Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Umpire or Machine?who is trustworthy?

Cricket is a Glorious Game of Uncertainty.The traditional conventional Cricket is still the same as it was decades ago.what I mean is the way in which it played with a Bat,Ball,3 Stumps,gloves,Pads & a big ground to play. As is is today in the olden days also large number of people gathered in Stadiums & enjoyed the game with enormous amount of shouts& cheers from the Spectators.the additional attraction nowadays is the presence of Cheer Girls to add Masala to make the game more entertaining despite the enhanced cost of the game on the Cheer Girls. Notwithstanding Thad fact the Game is still played in the Traditional way,there had been many a changes to it in regard to the Umpiring & relating to the rules and the ways by which matches are decided to get a result.The game has become so much Result-oriented that the enormous Powers enjoyed by the Umpires have been cut drastically by Snatching a part of the Power from Umpires & handing them over to ElectronicMachines. Recently ,I had the good luck to rad an article written by one of the most distinguished Umpires of the game Mr.Dickie Bird. In fact,since a long time I have been dreaming about such an article from any renowned Umpire.Fortunately I got it now from ,perhaps,theBest Umpire of Cricket none other than Dickie Bird of England. Dickie Bird was the most accurate and reasonable Umpire whose decisions carried highest degree of Justification. He was almost a universally approved Ummpire liked by everyone including the Players. Believe it or not,when he retired from Umpiring Cricket he was given a sent off at the Lords a degree ahead of the farewell given to the Legend Sir.Donald Bradman. Cricketters from all over the world liked Dickie Bird. An event narrated by Dickie Bird himself is as under: According to him one day he had to enter a London Bus to travel as his car was suddenly out of Order needing admission to a service centre.The conductor came to him to give ticket.A look at the Conductor revealed that he was Wearing a white cap identical to the one Dickie Bird used to wear.He asked the conductor where from he got it. The reply from the conductor was very much amusing to Mr.Dickie Bird.He was telling that he had snatched the Cap from the head of Dickie Bird at Lords when there was commotion in the ground after the end of a Test match.He Also said since then he used to wear the cap as a precious possession.Mr.Dickie Bird was very much pleased to note that how much the people loved him & cricket. On another occasion one Gentleman asked Dickie Bird whom he had considered as the best Umpire in the World today MrDickie Bird said he can not answer the question as nowadays Umpiring is being done by Electronic machines. So one could easily realize how much the Standard of Umpiring has deteriorated from the Olden Days. In the olden days also cricket was played& enjoyed by many.The Umpires had perfect& enormous Powers to decide all Aspects of a match. Did they not play World Cup in 1975& later on? Was there the presence of a Third Umpire then?why & how the Umpires Turned out into unworthy of making decisions?Can any one say for sure of the electronic machines are 100% accurate? Before concluding I wish to request ICC TO RECONSIDER THE NEED FOR THIRD Machine Umpire& do away with it especially Because all decisions are equally applicable to both Playing Teams. Similary the methods of deciding results for matches also should be dispensed with and instead equal points are Awarded to both the Playing Teams in the event of Rain or other natural reasons resulting in abandoning of games SreedharanMundanat, 1St May 2014, 11-15 hrs(IST) n

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dr.S.Bhupathy Subramanyam,a Scientist in Sacon,Coimbatore

The biggest tragedy after Dr.Salim Ali ,the Bird man of Bombay,has happened yesterday to one of the greatest Bird and Animal Scientist worked in Dr.Salim AliInstitute at Coimbatore Dr.s.Bhupathy Subramanyam on his visit to Agastyakoodam on an official Mission yesterday.he was just 50 year old. Shasta Kooodam is a part of Sahyadri,1890 M above sea level,the second highest Peak in Kerala. Dr.Bhupathy had visited the place earlier also.But he had not visited the place where the Place where Sage Agastya this time when he visited ,he desired to have a Darshan .He did get the Darshan & was a very happy person When he returned after the Darshan.While stepping down from the peak he slipped & fell.It was a fatal fall.After the fall it took around 12 hrs to carry the Scientist to Hospital by his colleagues as there was no arrangements Existing to take the Scietist by employing any other method of Transpotation. By the time he reached the hospital he was dead. The legend goes that Agastyamuni who had passed by Agastamalai killed 2 Demons who were as a matter of routine were taking revenge on Brahmins by killing them as one Brahmin did not grant their wish To get a son as powerful as Indra the King of Gods. The place was later on called Agasthya Koodam where the sage licked for long. Naturally considered as a Holy place in the Puranas. Any how Dr. Bhupathy would not have wished to die there though it is considered as a holy place. Dr Bbhupathy has survived by his wife a son & Daughter. Long live the memories of a great Scientist . May his soul rest in Peace! The Government should consider at least the need for arranging for a helipad at Agastyakoodam to enable transportation of people in Distress. SreedharanMundanat 30thApril,2014 09-20hrs(IST)

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Price Revision of Milma milk& Milk Products

In continuation of my Blog on the subject dt 12/14th of April 2014. In my Blog it has been discussed about the justification for upward revision of Prices. The price revision is looked into when the Union submit their proposal to revise with a view to helping the Milk Farmers who produce& supply milk to the Milma Organisations.usually the price is increased when the production is reduced & the Farmers find cattle feed price goes up in the market.also when fuel price increased ,the price of milk products revised upward as a lot of Milk is purchased from Other States also. This being so ,the question of upward revision should not arise when the production of Milk is increased.this is so because the farmers get more money& other benefits when production goes up. 2 days back,the Chairman of the Milma claimed that there is tremendous increase in the production of Milk by farmers in all the areas especially the Malabar Area. If what he said is taken into account,the price of Milk should be revised downwards& not upwards.similarly as the Production by farmers increased the procurement from other States should be proportionately reduced to achieve economy in the expenditure on fuel required to procure. The price of cattle feed& fuel price are the basic factors considered for price revision upwards. There is however no system existing to assess the expenses of different Farmers at different some places in the rural area the cattle are not exclusively fed by means of Cattlefeeds purchased& are instead fed by allowing the cattle to roam in the villages to fetch fresh Green grass as their fact the most favorite feed for cattle is is also free in villages. Recently there was decrease in the fuel prices. In view of increased production by farmers & decrease in fuel prices,what should be done now is the revision down wards& reduction in Procurement from other states. If this is done the prices can be reduced marginally especially in view of the Chairman's claim that the production has increased& the illness affecting the cattle also decreased In other words,there is no justification at all for the price increase& instead there is every scope now to reduce the price& to proportionately stop procurement from Other states. The yard stick for revision upwards should also be reviewed in order to include the changes in the reduction of prices of procurement from outside due to increased production in the domestic section & reduction in fuel prices. In any case an increase in the price can not be justified. Sreedharan Mundanat 29th April2014, 06-10Hrs(IST)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tips for a few things Kids do not need to get themselves entertained.

Nowadays, in this new IT Generation in which according to an ad even a new born gets up &resort to looking into Apps parents should remember to avoid getting a few things for kids .These may look unavoidable but would help in the long runs if they are avoided for kids.Maitaining kids without listening to their dfemands is a story long forgotten. Every parents will have to entertain them before getting entertained themselves if the peace at home is of vital importance to be safeguarded. Some of the demands of kids especially when they are taken to Shopping malls are as narrated hereunder: 1)DVDs of New movies.:DVDs are one of the most favourite items of kids to day.From cartoon of Ben 10 &Spiderman to regular movies on leading movie houses are being demanded by kids.Why &how this happens? just because they might have noticed their parents doing this despite the movie could be one which already watched on the wide screen in the movie houses. So the kids too follow their parents in to to. this could be easily avoided to give relief to the pockets, 2)TV in the bedroom:Most of the kids have their own bedroom.Parents too have bedrooms. Parents do keep an extra TV sets in their bedroom.So naturally the kids too like to have their own bedroom TV. So using a bit of discretion &common sense could avoid a separate Bedroom TV for kids/ Again a reasonably good way to avoid extra expenses to your Budgets. 3)Smart Phones:This is the latest trend of a kind of epidemic that is spreading in the shopping malls which indirectly pinch the pockets of every one.More so for parents because it appears they need spare smart phones at home to entertain their kids.The larger the number of kids,the heavier on the expenses on Smart phones. Every leading companies in India&abroad are busy in producing smart phones with enhanced scope with the result that the parents of kids are taken by surprise to decide which one is more suitable for their kids. But the parents never think whether they are necessary for kids just at the door of schools.The best decision to safeguard their future as well as to avoid extra \ expenses over &above budget is to avoid getting Smart phones for kids.They do not need it as an unavoidable requirement so long as they are in school 4) NEW BOOKS:The demand from kids to get them books of variety of subjects can never be considered as a luxury. they should be entertained as much as necessary with books they demand.There should not be any kind of restrictions in this regard. ooks are the best companion for kids.Books not only allow them to get themselves relaxed but help them develop their brain by increasing their knowledge&thinking power.Threr is no compromise for books.But nowadays books are most costly things available in the market taking into consideration various factors governing the cost of things in the market.But an unavoidable commodity from many point of view. If one feels the expenses on purchases of books for kids adversely affect your economy,there is a way to get yourself relaxed with a view to reducing the expenses on books.In every city there are enormous Libraries where all kinds of books are available in plenty.Most of the leading Libraries have facilities to allow everyone to read in their premises for any long duration.Besides,there are facilities to join the libraries as members by contributing nominal charges as membership.Once yu join them you are entitled to take home any number of books and return them within a reasonable period which is extendable again by contacting them on due dates for return. If you can enroll your kids in such Libraries it helps them to mould their habits&character in various ways. This could also help maintaining dicipline in life which is something missing in the society nowadays. By allowing lids yo join the Libraries you make an enormous amount of money saved as compared to the cost of books could entail on making fresh purchases. 5) Pet animals:it is a general habit not only for kids but grown ups too to get pet animals at home.The most poular pets are Cats&Dogs.Birds of various kinds like Parrotsare also popular. Pets do cultivate responsibility in kids.So their demand to get pets can not be totally ignored. But one should be careful to ensure that the full time of kids are not allowed on Pets. Similarly from health point of view too much of entertaining pets could become a hazard.So one should have control over getting Pet anomals for their kids. 6)Every small demands of Kids:The kids do demand as a habit their right for candys&Chocolates on a day to day basis.While this demand can not be totally ignored,there should be restrictions in purchasing these eatables by diverting their attention or by avoiding the corner in malls where they get it. Avoiding Candys&Chocolates could help the kids in maintaining their jealth as well as the strength of their teeth. Many might have noticed that eating chocolates&candys adversely hamper their normal food habits by way of loss in apetite. This is a dangerous trend &should be avoided.But to deny chocolates&candys to lids is a herculian task. But one should learn to maintain maximum control in this regard with a view to avoiding room for regretting l later on. Our kids are precious not merely for us but to the society as a whole as the fact remains that the kids of today are the ones that going to contro; the fate of our nation tomorrow. SreedharanMundanat 19thApril 2014 at07-15HRS(IST)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Moon

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow(Umbra)falls on the moon.If the Earth's shadow completely covers the moon ,it is called a Total Lunar Eclipse. But a partial Lunar Eclipse happens only if the Earth's Umbra only partly covers the moon.Since Earth has an atmosphere that bends light around it's edge,the Earth's Umbra does not appear to be completely dark. So the totally Eclipsed Moon will reflect the color of the Light contained in Earth's shadow.TheEarth's atmosphere scatters out shorter wavelength light(Green through Violet)leaving mostly larger wavelength light(Red ,Orange&Yellow) in the Earth's Umbra.This is how Sunrises&Sunsets are Red and also most of the Lunar Eclioses are Red. Incidentally on the night of 14th-15th a total Red Moon had occurred in the sky.There are 4 more Lunar Eclipses scheduled in 2014-2015 The Moon's Orbit around the Earth is titled a little more than 5 degrees with respect to the plane of Earth's Orbit around the Sun(Known as the Ecliptic) So normally, a Full Moon is above or below the Earth's Umbra and that is why no Lunar Eclipse occurs on a Full Moon Day Every month the Moon's Orbit crosses the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun in two places.These two points are called theLunar Nodes.If a Full moon occurs when the Moon is near a Node,then there is Lunar Eclipse. Conversely,a New Moon at this time results in a Solar Eclipse. So every one could watch for the next three Lunar Eclipses likely to take place in a span of One year. It is really Fun to watch Lunar&Solar Eclipses. But while watching the Solar Eclipse there is absolute need to protect eyes.Direct look towards Solar Eclipse might cause damage to the Eyes.It is always safe to watch either in the reflection of sun in water or most the popular method is to watch through dark films or Darkened Glasses. SreedharanMundanat 17th April 2014 06-50Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pokkali Rice farming&Prawn Farming

The Kerala State had 20,000 hectres of Pokkali paddy fields.Later on this was reduced to 500 Hectres&at present just 1000Hectres. The reasons for reduction in Paddy fields is obvious curse of Kerala &needs no elaboration.One of the factors for this catastrophi is stated to be the laziness of the people to work on field.The main curse ,however,remains as the attempts to close the paddy fields to build posh buildings.The reluctance&laziness of people to become farmers also indirectly contributed towards the coming up of the buildings by replacing paddy fields. But still,in certain places in Alapuzha,Thrissur&Ernakulam the Pokkali Rice Cultivation along with Prawn farming is being carried out one after another in a scientific&systematic form.This is an Exclusive&wonderful process. The specific&peculiar manner adopted to cultivate is somewhat astonishing too.No where in the World such a process is being followed it appears. The Peculiar&Ashtonishing method being followed is one that supports Dual Farming every year. Based on the change of season from Pokkali to Prawn farming,the decay of the first farming is arranged in such a way that it becomes a factor helping the second as a manure. In other words,the Decay ofb the Pokkali farming becomes a manure for the following Prawn Farming&similarly the decay of the prawn farming becomes a manure for the P_)okkali farming that follows. y\this process continues. In a year 6 months are alolowed for Pokkali from June to November&Prawn farming from Mid November to April. This kind of interdependent process does not appear to be available anywhere in the world. RThis kind of farming has the approval®istration at the Geographical Registration Organization at Chennai. This Dual farming in Kerala should be considered as Blessing in Disguise in a state where people do not wish to resort to farming thereby leading an easy life by becoming the slaves of Political Parties. This interlinked Dual Cultivation needs encouragement from all sources especially from Government because ther Paddy&Prawn dual cultivation is a reasonably good source to the Exchequer of the State. The resistance of the Pokkali rice to salintity is a remkarkable factor that governs the farming positively. Sincev the tidal Flows makes rthe fields highly fertile no special manure is necessary for Pokkali Rice. No need to mention the advantages derived by Prawn farming in the Coastal areas of Kerala.The pokkali decay contributes towards the growth of Prawn farming In view of what has been mentioned above these two interdependent cultivations deserve every kind of encouragement from the Government&people. I neeed not mention about the taste &popularity of Prawns in Kerala&abroad. As far as Pokkali rice is concerned ,they are bigger in sizes ver tasty& highly nutritious with higher levelotein contyents. It is learnt that some unscrupulous profit mongers are trying to alter the seasons of OPokkali&Prawn by allotting more time for prawn than Pokkali.The change in the sseasonal period is likely to adversely hamper the prospects of both the products. So it is a must that any attempt to hamper the traditional farming of Pokkali&Prawn should be discouraged with a view to ensuring the efforts from farmers do not become infructous or resulting in reduction of the Benefits to the farmers. Exploitation in the name of farmers &diverting advantages to the interested profit mongers should be discouraged totally. SreedharanMundanat 16th April 2014 08-40 Hrs(IST)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Price Revision in MilmaMilk&Milk Products.

The price revision in Milma has since become a perpetual problem being faced by Keralites as the trend is always towards revising upwards.Never a downward trend in proce revision even if the prices in market are lowered. The price revision is carried out from time to time based on the proposals submitted by Kerala Co-Operative Milk Marketing Federation.Ltd. The revision is necessitated whenever ErnakulamRegional Co-OperativeMilk Producers' Union put forward their proposals. The Unions always comes up with proposals to help Milk farmers in rural&Urban areas. Enakulam Milk Union has 4 dairy plants at Thripunithura,Thrissur,Kottayam&Kattapana besides the Edappally Plant which is exclusively responsible formanufacturingGhee,SterilizedFlavoured Milk,Peda,Icecream,YogurtEtc. The main Objectives of the Federation is to look into the following factor: 1)To channelise surplus milk from the rural areas to urban deficit areas in order to maximise the returns to the producers&provide quality milk&milk products to the consumers. 2)To carry out the activities for promoting Production,Procurement,Processing&marketing of milk &Milk products with a view to ensuring economic development of farming community. 3)To build up a viable DairyIndustry in the State. 4)To provide constant market&stable price to the Dairy farmers for their produce. Out of the above Objectives,stress is being provided for just in the upward revision of prices on the pretext of helping the producers viz Milk farmers. The criterion generally applied for the revision of the prices of Milk &milk products are 1)Increase in the prices of cattle feed.2)Increase in the price of oil&fuels. Let us discuss how far the above two factors in the upward revision of Price is justified. 1)Price of CATTLEFEED.: ------------------------\ While this is right to certain extent,the arguments in this regard is not fully justfied for the following reasons: 1)In rural areas farmers do not use Cattle feed exclusively to feed their cattle.They allow the cattle to roam in the villages where large deposits of green live grass is available for the animals to feed themselves according to their will&pleasure. 2) no assessment ever made to arrive at the cost of maintaining the cattle individually to support the expenses incurred by the farmers.&details submitted to the Unions for consideration. So the basic factor of assessing the expenses of the Milk farmers itself does not appear to be correct &a realistic yard stick to assess thev expenses is arrives at. 2)The argument that bringing milk from other states has been increased does not seem to be reasonable as depending upon other states for production of milk in our states can not be accepted as a proper yard stick.THIS ARGUMENT WOULD ALSO PAUSE A BIG QUESTION MARK ON THE STABILITY,INTEGRITY&SELF SUFFICIENCY OF THE STATE. Besides,the prices of Oil&Fuel are being revised downwards also by the Oil Companies whenever the International price of Crude Oil is lowered. This does not appear to have applied to the assessment of cost of bringing milk from other states. In view of what has been brought out above,the criterion &yardstick adopted to revise the price of the upward revision of Milk&Milk products of Milma itself would appear to be wrong &unrealistic. In other words,the factors governing the revision itself suggested by the different Unions needs a thorough scrutiny to ensure how far the proposals have been made in a realistic way. There are different Unions in the Milk producing areas also. If the Unions&the Government ruling the State belong to the same Political Party ,the assessment is easier&in cases where the state is Governed by one Political Party &the Unions are controlled by the Opposition Party ,there appears to be a trend to revise the price upward very frequently. All the factors mentioned above need consideration at every level while revising the price of Milk&Milk products upwards with a view to avoiding excess burden on the shoulders of the consumers in the State of Kerala Sreedharanmundanat 14th April,2014 06-10Hrs(IST)

Sachin&Sauvarav enter into Soccer ISL-Wins bid for Kochi&Kolkotta Franchise

Good News for Sports&Games Lovers.Sachin Tendulkar&Saurav Ganguly the veteran legends&former captains of Indian Cricket have decided &joined a new venture in Soccer in India.Both have joined as part &parcel of ISL Bids. They are the high-profilewinning biddersas the oprganisers of the much anticipated&long awaited Indian Super League..Their decision is going to take the Indian Football(Soccer) by storm. TGhe 8 bid winners for the franchise of the league likely to take place in September- November was announced by IMG-Reliance after evaluation of the bids by a seven member Panel. Sachin bagged the KochiFranchise along with PVP Ventures while Saurav ganguly bagged Kolkotta franchise. As every one knows Kochi,Kolkotta&Goa are the most popular places for Soccer besides Mumbai. The Kochi&Kolkatta people would overwhelm with joy to welcome this news. Six more Franchises are available at different places likeMumbai,Bangalore,Goa,Hyderabad,Pune&Guvahati. The ISL formed in the pattern of IPL should be protected from deterioration of the reputation of the Teams&individual. The frustrated Cricket fans of IPL would welcome this news. Soccer like Cricket deserves this kind of treatment in India. So we should congratulate SachinTendulkar&Saurav Ganguly for initiating the ISL. This should be a big relief for genuine sports lovers&those who are disappointed with the conducting of the IPL. The loss to Cricket due to deterioration of the reputation would be looking forward to this news venture with positive expectations. The people in India are totally frustrated with the loss of World T 20 Cricket cup recently. It is a Blessing in disguise for such frustrated people to get quickly relieved from the sorrow they sustained a week back. All the Best to Sachin&Saurav Ganguly for proceding in the right direction to pass on thrills of the game of soccer to the people of india. SreedharanMundanat 13th April,Sunday 16-17 Hrs(IST)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Picture naming Contest- my Blog Dt 6th/7th March 2014

Many responded with their entries mostly in Malayalam.everyone responded were honored with E-Cards The most deserving entry is quoted hereunder: The entry is like a poem from an elderly Person. This entry had touched the pictures very close The poem is reproduced below: " Koottilanenkilum Koottukareyeni- Kkishtamanonnichu koottu koodan" The entry I had in mind is one which reflects the mood of the Two birds in normal circumstances. My entry was Picture 1)the Caged Parrot: " Manam " 2) the Dancing Peacock: "Maanam Cheerumbol" The meanings "Manam Neerumbol"= when the mind burns(A caged parrot is sad having been caged As a slave) 2)the meaning : When the Sky roars(significance-A peacock is supposed to dance spreading her Wings when there is Thunder& Lightning announcing the arrival of Rains.) Thanks for all who have responded& hope to participate in future also SreedharanMundanat 12th April2014 18-03 hrs(IST)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Great Deserving Honour for M.S.Dhoni

Notwithstanding the fact that India lost to Srilanka the final encounter at Dhaka on 6th April 2014,the Indian Captain M.sS.Dhoni& three other members of TEAM INDIA were honored by the World T20 Team selectors . The other Indian members of the World team are Virat Kohli,Rohit Sharma& R.Aswin.the remaining members selected to The team based on pure quality performance in the World T20 Cup concluded are Lasit Malinga of SL,Dale Steyne of SA,JPDumini of SA,Glen Maxwell of Australia,Darren Sami of WI,Stephen Meyberg of Holland,Samuel Badri of WI,and Krishmar Santokie of WI as the 12 th Man. The team is certainly the strongest one Beyond any doubt. The Selectors were the Veterans of the PastWasim Akram,Naser Hussain(Eng)& Ian Bishop, The ICC Elite Panel Umpire is Erasmus. The leading Cricket reporter of BenglaDesh also found a place in the team selected. So ,the ICCworld CupT20 is over with a happy note for the Srilankans as though to compensate their grief in the Onedayer World Cup in 2011&the recently concluded Champion Trophy. On both the occasions in 2011& recently in Champions trophy ,the terrible Shock sustained by the Srilankans Happened to be at the verge of their hope of winning. In the Champions Trophy ,the Srilankan Fans had started celebration while the last over of the final was in Progress with M.S.Dhoni at the crease when India needed 14 runs to win.Dhoni has a reputation of opening up Strongly under extreme pressure.Here also he proved his reputation was true by hitting 6 then a 4& again a 6 to take India to Victory.In fact India needed 14 runs to win .But 16 was scored by Dhoni at the crucial juncture The Indians overwhelmed with Joy once again after a similar occasion in 2011. There is a belief in India that every occasion of overjoyed would be followed by Profound Sorrow. So let us Indians get ourselves convinced with what happened in Dhaka on 6th April as a way of the nature of the Unwritten law of Uniformity of Nature. On the same grounds ,let us congratulate the Srilankans their Glorious victory as a compensation for the utter grief they sustained in the past. Let us also hope for a better performance in the next Onedayer World Cup in 2015. There is no justification at all in blaming Yuvaraj Singh alone.the same Yuvaraj we Indians had called Mahara In 2011 and again shortly after words when India won the First Version of T 20 World cup. We would not have reached the final of the First Version of the T20 World cup had India not defeated England. The famous over in which Yuvaraj despatched all the 6 Balls of an OVER from Broad of England over the fencev alone Took us to the final. Thereafter,Yuvaraj had a medical problem for which he had to take treatment in Boston USA.It was a miracle he came back fully fit like a fiddle to serve Indian Cricket again. As a measure of appreciation of his extraordinary talent ,Yuvaraj Singh should be given one more chance to serve India in the 2015 World Cup instead of Crticizing him drastically without an element mercy to forgive him . Attacking his house in Chandigarh by cricket fans ,after the T20 cup was lost to SL,was indeed the Unkindest cut of all to a veteran of Indian Cricket. SreedharanMundanat 8th April 2014 7-35 hrs(IST) ,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michael Schumacher-The Formula1 Hero& Legend

The 45 year old Veteran of German formula1 drivers Michael Schumacher signed as driver with Benetton Formula one Team in 1991 sponsored by Mercedes.He won Two consecutive formula one races in 1994& 1995.Thereafter Schumacher moves on to Ferrari in the year 1996.Then he won yet another 5 consecutive Driver's tittles with Ferrari in the years 2000,2001.2002,2003& 2004 After these Glorious winning of 5 titles in a row,Schumacher decided to retire from the Adventerous Motor sport and eventually did so in the year 2006.However,he continued with Ferrari as an adviser .While serving Ferrari as an adviser he had to come back to race as a cover to replace an injured Driver though he could not accomplish this assignment owing to a neck injury. Thereafter Schumacher returned to his original Sponsors Mercides on a permeant basis in 2010.Later on he decided to retire a second time in 2012. The retired life he was enjoying with his family as social worker.Off the track Schumacher was the Ambassador for safety of Drivers & was also a spokesman of Driving Safety. He had been a generous to charity organizations & contributed millions of Dollars For charity Efforts. In December 2013,Michael Schumacher met with an accident while Skiing with his son at French Alps resort of Meribel.He had sustained a serious Head injury .He was lifted from the Spot of Accident by Air& admitted to Hospital.since then he had been in a Coma after an operation for Haemorrhage Doctors had opined that a Miracle alone could bring Schumacher back to life. On April 4th 2014 He is said to have opened his eyes as though made progress from induced Coma. Schumacher is showing moments of Consciousness and awakening for the first time since December 2013. His fans are very happy about this Progress & are hoping his eventual return to life. SreedharanMundanat 6th April2014 11-48 hrs ( IST)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Right to food-in continuation of my Blog dt 9th May 2013

The Indian National Food Security Act2013 ,also popularly known as Right to Food Act was signed into a Law on September 12,2013 The Aim of the Law is to provide subsidized food for nearly 2/3rd of Indian Population of 1.2 billion people. Under the provisions of this Bill beneficiaries would be able to purchase 5 kilograms per eligible person per month of cereals at the prizes mentioned below: Rice at Rs 3/- per kg, wheat at Rs 2/- per kg& Coarse grains At Re1/- per Kg. Pregnant women,LactaTing mothers and a few categories of Children are eligible for Free food under the provisions Of this Law. The controversial Bill for the above Law was presented to the Indian Parliament in December 2012,promulgated as a Presidential Ordnance on July 5,2013 and finally enacted into a Law in August 2013 The SALIENT FEATURES OF THE LAW are : 1)75%& 50% Of Rural& Urban population respectively are entitled for 3 years from August 2013(ie until 2016)5 Kilograms of Food grains(rice,Wheat& Coarse Grains at the rates of Rs3/-,2/-&Re1/- respectively 2) it would be the responsibility of the States of India to make assessment to determine the eligibility of people 3)Pregnant women& Lactating mothers would be entitled to get " Take home Rations"Of Nutritious value Of 600 Calories ,besides Rs6000/-Meternity benefit For SIX months 4)Children between 6 months& 14 Years Are to receive Free Hot meals or Equivalent " Take Home Rations" 5)The Central Government would provide funds to States in case of shortage in the supply Of Food Grains 6)The current Foodgrain allocation of the States will be protected by the Central Government at least for 6 months from August 2013 7)The State Government would provide a food security Allowance to the Beneficiaries in Case of Non-Supply of Food Grains. 8)The Public Distribution System Is to be reformed. 9)The eldest woman in the household,18 years or above,Is the head of The household for The issuance of the Ration Card. 10)There will be State-and District levelRedress mechanisms and 11)state food commissions would be formed for implementation& monitoring Of the Provisions of the Act. 12)The cost of Implementation Is estimated to be $22billion( 1.25 Lacs Crores) ,Ie Approximately 1.5% of the GDP. 13)The poorest who are covered under the Antodaya Yojna will remain entitled to the 35 Kilograms of Grains allotted to them under the mentioned Scheme. Now we have an idea of the biggest achievement of the Government in making a Law to Implement a scheme involving Rs1.25 Lacs of Crores of Rupees ( 22 billions Dollars). The Government which initiated such a big scheme involving the welfare of the poor in India can only ensure the implementation & monitoring of the progress of the scheme. Though very late,this scheme is not one easily could be envisaged .Just highly Brilliant People could plan,introduce,implement& monitor such a welfare scheme for the poorest People of India. Every one knows our life depend upon 3 ingredients mainly.They are water,air& light. These are provided to us by Nature.As far as Kerala is concerned it is the Western Ghats That protect people. Food,shelter& Clothing are supplementary to the above three ingredients. Every Government all over the World try to ensure the availability of Food,Shelter& Clothing to the people. So beware of those who try to destroy the environment & strive to devide the country to rule by opposing schemes designed to lift the poor.Similarly the protection of Environment is also of vital importance. Those who oppose these kind of schemes by organizing Hartals which just serves to incur Loss to the exchequer of the country should be kept away from ruling this Holy country. Deviding & ruling a country amounts to destroyal of every sort of Schemes benieficial to The common man. So beware of those who make false promises which indirectly help the rich alone. No one would ultimately gain anything if rich becomes richer& poor becomes poorer. So a wise decision would appear to be necessary before exercising one's franchise in the Nearest future. SreedharanMundanat 4th April. 2014 08-55Hrs( IST )

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women World cup T20 2014& qualifier round for 2016

While on one side the ICC World T20 Cup was progressing ,on the other side aWorld T20 Cup tournament for the Women world cup 2014 was also progressing in BenglaDesh.4 teams were qualified for Semifinals &6 nations qualified for the next Women World Cup2016. 6Teams qualified for the Tournament to be held in 2016 in INDIA The criterion for qualification is 4 semifinalists& 2 play off games winners. Australia,England,West Indies& South Africa have since been qualified for Semifinals. Besides,India also qualified for the 2016 cup to be held in India by defeating Pakistan 6 runs yesterday.Similarly New Zealand also qualified for the 2016 World T20 Cup. The very first edition was in the year 2007In South Africa when India won the Title by beating Pakistan by 5 runs. The second edition was in 2009 in England whenPakistan won the title by beating Srilanka The 3rd edition Was in 2010 in West Indies .Here England defeated Australia.The 4th Edition was held in Srilanka The final was between West Indies& Srilanka.West Indies won the title The 5th edition in 2014 is being held & in progress in BenglaDesh.The semifinal stage has reached .the 4 teams in Semifinals are Australia,West Indies,England& South Africa.The first semi is to be played today(3rd of April2014) Between Australia & West indies & the second on 4th April 2014 between England& South Africa. The final is scheduled for 6th April 2014. Australian women,soth Africa women& Srilankan Women & new Zealand women are yet to win a Word T20 Cup. This year in BenglaDesh besides leading Cricketplaying Nations BenglaDesh & Ireland had also participated. The qualifying match for 2016 edition was a thriller in which India had beaten Pakistan. This thriller prompted me to write this Blog after gathering that the Women cricket too are in full swing and not at all lagging behind. Since this edition was held in BenglaDesh side by side with Men T20 World cup,there was no much popularity for Women Cricket. It could have been better had the Women's edition was held after Men's Edition. Sothat the Women could have Attracted more people I don't mean to say that Women are not attracted by men.I just meant about this women World Cup. To be frank I would like to insist upon the need for more exposure for Women in cricket than available at present. In every field in every leading countries women have advanced equally with men if not above men. In the circumstances,the ignoring of Women in the field of Sports& Games alone does not appear to be correct& truly justified. SreedharanMundanat 3rd April 2014 06-50 hrs( IST) ,