Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women's Cricket World cup 2013

The much awaited Women World Cricket Cup began today at Brobourne Stadium ,Bombay. The inaugural match is between the mighty West Indies & India.the match is a day night one.since the beginning of Women World cup In 1973,Australia& England dominated winning in 1978,1982,1988,1997,2005 and 1973,(the first WC), 1993,2009 respectively.Newzealand was lucky to win just once in200. Thus Australia,England& Newzealand shared the 9 WCs staged so far. West Indies& India are yet to taste the sweetness of Victory. This year in 2013 though the matches are being held in India in venues at Mumbai& Cuttack,there is very rare Probability of India becoming triumphant.BUT CRICKET BEING A GLORIOUS GAME OF UNCERTAINTY ,THE RAREST POSSIBILITY OF INDIA WINNING can not be totally ruled this WC Fromm India& WI,SL,AUSTRALIA,ENGLAND,NEWZEALAND,PAKISTAN & SOUTH AFRICAare also taking part devising them to 2 groups A&B There is a reason why I mention about the prospects looking good . In this very first encounter against the WI the Indian Women who had the chance to use the bat first ,West Indies allowing them to do so first after winning the Toss, scored aformidable 284 Runs for the loss of 6 wickets.The opening partnership between MGT Kamini& PG Raut extended upto 175Until the 37 th over when Raut fell LBW to Daley.However Kamini continued until she completed invaluable 100 runs. She was unfortunate to return to the Pavilion being Run out in the 43rd the meantime J Goswamy & H.Kaur who had occupied crease had made yet another good score each at the same 36 runs.Goswamy made from 21 balls& H.KaurThe Indian women Raut,Kamini,Goswamy & Kaur together made 28 smashes to the fence& 3 over it Perhaps an emberassing Feature for the Indian Men's team.the final score of 286 for6 could also perhaps embeass the men who had posted Much below of this score on many a occasion.The fact remains that there is no much difference of the size of the Stadium from the Wankhedes at Mumbai .one argument that could be put forward against this is the Bowling was Different from Men&Women.This is partly true ,but didn't look that much different from the way WI BOWLED. Any how,the score of the Women after 50 overs was indeed a challenging & perhaps a match winning one. I tell this because WEST INDIES after a disastrous start had lost 2 of their openers just for 15 runs.This obviously put them on the backfoot.They might be regretting for taking fielding first. The disastrous start of West Indies did not end in the loss of 2 wickets. It continues as a night mare as they lost wickets in regular intervals& reached a stage of 165 for 8 in 37 overs. With just 13 overs & 2 tail Enders to follow,a defeat was looking at the faces of the West Indians threateningly. From here onwards ,with some effective Bowling of accurate Length in Bowling employed by the Indian women,the hands Of WI women looked as if tied without rope. The 9th wicket eventually fell at 169 in the 40 th over still needing West Indies 116 from 65 balls.this ,perhaps, Is beyond the reach of women .In the meantime the last wicket also fell at 179 awarding the Indian women the best Gift they ever had in the New year & that too in the very first match of the Tournament. Even though this could give the Women a lot of confidence & enthusiasm ,there are teams like Australia & England to negotiate until their aim of reaching the final. Despite this ,this Glorious victory is something for the Indian Cricket to remember for a long time.The men should also should learn a lesson from this.IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY MDT KAMINI with a century to her credit most deservingly declared as the Player of the match.The 11 fours& one six She smashed were a real treat to the eyes to watch. All the Best to the Indian women to keep up their good work.Who knows ,perhaps, they could emerge victorious in This World cup 2013 held in Mumbai( various venues) & Cuttack. SreedharanMundanat 1st February2013 West Indies after a disastrous start lost wickets regularly,none of their players reaching over 50 runs. At the moment they are 160 for the loss of 7 wickets needing yet another 125 runs from from 15 overs, the asking Rate gradually climbing to more than 8 runs per oAt this stage it seems that most of their recognized batsmen being back in Pavilion,the tail Enders meeti With the target of 285 is very remote. But as I said earlier,the game of Cricket being a glorious one with uncertainty,let us await the outcome after watching yet another 84 balls to be Bowled from which 121 runs still required by the West Indies. Now the score & prospects are narrowing with the fall of 8 th wicket with 165 on the score board. The Indian Women are sending the balls with accurate length without giving any room for the batswomen to strike. A victorious smile is being flashed in the face of the Indian Captain M.Raj who had the rarest a 100% strike rate coming to the crease as Number 8 & scoring one run from the last ball of the Indian Innings. The final score stood at 284/6. Indeed a score which should be a bit of matter of shame for men ,who are supposed to be the Stewarts of the Uncertain Game of Cricket. All the 4 scoring Women together had smashed 28 fours& 3 Sixes.yet another matter that could embarrass men. For West Indies the beginning of their innings of 50 overs does not appear to be encouraging.They had lost 2 wicke Before reaching 15 runs on the scoreboard. The match is progressing though West Indies need yet another 251 runs from 36 overs the asking rate touching 7 Per overs. The prospects for WI looks tending to a probable defeat giving India rays of hope for the coming days until 6th Feb When the Group matches of the two groups A& B would be over. The other two teams taking part in the World cup apart from,India,Westindies,Australa,England & Newzealand are Pakistan& South Africa.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

England's New find All Rounder-Joe Root

In the recently concluded tour of England to India most benefitted one young cricketer of 22 years.His name is Joe Root. In his first ever international tour with England squad to India ,he was found to be , perhaps the first person in the history of cricket,to have included in all three formats viz Test,T20&Onedayer of a Nation.He did not ,however,had chance to bat or bowl in the T20 match the just one he was included in the playing eleven.But he proved that he was a good fielder in T20 also with 2 neat catches. In the other two formats he excelled with good score especially in Test when he scored 73 runs He was unfortunate to establish his root in India with a century when Piyush Chawla routed him with an excellent ball.He was playing so well that none thought he was to return to pavilion abruptly! But he had proved himself to be a player dependable in Test Cricket.He had 5 smash hitsto the fence&one over it. Similarly,in 50 over one dayer also he shined with bat&ball .He played all the 5 onedayers against India.In all he smashed the ball to the fence 19 times &once over it besides taking three catches. What else is needed for a youngster to get n recognized by his captain,coach&Selector to include him in the next tour of England to NewZealand! The England tour of NZ starts from early February sheduled to play 3eachTests,T20s&50 over onedayers. ,indeed not a welcome news for India because the first ODI would begin on 17th February 2013&the second on 20th Feb&third on 23rd Feb 2013. England &India are at the moment equal in the same ratings with 119 ratings each though India is first in the rankings as on date, The Tird ODI is scheduled to play on23rd Feb2013. In other plain&clear words,If England wins the one day series against NZ either on 20th or 23rd February the present holding of First Rank by India would cease to become non-existent, thereby throwing India back to 2nd Rank. Had India included Cheteswar Poojara in the final one dayer at Dharamsala agaist England&won the match theremthis kind of need for a shortlife &tragedy to the first rank would not have become unavoidable!! The Captain,Coach&the selectors& the players should keep this in mind to act wisely in future according to the need of the hour. SreedharanMundanat 29th January2013 18-40 Hrs(IST)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bombay wins Domestic Ranji Trophy against Sourashtra

Bombay recorded their record win of Ranji Trophy for the 40th time.Bombay needs to be Congratulated.Wasim Jagger with his lone century in the match& Kulkarny& Agit Agarkar with 5& 4 wickets in the second innings of Sourashtra were the organizers of this handsome victory in routing Sourashtra just for a Paltry 82 in the second innings. But this Victory does not appear to have all the charms in it for the following resons. Sourahtra for the first time reached the final of the Ranji Trophy by virtue of an unbeaten 200+ in the semi final against the great Punjab from none other than the recognized batsman CHETESWAR POOJARA who batted tirelessly for more than 12 Hours at the crease. In the meantime,however,Cheteswar Poojara the newly recognized Test star was selected for one day international against the touring England Team. His technical batting by selecting deserving balls on their merit to smash to the fence over it and also leaving other balls to him alone was a peculiar feature found in a batsman after Sachin Tendulkar the all time Great of Indian cricket.He also played the Defensive shots at the right time when required. Notwithstanding,all the features mentioned above,Cheteswar Poojara was not allowed to appear bin a single match against the touriIn other words his talent was not onlywasted but resulted in the pitiable defeat to Sourashtra against Bombay in the final of Ranji as well. At least after having given chance to Rohit Sharma in a match in which he shined to take India to victory against England. Although India had won the Series Against England & luckily retained the 1st Rank in ICC RATINGS,the defeat at Dharamsala enabled England to reach the same ratings of India ie 117. Now England has hope to regain the lost rankings whereas India is at risk about fearing to loose the 1st rank in the future!!!. Had Cheteswar Poojaraa given an opportunity to play in the final onedayer at Dharamsala ,like the selectors of the final eleven did to Rohit ,perhaps INDIA could have emerged better with enhancing their rankings to 119 .England could have remained at 115. Who is responsible for this lapse?the Captain or the Coach of the Indian one day squad. Someone should answer this question. All interested in the welfare of Indian cricket should make hue& cry about this lapse by highlighting it through the sports volume of different sites& media to avoid recurrence of such matters in the future! SreedharanMundanat 29th January2013 05-10HRS(IST)

Srilankans win both T20s against Aussies one with efforts& the other Luck!

The Srilankans are indeed a good team with batsmen with courage & willpower to hit & win.this was evident from their 1st T20against Aussies. But in the 2nd tonight they were being challenged by Australia effectively when rain came to the rescue os the Lankans. Later on Australia the most unrealistic D/L METHOD Was adopted with the result arevised target of 122 in 15 overs was Sl was lucky in the last ball When Australia needed 4 runs.the bowler Perera bowled a wide like ball from which Australia could not connect properly& could get just 2 byes. Thus the Srilankans won. In the conventional cricket when rain plays spoilsport the match used to be considered as abandoned The changes like D/w & the new Review system which amounted to nothing but not trusting the umpire in the middle are required to be scrapped as otherwise uncertain rooms are being provided to decide a match by virtue of forced decisions. Thsse system needs review now to do away with them to maintain the trust in and power of the Umpires in the middle. SreedharanMundanat 28th January 2013 21-35 hrs( IST)

5th& final encounter at Dharamsala

As expected by the weatherman& media,the match which was considered to be prestigious affair for the Britishers,finally started without any interference from the Snow. The Indians first made use of the pitch which was hosting the first ever one day International.much was expected from the Indians to win this match to keep their ratings in tact if not bettering. But much to the agony of the Indianspectators all over the world ,none of the leading batsmen apart from Suresh Raina could shine on this cold Day. But Raina kept his form in tact. Finascore posted by the Indians was a pitiable one despite having a recognized gastronomic scoring Batsmen The score of India which was a moderate 226 was easily achievable one for the Britts. But England also did not start well & in fact,was a shaky one with their finest batsmen,Cook,pietersen& Joe Root back in pavilion sooner than expected. This gave India a ray of hope to win despite a low score. But Alas!Ian Bell started ringing poitively to declare a win for England.he made an unbeaten 113 with many hits to the fence& one over it at the final stage. Eventually,they won a most deserving victory for Bell who took a lone challence successfully. The only consolation for India was of course the performance of Suresh Raina & one wicket from Ravinder Jadeja Ja who removed Joe Root with a beauty. Apart from this,the real relief for India was that She retained the 1st of ICC RANKING, though England also achieved the same ratings of 117. Now again it is a matter of concern how long this Ratings would remain alive. Very hars blow to a happy ending for the hosts& hope for the visitors for the future!! SreedharanMundanat 28th January 2013 16-02 hrs (IST)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dhoni wins Toss at Mohali to win the Tussle

On 23rdJanuary 2013 at Mohali(India) it was an encounter between bat&ball in the severe cold conditions.England&India were ready to accept the challence Both the teams afforded priority to call the match a matter of life&Death .It was a situation of must win for England to come back into the series whereas it was India's intention to retain the regained 1st rank which they got by virtue of NZ beating the mighty SA. The severe cold conditions were favouring England as they were accustomed to similar conditions as is obvious from the smile on the face of CaptainAlistair Cook. Many veterans of world cricket opined that the Toss would be the deciding factor and the winner of the Toss should elect to take field first as the conditions favoured Pacers more than Spinners.Again Cook&co smiled! Alas!Captain Dhoni won the Toss.Unlike his usual decision to opt against the option of the majority,Dhoni decided for a change to to respect the opinion of the majority&elected to field first.And it paid the dividend at the End of the Day! After the Toss,England CaptainAlistair Cook along with his trusted partner Ian Bell arrived at the crease accepting the welcome shouts from the stands.He was smiling as usual.No tension appeared on the faces of the openers,perhaps,because the conditions prevailed suited them. The Indians on the contrary ,shivering in the cold looked small with tension on their faces of the Pacers how to cope up with the smashing nature of the England openers!The Umpires in the middle(Not in white coats as is the tradition) signalles the start. Ishant Sharma,Shami Ahmed&Bhuvanesh Kumar with ,perhaps,with unusual beating of their heartwere ready to perform warming their bowling hands well. England began steadly with Cook&Bell taking up their job in hand remarkably.Indians again shivered! Owing more to the luck of India ,Dhoni&Sharma than the swinging of the ball,Ian Bell abruptly fell with an individual score of just 10 runs in the 10th over caught by Kumar Bowled none other than the pacer Ishant Sharma.The wicket reminded me Irfan Pathan who is an equally good fast Bowler from Baroda.The score board read 37 for 1.India&Ishant Sharma overwhelmed with joy at the fall of veteran Ian Bell! Kevin Pietersen,the batting terror of England, joined his Captain in the middle much to the fear on the faces of the Indians.As expected ,KP&Cook advanced further, rather with ease, until the 32nd over when unfortunately for the Englanders their CaptainCook fell for a well earned 76 runs with 13 smashing hits to the fence. EJG Morgan joined KP who continued meanacingly with all his might.But again England was without luck favouring them when Morgan fellin the 34th over.The contribution from Morgan was just3 runs.Aswin was the striker while Yuvraj Singh ,perhaps,the best fielder for Indi, famous for his diving catches,neatly collected Morgan.The scoreboard read 138 for 3 wickets.16 overs still left England with KP in the middle had every chance of posting a huge total around 300. Samit Patel the terror batsman of England joined KP.Indians had to sweat even in the extreme cold weather.However bad luck was not leaving the guests alone.Samit Patel could score just 1 run before adding 4 runs to the total&fell by giving a return catch to Ravindra Jadeja the hero of Kochi encounter.The score card now read a less desirable 142 for 4 in the 37th over of the England innings.13 more overs were available for England.KP with his usual temperment was still capable of scoring fast to post a total beyond the reach of India.JE Root the new face in the England Team joined Pietersen.His joining KP later on proved to be a Blessing in disguise for England. Again, fate& fortune were against England as is obvious from the fall of the great Kevin Pietersen himseld to a clean swinging ball from Ishant Sharma.KP had to return reluctantly to the Pavilion. He was thus Bowled when the score card read 220 for 5 in the 46th over. 25 balls remained to be bowled in the England innings.However Pietersen had made 76 from 93 balls the identical individual score of Captain Cook.He had 7 hits to the fence&i over it. In the meantime the hero of England Joe Root was advancing very well in the company of Pietersen.On seeing the fall of KP Joe Root rose to the occasion &smashed at his will &pleasure .His final figure read 57 from 45 balls with 8 fours&1 six.This was the score which helped England to post a good score of 257 at the end for 7 wickets. Butler,Bresnen&Tredwell returned without much of a significant score at the end of the 50th over.They had 14,0&6 respectively as their individual contribution. Joe Root&Tredwell remained Not out.England's final score was a challenging score of 257 with a reasonable run rate of 5.14 per over.In the freezing weather of Mohali 257 looked like a match winning score for England. Indians after the break arrived at the crease needing 258 to win.Gautam Gambhir with his new opening partner Rohit Sharma of Bombay began well but shortlived.Of all Gautaqm Gambhir the recognised opener fell soon after in the 6th over when the scoreboard read dangerous at a paltry 20 for 1. Virat Kohli, the great expectation of India, joined Rohit in the middle.But at Mohali it was not not his day of smashing, proving the old saying"Every day is not Sunday".He fell for just for 26 runs from 33 balls with 3 hits to the fence while Rohit at the other end began shining.However, both together had taken the score to a reasonable 72 for 2 in the 17th over when Kohli fell to a return catch to Tredwell.Rays of hope appeared on the faces of England Players! Yuvraaj Singh joined Rohit.The crowd roared when they saw Yuvraj who had the reputation of hitting Stuart Broad in a single over 6 times over the fence in the T first T20 World Cup.India had won the first edition of T20 World Cup!. But here again it was not the day of Yuvi.He fell unfortunately to Tredwell again trapped in the front Pad.The score card read 90 for 3 in the 23rd over . Next to join Rohit Sharma was Suresh Raina the Hero of the day.Both Rohit Sharma&Suresh Raina took the total to a healthy 158 in the 32nd over.India had for the first time a sigh of relief.When Rohit Sharma fell at 158 on the board,he had become the second Hero of the day with an individual score of 83 from just 93 balls with 11 smashing hits to the fence&1 over the fence.A wonderful contribution from Rohit at the most appropriate time when India needed runs to retain the regained 1st Rank in ICC Rankings.He did it .Later on in the postmatch interview Dhoni said it!!The score card now read 158 for 4 in the 32nd over.18 overs &5 balls left in the Indian innings to get 100 runs.Everyone in the stadium&millions glued to TV sets began smiling anticipating a glorious win for India as Captain Dhoni joined Suresh Raina ,his trusted partner of Chennai Super Kings of the IPL.The Captains contribution was ,however, just19 from 21 balls with 2 hits to the fence.But it looked that was enough at that point of time when he fell at 213 for 5 wickets in the 40th over.45 runs were required from 65 balls at that stagefor India to win. England, now started to sweat in the cold conditions of Mohali.Ravindra Jadeja the hero of Kochi in the earlier one dayer joined Suresh Raina.Both together began playing at ease for the first time in the Indian Innings.Suresh Raina the hero of the day smashed 89 runs from 79 balls with 9 hits to the fence&i over it.Ravindra Jadeja who extended able support to the hero scored a healthy 21 from 27 balls.It was consisting of 2 fours.In the 48th over India found the target with 15 balls to spare.Thus India, not only won the series against England but retained the 1st Rank which they had gained with the help of NZ who had beaten SA on the same day of the one dayer at Kochi against England as well. Now the final onedayer is at Dhrmasala in the foothills of Himalayas where snow fall has eased &sun is coming out according to reports in the media.If this is true the scheduled match might begin on time which is a day match .At least a match of reduced overs is possible taking into account every probability as per reports.In case India could win there too then the ratings which is 120 at the moment might go ahead to a level of retaining the rank until next Word Cup in 2015.At present the ratings are India 120,England 117,Australia 113&South Africa 111. So all the Best to India&England at Dharmasala on 27th January 2013 Sunday. SreedharanMundanat 25th January 2013 17-50Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rohit in.Rahane&Poojara to rest

Rohit Sharma is a good Player.Rahane also a very good Player.He could have been in the eleven.Failing a couple of matches should not be a criterion to advice rest.Any ways,Rohit also a good player.At least he would have the satisfaction of being not kept idle without even releasing him for Ranji Final. Rahane would get or should get more chances in the future. How about the new find Poojara?He was most deserving player with his talent to play defensive as well as aggressive chosing the ball on merit.This is the most ideal nature for a batsman.He is being kept as invisible.Is he a Mr.INDIA to be be invisible&appear visible when required?If so he must find a place in the final ODI so that he wont feel that he was neither allowed to play for Inmdia or for his home team in the final of prestigeous RANJI TROPHY. Let us hope the people responsible for inclusion or omission of players in the Indian Eleven open their eyes on 27thJan 2013 at DHARMSALA! SreedharanM undanat 23rd January2013 12-02Hrs(IST)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheteswar Poojara&Rohit Sharma

Sourashtra&Mumbai have qualified for the prestgeous Domestic Ranji Trophy final. Sourashtra after a long time virtually beating the terrific outfit of Punjab&Mumbai by virtue of attaining the first innings lead thanks to their famous bowler Kulkarni who bagged 5 of the wickets of Services. Now on the Indian Republlic day the mumbai team which included the evergreen hero of india Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. One of the best batsmen of Mumbai apart from the great S.R.T., Rohit Sharma&Cheteswar Poojara of Sourashtra are being retained or rather to be prcis are being detained by the management of the Indian ODI Team, for reasons best nown to them, without allowing any match to be played by them until now against the touring England Team. So they should either be included in the playing eleven in the most crucial game at Mohali on 23rd January2013 or released without any more delay by next flight to Mumbai where the Ranji Final is scheduled for 26th of January to benefit their home Teams fruitfully. Both being solid batsmen it is not justified to waste their talent&potential by using them just to carry water,bats &caps to the players in the middle. The concerned people should look into this matter on a priority basis. SreedharanMundanat 21st January2013 12-55Hrs(IST)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy News to cricket lovers.India holds the 1st Rank inODI afforded by ICC as on 20th Jan2013.Thanks to NZ who did a subotage to beat SA. However,if England wins at Mohali on 23rd Jan2013 the 1st rank would be passed on to them.But if India wins,perhaps,the rank would belong to India for a long time to come. So it is my earnest to every Indian interested in cricket to pray for a win for India. The fist rank was being enjoyed by India from 2nd April2011 the final day of last world.Thanks to Captain Dhoni,Sachin Tendulkar,Yuvraj Singh&Virat Kohli& many more . Virat Kohli even said that "Until today Sachin carried us on his shoulders for the last many years &it is now our earnest duty to carry him on our shoulders around Wankhedes stadium as a Tribute to him" Later on many made hue&cry for stepping down of Sachin & the resignation of Dhoni from Captaincy of Dhoni. Dhoni replied the Critics with his bat later on.But Sachin could not do so because he had already stepped down from ODI despite request from Top cricketers like VIVIAN RICHARD not to do so. Such was the voice raised by critics which made Sachin desperate&helpless.Thanks to his selfrespects. He is still in TEST Cricket.I am sure he would give proper reply to his critics with Bat,ball& allrounder qwualities hidden in him which wont be visible fo the mad critics so for the present all the best to India&England for a genuine encounter on 23rd Mohali,INDIA. SreedharanMundanat 20thJan2013 08-25 hrs(IST) later on [

21ODI outings 21 in INDIA-England lost 18th at RANCHI

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Today(19th January 2013)at Ranchi Captain Dhoni's homeground England lost yet another encounter with India rather disastrously by a margin of 7 wickets.Many a people among cricket experts&media had predicted this happening! But in this Glorious Uncertainty such prediction becoming true like this one is very rare phenomenon.More was it so because some enthusiastic fans of Dhoni&Cricket even said the winning shoty would come from the bat of Dhoni! it was one of the rarest matter to happen in cricket for two reasons.1)England was literally crushed by the Indian Bowlers just for 155 runs.The peculiar feature won as that all the bowlers employed by Dhoni got wickets Aswin&Jadeja with able support from Ishant Sharma got wickets when it was absolutely necessary.That is, perhaps,the Dhoni was so frank that he praised his Bowlers.He also said he never thought of coming to the ground to bat when he saw the way ViratKohli &Yuvraj were batting in the middle. But what was destined had happened, though a doubt remains in mmind whether Yuvraj Singh who is a master of Sportmanship was giving way for Dhoni to come to the ground to perform the final ritual of the sad ending of England's hope to keep the series alive &in their favour as it happened in the recent Test series concluded just prior to the Christmas of 2012.No it can not be so!England is a terrific Team with Pietersen&Cook leading from the front. Any ways ,India took the honours of the Day presenting more smiles in the face of the World Cup Captain recently on the contrary to the sadness in the face of Captain Cook. England is like an injured Tiger.They would certainly come back to their self in the next encounter scheduled at Mohali on the 23rd of this month just prior to the Republic day of India. Virat Kohli was the man of the match today a sign of his coming back to his original form. So let us hope for yet another feast of Cricket on 23rd at mohali. sreedharanMundanat 19th Jan2013 at 21-20 hrs(IST) ..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Masters of Kochi encounter between England &India

Mahendra Singh Dhoni the captain of India's Wordcup Team who was responsible for winning the Work-ld Cup against Srilanka on 2ndApril 2011 at the Wankhedes ,Mumbai & Ravindra Jadeja a prominent member of "Tuskers" of Kochi which was later on removed from the IPL by the cricket Authorities of India were the two Masters behind the 127 runs win against England at Kochi yesterday. Inspired by the will Power&might of his captain Ravindra Jadeja played like a magician with as maby as hits to the fence&over the fence just the way his Captain did.He scored 66 runs from 37 balls&remained Not out. Ravindra Jadejs's task&will power did not end there.He showed hisability as an all rounder of the squad at the most approprite moment by climing 2 wickets at an expense of just 12 Runs. Certainly Dhoni might have recommended him for the Man of the Match award at the end of the day despite his being the topscorer & the captain responsible for the turning point of the Match. So Jadeja was rightly nominated for the award. Dhoni did not forget to mention about the role of Bowlers as the main reason for the Victory in the post match interview with the commentators. Both heros together had added 96 runs for the sixth wicket. Overall India had posted 108 runs from the last 10 overs of the Innings.A tremendous achievement after a long time from the Indian Players. Captain Cook the England Counterpart of Dhoni did not forget to praise the Indians& express his concern over his bowlers for conceding 108 runs in last 10 over which ultimately turned out to be the turning point of the game resulted in the defeat of England. Now comes on 19th Jan the next match at Ranchi the home ground of the Indian Captain which could turn out to be yet another match to remember provided Cheteswar Poojara an expert in defending&selecting balls to strike as was obvious from his show in the recently concluded Test Series against the same England side. SreedharanMundanat 17thJanuary 2013 18-05Hrs

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Britt Cricket ship sinks in Kochi

Such was the enthusiasm& interest people expressed in Kochi on a day when England was Beaten by India by a victory margin of 127 Runs. India batting first ,after an initial setback from the openers,rose to the occasion at the most appropriate juncture when runs required to be piled up quickly to post a Challenging total on the score board became inevitable. Mahendra Singh Dhoni leading from the front with tremendous & able support from Virat Kohli,Yuvraaj Singh,Suresh Raina& Ravindra Jadeja could post a score of 285 needing England to make 286 From 50 overs. England too started disaster fully loosing the wicket of Ian Bell very early. Alistair Cook& Kevin Pietersen made a bold effort to take England ahead well but briefly.Alistair Cook was the next to return to Pavilion !! The Cookies started to crumble! The Indian spinners & medium pacers ,for a change,shown they could do something too when absolutely when thebsituation warranted. The support from the crowd of Kochi was something never seen before in any of the Indian venues as opined by Najyothsing Siddhu one of the commentators.he also opined that it was time for Sreesanth the Golden boy of Maradu to return to Indian Cricket. Perhaps he made such a remark after seeing Sreesanth balling in the nets as per request from the Indian Skipper Dhoni. Anyways,the defeat by 127 runs wes something Egland can not forget easily. Their Challenge is likely to be many folded in the next 3 games to follow. The cricket lovers could therefore expect a feast with all ingredients in the next 3 Matches. Despite the need for including Cheteswar Poojara in the Playing eleven by the Coach & Captain was obvious from the first RAJKOT starter,this wasn't done at Kochi. Let us hope their eyes open at least at Ranchi on time to avert any more defeat from England.this is necessary for India to return to the Glorious first rank from ICC which they enjoyed until a few days back since the victory in the World Cup of 2011. SreedharanMundanat 16th November2013 05-45Hrs

A Majastic win at Kochi for India

MahendraSingh Singh Dhoni&Ravindra Jadeja virtually & literally wrested a Majastic win from England today at Kochi the commercial Capital of Kerala.
india making use of Bat first in a batsman's friendly pitch of Kochi began their encounter very very badly by surrendering two early wickets to England .Both the opening batsmen made the score board to reflect an extremely sorry affairs. But then,later on Virat Kohli,Yuvraj singh ,Suresh Raina,Mahendra Singh Dhoni,& Ravindra Jadeja lifted the score toba healthy 285 for 6 wickets. Captain Dhoni,R.Jadela& Suresh Raina posted significant score especially Dhoni 72 runs With a few hits to the fence & over the fence.though Dhoni was the Top scorer of the match the MOM award was bestoved upon Ravindra Jadeja.this was a very wise move . Many viewers raised the doubt to the commentators whether they have ever seen a harder hitter than Dhoni today. Perhaps a very reasonable question since Dhoni was performing like a possessed man forgetting the world for a moment thinking only about cricket & his devotion to it as a Captain.yes today he played a Captain's innings in all respects of the game. England in reply crumbled like cookies. The Indian Bowlers did their job well ,for a change,& virtually sealed the hopes of England for a win. Today's match was unforgettable experience like the world cup final at the Wankhedes On 2nd April 2011. In that occasion also Captain Dhoni was the man behind victory playing with unparellel Enthusiasm,willPower & extraordinary spirit to win. Long live Captain Dhoni to lead India from the front for a long time to come. India deserves every praise with all suitable words in the Dictionary. Next onedayer with England is scheduled for 19th of January2013 at Ranchi the hometown Of Captain Dhoni. SreedharanMundanat 15th January 2013 21-35 hrs (IST)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cheteswar Poojara-A skillful cricketer in the making

Every cricket lover of India must have watched Cheteswar Poojara playing cricket in the recently concluded Test series against England which was awarded as a Christmas& New year gift to England. Despite the presence of talented Batsmen& to some extent talented spinners in India, the Indian Team could not do anything to prevent England from leaving the land with Enormous amount of Glory after winning a Series in India since a very long time. If this can happen in India ,then it is better to forget what is going to happen around the World when India visits different countries in future! But after having lost miserably ,some so called critics of Indian Cricket have formed a New habit of blaming Sachin Tendulkar& MahendraSingh Dhoni for every disaster! Let us leave it aside or conveniently forget what had happened.WHAT IS DONE AND HAPPENED CAN NEVER BECOME UNDONE& UNHAPPENED! Now let us come to the present.Cheteswar Poojara was selected to the one day squad because of taking into account his talent playing cricket technically the real way In which the game should be played. Resting him in RAJKOT in his home ground is justified to some extent being a tired man From his outing in the Ranji matches.But if he is continued to be kept as a teammate engaged in bringing caps,Bats& water to the players in the middle at Kochi also,then the cricket loving fans won't forgive the selectors,coach& captain because such a course of action amounts not only criminal waste of talent & time of Poojara but in the prospects of Sourashtra in Ranji matches adversely as well!!! Cheteswar Poojara should play in the rest of 4 matches in the one day series against England without showing any kind of indifference to him.He should not become a victim or a scapegoat as in the case of what happened to Rohit Sharma of Bombay . The playing posion for Poojara in the Team is the headache of Captain& Coach.If necessary ,there should not be any kind of reluctance in including him as an opener in the position of Gautam Gambhir. SreedharanMundanat 13th January 2013 05-15(IST)

Friday, January 11, 2013


England were lucky to win the toss& electing to make first use of the pitch at RAJKOT Stadium. The beautiful Stadium with a pavilion resembling a miniature of Lords was good enough for England to make Merry after their return to India celebrating Christmas. England made maximum use of the healthy pitch which provided fluent runs.An ideal Pitch for an encounter between Bat & Ball. Captain Cook& surprisingly Ian Bell as opener certainly took full advantage of the Toss they won hitting the Indian Pacers all over the Stadium at their will & pleasure. Ian Bell was leading from the front, a battle which ultimately turned out to be a challenging one in every respect of the game. Ian bell who made 85 runs From 96 Balls with 9 4s& a 6 was unfortunate to miss his most deserving century when he got himself ran out by Rahane of the Indian Squad. All the leading batsmen of England did their job well & finally posted a challenging score of 325 on the board .India needed 326 to win.In normal conditions a difficult total to achieve playing second. India rested Cheteswar Poojara of home ground.An extremely wise decision to do so because Poojarara just on the previous day played for nearly 12 hours continuously at The same ground& indeed needed rest.He was playing in the Domestic Ranji Trophy match for his home state Sourashtra.He had made a triple century in the match. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ,the Indian skipper had taken a wise decision not to give bowling to Yuvraaj Singh while India was fielding,obviously reserving Yuvraaj to do his job as a Batsman.. India in reply started their innings earnestly ,with Gautam Gambhir& Rahane opening Their innings. Gambhir ,for a change ,did a good job in the company of Rahane scoring a fluent 52 runs from equal number of balls with 9 hits to the fence.Rahane also did his duty well scoring47 from57 balls with 7 fours. The first wicket of Rahane fell at 96 on board in the 17 th over. Thereafter Gambhir also followed suit in the 19th over at 102/2. This wicket brought Yuvaraaj singh& Virat Kohli together.Kohli ,however,took exit with a brief score of 15 runs. Yuvraaj Singh stayed upto the expectation of his captain & did justice scoring 61 Glorious runs from 54 balls with 8 fours& a six over the rope. The score read 4/198 in the 35th over. Dhoni & Raina together provided entertaining cricket with contribution of their might. Raina scored a 50& Dhoni made 32 from 24balls with 4 Sixes over the rope. Both fell unfortunately.when Dhoni fell attempting yet another six which was a very appropriate attemptbat that stage of the game.Dhoni's wicket fell at 6/271. Thereafter the match was an affair of suspence ,though India finished their innings just short of 10 runs to win.the final score of India read 316. The so called tailenders did a fine job. Though India lost the match ,it looked as good as a win giving hopes to keep their Prospects of winning the series alive. The next match at Kochi on 15th of January at 12 noon(IST) is likely to be an affairs of battle in which Cheteswar Poojara also might show his presence SreedharanMundanat 12th Jan2013 at 5-20AM(IST)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dhoni needs a second wind as Captain--Rahul Dravid

This Blogger is a rejoinder to my earlier Blog on the Captaincy of Dhoni in which I said"Blame Dhoni for every disaster if you want total ruin of Indian Cricket" On the eve of the start of Oneday internationals betweenIndia&England,Rahul Dravid the veteran cricketer&former skipper of Indian Cricket presented an article in the cricket site"cricinfo" in which he has brought out all merits Demerits & pros and corns in reply ,perhaps,to the critics who make HUE&CRY about the Captaincy of Mahendrasingh Dhoni. Sunil Gavaskar,Sachin Tendulkar&Rahul Dravid are the "THRIMOORTHYS" of Indian Cricket. Sachin alone yet to retire from all versions of Indian Cricket except "one day internationals" about which he ,perhaps, took an early decision to retire. The effect of his retirement was obvious from the humiliating loss sustained against Pakistan.Sachin's very presence in the Team could have produced some Inspiration & discipline in the team.This could have also stood as an obstacle from humiliation. Sachin had a reputation of playing against Pakistan very well.But Indian Cricket failed to take advantage of Sachin by putting pressure on him to retire just because he was not among glorious runs.No one bothered to think about the occasional ups& downs of any cricketer.But in Sachin's case it was something different.He is the only cricketer who had brought many laurels in cricket for India(Difficult to count). Sunil Gavaskar is a former veteran who always thought about welfare&good name of Indian Crocket. Rahul Dravid the other veterans among thr "THRIMOORTHYS" is not only a veteran cricketer&former Captain but a thinking expert of Cricket. His comments about Dhoni in the Article mentioned in the Blog subject is worth reading. Let us all, who love cricket, wish India every success in the series starting tomorrow with the hope that every Plyer would remember that either 4 wins or a whitewash of 5 match series could bring back the first rank for a Team affordede by The International Cricket Council SreedharanMundanat 10th January2013 19-35{IST}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blame Skipper DHONI for every disaster if you want total ruin of Indian Cricket!!

I am forced to write the above subject because of total disappointment of the perform,ance of The World Champions against the neighbours&arch rivals Pakistan. it is time for Indian Players to learn a lot from our neighbours.They are not our rivals .They taught a good lesson for the Indian Cricketers.Their unity in performance&their National Spirit is something totally absent in the Indians.So Pakistan cricketers are our close friends¬ rivals any more. One good lesson Indians should learn is Cooperation &Natinal pride alone could flourish a country not only in Cricket but in all matters as well. The another good lesson for Indians is about the Lack of Isspiration&Discipline alone could, perhaps,help Indians to achieve success.SR.Tendulkar is a typical example for this statement. His mere presence in the Team alone could have saved a lot of Humiliation for India. Rahul Dravid&Sunil Gavaskar veterans&former Skippers of the Indian Cricket had repeatedly reminded the Indian Cricketers about just what mentioned above .But of course they said differently .Not so so explicitely because they happened to be the Honourable Skippers of Indian Cricket. Our Cricketers especially the opening pair who always make a big impact in prsenting a winning total on board should always bear in mind that they are playing for National Pride ¬ for personal gains.Once they wear the Blue Jercy of India they should forget IPL&money involved in it. Everyone who is interested in Cricket knows now that it was owing to the able leadership&performance of the Indian Skipper Mahendrasingh Dhoni that India could escape from total AGONY&HUMILIATION against Pakistan! If only Sachin, Poojara&Irfan Pathan become part of Indian cricket again!!! SreedharanMundanat 8th January2013 18-50 Hrs(IST)