Saturday, September 26, 2015

Face Book- It's different uses for different people.

The Face Book need no introduction.It is a well known boon to the humanity in the field of communication. This Social networking Website is estimated to have more than 700 million Active users today. This itself proclaims the unparellel popularity it has assumed of late. Hereunder I make a humble attempt to analyze it's merits and demerits in a common man's point of view and not from deep technical aspects of it Face book is a paradise of Lovers,friends,relatives and business contacts. It is a field liberally used by students and Teen Agers to communicate among them freely without fear or anxiety. We call many things of day to day use as Twoin One, Three in one,Four in one for denoting the multi usage of certain Home Appliances. Face book is also a very useful Home Appliance ,which is All in one that does not need any repair or maintenance. Face Book serves the Purposes of Cell phone,exchanging Messages,calling each other and many more activities of entertaining nature like videos movie trailers etc. Face book is more popularly used than Twitter and other Social Networks. People from all class use Facebook liberally for communicating and counselling on large variety of Topics. From Women Gossip to Celebrity Gossip all kinds of purposes are served by making use of Face book. Some of the most popular purposes for which Face book is being used are: 1) For exchange of private topic between lovers,acquaintances,friends and Politicians,Sportsmen/ Women,students,grown up children ,workers,employees in different firms,Government servants, and what not all kinds of people. 2) political rivals to exchange heated words. 3) various people to discuss cinema,other entertainments ,sports and games. 4) people to post news from various Internet news sites. 5) people especially older to convey Philosophy. 6) people to discuss various medicine for different types of Diseases 7) people to discuss dos and Donts regarding treatment of diseases of various kinds. 8) habits required to maintain health. 9) Religious matters connected with Temple,Churches and Mosques. 10) people interested in Politics to hero worship their leader by highting good deeds done by them. 11) People interested in Politics to degrade and underestimate their rival party leaders with supporting facts and figures. 12) to announce weddings and to post the wedding photos and Family photos. 13) Family people to give publicity to the achievements of their children in School and extracurricular activities. 14) for publicity of buying and selling of Different products with prices andvsources of availability. 15) writers to publish their writings. 16) to publish,Bus,Trains,and Flight times and the economic fares that could be availed of. 17)To post photos and videos of Festivals relating to Temples,Churches and Mosques 18)to announce religious festivals and events to remind believers. 19)To post warnings regarding habits that could lead to ill health. 20)The best and foremost use of Face Book as far as I have observed is posting the news about people who need help to Undertake costly treatment which are not within the reach of their financial stability.Many people respond to such requests and contribute their might .There are many such cases of such timely help provided relief cure from various serious diseases.This indeed is a big boon from Face Book as more people go through Face Book every day than those read News papers Besides,often communities are created on Face book.This could enable sharing experiences,knowledge,information,and discussions within the groups or communities.Communities of various sorts like Education,bird watching,Sky watching,religious nature and many more such groups can be formed on Facebook. Thus there is no end to topics for which the Social network Media Face Book is being used as a Boon. Apart from all these,the Political parties are using Facebook for their Election It is said that the Americanpresident was an extensive user of Facebook for his American Presidentisland Election compaign and found himself coming out in flying colours on both the occasions. Another branch which is using theFacebook is Cell phone Companies and Electronics companies for publicity of their products. There are a few demerits also in using Facebook.For students it affects their carrier as they extensively make use of Face Book for entertainment without seriously looking after their studies. There are hackers and misusers who use information from the Face book for misuse to extract benefits for them. However,generally Face Book is an Ocean for the society in various branches of utility. Long live Facebook. Sreedharan.Mundanat 26thSeptember 2015


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