining the Status Quo. There was loud announcement of increasing the taxable income to Rs 5 Lakhs which incidentally had given hope for common man and accordingly voted to power the present regime. But then actual increase was just from Rs 2 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs & corresponding increase from 2.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs For senior citizen. The Rs 50000/- margin would look peanut considering the General trend of Price increase of almost all commodities. Even Rs 5lakhs promised before Election in their manifesto was not Enough to cope up with the Burden of Common man to meet the exorbitant prices of essential items. Similarly ,there had been severe criticism on the earlier regime in resorting to foreign Investment.But what the present Budget indicates is following the same policy keeping the Reduced percentage at 49percent. There is no attempt to curtail the & concessions allowed on tax to Corporates .on the contrary there are more concessions allowed to corporates. But still the Budget is being termed as common Man's budget. In the Raiway Budget also there is stress for bringing private sector into the affairs controlled by the Government .The reason mentioned for this in General as well as Railway Budget is improvement in Quality. This is an open declaration that the Government can not look after themselves the need of the poor Poor people The impact of readjustment of Subsidiaries allowed to public by reducing it by taking into account the Poverty line, with a view to increasing the resources of government, Does not appear to be favoring common man.One never Knows whether the intention of the Government is to do away with the subsidy allowed to all people above the Poverty is also not known at the moment whether any margin for income for people above Poverty line would Be fixed in such a way that the expenditure of Government is controlled favorably.if so,the present concesion of Rs50,000/-would not benefit the people particularly in view of the increasing trend of prices. The Budget also gave lavish allotments to some states of choice like,Gujrat,UP,Maharashtra, Tamil Naadu,Telengana& Andhra .But other parts of the nation totally ignored. States like Kerala & southern parts. The benefits allowed in the tax limit is just marginal which any Government would have done as a matter of routine The States of UP blessed with huge allotments for Ganga,Gaya & Lucknow. The expectation of common man, prior to election after hearing the announcements ,was that the Government would take special steps to Contorol prices,control economical discipline& take steps to secure the food for poor. There had been various announcements to the Ports in India. .But the Vizhinjam project a prestigious project of Kerala ignored as if such a project is unknown to centre The Diamond Industries of Surat in Gujrat protected specially in the budget. The worst part of the Budget is regarding the security for food for all especially the poor. The previous Government had celebrated the Right for food as a prestigious issue. In the last 60 years no Government in this Holy Nation could find a solution for the food for the poor in India According to a recent Report of the Rangarajan Panel,36 Crores of People in India do not have resources to keep themselves free from other words almost 29% of the population are without proper food in India. To cope up with this situation & with a view to eradicating poverty the previous Goverment passed an Act of Right to food. The cost of Implementation of the project to find food for poor was an estimated 1.25 Lakhs($22 Billion) In this connection my Blogs dt 9th May 2013 & 3rd April 2014 are relevant where the food issue is discussed in detail. The present Budget has no proper place & no proper mention about how this Food project would be looked after. Similarly there was hue& cry about Black money & the Black money would be traced& brought to India. But the Budget is Silent in this regard also.People had a lot of hope about this isse. In a nutshell,if one thinks that the Budget is a private oriented one or a personal choice Budget & not a budget of a Government, such thinking can not be termed as a wrong assumption. SreedharanMundanat 11th July 2014 7-07 PM(iST)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The thrill of Shoot out

The Dutch Queen Maxima might have watched the thrilling Shoot out of the second Semifinal Argentina vs Holland with Mixed emotion as the queen is Born in Argentina & Married to the Dutch King Willem Alexander in 2002. The result of the thrilling Shoot out in which Argentina Prevailed at 4-2 might have made her happier as she had Said the Argentina Results we're important to her though she is Dutch. The 125+minutes encounter had shown equal power of control& defense though at times it was felt the Dutch had an edge. The way they tackled Lionel Messy in the regular & extra time showed they were determined to win.But in every game Luck also play a part as otherwise Robben's efficient move almost alone to the Goal post of the Argentina would not have missed the Target.It was so close that a goal was sure to take birth but for just the ball going out just inches away touching the feet of Argentina defender. Argentina was seen last in the semi final of a world cup in 1990 whereas Holland was the runner up of the 2010 World Cup which they lost to Spain by bad luck. Holland had won 11 of their world cup matches out of 12 they had played in thevlast two World cups.The sad loss Was to Spain in the last World cup. They deserved a final spot again this time but their Fate thought differently. Let us wish them Good luck in the Next world Cup in 2018 in Russia. SreedharanMundanat 10th July2014 05-07 AM(IST)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Semi Final turns into Sad Finale for Brazil

The picture depicted above tells the sad story of Brazil in their much awaited semi final against Germany . The host country was hoping to win today& the final as a tribute to the injured Neymar. But Alas! A defeat ,the worst in the history of Brazilian Football,was something one would like to leave behind as something that never happened.The margin of defeat was so wide & horrible for a nation of the status of Brazil who had won the Maximum 5 World cups in the past. It adds more to the agony Brazil being the Host nation. An incredible 7-1defeat victory for Germany is unbelievable .One could never imagine the absence of one Neymar has so much of influencing impact on a game. Brazil's record loss Was 6-0 against Uruguay in 1925. Bettering this record in this Semifinal by Germany,leaving the officials,players& crowd of Brazil in the deepest Sorrow was beyond expectation by soccer fans all over the world. Finally Germany was successful in their Avenge for word cup final defeat at the hands of Brazil in 2002.The Margin Of defeat then was just 2-0 in favor of Brazil. No words can console Brazil in this state of profound sorrow in which they are in.So silence is Golden for the time being. SreedharanMundanat 9th July2014 04-01AM(IST)

Germany or Brazil- who would make the Final Challenging?

This soccer WC 2014 is full of Surprises.First of all The Holders Spain eliminated from First round itself.secondly The Exit of former champions Italy.The next is the exit of well fought teams Mexico,USA,Uruguay,Belgium& Colombia. The Mexico Team deserved a place in the quarter initially later on to proceed to Semi.USA Also deserved a berth in Quarters after 32 years.Their Goal keeper 6.3 feet tall Tim Howard alone deserved a better place in the quarters. Then the most unfortunate incident in the Colombia- Brazil pre quarter knockout match,the injury sustained by the Celebrity Striker Neymer which resulted in a vertebral surgery for him & exit from this World Cup.The yellow cards& Consequent suspension of the Brazil Captain Silva from the Semifinal was also a tragic surprise of this World cup Of2014. Tonight,Brazil is taking on mighty Germans Germany will have a chance to avenge the their 2002 final defeat to the depleted host Nation Brazil.This will be The best Chance for Germany to make it to the final of World cup after a gap of 12 years. Three world cups without Germany in the final is also a surprise & this tag of Under performers behind them can be washes away if they make it to the Final of this year.Germany is also the most talked about Team to make it to the Final this year. Another surprise in this World cup is that none of the 4 Teams who entered the semi finals have lost a single match on their way to the Semifinal. Brazil,the 5 time Champions can never be underestimated.However,the injury sustained by their Star Striker Neymer which resulted in a vertebral surgery & the suspension imposed on their Captain Silva for yellow cards are no doubt Irreparable losses to Brazil .The replacement to these two celebrities of Brazil is a matter next to impossible. Their coach is searching in darkness to find suitable replacement but will have to cope up with the situation. In place of Captain Silva ,David Luiz the defender might be leading the Latin Americans. Brazil is likely to go for Willian,the extra Aattacking midfielder in place of Neymer. Germany after knocking out France from the tournament with great workmanship is at presentbsitting pretty without much tension like Brazil. The immigration of Germans to Brazil since 1824 to 1972 is an estimated 2,60,000 who have settled in Brazil. The main attraction of Crowd support in home ground for Brazil is to some extend compensated by the presence of Germans in Brazil. There is yet another surprise that an elephant called Nelly predicts that Germany would beat Brazil tonight. It is also said that Voodoo is also being practiced and applied in Brazil for the victory of Brazil& the defeat of opponents. Voodoo is a spiritual&Religious practice being followed inAfrica,South America& Haiti. There is no scientific explanation orvany proof of the voodoo is effective. In the absence of Neymer& Silva if anyone in Brazil resort to Voodoo practice it does not appear to be surprising although the performance of feet,movement,Running,accuracy in passing ball& sharp shooting alone could matter in Football. Let us await a challenging dwel tonight between the former Champions of Soccer. SreedharanMundanat, 8th July 2014 13-18 hrs (IST) The prospects of 5 times Champions Brazil can never be underestimated.However,the problems unexpected&unfortunate being faced by the Mighty Brazilians are many fold.The worst is the injury sustained by their Star Striker Neymer followed by the suspension of their Captain Silva.Both are irreparable losses next to impossible to compensate for Brazil.Their coach Scolari is searching in darkness to replace their most valued Barcelonian Striker Neymer&

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Eating in Plantain leaves with hands- Kerala Style

The traditional feasts in Kerala are being served in Banana leaves.Generally everyone taking part in Kerala style Feasts including visiting foreigners enjoy their food in Banana leaves & they too consume food with the help of hands instead of Spoons , forks & knives.Generally people from Abroad believe that taking food with Spoons & fork is more hygienic than by Bare hands.But the Indian traditional Vedic culture insist on taking food. With hands with the reasonable logic that by eating with hands one is not merely eating with bodyBut with mind& soulas well.This ,however,does not appear to have been established correct scientifically but the theory of the Hindu Culture seems to be interesting to know& worth trying. According to the Vedic knowledge,our hands& feet consist of Five elements space,air,fire,water& earth. Practice of eating with hands is also mentioned in Ayurveda.As per Ayurvedic texts,Each finger is the extension of one of the five elements.They are asunder: 1)Thumb represents Fire 2)index Finger. Air 3)Middle Finger :heaven/ Ethe 4)Ring Finger: Earth 5)Little Finger: Water. Each finger is supposed to transform Food in digestive form before it passes to human digestion system. Improved Digestion enhances the pleasure of eating as taste,texture& smellare felt better when food is taken with hands. The skin sends the senses to the brain the temperature,texture of the food & this acts like a catalyst in the form of generating the necessary salivary juices. Eating with hands one can measure the temperature of the food with the palm of hands & this can avoid any burning to the mouth while eating. A pattern is generally found while the Indians from abroad after a long time stay there return to India, they feel suffocation& negative feeling while using Spoon& fork for eating.On the other hand,When they eat with hand they get heavenly feeling & Devine experiences. The medical sciences & scientific views confirm that we have some Bacteria known as Normal Flora found on our Skin.These bacteria are not harmful to human but instead they protect us from outside environment. The normal flora in mouth,throat,intestine& gut is required for the betterment of our health. Eating with Spoon& fork for long interval can change the arrangement of Normal Flora.With this the pattern Of Normal Flora can be changed in the gut.It results in reduced Synchronous Immunity to environmental bactereal germs. So the general way of enjoying food& Feast in Kerala in the Traditional style by Hands seemsvto be adviceable as compared to the mechanical way of using Spoons,Forks
& Knives Let us now have a look at the traditional feast dishes in Kerala (THRISSUR STYLE). The following are the more important & popular dishes prepared for Kerala feasts which are being served in Hygienic plantain leaves. The following are the main& popular Dishes being served in a feast of vegetarian origin in Kerala(THRISSUR STYLE). Kalan,OLAN,ERISSERI of different types,Sambar,RASAM,Pineapple PACHADI,kootukari,Poriyal of various kinds,Pickles made of Mango,Cherunaranga,Vaduka puli& Inchithairu,Chips made of Banana,sweet banana chips,Chena(Yam) Finally the most celebratedvdishes of Desserts likePALADA PRADHAMAN,PAZHAPRADHAMAN,PARIPPU PAYASAM & so on. The pictures of some of the above Dishes are depicted below for ready reference. The ingredients required to make the Dishes& the process of making them are described elaborately in the Recipes available in Plenty on the Internet.
Here are the dishes ready to be served in Plantain leaves for consuming traditionally with Hands. Enjoy a grand feast by following the process on Kerala recipes available on the net for the forthcoming ONAM LOKO SAMASTHO SUKHINO BHAVANTHU! SreedharanMundanat 5th July 2014 13-08 Hrs(IST)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Motor city Dtroit to get a face lift from the homegirls Madonna

Detroit the Motor city of Michigan state is to get a special face lift from it's home girlMadonna ,the Rock& Roll singer& Music Icon of America. Madonna has announced recently The first phase of a Long term commitment to help her Hometown Detroit.Madonna says She would extend help to three extraordinary organizations of the city of Detroit One would not believe that the Motor city famous for cars is Becoming the largest Municipal Bankruptcy in the History of USA with 60 % of it's children are living in Poverty. This is where the contributions from The Music Icon earns importance. The following are the Organizations to which Madonna is giving help by donating money on a longterm basis. 1)Downtown youth Boxing Gym:Madonna is making a significant donation on a longterm basis for the benefit of 65 kids annually which she believes would be a safe haven for the neighborhood Kids.She is also planning to Rebuild a Condemned building at Detroit for the benefit of School Graduates. 2)Detroit Achievement Academy:The academy is currently training45 children From Kindergarten to their 12 th Standard. Madonna would provide them with new equipments ,art & music supplies including iPods,iPads,Speakers, and smart boards for each class room on a long term basis. 3)The Empowerment Plan:This is for serving Homeless community of Women& for their steady employment of 13 of them by giving them shelter Into secured housing.These women are to be taught to Create garments those serve as Both coat& sleeping bag for homeless. Thus the famous Rock& Roll Star of America has come up with noble efforts to help her Hometown which is indeed a great gesture to be followed by famous artist all over the World. In certain Nations at present the famous artists when the get aged are being helped by different organizations for their better living in the old age whereas Madonna's efforts are to help the poor from her resources. This should be appreciated as a measure admiring her talent as well as generous character & followed by famous Artists all over the World. SreedharanMundanat 4th July 2014 04-45 AM(IST)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


When USA takes on Belgium in the match tonqualify for the QF,the most talkedcabout person in the USA team is none Other than their great goalkeeper TIM HOWARD.the 35 year old veteran Goalkeeper of USA.The 6feet 3inches frame Goalkeeper has a reputation for Spectacular saves,Diving,leaping& punching the ball away which we have seen seen on several occasions in the recent match against Portugal in their 2-2 tie in the group matches. One would expect more of similar occasions in the crucial match against Belgium which incidentally is the door which might open for their entry into the Quarter Final since 1982. The very first minute of the match saw a tremendous save from the hero of USA Tim Howard when Belgium after snatching the ball from the USA player advanced to the goal area of US through the right wing & attempted strong close shot at the goal.It could have landed in disaster for USA but for a save by Howard by diverting the ball to border line ending up in a corner for Belgium.But no damage resulted.the 18th minute saw the USA player Cameron getting a Yellow Card but no serious damage was done again.Ashot at the 21st minute to the Belgium goal ,though a Good & Strong one could not find past the Belgium Goalkeeper whonalso did a fairly good save. A corner at the 24th minute went in vain to the side line without even enabling any attempt to score by the .Red Devils.Again two repeated corners 27th & 29th minute in favor of the Belgium could not find result The 31st minute saw a muscle pull for the US player Johnson who had to leave the field & in his place Yedlin had To take the field.This appeared to be a minor disaster for US Johnson being a frontline player.Incidentally Vincent Kompany whobwas a doubtful starter for Belgium survived a Groin injury &joined the team in the field to play earlier in the beginning.He did find a Yellow card imposing on him in the 41st minute.Another punching save from Tim Howard in the crucial 43rd minute of the match.A corner for USA in the 44 th minute went in vain.3 minutes extra time in the first half A 47th minute Corner for Belgium also went in vain & the first half of the match ended Goalless. Yet another crucial close save by punching the ball over the bar in the 48 th minute by The six footer Tim Howard. This could have resulted in a goal from the Belgium strong header & put USA in a damaging situation had it been some one else under thev bar other than Tim Howard. The match progressed without further damage to either side.However Belgium continued to dominate over USA with frequent attacks on the goal of USa.Notwithstanding constant instructions from Klinsman,the attacks from USA did not find any result except a good shot from close range to the Goal was eventually saved by the Belgium Goalkeeper in the 69 th Minute.. One open Chance for Belgium in the 75 th minute was once again saved with tremendous efficiency by the great Tim Howard by punching the ball to divert it over the border line.This was a sure Goal had it not been diverted by diving to the left by the great Goal keeper Tim. Though the attacks from USA was not as effective as desired by Klimsman the defense seemed doing their job fairly well.the 82nd minute's desperate corner & repeated one in the 83rd minute were defended well by the defenders without giving more tension to Tim Howard. Again 85 th minute corner wasted by Belgium.a corner for USA in the 86th minute did not find any use for USA. The advice of Klinsman that attacking is the Best form of Defense ,it seems has fallen into deaf ears perhaps due to the strong defense of Belgium. Again in the 90th minute yet another life saving attempt from Tim resulting in a corner for Belgium also did not turn into any use for Belgium. An open chance very close to the Goal post wasted by the UsA player by hitting over the bar in the crucial 94 th Minute of additional time.Thus the match is extended to the Extra half hour. Finally ,Belgium scored a fine goal in the 93rd minute by hitting the ball to the far end corner of the posts far away from the range of Tim Howard. Belgium leads 1-0 in the very 3rd minute of the extra time.27 minutes more to go during the duration of which USA will have to find an equalizer.yet another save from Tim in the 96 th minute. Klinsman roaming like a hurt tiger outside cursing himself . The 104th minute goal from Kukaku made the tally to 2-0 But a terrific move from USA found a return goal in the 107 th minute by Green flashing rays of hope for USA. But alas!an open chance in the very next minute fro Jones of USA turned out to be the worst shot which went wide Denying a God given chance for an equalizer. Belgium won 2-1 putting Klinsman & co and the blogger in a desperate situation awaiting next world cup in Russia in 2018. USA lost a glorious opportunity after 32 years . But their improvement in playing under the able guidance from Klinsman would be remembered for a longtime to come. Let us hope Klinsman does not quit after this unfortunate World cup for him as a coach. SreedharanMundanat Wednesday 2nd July 2014 04-16AM(IST) However again a ray of hope flashed in the