Monday, April 25, 2016

Manmohan Singh ,one of the greatest Prime Ministers of India

Shri ManMohan Singh is one of the greatest Prime Ministers of India.He is 82 years old.He is the Prime Minister who achieved the distinction of serving two tenures as Prime Minister,the longest after the first PM of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was in office for a glorious 17 years of tenure. Shri Manmohan Singh is one of the most celebrated economist of India.He entered Indian Politics at the time of big economic crisis during the tenure of Late shri PV.Narasimha Rao who had inducted him into the Government as Finance Minister. Shri Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh together worked day and night to lift the economy out of the balance of Paymet Crisis to pave way for for the economic reforms on which there had been no need to look back.India should be thankful to them for the economic stability we are enjoying today. Shri Mam Mohan Singh was a technical expert in the field of Economy.He had occupied various coveted positions including the Reserve Bank Governor.He had the solid reputation of sound probity and integrity which perhaps made him as the best and automatic choice for the post of Prime Minister of India by the then President of National Congress Smt Sonoa Gandhi who had to renounce the post of PM when she faced the row of being a foreign lady in spite of being the wife of yet another Glorious Prime Minister of India shri Rajiv Gandhi who was assassinated. The aftermath of the 2002 post- Gujrat riot and an unusual communal atmosphere that followed,Shri Manmohansingh was able to bring a much advantagesd situation to form Government in the country. Shri Manmohansingh always displayed determination in administration of India especially when the issue of Indo-US Nuclear deal in spite of the supporting Ally of Left parties withdrew the support they had offered until then. But his Government went ahead without any damage to it. It was proved beyond doubt that he was an expert and a renowned Economist of India in most part of his tenure by maintaining A GDP Grouth 8.5 percent. Unfortunately ,he was stamped as a weak prime minister by the opposition branding him as a puppet in the hands of the congress Smt Sonia Gandhi .He even haunted by the critics attacking him as a weak Prime Minister. He was the first Sikh to become a Primeminister after the Italian Christian party president Sonia Gandhi had nominated him to the post taking into account his abilities as a renowned economist and his experience in various coveted posts.To depict the non communal atmosphere prevailed in India he was sworn -in by a Muslim President Dr.APJ AbdulKalam. Shri Manmohan Singh had served as the Economic adviser to the Government and Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission before getting elevated to the post of the Prime Minister of India in 2004. His second Tenure in 2009 came as a surprise when Congress led U P A alliance came to power solely as a result of the courage displayed by the Congress President because of his success in the first Tenure. Shri.Manmohan Singh had never been considered as dishonest or corrupted by anyone although he had to carry on with the allegation of being the head of the Ministery full of scams. In fact shri Manmohan Singh was at the Top of the world when the American president visited the Indian Parliament and delivered a historical speech which the Parliament listened in total silence. Those days the words of Manmohan Singh were considered as Pearls of Wisdom. But then surfacesd Scams one after another marking the decline of his image in spite of his being honest without getting named as corrupted or dishonest.He served his both Tenure Majestically notwithstanding many a scams. Things started sliding for him with the beginning of the common wealth games held in India and climaxed to the 2-G Spectrum Scandalcosting the exchequer Rs.1.68 Trillion.This ill fated wealth had gone into the Pockets of his trusted Ministers particularly Shri A.Raja the former Communication Minister who belonged the Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam of Tamil Naadu.This still haunts Shri Manmohan Singh as a skeleton of Nightmare followed by Coalgate Scam. The black money deposits as many as 26 people in Swiss Banks also added fuel to the damage caused to his reputation. Notwithstanding all these No one accused Shri Manmohan Singh of corruption.At the same time no one believed that he was unaware of what was being happening around him.The general impression among people was that though he was honest and not susceptible corruption he knew what was happening around him but did not like to endanger his Government. From this Dilemma ,he was able to pass through the horns of it to some extent when he reached an agreement with Bengladesh Prime minister and later when he invited Raza Gilani to watch the World Cup semifinal cricket match between India and Pakistan at Mohali. Thus the cordial atmosphere prevailed at the borders helped him to retrieve his lost prestige as Prime Minister.At this stage people praised his farsightedness and ability to relieve tension with cordial relations with Pakistan. But this reputation short lived. Once again the cordial atmosphere turned into nightmare to jeopardise his efforts with the agitation against corruption by Anna Hazare besides the deliberate action from Pakistan Militant Hafiz Saeed denouncing the cricket diplomacy with India. His reluctance to remove Suresh Kalmadi at the time of Common wealth game scandal and of A.Raja at the time of 2G spectrum cases virtually lead to further developments in which ceased to be the Prime Minister of India. Thus a Honest ,Capable and well qualified Prime Minister had to cut a sorry figure in front of his people and had to step down at a time India was in the path of overall progress and Financial Stability. Very unfortunate for a renowned and experienced economist who knew matters of Finance more than anyone else in India. Shri Manmohan Singh is a very highly qualified person who is ,perhaps,the authority for Financial matters in India. He has held more than 20 coveted posts during his carrier. Hemis the recipient of various honourable awards ,the prominent among them are starting from PADMAVIBHOOSHAN IN 1987 are as under: 1987. padmavibhooshan The Government of India. 1993. Finance Minister of the year- Euromoney &Asiamoney 1994. All India member and Fellow of Management Assocition Elected Distinguished Fellow of the London School of Economics. ElectedHonorary Fellow of Nuffield College. Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award( 1994-95 from Science Congress Association. 1995. JawaharLal NehruBirth Centenary Award for second time 1996 Honorary Professor of Delhi School of economics ,University of Delhi 1997. NikkeiAsia prize for Regional Grouth. From NihonKeizai Shimbun Inc. Lokmanya Tilak Award. Thilak Smaraka Trust Pune Justice K.S.Hegde Foundation Award. Justice K.S.Hegde Foundation 1999. Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences,New Delhi from NAA H.H.Kanchi Sri Paramacharya Award of Excellence. From Shri .R.Venkataraman,The Centenarian Trust. 2000. Annasaheb Chirmule Award. Annasaheb Chirmule Trust 2002. Outstanding Parliamentarian Award. Indian Parliamentarian Group. 2005. Top Hundred influential people in the world. Time 2008. World Statesman Award. Appeal of Conscience Foundation. 2014. Grand Cordon of the order of the Paulownia Flowers. Government of India Let us hope this Gem of an Honourable and Soft spoken person with very high qualification who always maintain the habit of less talk and more work lead us again to prosperity in due course of time. Sreedharan Mundanat 25th of April 2016 16-30hrs(IST)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The story of an Amazing ChiefMinister & Amazing Flyover in Delhi

Ly over

Smt Shiela Dixit in 2013 planned and envisaged a project of a Fly over in Delhi called Azadpur- Prembari Pul elevated corridor. There are many chief Ministers in the past who claimed credit for a project completed during their tenure even if it was initiated by some one else.The present case of the Fly over is not such a one.Although Smt Shiela ceased to be a CM after a tenure of 15 years Glorious period of ruling the Capital of India,yet she got full credit of the Amazing Fly over envisaged by her at an estimated cost of Rs 247crores.The main advantage of this Flyover when planned was that it could decongest to the extent of 1.6 KM of The areas of Ashok Vihar,Shalimar Bagh & Vazirpur to allow unhindered flow of Traffic along the entire 44 KM Ring Road. But unfortunately,Smt Shiela Dixit could not witness the completion of the project in October 2015(surprisingly within 2 years)as she happneed to be out of Office at the time of Completion. Amazingly,Shri Kejriwal ,who was the CM when completed gave full credit to Shiela Dixit saying that the entire credit goes to Smt Dixit who anticipated the benefit of such a fly- over and initiated in 2013.He also said that he could complete the project at a lesser cost of Rs147 crores as against the estimated cost of 247 Crores.The Union Minister for Science ,Technology and health Sciences also praised Smt Dixit for her glorious pet project.He also said that the Political rivalry should be kept out of Development while the Delhi CM said he had never has apron etc completed at a lesser cost than envisaged. This kind of attitude very rarely surfaces which revealed the quality of individuals in praising the opponents in Politics. Similarly ,there are some Amazing Qualities for the project also. They are according to the PWD officials of Delhi are that with the introduction of the Fly - Over 7665 KMs of Fuel can be saved every year. Besides,an individual travelling on the fly-Over could save 12 minutes each to and fro which would save 15,000 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emission from Vehicles by reducing the quantities emitted Annualy. This Amazing savings of Fuel and CO2 belongs to Amazing former Chief Minister of Delhi. It is high time the full powers of the Delhi administration including the Police Department should be awarded to the Elected Government of the State of Delhi if necessary by Amending the Constitution of India. ( Apart from the comments contained in the concluding sentence the courtesy belongs to Media & &Hindustan Times of Delhi) Sreedharan Mundanat April 20th 2016 5-30 AM( IST)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The dead to come back to form Government in Kerala

The first Democratic Government in Kerala was formed in 1957.Late Shri. E.M.S.Namboodiripad became the CM after the Communist party of India Secured Majority required to form a Ministry.Thereafter there had been stiff competition between two factions belonging to" Left"&"Right" with the result that they formed Government in turn every five years of the history of the state.This time the right viz UDF claims that the educated and politically most advanced people of Kerala would stand with the significant achievement in regard to overall DEVELOPMENT which appears to be a plain fact that even blind and deaf people could certify.But the other faction LDF is depending upon highlighting the corruption theory in the state revolving around the CM of the state and some of his Ministers and are confident of their victory.But no such attempt proved fruitful to decide whether corruption has in fact had taken place.. This time ,however,there is a Third front called NDA who thinks that their new addition of BDJS a new party formed by the wing of SNDP with strong support from the people who are controlling the wheel of the Government at the The dead in Heaven did not like these kind of practises in their dear state.This being a new trend to make allegations which can not be proved,there wereStrong discussions taken place in Heaven among the dead leaders .The prominent among them areShri. EMS Namboodiripad,E.K.Nayanar,K.Karunakaran,Panampilli GovindaMenon,Pattam ,P.T.Chacko,A.K.John,P.P.Ummarkoya,A.K.Gopalan,T.M.Varghese,JosepMundasseri,C.H.Muhammadkoya,C.Kesavan,R.V.Thomas and many more leaders who have attained the stay in Heaven.It is also said they had taken advice and co-operation from prominent National Leaders Jawaharlal Nehru,Indira Gandhi ,Rajiv Gandhi,SurjitSingh,Bardan,and many more prominent among dead leaders. They all unanimously,irrespective of party, decided to condemn the new attitude of forming communal feeling among current Polititians,the participation openly by the Sabhas and factions like NSS.Mannath Padmanabhan is understood to have strongly criticised the over participation from their faction in forming Government in Kerala.Shri Bal Thackery has also joined them in condemning the attitudes prevailing on earth. The prominent leaders collectively understood to have decided to interfere by critizing the affairs in Kerala particularly in the methods Relating to Hartals and Samarams .None from the left wing from Kerala in Heaven approved the methods like " Rapakal Samaram" pouring black oils on Leaders,Insulting Ministers in public places,the excessive methods from Students Organisations. The left leaders also opined that the Students in Kerala should concentrate in their academic carriers to become themselves capable of supporting their parents when they need help.They strongly condemned a case in which a Student organisation digged a hole and placed a wreath on it to insult a retired Principal on the retirement day.The dead leaders said they never had imagines such incidents in their days. A resolution was passed unanimously against these kind of acts without an element of discipline. The prominent leaders from Communists and Congress from the Heaven also suggested that they should come back from dead and form Government in Kerala as none of the present leaders appear to be capable of forming Ministry and ruling their dear state in a manner not worth for the people of Kerala. This suggestion was unanimously approved in the Heaven and the question of who should become the CM came up for further discussion and decision.shriK.Karunakaran was the first to jump to claim the post describing his vast experience in the state when he was alive.Shri A.K.Gopalan who was sitting next to Shri Karunakaran said he had always been very decent and reasonable and was also in the good books of Jawaharlal Nehru who liked him very much. Besides,he said he had no opportunity to rule the state while alive.ShriEMS Namboodiripad and Shri.E.K.Nayanar said they were also very experienced and popular to become CM.But they agreed to withdraw their claim for the sake of their all time honourable leader A.K.Gopalan With this it was decided to continue the discussion next day to elect the CM between Shri Karunakaran and Shri.A.K.Gopalan ,if necessary by voice vote among the dead. This suggestion was agreed to by all in Heaven and to assume Power on 15th of May 2016 without allowing the elected to occupy the Throne because of the changed policies,methods,and attitudes of the prominent leaders in Earth . (Kerala). It was also decided to send a few representatives to Earth to act as Event management personnel in relation to arranging the stage and to look after the process of invitations to the swearing in ceremony on 15th May2016. So Kerala for the first time would get an opportunity to witness the Novel Government formed on Earth by the dead. . According to the unanimous decisions taken in Heaven no more election involving Hatred,Intrigue,fighting,abusing and insulting each other would be allowed again.The Government formed on 15th of May2016 would continue for ever as far as Kerala is concerned as per decisions taken unanimously by the dead leaders in Heaven. God save His own country!Loko Samstho Sukhino Bhavanthu!!! Sreedharan Mundanat. 10th April 2016 18-10 hrs(IST)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Similarity in ABBREVATION

Recently ,Kerala along with seven other states has launchedthe second phase of In activated Polio Vaccine(IPV)under routine Immunisation programmeAccordingly with effect from 1/4/2016 infants aged 14 weeks and above are being given a dose ofIPV under routine immunisation schedule along with 3 doses of OralPolio Vaccine(OPV) in the primaryvaccination series in the statesKerala,Orissa,Andhrapradesh,Telengana,Karnataka,Tamil Naadu,Pondichery,and Maharashtra. IPV was introduced in India underRoutine Immunisation on November 30 2015.The expanded version of immunisation are clealy understandable. In India one could find many similar Abbreviations with different meanings.For example Kerala Gramin Bank(KGB).All may be knowing about KGB a secret Russian organisation of yesteryear. So coming to the point in question,similar single abbreviations of of two different organisations is not uncommon. Now, again there are two Petrol Boats in the Coast Guard Organisation (sometimes considered as a part of Navy,though different) calle IPVs and OPVs which indicates Inshore Petrol Vessels &Offshore Petrol Vessels. It is ,perhaps these alone are similar pair of Abbreviations in two different Government Organisations .Striking similarity is that both the organisations have adopted pairs of Abbreviations for same function Viz Redistance RESISTANCE IN HUMAN BODY & RESISTANCE ON4 INTRUDING FOREIGN VESSELS. AS this is first time pair of similar Abbreviations usefd in difference organisations noticed. This might produce confusion as well as a room for legal dispute in matters relating to cases in courts by interpreting by expert advocates to get advantage for their clients. A glaring example is the use of the word "Sumbhan" by interpreting it in different ways by a political offender in the case of a issue in court of Law relating to abusing Court. This kind of pairs of abbreviations in the Central Government Organisation can easily be avoided had there been proper coordination between Departments of different Ministries .Here they are Health Ministry and Defence Ministry. Although there is no immediate effect on these Ministries,one can not categorically deny the possibiloties of3 clash by ruling out it casually. Sreedharan Mundanat 5th April 2016 16-44 Hrs(IST)