Saturday, August 15, 2015

TOMATO- The Red Queen of Veggies

Tomato need no introduction.It is ,perhaps,most popular vegetable being enjoyed by people all over the World in one way or other.Tomato the Red Queen of Vegetable is so popular among people due to the various different roles assumed by it beginning from ketch-up and Juice to various other dishes like Vegetable Sandwitch,Sambar, Chutney,pickle,salad,Tomato Uthappa,Tomato Upmarket besides most popular dish of Tomato Omlette in Bombay. Nowadays,for vegetarians Tomato is an invariable item of vegetable used in Indian kitchen.Tomato is not a seasonal product .It is an all-time product some places it is also considered as a fruit.the speciality of Tomato is that it can be used in vegetarian dish as an ingredient.this ,it appears is the most trusted vegetable - cum- Fruit among people.Irrespective of age everyone likes Tomatoes. The origin of Tomato is in Mexico as back as in the year1492.In 1515 during war between Mexico and Spain,the Spaniards had stolen the Tomato seeds and taken to Spain.This had resulted in wide cultivation in Spain and South America. In 1544 for the first time in Italy it was used for making Jam.In the year 1692 the Tomato was considered as a poisonous plant.the reason was very funny.In some areas people were eating it in the vessels made of Lead.the acidic juice of Tomato which when mixed with lead had the effect of poison .But later on those who took Tomato in wooden vessels did not have any effect of poison.later on with research it was established that there was no poison Effect in tomato. There are many varieties of Tomatoes cultivated all over the world.In Italy and Spain the 2 popular varieties of yellow and Golden color are called Yellow Apple and Golden Apple. In India it is said that the cultivation of Tomato started in the 16th Century. There is year- round growth of Tomatos in Bihar,Uttar pradesh,Orissa,Andhraprradesh ( both including Telungana) and Karnataka.But tomato can be cultivated anywhere in India where moist soil is available.With proper care of manure It grows in is ideal for home gardens and Terrace gardens.the seeds are available all over India.Best seeds are obtainable from Agricultural Depots .the present prevailing situation of alleged poisonous vegetables all over India I,t is ideal to grow Tomatos in Home gardens.The cultivation is not expensive.Even in big earthen pots one can grow Tomatoes. Now, coming to the most important part of this Blog regarding the Medicinal benefits from Tomato,Dr.Elaine Magee, MPH RD, has 10 reasons Why one should eat more delicious and Nutritious Tomatos .They are briefly as under: 1)Tomatoes contain all four major Carotenoids Ie Alpha& Beta carotene,Lutein,Lycopene.These provide high health benefits. 2)in particular,Tomato provides Tremendous amount of Lycopene which acts as highest Antioxident for Human body. 3)Tomatoes contain Synergy that can help prevent Prostrate Cancer 4)A diet rich tomato based products can help prevent Pancreatic cancer according to a study carried out by the University of Montreal.This is because of the rich contents of carotenoids. 5)The Tomatoes contain all the three essential Anteoxidants viz Vitamin A.Vitamin E and Vitamin C. 6)Tomatoes are rich in Pottasium,a mineral we don't usually get enough from other vegetables/Fruits.One cup of Tomato juice can provide 534 milligrams of Pottasium whereas half a cup of Tomato Sauce 454 milligrams. 7) Research study in the Ohio University has found out that when Tomato is takennalong with Avacado( a fruit) or Olive oil the body's absorption carotenoids Phytochemicals in Tomatoes can increase from 2 to 15 times 8)A study from Harward University school,had shown that 39,000 women Whom they followed for 7 years Showed that when tomato products ,particularly Pizza sauce taken with oil had increased the cardio vascular benefits & helped hearts functioning smoothly. 9) when Breast feeding mothers eat tomatoes it increases the concentration of Lycopene in their Breast milk.Cooked Tomato products are better in this regard.However Tomato sauce is found to be the Best for Breastfeeding Women. 10)There is a general belief spread among Indians that Tomato peels are more harmful than beneficial.This belief is absolutely wrong.According to a study by Marseille,France,The Tomato peels contribute a high concentration Of The carotenoids found in Tomatoes.The amount of carotenoids absorbed by human intestinal cells was much greater With tomato paste enriched with Tomato peels as compared to paste without peels.The Tomato skins also hold Most of the Flavanols as well.So to get most of the benefits of Tomatoes better not to peel them off. Now,get ready to welcome this Red Queen to your kitchen without any hesitation. Sreedharan Mundanat


  1. In this Blog on Tomato,I have left to mention about Tomato Soup and Tomato Rasam very popular in India especially Bombai( Mumbai).
    This may kindly be included in the menu of Tomatoes in your kitchen.
    Thanks a lot.,