Friday, November 11, 2011

Fillig jail by protest-new version of this century

There appears to have some very senior Sr,Citizens in this country who are following the path of / stated to be following the path of our Father of Nation!
I have never heard anyone telling or read anywhere about the Father of Nation involved in Methods that belong to Politicians to impart pressure by tellings things that would appear to be tending to madness by joining hands with Politicians who are hungry of Power
Our Father of Nation always indulged in methods of non- violence without an element greediness for Power.
So ,what I am trying to arrive at is that thir kind of activities do not appear to be suiting to those who are supposed to be following the Principles of the Father of Nation even if the motive could be a different one aiming at eradicating measure of illegal & unfortunate process by the Rulers.
The platform selected to share with unscrupulous Politicians who always maintain Greed for power is very much wrong despite ignoring their age & health conditions.
Those share my views may offer their comments