Friday, September 4, 2015

Whole grain Pasta

Whole grains or food made from them contain the entire grain seed which means that they contain all parts of their original proportions including the naturally occurring Nutrients.If the grain has been cracked,crushed or flakes,a food must retain the same relative proportions as they exist in the intact grain to be called a whole Grain. This would imply that 100% of the original Grain viz the Bran,Germ and the Endosperm must be present to qualify as a Whole Grain.The refined Grains ,however,contain just endosperm thereby missing the Bran and Germ of the original seed.When consumed in the combined form of Barn,Germ,and Endosperm these are examples of widely accepted forms of Whole- Grains Foods and Flours. Tufts University in Boston had found in a study of 2004 that people who eat 3 or 4 servings of Whole- Grains a day had approximately 30 percent lower risk of having metabolic Syndrome,a common condition that increases the risk of Diabetes and Heart diseases.According to studies carried out In the United States of America,Finland and Norway,people who eat large amounts of Whole Grains have significantly lower rates of Heart Diseases than those who do not follow this. In America the The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)Urges citizens to eat at least 3 servings of Whole Grains which is equivalent to Half of the daily recommended intake of Grains.there exists options to take whole grain breads or cereals also.But it is generally considered now that Whole grain Pasta is the best option to meet the daily need ofWhole grains intake. Thus Whole grains Pasta assumes more significance nowadays.This is also the new tasty way also to meet the requirements. According to Nicola M.Mckeoen,PhD the lead author of Tufts Study,unlike traditional Pastas made of Refined durum Wheat or Semolina,Whole grains noodles do not lose their Bran and Germ during Processing.Bran ,the outer skin of the Whole Grain,the Germ ,the embriyo of the grain carry considerable health fats,Protiens ,Antioxidants,B vitamins Minerals and Fiber.One of these Minerals magnesium,increases the body's Sensitivity to insulin which may help to lower the risk of Diabetes.Similarly,the dietary Vitamin E,folate and Fiber may reducethe risk of Heart Disease. Another thing,High Fiber Diets might do is drive down harmful Glucose,Insulin and fat in the Blood. Fiber is a great boon for women.A study in 2005 revealed that the women who take more vegetables ,fruits and whole grains weighed less and had less body fats than those ate less fiber and more meat The fiber has more benefits to offer us.According to Dee Sanquist MS.RD of American Dietetic Association,Weight Management Center ,Washington the Fiber fills up us as much as necessary so that we don't have to eat much.Similarly,We could feel full Much more quickly than Than when we eat Refined foods. From what have been brought out above ,it can be seen that the Pasta of Whole grain helps us many fold as in the case with Oats. So it is very much beneficial for all vegetarian or Nonvegetarian to make Whole grain Pasta a regular item of our menu in kitchen so that we could have the satisfaction of having adopted a meaningful food in our routine . SreedharanMundanat 4th of September,2015

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