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In SAN DIEGO if one does not visit the Belmont Park the very purpose of tourist attracion is defeated!Located west of SeaWorld Belmont Park is a great Amusement Park to visit. There is no ticket here too. One a ticket for all places at a cheaper rate is taken in the beginning if one stays atvSan Diego at lest for 5 days all places are with free access at least for a fortnight.the main attractions of Belmont Park is the Historic Plunge into waterin the biggest heated water swimming pool of SanDiego.then Skyropes Adventure,Vault Laser Maze Challenge& Blacklight mini golf.The first item for safety with a view to avoiding the risk of compromising with cold weather& the last for lack of interest were not visited by us.The Park has plenty of food at cheaper rates.and shopping too!
Age does not matter anywhere in SanDiego.everything good for all ages .Most of the attractions are better suiting to USA kids have prominent place in Society!Kids are treated like God by everyone.Hurting kids even by Mom& Dad is punishable under USA Laws.even in places where parking is not allowed School Bused are excempted.Such great is the importance for Kids everywhere in USA.Cruelty & Beating kids, as is usual in India, especially Kerala are never tolerated in USA. Enormous amount of Fine & even imprisonment in extremely serious cases even for the parents of the kids are prevailing under Law.
Belmont Park is San Diego's premier beachfront amusement centre meant basically for Families.The Historic Giant Dipper Roller Coaster is the most thrilling experience ,perhaps,in the entire world!.
So this Park is a must to be added to the List of Safari Park,Harbour-cum- Downtown- cum- airport complex,The Zoo,Ships giant as well as aircraft Carriers,the Seaworld,the Ntural Museum the streets and shopping Complexes of SAN DIEGO.
In the earlier postings on SanDiego regarding sEAWORLD certain aspects were not saved by iPad and was missing.
The left overs in all postings would be analyzed,sear he'd& combined to be incorporated in a postings sometimes after return to India!

The prospects of series win in Australia & the Ochi Metro Project

both the above are of important nature to India& Kochi
While Metro can wait,the immediate concern is of the series win in Australia!
With the the clear picture of the England Debacle of India the slipping of a Test win in the Australian soil by the Indians,particularly the lack of understanding among the BTsmen is a clear indication that India is not going to win a series in Australia in the near Future.even though secretly I am willing to to be beaten in the view I have expressed volounteerly,it does not seem to be probability for which at least 2% success could be afforded to.there are reasons in telling this.Sachin Tendulkar is now telling that the next Testvenue Viz Sydney is the most prospectful pitch on which he could bat.we all know all these kind of illusions &phenomenons do not serve any purpose except could be put in Black& white according one's choice& convenience.The fact remains that there does not appear to have any correlation or useful understanding among the three veterans Sachin,Dravid & Laxman.all just play just for playing.There is neither motive nor any confidence left for the era of Tiger Pataudy used to captain India,Sharmila Tagore was said to be attending his phones while he used to leave for batting in the middle.She is believed to have told into the mouth piece to the caller that Tiger was expected any time back in Pavilion so to continue to hold the phone.though it could be a joke some one wrote,the state of affairs of Batsmen is not much different.No sooner did they step out they are seen back in pavilion!
Similarly,there is no proper support from the Openers Sehwag& Gambhir to their Captain as both seemed to be interested to be back in Pavilion!.this was forced to say after noticing their indifference to batting!
The case of Virat Kohli& Dhoni are not different.
So seven Batsmen now accounted for.the remaining So called Tailenders are better than the batting experts in many respect.
The 2 & only 2 people left to be experimented are Manoj Tiwari & Rohit Sharma.
It would certainly look better to try them at SYDNEY even at the expenses of The 2 openers.
At present no more youngsters,who could shine in test matches appear to be available except perhaps IRPHAN PATHAN.Trying him could perhaps help India favourably to some extent.
The above facts are sufficient to categorically state INDIA IS NOT GOING TO WIN A TEST SERIES IN AUSTRALIAN SOIL INTHE NEAR FUTURE!!!
The fate of this prestigious project hangs in Balance even today.The earlier GoVERNMENT of 5 years conveniently avoided it as there was no sufficient prospect for personal gain for Individuals &the Party in those days. So they did not even bother to negotiate.
Recently Shri E,Sreedharan who was in charge of Metro Delhi & Konkani projects which were successful had come forward to help Kochi Metro. But when he found the response from Kerala was not Hot but extremely wet,he dissuaded himself from associating with the Project.His followers in Delhi Metro even abandoned the project and was planning to close their administrative office also in Kochi
The Kerala Govt which was in double mind towards associating Shri .Sreedharan in the Project had shown positive interest in that matter but the withdrawal from the project by Shri. Sreedharan was a shock.
Every one knows that there is none in India who can manage. Metro Kochi better than Sreedharan.he even declared that he could even try MEGLAVE trains in the Project.That was a Blessing in disguise and could have been grabbed by Govt without a second thought.
But it didn't happen so.
But the statement from Sri.Sreedharan that he could associate if the Govt agreed to bring Kochi Metro under Delhi Metro ,even though he was to retire from Delhi,should be accepted by Kerala as it is common knowledge that it is not the Delhi metro name that matters but the BRAIN of Shri Sreedharan.
The prominent people responsible for Kochi Metro should see that shri Sreedharan does not turn away his head again.Or else there is no use of crying over Spilt Milk later


The Seaworld the Pride of San Diego in the beautiful sand

The SEAWORLD& the Beautiful&Pride Horizon of San Diego was reserved for writing as a Master piece from America.this is perhaps the most wonderful show in the World.all the species under the sea over the sea& many kind of fish,Flowers& coral can be viewed here.need at least 8 hours from morning9 to evening5.
There are 2 kinds of shows the main show is the live show from whales& Dolphins.the other is general view of all sea animals and birds called "Encounter with Shark"etc.
While the former one is the acrobatic shows from the trained whales& from Dolphins,the later is view from a distance but everything so close.
The live show is of Half hour duration each in which trainers mostly girls dressed in colors& tight dresses do the acrobatics with the whale& Dolphin.while the whale show is horror in front of your eyes the later is very amusing with innocent dolphins do everything told to do exactly.both are really unbelievable!!The aquarium at Seaworld San Diego is magnificent though not in level with Florida Acquarium.but other features have no parallel.
One can see all beautiful sea animals,birds,flowers and everything else under & over sea.
This is perhaps a wonder much above the level of Prestigeous ESSELWORLD of BOMBAY.Really a world of dreams & facts in front of one.So amusing & stunning.
The nature,environment and weather in SanDiego suits in every re ECG with real sea Pacific around to the well being of ASEAN birds and Animals.thevShark show was really horrifying.the beasts just roamed in front of our eyes at a small distance.the trainers & keepers had been busy in feeding them as if the sharks might otherwise become violent.but the fact is much different.The Sharks are never interested in Human Flesh.though it might try to kill as a matter of safety to them.Perhaps,one could call self-defense.
The weather on the day we visited SanDiego was unkind with SUN playingbHide ?.& seek throughout the day decreasing the day temperature considerably down unlike previous days. But still manageable with the Heating arrangements inside.
But one could easily forget weather & concentrate on the wonderful things happening in front with maximum admiration.!!
Then besides animals and birds there are different watersportsgames & even Gambling of low level unlike LAS VEGAS but everything entertaining & mind catching!
The roller coaster,the raft journey,the skydive,the Balloon ride & everything else were of high favorites of all visitors.the raft riding was a bit of concern as far as the cold weather was concerned.Water was sprayed in to one' body on every turn it took making one literallybsoak.And the effect of it remaied until 2 hours more when one had to take hot bath in the Hotel Room.!but it was a novel experience nothing much to bother.everything to be taken in it's spirit!!
The 4D show on Polar animals was an unforgettable experience.The Polar bear& the warios of thin horns like elephant were sights one would not have had a chance to view for real!
And the Trees,peculiar plants& flowers on it and collection of beautiful birds on the Trees were all treat for Cameras to stor pictures those could never be forgotten
The artificial sky & environment made to make the Polar Bears& other Polar animals real was an efficient work of experts and artists who know how to capture the mind &sight of the visitor.
Perhaps Seaword is the most popular & crowded tourist spot in San Diego as could be imagined from the enormous number of cars & other vehiv
Cles parked all around the vast coast of Seaworld.perhaps an average of 5000 cars at a point of time throughout the day!Approximately 70000 to a lain of people visited this world amusement & wonders every day.
And now the last but not the least in the show of the Amusing birds of Polar area the PENGUINS!!! Most satisfying sights of all is the dance different kind of walks,different modes of communications among them as well as to the visitors& above all the innocence & beauty on their faces& the most suiting Black& white color" Karuppinazhaku. Veluppinazhaku"is exemplary.even if one forgets everything else in SEAWORLD during the course of time when we have to think about more & more important things of life it could still be impossible to forget these Army of Black & White PENGUINS!!For this alone one should not miss San Diego and the Seaword while in California.LA & San Fransisco one can afford to miss but not the Seaworld,the Natural Museum,the safari Park ,the beautiful roads,the Harbour with many large Ships including aircraft carriers,the Triple complex of Downtown,Airport& Harbour together ,the gardens & Historical monuments which place is the Birth Place Of California & her Pride of Horizons!,,
Sreedharan Mundanat

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The Agitation never was there.

The organization which had prompted the old so called Gandhian for the agitation prestending as Lokpals had to be called off as the Superior Parliment wing LokSabha passed it without any element of resistance to overcome.consequently the Agitation had to be called off .the Prominent Politician who prompted the Old Gold Gandhian had returned on the Second day of agitation.
It is reported in the press thatThe organization had paid 7.5 lambs for 5 days for the Kurla- Andheri complex ground to the authorities.when asked for refund for 3 days the authorities had refused the refund on the ground that the arrangements already made in the rented Ground would take more than 3 days and this period has to be consiidered as period for which the Authorities would have to incur loss.
Very reasonable & justifiable argument from them indeed.there was no need for the old man to indulge at this age into unwarranted agitation.that to to help organization which can not go any where near the photograph of the Father of Nation.
The the old Gandhian got proper punishment for his deed at this age. Not only loss of money and precious time but deterioration of Health as well.
There are even reports that there was internal fight among the organizers of the agitation.Now in the next Parliament session the elders would also pass the bill rather easier than LokSabha.
The net result enormous,loss of Money,precious time,loss of popularity from the public& above all the loss of Hearth to the poor Old least he should realize now that Corruption can not be stopped by counter corruption!!
People should change themselves realizing their mistakes if corruption is to be eradicated from this Holy country.
But this being not an easy task we should be able to cope up with the situation prevailing by managing the circumstances without indulging to unfair means & also without incurring personal loss of money ,property& Prestige& self respect to Nation!!!!!.

THE CINEMA SCOURCE OF Entertainment & Variety

Yes!Cinema is a scorch of Entertainment as well as exhibition of Variety,Diversity
Let us have a brief study on Malayalam Cinema.the movies Viz "San Manassullavarkku SAMADHANAM,Nadodikkattu, Varavelppu,Kilukkam,TPBalagopalan BA,Nandanam .&many more are pure sources of entertainment & diversity in trend and worth of thinking about later. But the routine methods & style adopted by the Directors & Producers& Actors made it a kind of repeat in trend and made viewers think about the monotonous nature involved .
To be frank,the Best way to appreciate a cinema lies in the rising of the view in their Eyes & setting it in the mind ,instead of listening to the reviews on TV& in Magazines or rather following the Ads on films!.
The films mentioned above created a new source of entertainment but continuing with the same Trend later with same type of Roles & Dialouges were basically due to the commercial value the producers,Directors& Actors afforded to such Trends.This naturally eludes entertainment value to a movie giving more importance to commercial value. Every people behind a movie has an eye on the BoxOffice and the other on Awards.both are rooms for their popularity & that of the Films.
The general nature of a viewer is to opt for the Directors,Producers or Actors they liked once. So these people behind one successful Film follow the same people in their next production. Naturally there is sufficient Logic in what they do.
So Entertainment is naturally linked with commercial value and Business.
If at. All one tries for social values and Virtues in his / her movie the Public do not accept it the way it should have been.This is another reason why Commercial value holds upper Hand over entertainment value & artistically Glory.
The conclusion is that the Artisticalvalue,Entertainment value ,Social Value and above all value of Music which used to be the criterion in yesteryear is absent to day.
The Trend of the Youth for Romance,hate,Intrigue,Arguments,& Stunt also contribute adversely.
But of course we can not Blame them!this was the trend at least in the mind of the people always!!


Any one who visits any hospital or any one who happens to see a Nurse in her pure white Uniform would first think about the sincere& Godly service from FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.
YES!the dedicated services from the great lady of Medical Profession ,should always be the criterion for the general view from everyone towards a Nurse or a Nursing Student.
Though it is a fact that the parents of girls are sending their children for joining the Nursing service .courses is due to the fact that they find it difficult to get any other reasonable profession for their children.apart from this the easiest way to secure a job without much problem for any family need money for both ends meet is another reason for choosing this profession.
There had been all along very wrong & absurd thinking among the society that the Nursing Job was something below dignity!.
This people need their head examined as early as possible.
People should at least thing about just one fact whether a hospital can run without the services of Nurses.!!if the services in a Hospital is interrupted what are the priced We have to incur. Of course Loss of Life.
Even though ,nowadays the impression on Nurseshas improved among people ,the difficulties they are facing in Hospitals by way of BONDS and other matters affecting their prospects for job abroad are many fold today.
Naturally parents of Nurses dream about a job for their children abroad & better financial managementWhat is wrong with this?
In relation to this Blog an article appearedIn the MANGALAM Internet News Edition is very much relevant.
Everyone should read the article in MANGALAM & think about the Agony of those who always are engaged in redressing the Agony of the Society & think many times about the ways & means for improving upon their life & the factors contributing towards the denial to these Angellike women!
The Title Of the Article is "Vedanayil Thodunna Maalakhamarude Vedanayil"[THE PAIN OF THE ANGELS WHO HANDLE pAIN"].
All should be liberal & more Sincere to wards the cause of the Nurses & the problems they face from day to day which are not their Fault but the total fault and Wrong Approach from the Society!!

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There is a well known & universally approved Saying" OLD IS GOLD"
This saying generally seems to be correct.At least until the middle of December 2011. Now this year is coming to an End & a more Glorious Year likely to Blossom.
Any how the end of 2011 had Been Tragic to this Nation & her Spirits!
The very universally approved Saying was subjected to doubt& perusal towards the end of this year
Obviously , this statement is with reference to the failure of agitation by so called Lokpal Heroes & Gandhians .Let the issue take it's own natural cause of Death,
Let us come back to our Old Goats of the GOD'S Own Country.The oldest Goat who is capable of enacting any scene according to his convenience & personal gains &mostly successful in doing them has come out now with a most unexpected theory from him!
Almost 2 years back he was all along dead against a person of Minority nature by fighting against a policy adopted by his immediate Group Rival!when another Goverment other than of the GOD'S Own Country was in the process of arresting a minority personality the Group leader & rival of the Old Goat came forward to protect the Minority with an obvious eye on their voters Bank! But later on the episode failed with the eventual arrest of the Minority Personality by a neighboring Government.this Group Leader gradually refrained form even looking at the issue.Naturally the issue suffered it's own Natural Death,
But Alas! The Old Goat who was practically an enemy of the Policy of the Group Leader who even shared Dias with the Minority personality,has now come forward with a new ideal of rendering Help to the Minority Personality by way of calling for Medical Help & Treatment to him from the Neighbouring Government.
One would be tempted to start wondering!But no need for that!The new Trick of the Old Goat is not only to divert attention of the Public from the burning issues raised against him & his son but a Gimmick as well to put his Ach Group Rival under Shadows to earn Political mileage.
Perhaps he succeeds here also. let us wait&see!there is every probability of his Success as the truth as said by Mark Antony to the effect that "MOB IS ASS" still holds good at least as far as the situation prevailing in the God Own Country is concerned!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The U.S.A in the eyes of an explorer -In Brief

The USA is well known for her many strong points.
The one such fact that would first come to the eyes of an explorer is the discipline of people,the Roads,the Traffic Rules & their observance,the Vehicles on the Road & above all the public friendly Police Force.
The people in general & particulary those who drive them are so disciplined that they won't ever break a traffic rule or signal& this fairly leads to avoiding accidents on road.
The roads &their condition are so splendid.there is programmed schedule on a constant basis for the maintenance of Roads. Large number of men & women staff work tirelessly throughout the year in a well arranged cycle .the maintenance of even a road in a remote place is not ignored.the cities of USA are magnificent & exemplary in can not find a single broken Road anywhere in USA
From Newyork ,Washington to the other end cities of California on both East & West coast the prevailing conditions are the same.
People here are highly good natured in so far as observing Rules & Regulations in Toto & willingly.As a results of this disputes among people are minimized.the unnecessary petty jobs for Police Force is thus minimized to this problem among the Public.Police Forces are vey very friendly with people without indulging into unnecessary troubles to the people
As we had bitter experience with the big cities like Newyork,Washington,Boston Chicago & so on in the severe winter in East Coast where snowing too is a regular feature this time we preferred more environmental cities like Austin,Houston,Las Vigas,Los Angeles,SanFransisco& San Diego where winter is comparatively mild.
Austin is the capital of Texas.The Governor's office& the senator Hall of the governmental officials are situated here.The Governors Hall & the Government Secretariot are conventional old style but very strong Buildings.Austin is a very peaceful city.every facility one could expect under the sun is available here.there are many well maintained Hindu Temples & Churches here.there is one Grand Botanical Garden where all kinds of plants and Trees are available.there are beautiful plants & Tres,flowers & birds everywhere here.this great city is also maintained like any other good city in USA.George Bush the former President was Governor here in this state.he still has settled down here.There are many information & Technological institutions like IBM which have their HQ here.There is one good University also.
There are enormous number of shopping complexes & cinema houses here.the apartments all around Austin are beautiful & convenient.Food is not a problem in Austin.all kind of foods of different nations are available comparatively at cheaper costs.
Christmas is the best festival here as in all other cities of USA.there many a Christmas Trees growing all over front of every house invariable there is one decorated Christmas Tree.People go a little inter ion in Austin to collect Christmas Trees at cheaper prices.
Life in Austin is generally pleasant.
The next city in Texas is fact from India we landed here from the Emirates Flight via Dubai.This city as good as Austin in fact a a degree above from facilities & population as compared to Austin.there are many tall buildings as compared to Austin.perhaps this is the best city in Texas it looks.the Bush international airport is vey big like Chicago.Chicago is
,however for it's taller Buildings more famous.
Here in Houston there is one run way extended to a flyover from where flights take off!A unique feature for Houston.It is a wonderful sight which won't get everywhere
From here we went by flight to Las Vegas which is in the state called Neveda.
No words are enough to describe Las Vegas.A fairy Land of Well maintained & beautifully decorated Casino Buildings.perhaps the best place of Tourist attraction .Those who are interested in Gambling & betting there are enormous places and games of different types.people gain & loose money here.those who have excess money & for rich this place is Heaven for luxurious living & food.the MGM Grand,Caesar place,Paris,Italian casinos like Venetian,Newyork&many more Casinosin one of the casino complexes we could see the wax statues of all leading Politicians,Sports & Games personalities,Cinemastars,pop singers like Michael Jackson.there is one wax statue of Andre Agassi the famous Tennis Star who belongs & settled down to this place.there are some Casinos above there is still skies with stars & moon.a place for a wonderful experience ot would never forget these places for their wonderful decoration with wonderful lights.during festival season like Christmas & New year these are places one should never miss in USA.las Vagas is a Fairy land & a heaven on the Earth.there is no difference between Day & Night here. All casinos most of the shops& Hotels are open 24 other city in the world is as attractive as Las Vegas for people and kids of all ages. An enjoyable place in every respect literally!!!there is one screaming Hall.Those
who with enormous nerve could enter here& come out.the tickets are not very costly affordable to everyone.A great horror & suspence place normally many ladies except the courageous ones avoid.but it is a wonderful experience for even most courageous people.There is sufficient ground for developing fear inside the hall & the mind.One would even think about coming out after sometime spent inside.The darkness inside contributes more to the fear!But despite all this a place never to miss!.
From here we rented a car to LosAngeles for a few days with intention to visit SanDiego also.the car we rented from Las Vegas was a good one with smooth driving facilities.
The Highway from Vegas to LA was a little deserted unlike highways between other cities usually. Both sides of Highway were mountains & Landscapes worth enjoying from the point of view of enjoying natural beauty of the country.There were many eating places & shopping places frequently on the Highway. So one would never feel the difference of a city & a remote suburb.the car ride was about 3 hours expected.after 2 hours nonstop journey we had some hot cofee& snacks.yet another hour to LA.but by that the signs of city beyond were started evening 4 we arrived in the most beautiful city of California.
This is also the city of famous HOLYWOOD.Our first task was to find ourvhotel already booked.after spending few minutesc there ,we started for our first visit in Hollywood the great Kodak Theatre where the Oscar function is usually staged.thevauditorium & surrounding places were glittering with Christmas.the auditorium,perhaps,thevmost spacious one I have ever seen.The Roads leading to all places in Hollywood are decorated with the names of famous Film stars.including the famous former Governor of California THE TERMINATOR or for that matter Conan the Barbarian Charlie Chaplin,Gregory Peck & many a famous Film stars.the public have also written the Names of many a Oscar winners in the place meant for that in various places. Unfortunately despite vigorous search I could not trace the name of A.R. Rahman. Neither could I write it anywhere for want of space & writing materialSo was the case with Rasool Pookkutty also.the Holly wood streets are full of street shows tall man dressed as Spider Man charged one dollarvfor a photo with him with a view to showing the kids!.No sorry!he didn't charge, We can give any amount according to our choice. There are many more shows on the street including some Acrobatic shows.It was so good to watch all the free Street show ,though we had spent around 10 Dollars on them willingly.
The next day after complimentary Breakfast from the Hotel we started for a city ride in a bus until 4-30Pm from 11-00AM.The tourvwas very pleasant. Saw many beautiful Buildings ,streets cinema houses & Parks including Paramount& Universal studios though time was not enough to see them freely. But had a glance of everything.
One peculiar aspect I had noticed in LA was that some streets resembled the Churchgate Area of Bombay& from Flora Fountain to Operahouse.with a lot of corner houses of different shapes there was a distant resemblance to Marine Drive also for certain areas.the City is perhaps the most clean city unlike Bombay.
Inn the Evening 6 we went a brand new movie" Tin Tin &his adventures". The story of the Unicorn is the first one released now with 3D glasses required to watch more pleasantly.The film was really great for a duration of 2 hrs with TinTin,Snowy,Calculus &many other characters especially Captain Heddock.of course Herge the author if Tin Tin is Great story teller.Somehow I felt reading the Cartoon series was more enjoyable than the film.the numerous language of Herge like " Blistering Bernacles"" Thundering Typhoons" etc are available for Haddock to utter every now &then.
After enjoying LA to a very large extent we left for San Diego the next morning around 9-00AM.An expected drive less than 2 hours
Then here comes San Diego.A city different from others in various respects.there is one famous beach one of very few of it's kind like this beach one could see all sorts of animals like SeaLion many a birds rocks and waves.A lot of rush around the year. Summer is the best time to enjoy this beach with glittering sand and small cottages for swimming facilities. Many people swim here even during this winter peak time also. Though I had a temptation to swim had to refrain from the thought due to the cold weather.Then came the beautiful sunset reminding the Vivekananda Rock at Kanyakumari.Roller Coaster is another attraction.webenjoyed itvleaving ladiescalone without observing the "Ladies First"Policy.
The Best place tobwatch in San Diego is ,perhaps,thevZoo of San Diego where the Tram safari to watch wild animals likevLion,Tiger& many more are to be seen.Beautiful Birds are yet another enjoyable view.
The fare for safari is a little too high though there is a concession of 4 Dollars per head with the coupons supplied by the Hotel.
This is one experience one can never forget in a Lifetime.
So we enjoyed US this time better than last time because of the severe winter & snow prevailed in Boston,New York & Chicago during 2007.
There is no stop to this writing if I venture other strong points of's Glorious politics,the space research,the Police and Service Forces & their weapons,the Presidential Elections The information & Technology wings ,stock exchanges & many more are unending Topics which I don't think right on my part to try to write.And ,besides,no need to write on those topics as the entire World is well aware of it without my putting them in Black& White.and if I try that any time it would not only be an adventure but highly likely to end in disaster as well!
So good bye everyone.

The Aaranmula Airport

A report appeared in the Malalam Internet News Paper MANGALAM. Dt 27 th December2011is the basis for writing this Blog
The proposal for the Airport Project &its Project report on it was entrusted to a Private firm by the former Government of Kerala.
The firm ,obviously with vested interest,submitted it's report in such a way that the paramount importance of the presence water & small rivers in the area & all connected environmental details of the place were ignored in the report.A report suggesting the successful construction of an airport was submitted & approved by the Govt which entrusted the work to them.
Paving a foundation for an airport& it's runways in such places is against the idea of a strong airport.
This makes it even possible for a collapse of the Airport at a later stage after years.when some catastrophe or Tragedy takes place the people who were behind such a project or the recordial documents would be no mo more.
So these are the root causes of occurrence of Tragedies!No one would come to know at a later stage that the Tragedy was a manmade one.The Govt ruling them would write off the loss of Life & Property efficiently forgetting conveniently that the Federal arrangements prevailing in the country are not enough to prevent wrong doings & Tragedies.
This is likely to continue as long as people are greedy for money & are no longer interested in the Welfare of common Man!,,
Sreedharan Mundanat

The long Awaited Century from The Little Master

It is somehow very sad to note that the much awaited event,especially by the Crazy fans of Cricket & Sachin in Bombay,is being delayed,
Now it looks as if the people of Bombay would start Poojas in SIDDHIVINAYAK TEMPLE& other such Famous Temples for praying for Sachin!
Besides,the age & possibility of any injury to Sachin are also threatening factors against Sachin.
But this record is likely to stand for a long time if achieved,perhaps for ever,unless a small kid of Today or a newly born is going to break it in the future.
So it is very significant & more so a must for Sachin to get it in the 4 Test series against Australia adds to the Glory of the event more if it happens in the land of Sir Donald Bradman whom Sachin had met & got Blessings in the Past.
The just fact that India is in a good position in this Test to win.And if wins,this is going to be yet another record for Indian Cricket to win A test on a Boxing Day Test.if India could win the Series against Australia,it could be yet another more Glorious record being the first in the Soil of Australia apart from an opportunity to recapture the lost First rank in world Test Cricket.India had enjoyed it for sometime but lost it by default to England whom their own weather had helped them to wrest it from India.
Sachin might be thinking that this is a better option for his Motherland!Perhaps a reason for the eluding century.
Dravid is in good form& also had a life when a ball which he got out was declared as a No such cases the prevailing convention is that the player could get a century.
Perhaps he gets it!And a score over or near500 could be a healthy score to force a win.
All the best to Team India!
Sreedharan Mundanat

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ray of Hope for India.

Even though Autralia dismissed under350 the 63 extra runs granted was an extravaganza in view the Strong Bowlers turned into ineffective ones to enable Siddle the most unexpected bTsman to strike!He did his job well & presented respectability to Aussies on the scoreboard.But Gambhir's dismissal was yet another extravaganza offe red to them.Now unless Sehwag sticks to the wicket without playing out swingers on Offstump like Sachin does,there won't be any chance for fast scoring to cross at least again dependable service from The LittleMaster,The Wall,& The Very Very Special would be a must besides yet more good knocks from Kohli&Dhoni himself. All put together ,as imagined here India could get an opportunity to post a win for the First time on a Boxing Day Test match !.yet another record for India.This w in could produce psychological effect on the Team India to win a series for the First time in Australian Soil apart from a glorious opportunity to recapture the lost First Rannk .We enjoyed it for sometime & lost it by default. With the Blessings of their peculiar weather prevailing in England.
Let us hope at least here the weather God amends His foul play of Spoilsports. & Blees India to achieve their Golden Goal!!!

A Gandhian in Disguise

Our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi had done everything possible to achieve independence for us.
Before declaring India as an Independent Nation,one of the greatest orators. wNston Churchil had said handing over Power to Indians is nothing but a disaster& a Tragedy.He said this Indians would fight among themselves for Power & ruin India one day.
What he had a vision of this sort more than60 Years ago is becoming a Truth nowadays!
Gandhiji never did any agitation any time involving iolence& enormous expenses.Gandhiji never uttered a threatening word to anyone anytime challenging any one.
Gandhiji always maintained Peace& non- violence.
The present day so called Gandhian is doing everything illegal & is following the words of Winston Churchil by sharing views of Politicians who are Greedy for Power
This Gandhian in disguise is challenging the Nation for the sake of even frustrated Police people& arrogant Lawers existing in this country.
No more shame for a man who claims a Gandhian!This Gandhian is not merely a shame for himself,,but is becoming an Onsult the Father of Nation,the Parliament& the people of India as well. For doing this money worth feeding poor for 5 years is being spent in the form of decoration,security,& all other forms of irrelevant expenses.

Agony transferred to India

The Boxing Day test started wonderfully for India with a good effort from Bowlers.
At 217/6 ,it was a great match for India.It looked as if Australia would be dismissed by Stumps.
But the usual curse with India which dominated from time immemorial,played it's role once again.The Bowlers who were so good on the first Day suddenly turned out into just spectators of the the efficient batting from Siddle & Haddin.Siddle played magnificently like an expert AllRounder scoring most of the runs of their partnership of63 runs .Siddle contribution was 34 out of this.He in fact showed the technique of Batting to the middle order of Australia.
Now ,India has lost the advantage they achieved by the Bowlers.But the pity was that the same bowlers who made the success initially failed to have any control over Haddin& Siddle.Now,having reached a reasonably fair score,Haddin would himself take over from Siddle as he is a dangerous Batsman - Wicket keeper when things are fair for Australia.
In other words,a Test match which had all the chances for a win has been voluntarily handed over to Australia.once a lost opportunity returns, Australians cannot be controlled.This was obvious from Test against SA in SAin which they made Steyn ineffective,fought every moment& finally won an impossible Test match which was all the way in favour of SA.
So the Batsmen of India will have to take care of a Debacle.
CAUTION&CONTROL are the Key words for India from now onwards!.Seuss will have to maintain patience by waiting for right balls instead of hitting anything including out Swingers on the Off- Stump.if such a game is adopted by Sehwag it spells Disaster for India.
The Batting veteran Thrimoorthys & Virat Kohli should rise to the occasion.Especially Sachin with one eye on his 100th 100!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Australian Agony

Australia. On this Boxing day started wonde fully with Clarke winning the Toss. But did a small mistake in electing to bat.though Sahir,sharma& Yadav bowled good length it was just enough to stop Covan from scoring fast.but on the other hand Warner one of the Best strikers for the Aussies s tarted with a bank& took the score faster to a good le vel when as usual Raib God interrupted.Later when resumed the same God seemed helping India for a change.Yadav struck twice to give India upper hand by removing the dangerous ma n Warner& his fairly good partner Covan.
At the moment the match looks like a ba lanced one. If India could continue to stile then by lunch tomorrow,India might. Be in a position to take their Bat to the middle & start their expected fire works from Sachin,The wall& very very special Laxman.
If this ha opens the story would be different to tell at the end with a much hoped win on a Boxing Da y Test which has not happened before.That too would be a History


Some so called prominent people calling themselves as Gandhians&& claiming to be followers of the Father Of Nation have been reported to be members&followers of certain communal wings in India by a New Minister.if this report is true,this needs serious consideration.Our Father Of Nation who believed in Non-Violence alone was stated to have been killed by some communal wing who were supposed to be promoters of Violence.!
If those who pretend to be Lokpals of today in India alone,are really supporting these people as said by a Minister then the matter is not only serious but suicidal& Utterly Paradoxical,
This very nature of the issue without taking into account the provisions of CONSTITUTION OF INDIA is disastrous!
One counter argument that can be put forward is the Constitution provisions can be amended!.
Of course True.
But this too need the majority support from MPS of Both houses of Parliament!
Since the present irrelevant Stir is Gainst a Government & it's introducing a Bill ,the matter become worse particularly because of the very paradoxical & unjustified nature of the Issue.
So everyone who know something about the Parliamentary System in a Democratic Nation should come forward to prevent a possible Ruin of a Nation which Could be Avoided with some WISE APROACH from them to the issue.
So everyone would wake up & rise to the occasion to safeguard the Nation from total Disaster!!!
Sreedharan Mundanat

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lokpal Issue Aburning but meaningless issue

An independent & impartial study& review appears to be not out of place taking into account the popularity & importance given to it by people and Media.
The Constitution of India envisages some of the independent authorities like,Judiciary,the President,the Audit & Accounts Department,the Finance Commission,The Election Commission,the Prime Minister ,Legislative Assembly& Parliament of India have distinct Status under the Constitution
The Constitution is the foremost Spinal Cord & Nerve system of Democracy like they are for Human body.Attacking them without any element of kindness is disastrous to any Nation.Those who had framed Constitution were intellectuals who thought about how it would affect the existence of a Nation
Those who indulge into activities of devaluing the right provisions of the Constitution will have to be labelled as foolish& unkind people to their fellow beings.
Presently,those who are trying to attack the Lokpal Bill introduced by the Government are supposed to be learned people & many of them are supposed to know Laws prevailing in the country.Some of them are labelled as Advocates who are supposed to know what Law is & what are the reasonable & justifyings ways & means to attack things which are equally applicable to everyone advantageously or disadvantageously.
In any sports events or Games the rules & regulation framed for playing them are wqaly applicable to both the Teams
The Government & Opposition are like two Teams .One Team could be playing better & the other lesser than that.
Everyone should remember the a Government is forms from representatives of the Public who were elected by them willingly.
The opposition has powers to criticize make suggestions to them

But does not mean that they can take apart the provisions of the Constitution without attaching any value to them& considering the provisions as silly matters.
In the present issue ,most of the people behind it were more or less responsible for paving way for way for the happenings they now one way they are just trying to get escaped from the sins they committed when they were supposed to look after Democracy& Constitution of the Nation.
So every one involved in the issue should conduct a review of their doing according to their own consiouness & then come to a conclusion as to whether they are doing the right the right now.
Just approaching some old and innocent people to achieve their wrong motives reign& making such people as scapegoats for the fulfillment of their selfish motive do not seem to be correct.
Everyone should refrain from such actvities & and make use of the opportunities to express their opinion atvthe right place & right time.!!
Sreedharan Mundanat

Monday, December 19, 2011


There is an everlasting principle or precisely words from GOD that those who have the virtues of Humility,Kindness&Love in mind for self& cello rings would get ETERNAL PEACE in this World & even in Heaven.In this era of Controversies,fight,hate,intrigue,race for weapons for destroying Enemies,lack of belief for virtues in Life& Tendency to earn for the Welfare of self or rather the belief in selfishness ,the Tendency to cheat others to make one's own life Happier all would lead to nothing but total destruction.
One might observe whether killing other Animals to feed themselves by Human Beings &animals are virtues and the answer is a clear "NO & YES" no because it is tending to sin!.Yes because unless one feed itself the body of one can not survive for long to help others to survive.This instinct to kill among Animals thus clealy explained
Yet another reason is unless sins do not co- exist there is no value for VIRTUES
This is why the belief of HEAVEN & HElL came into existence
So those observe virtues right & adore them go to HEAVEN & OThers believe in Killings & Hate go to HElL
So every one could decide themselves to select the path of Heaven & Hell according to one' choice
It is worth if every one believes in "SAMANASSULAVARKkU "SAMADHAnAM" When we are getting ready to Celebrate CHRISTMAS & HAPY NEW YEAR!!!
Sreedharan Mundanat.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


This Blog from me is a surprising one .Yes ! I am am surprised muself.This is about a very cute ,beautiful & capable girl of wonderful artist of characterization & acting.Yes she is Sanusha the darling girl artist of Miniscreen and so of Family Audience Housewifves & special for Ladies.she had conquered the hearts of her audience of the Miniscreen within a matter of no time.Sanusha is her name.The first Serial in which she appeared as a child artis was called "The Dream"{SWAPNAM}.Vinayan who saw her photo in newspaper when she took part in a dance item during the District Youth festival when she was in second Standard spotted her & gave a role of an innocent child.She did the role magnificentlyb.From her very first Serial on TV shecwas noted by Family Audience.Later on had many roles continuously on TV serials & outvote the money she earned she constructed her own Home& got a Car to entertain her Parents.Most rightly & fittingly she gave name" SWAPNAM" for the Home.There was no turning back for her after Swapnam.She carried on with her artistic talents along with her school days!
Sanusha belongs to Kannur that too Neeleswaram from where Kavya Madhavan the famous heroine of Cinema hails. In fact it was Kavya who had given her an award for winning a Dance competition in Youth Festival.No surprise Kavya was her inspiration for appearing in Films later.
KAZHCHA,MAmBAZhAKKALAM,CHANDRANUDIKKUNNA DIKKIL,MEESAMADHAVAN& CHOTAMUMBAI are Som of her famousFilms.Her film KAZHCHA had WWon The the coveted StatecAward for her as a child Artist.
The film roles of NagavalIBby Shobhana& Balamanii by Nayarit nair inspired her to take roles in Films apart from Kavya Madhavan whom she adores!Her role in the film Mambazhakkalam as the daughter of Sobhana.and many scenes she did with Mohanan Lal as innocent Girl with a lot of weeping& crying would remain in the hearts of Cinegoers for a long time.some house wives even advices her not to cry on screens which is very a very sad matter for them to witness.Yes! Her Acting & Characterisation talents are most outstanding in that film.
After her another fine role in Chota Mumbai she had grown up turned up into a beautiful Teenaged woman.just like many Actors like Rahman& many actresses she turned her attention onto Tamil cinema where she has appeared as a heroine in many roles& conquered many hearts of Tamilians which is a matter of easiness as compared to Malayayalam screen.and she did it!!she is a much sought after heroine of Tamil screen to day.this is ,perhaps,the most appropriate time for her come back to Malayalam .As Vijayan & Dasan exchanges words in film Nadodikkat " vijay a! El Attu um athindetaya samayamund".
Now she is acting in the film in Malayalam"Mr.Mary Akan"as the heroine of DILEEP yet another actor she always adored& wished to have a role as heroine as many other heroines of today wished earlier!And she just got that opportunity!In this context,she says"DILEEP Chettan had married many heroines by garlanding them on the screen at least a hundred marriages or my first film in Malayalam as heroine he is not only garlanded but went a step ahead by tying a"THALI" around my neck!She also says many heroines wished to marry DILEEP Chettan but ManjuChechi was Blessed with her wish to become his real wife.Sanusha adores Manju,Sobhana,Bhavana,me era Jasmin,Meera Nandanam,Navya,Bhama,Gopika and many more. She also like the acting of Sheela whoo gives her a lot of advices for "Mr.Marumakan" in which does her role with Kbushboo.whom also she likes immensely.
As is the tradition in Malayalam there always used to have"thrimoortys"from the days of Travancore sistersLalitha,Padmini,Ragini followed by Sheela,Sarada&Ambika&many more like Kavya,Navya,Meera& yet again Bhama,Roma,&me era Nandanam!.This trend would go on yet another star,in the role of Heroine to rule the Malayalam screen here comes Sanusha in the near future when Mr. Marumakan is real eased.But this film is held up due to an injury sustained by Khushboo!Sanusha is alternatively & advantageously utilizing this break to look into her academia curriculum of Plus2 examination!A very wise Girl!Wish her all the Best for exams as well as every success in Malayalam Films!



Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kids all over the world are so crazy nowadays about watching Cartoons on the TV Channels around them.The Parents of the Kids are so anxious that this habit could alter the carrier prospects of their kids adversely if they are allowed this fancy among kids are not effectively controlled. To ensure their kids give more importance to their day to day classes in their Schools ,some parents have even imposed restrictions to the effect of their watching only during weekends.In India some parents wentba step ahead by telling kids that they won't get their favorite food & eatables like candy,toffee& ice creams.This measure had found some results in certain parts of India where kids give more importance to it.In certain other parts of the World kids even ignored these warnings also as they preferred cartoons to candys& ice creams. Some more clever ignored it who were very wise to realize that they have enormous ways of their own to put their Paerents under pressure more than they have to cope up with.The issue is still a burning one all over the World.
Is it so harmful to the kids to watch Cartoons?would it be affecting their study & correspondingly their future carrier adversely as the parents do thing about? No ! The Kids too are wise. There are many kids all over thecWorld who know they need both for their proper growth.Yes ! Such kids are really wise. They need both.The cartoon is a kind of Tonic to our body. by watching Cartoons ,kids won't stand a chance of being placed under the category prodigal kids if they watch watch long as they have facilities of good schools & teachers watching a few cartoons at home alone wontbspoil them.but if they indulge into watch cartoons in schools & even in their mode of transports also while travelling with the help of Cell phones& tablet computers,there is every possibility of their becoming addicts to cartoons& could adversely affect their it is for parents to ensure that kids are never allowed these kind of extravaganza in schools & everywhere else.
By watching cartoons kids ,in fact ,get facility to improve upon their power of reasoning & this help them to develop their IQ.which could indirectlybhelp them to understand their lessons better.
There are many cartoons interesting for even parents.Watching Cartoons is like reading good books.It promote virtues in the kids and allowvto grow their instinct.
Cartoons like BEN10,SPIDER MAN,KIDS&KIDCAT,SUPERmAN,HEMANGIOMA AND THE MASTERS OF UNIVERSE the Various imitation versions on the cartoon Channels aAll do Promote virtue .The substance ofvalmost all Cartoons are those depicting TRIUMPH of VIRTUES overEVILS or Even suCcess of GOOD OverBAD.Can You say Categorically that thevproduction Teams of Cartoons all over the World like Warner,Universal Studios, Walt Disney and all such promoters Of Catoons are the Promoters of evil? No never.
Besides,Cartoons teach kids how to love the nature,thecAnimals,the birds,the Plants,The Flowers and so on.Are these harmful activities? No Never!by Promoting love for nature in the young minds of Kids you are saving the virtues in the kids . This would also help them to become as wise as their heroes on Cartoon. This would help to diminish development of evil instinct in them.
So every one should take more interest in having more cartoons Channels on their Televisions & Computer networks.
Let us build a healthy and wise generation of kids ! They are the future of thevWorld.All parents should keep this as a key word in their mind before planning to Ban Cartoons for Kids!!!


There exists strong Identity& Diversity among Human Beings & Animals!Yes!Among Human World& Animal World!
Human beings Love,rule,fight,unite&spready for SurvivalThese are same qualities existing among Animals also.The place both live are different.Human Beings in this open World& Animals in Forest & Jungles
Men & women keep watch for do the Animals
Men& women all over the world unite if there is a common do Animals
This is the case common in all matters aspects of Life among Human beings& Animals

Both human beings & Animals work hard for Food
Nature help both equally!
There are differentvAnimals ,different types.,different nature,different habits& different methods to survive
We have seen & heard about different Animals like Lions,Tigers,fox,wolf,Dog ,Cats,Monkeys& many more
Birds of different types Vulture,Eagle,owl,parrots& all similar variety of Birds.All together it is the Animal World
In the world of Human there varoious kind of men women.some are of the nature & quality fit for rule.some to fight. Some to plan,some to cheat,some to keep survelience,some to do spy work and many more.this is why there are Rulers,there are fighters like Army,Navy,Airforce and so on.There are people who plan how execute things & matters.there are people capable of cheating others to rob money and their assets for their survival.some businessmen are of this nature.some are cunning to do things& to become successful to survive.
One can observe if tried closely to find animals and other creatures of all the above types in the Animal workld also
The lion& Tiger rule the Jungle.the Vultures & Eagle do the survelience and report presence of any enemy in the forest/jungle.the own which can turn it's head in 360 degrees can everything happening around& report.who are their enemies?The human,the spotted the rulers come forward to fight them & threaten them.
Same is the case with world of human beings.They introduced Survelience Aircrafts,,fighting men& women,Expert Spies and so on
men & Women who minutely observed & studied animals & Human beings wrote classic books & Fiction taking into consideration the habits& characteristics of Men,Women,Animals & Birds
This is how great Auhors like Arthur Connan Doyle,James Hadley Chase,Alistair McLean,Harold Robbins,Ken Follet,Federick Forsith, Robert Ludlum,John Girsham,AgathacChristie,Ian Fleming & many more writers of Fame wrote their famous Thrillers,Spy fiction,other classic Fictionn..& many famous Books came into existence to mke readers happier.
So is the Typical case with JUNGLEBOOK
Readers would never forget fiction like Serlock Holmes,Perry Mason as characters
the books like This is for Real,all books and war fiction ofvAlistair Mc Leans,vulture is a patient Bird from Chase,Eye of the Needle from Ken Follet, Second Lady from Robert Ludlum,thevRain Maker from John Girsham and many many moe in thousands & thousands would ever remain in the mind of people who read Books
The stories about ELEPHANTS,LIONS,TIGERSS,Fox,Wolf,Eagle,Owl,Parrots,Crows among Animals & Birds also would be remembered For ever.
Thus thev IDENTITY&. dIVERSITY,COMPARISON& CONTRST,SIMILARITY&DIFFERENCE among Human Beings & Animals /Birds would remain in the Hearts & mind of everyone until & unless this the Earth& Other PlannetscSurvive
Scientific theories & research on Space & PlannetscSurvive the Exploration of the Qualities of Nature by scientists would continue for ever to impart with knowledge new and improved ones to us.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

WATER,LIGHT&AIR are the Three Elements to and of LIFE.the PROTECTING&DESTROYIG Powers of these elements are ENORMOUS.FoOD which to Manof are of much Importance.But it is just a supplement to life.Even without food human beings & all other of life can survive for long periods but without Water,light&air it is next to impossible to survive.
Similarly,the devasting powers of the three elements of life are also cause to destruction on many occasions.
The latest of the one in the list of threat &destruction is Earthquake.
The typical examplevis TSunami the effect of earthquake on water & it's destructive power is the latest example of Power of water.Flood due to rain is yet another example.
The power of Light is well known to all in the form of Draught& other devastins effects to Humanity & to other form of life ion earth.
The power of Air needs no introduction to those who heard abbot Storms
The essential &useful qualities of these three elements also does not seem to be be necessary& needing any introduction.Without berating air,drinking water& helping hand from sun can anyone survive for long time?
Of late whether constructing a new Dam could be dangerous to any humanity was widely discussed & the effect of Earth quake near a Dam could be dangerous to the Dam was too a subject of Discussion widely.In both cases even researches were not sufficiently enough to prove anything in favor or against it.
The Koyna incident of Earthquake & it's destructive nature &those incidentsvof many destruction in China are sufficient proof to establish the need for New dam at Mullaperyar.
Whether A dam is the damn cause for Earthquake in a particular area has been a matter for research by scientists & nothing has been proved beyond doubt or in favor of the theory.
Similarly whether constructing a new Dam might invite EarthQuake too has not been proved until now. This too still under discussion &research by scientist.
So in all probability it is most essential & could even reduce the effect of impact & it's seriousness to the Tragedybthat might follow.
So earthquake & matters relating to it can not be predicted by any one. The Best course ofvaction is to go with boldness to construct a New Dam .
As earthquake in the area where a Dam is situated can not be predicted or such possibility is ignorable too cabn not be predicted,the Best solution is to proceed according to the advices &"suggestions of Experts& scientists without waiting for decisions of Politicians .These Politicians will never take responsibility. If something goes wrong &instead something goes in good direction they all compete to claim credit for it.
This is the curse of our society which they call safely as DEMOCRACY!,,q

Sri Lanka blown away by Philander and Steyn

Sri Lanka blown away by Philander and Steyn