Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blog 555- Alarming rise in Global Temperature and Climate change

This Blog Is in continuation of my Blog dt 6th January 2012 regarding " Death of Earth"( Bhumiyude Maranam. The North and South Pole Regions have some Environment specialities being Extreme cold Environment.These two Regions stand out for their grand ice Landscapes and fascinating Life Around.The places are so special to see peoplewrapped in Furry Clothes and sledges driven by Dogs across the white Glaciers,Penguins,Polar bears and Amazing Aurora. These places are being visited by Scientists of different countries as the Alarmig Global Temperature began rising. In this efforts from the world,INDIA did not que behind and instead sent their scientists also to explore the possibilities further to arrive at a conclusion solution in the Global Phenomenon In order to collect data relating to the Phenomenon,a team of Indian Scientist headed by Dr.K.P.Krishnan recently. Dr.K.P.Krishnan is a scientist D at the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research,Goa(NCAOR).Surprisingly, Dr.Krishnan is also a trained KATHAKALI artist from India The team headed by Dr.K.P.Krishnan had made their first Expedition to Antarctica in 2007 and the Arctic in 2008. He now heads the Planning,coordination and Implementation of the Indian Arctic Programme. According to Dr.Krishnan,the Globalimportance of Changes taking place in the Global Temperature and Climate Change is a sensitive issue in front of Scientists.He says when they wax eloquent about Climate changes what absolutely needed was to notice and address the huge loss of Sea ice in the Arctic.He is also the Principal Investigator of the long term monitoring Project of Kongsfjorden( an inlet on the West Coast of Spitsbergen,an island which is part of the Svalbard archipelago In the Arctic Ocean for studies on Climate Changes)
According to Dr.Krishnan there is some amount of Sea Ice that is perennlal and some that melts and returns annually. This is critical for the Ecosystem, if ice not returned enough,because ecosystem is depending on it. The recent Phenomenon of Polar Bears is an evidence for shortage of Sea ice.Polar Bears usually are hunting for food by standing on the sea ice and digging holes on it for the Seals to prop up and eat them when they show.But under changed circumstances ,the Polar Bears are being deprived of their food and are being forced to trespass to Human habitations.The Polar Bears had never before faced such warm conditions in which they could not hunt their food. This situation could get worse in the coming years according to Dr.Krishnan. IndARC,India's underwater observatory in the Arctic works to provide data crucial to understanding climate Pattern in the Polar Region and it's possible influence on the Indian Monsoon that is vital to Agriculture in the subcontinent. This Observatory in the Kongsfjorden is expected to help Indian Reseachers collect Primary data on long term Climate variability in the Arstic. India has a Scientific settlement in Ny- Alesund,in Spitsbergen with each Nation having it's own Observatory and Station where serious work is on all working on the same goal, Called Climate and Climate Change.India uses Sensors to collect real- time data on Seawater Temperature,Salinity,Current and other vital Parameters of the fjord.This Region is of special significance to Indian Subcontinent due to the existence of Atmospheric connection between the Northern Polar Region and the Indian Monsoon intensity. The new data could be used to fine tune Models for predicting the various facets of the Indian Moonsoon System. So,the efforts and pains taken by the Scients and their set up of Scientific Equipments in difficult circumstances of Extreme cold Conditions are commendable and is to be praised and appreciated by the Indians. Thus ,let us hope the disaster predicted regarding the End of world by the end of the Century could be averted or minimised to a very large extent. However ,after all there is limitations to the troubles taken by Man against Nature.Nature is the absolute dictator Of calamities. The Scientists working day and night in odd conditions of the coldest areas ,however,would not turn into futile efforts,let us hope and Pray.Every Indians and the world are indebted to them for the work they do with National Spirit and ultimate Devotion !!!. Our Honourable Prime Minister,who missed the United Nations Climate Summit of 2014 ,had said later on facing the United Nations General Assembly that YOGA Could deal with Climate and stop Climate Changes . So let us Pray for the words of our Honourable Prime Minister to avert the disaster that could be caused by Climate Change and the rapidly growing Global Temperature. Sreedharan Mundanat 1st of April2016 05-30AM(IST)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

DHONI ! DHONI! Everywhere ! not a voice raised against him!!!

The best Cricket captain of Indian cricket who has brought many laurels to India,did yet another Acrobat to win the Prestigious Asia cup played Mirpur BDesh last night. A final reduced tp 15 overs each side after the rain played spoildpot to delay the start,Bengladesh were put to pat by India.They made use of the bat advantageously & India had to face a stiff target of 121 which meant 8+ runs per over. In the concluding final two overs India needed more than 20 runs to win. Bengladesh started preperatioms for celebrating.At this point of time India lost yet another wicket of Dhavan who was doing well with a glorious 60 Out goes Dhavan & in comes MSDhoni.with a determined face to win. the greatest captain lifted the bat twice to send the ball over the fence & yet another boundary rolling to the fence.The target eventually reduced to 4 runs to win flashing total silence in Mirpur Stadium. Finally India literally won a battle which looked impossible at one stage. In my many Blogs and on Facebook I have been writing that MSD should continue as Captain of India until 2019 world cup Inspite of hue and cry by experience Crickete Now I have changed my mind.He should continue until 2023 if he feels his health permits, This kind of performance for India is not a new thing for India. In 2011 WC,,and same year in the very first T20 WC along with Yuvaraj Singh he did it. Again But still the Best performance from MSD to rescue India from the mouth of the whale of defeat happened in SA against SriLanka when DHONI rose to the occasion to post 3 sixes and a Four in the final over to prevent the Lankans from the celebration in progress I could not watch the match yesterday .What I wrote are based on running Commentry on Radio. Sreedharan Mundanat 7th March 2016(IST)