Sunday, September 6, 2015

Organic Apple&Pears Farm in the outskirts of San Diego,California,USA


San Diego,CA is called the Finest city of USA.indeed it is!Surrounded by beautiful Hills and Gorgeous Gardens,besides,places of Peace and Tranquility,Tropical Breeze,Natural charms of various forms and varieties,altogether can be experienced only in San Diego unlike other cities of USA. In the outskirts of San Diego,there are many Organic vegetable and Fruits farms .The road to these farms reminded me the road to Kulamavu from Ernakulam with many terrains and sharp curves to reach the place.The climate of the place is ideal for growing Apples of many varieties and also Pears.Spending some time in the farm is as good as a picnic with all the attractions of a Picnic around.the Farms are situated about 60 KM from San Diego.Being Sunday The roads were free from usual heavy traffic. Once you reach the place,there are counters at the entrance of the farms where they will collect a nominalEntrance Fee for a group irrespective of number people.They would also provide a Bags to pluck Apple and pears. The group can enter the farm and collect both Apple and Pears until the bag is full,besides eating the fruits as much as everyone likes.There does not exist any restrictions in this regard.A rod also would be provided to pluck from the top of the plants.We had carried water and towels .so it was helpful to wash the fruit before eating.Enjoyed the pure sweetness of the fruits one would never get from the fruits procured from the shopping complexes. After collecting the fruits, we had rest in the shadows under the Trees by spreading bed sheets.We had a baby with us who rested in her stroller itself.Had a nice lunch which we had carried with us.Thereafter left the place back to San Diego. Incidentally, this was the happiest day in my life as one of my childhood dream was fulfilled today.When I was around 8 years old I used to look at the sky and think why pictures of animals ,birds,flowers etc could not be displayed on the sky like the white clouds which sometimes formed the shapes of Elephants,horses,birds and flowers. Such images were visible just for seconds which used to get changed rapidly. Today in the sky I saw a publicity display just like cloud which belonged to the company known as Geico who are specialists inbthis field. Sky writing is a normal feature but I had not seen earlier.Also skywriting is not very popular This occasion was most unexpected and had made my childhood imagination a reality. SreedharanMundanat 6th September 2015


  1. Was this really the happiest day of your life?! :)

  2. Yes indeed. Yhat display of Geico was most unexpected.I had tolf about my chilfhood ambition in Las vegas also when we saw in one of he casinos the displays from the artificial sky.two tears back.but that was manmade for show
    But this was reslly grom the sky in clear letters .Later on on the evening I found out Geico has a squadron of Aircrsftd to do this kind of things.