Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today(23rd August 2012) India is facing New Zealand with all her might at two different places.
The under 19 World Cup Semi final at Townsville,Australia&first Test at Hyderabad India.

The game at Townsville assumes more important as it is U19 World Cup.

In their earlier matches India did fairly well to reach the Semis.The batsmen&bowlers proved their might in a few nail biting games against WIndies&Zimbabwe.Apart from this,they ousted Pakistan the favourites for the cup in the Quarterfinal by scoring 18 runs in the final over by the Tailenders.They won the game just by one wicket.This was a glorious achievement for the U19 squad making the Pakistanis look gloomy&disappointed

The squad playes all their games aggressively.Both with Bat&Ball.

If they repeat this performance today there is every likelyhood of the team reaching the Final against Australians.

The match which is in progress have made 160/4 at the moment at the end of 42nd over.This seems to be a good score taking into account the earler performance of all the teams.At this rate India could ,perhaps,finish well over 225 which could be termed as a challenging score.

If bowlers also perform well,it could be a day to remember for the Team.

The final is billed for 26th of August

Let us wish all the Best to both the wc team &test team
                                                                23rd August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attham Patth Onam

There is an old saying that "Atham Path Onam" which conveys that Onam should be on the 10th day from the star Atham.Yesterday(21st August) was Atham.So Onam should have been on 30th August.But this this

the schedule has been changed to the ninth day on 29th Day.The reason is this.The stars Thrikketta,Moolam,Pooradam&Uthradam (4 stars) took just 3 days to get completed.

Earlier there used to be rare occasions of Onam being celebrated on the 11th day also.The reason is if Thiruvonam Star extends to next day also by 6&1/4 Naazhika(a measure) then Onam would be on the 11th day.

Onam is being celebrated as a welcome period for 10 days to the Good Old King Mahabali coming to Kerala to visit his people whom he had ruled with all happiness for many years,.

He was sent to Pathalam by Vamanan according to the stories in Puranam.

there is a Temple also at Thrikkakkara for Vamanan where Onam is being celebrated for 10 days,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Night Driving-New method from ShriVarunni from TCR

Shri Varunni from Thrissur has found out a new method of Night driving without being affected by the beams of ligt from a car coming from the opposit direction.Normally when the light falls into the eyes of the driver he could instantly become blind for a second&his control could be lost resulting in accidents.

In order to avoid this Shri Varunni from Thrissur has found a new method .Shri Varunni is a retired Engineer worked in many firms.

His method of antiglare system is basically like this.He is using Poly carbonate sheets&refined Polister films
for this.By this method when a can with bright Halogen lights comes ,the driver can press a button so that the antiglare sheet on which the antiglare filsms fixed would fall in front of his eyes diverting the rays from the beams of the opposit car .The driver can view the road clearly by this method.

Shri Varunni has already used the method in KSRT Buses successfully.More orders have been received from KSRTC.

Shri Varunni had many discoveries in the past for which he has Patent for 15 items.For inventing &getting patents ,Shri Varunni was included in the 2008 Limca Book of Records.

The best achievement of Shri Varunni was the invention of Automobile Automatic Transmission System.This was also included in the Limca Book of records.

He is now 77 tears old &still continues his research  to find out more devices

                                                      Sreedharan Mundanat
                                                     13th August 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Around the world in 22 days covering 7,99763 KMs in a Benz van

Gunther Holtrof &his wife Christine began their journey around the world in 1989 from Germany when the Berlin wallwas destroyed.If one asks them why such a journey was undertaken,they would say just for sight seeing.
Sofar they have covered 7.99,763 KMS in a Mercidez Benz vanThe African Land was their first targetwhen they started.

This journey is not yet completed.

Ginther was a German Pilot who was working for an Europian Airlinesuntil he reached the age of 53.

In the passport which was renewed from time to timethere are 200 entry-exit visa vstamps.He travelled from Sahara to Everest in his van.He named it "Auto".

this van had no significant breakdownin 22 years.journey.This van is 1988 model of Benz.The 3 litre Diesel Enginehad a power of 88HP.Though not a van with very high speed,Gunther says his van had a very strong&stable Engine.

The van carried 500 KG of household artickeson the top of it.This van has the beds for sleeping&a shower to take bath inside it.He had collected all the spares required to to run it including Shock absorbers to nuts&bolts.He had made any change basically in the van.

He travelled through Brazuk,Paris,Cuba,Iraq,KIasagastan,West

He hIndies,Alaska,Trinidad,Bolivia,America,Australia,NewZealand,Britain,China,Mangolia,Russia,Oakistan,India,Bangladesh&NepalHe had made just one change in the van.It was when the Meter reading was about to cross one lakhKM.The Binnacle which just 5 diget readinf,he approached a dealer&changed the meter to a 6 digit reading one.

The 200th Country he visited was Philippinesin 2012 June.The meter reading shpwed 7,99,763 KMs .

Tyhe expenses on travelwas considerably reduced by resortting to cooking in the van itself.He h&his wife slept in the van.The money this saved on food&accommodation was spent for Diesel&shipping of the van when required.

Just once during his travel he stayed with a friend in America.He had carried with him bedsheeis suiting different ckimatesHe had a hanging bed also which was tied on a tree with the other end on the van.

He had no Laptop or Cell Phoneto contact relatives.He had just one Film Camera.By7 carrying costly items he didnt want to attract thieves.The family people were contacted with help of Post cards.

He kept a duration of 8 months for each travel.Then returbed home for a few days&again started after a frw days.

Both Gunther&his wife had a son each from their earlier marriages.

Christine died in 2010due to cancer.Thereafter Gunther continued journey with his son.

If someone asks him why he had travelled all over the world his reply would be that for many years he saw rhe world from the sky in an aircraft&he wished to see the world from thye land.

Gunther always remembered journey to AfricaOnce a Giant Hippo came to the van.On another occasion a group of lions sorrounded the van.It was an unforgettable experience .But the Beasts left them alone without hurting.

His plan was to end the travel in 2010.But continued .&still continues.

When he calls it a day &return to Germany ,he is planning to hand over the van to the Benz Museum.

22 years he travelled.He is 72 years old noe.

One can not be sure how long he would continue to travel as the charm of travel never dies if one has interest &willingness for it.

                      Sreedharan Mundanat
12th August 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Everybody knows about the strong &severe poison in Black Spiders.There are many people who keep them away with a kind of allergy.

The other three insects are also dangerous.But if you leave them alone,they would leave you alone.Generally
they are not aggressive unless one hurys them.

There are many more insects of this sort but these four are well known for their power to attack& very dangerous also to human beings.

Black siders are famous all over the world.But this Black Spider shown in the picture is called "Black Widows".These are generally found in North America.They live near the residential areas of Human beings.
They stay among Grass or under rocks.They are harmless if you dont hurt them But once hurt they are most dangerous.They would bite who hurts them.They dont attack on their own unless hurt.They possess 15 times more poison than the raiile snakes.The female is more dangerous.Their poison could kill one if no immediate treatment is not given.They other insects who attack them would be killed instantly with just one bite.

As soon as it comes to know the presence of an enemy in front,this Beatle decides to stike with it's Bomb.It
swings the rear part of it's body on both sides&blast the Bomb.The next moment one could find the enemy running with burnt face covered.The beatle has kept it;s dangerous chemical weapon on the rear part of it's body.By the time the enemy is stunned in surprise the beatle would have disappeared from the scene.It uses it;s weapon as a measure of selfprotection.

As it's name suggests these ants are as dangerous as Bull Dogs.These are considered to be the most dangerous ants in the world.One bite is enough to make a man never to go near them again.It's bite is very painful .It is believed that 30 bites from this ant could even kull a man

Grasshopper is generally believed to be innocent.But they are carrying with them a chemical substance to
disturb enemies &escape.When enemy approaches they eject a chemical spray which covers their body.
If the enemy is not affected by this spray they escape by spitting a chemical with very bad smell.

They look like a human being with all good qualities.They are capable of spreading very bad smell in atmosphere by ejecting a chemical.They look like a cat with black&white stripes&looks very cite.But
it is never adviceable to go near them/The smell in the atmosphere can remain days together .

So next time you encounter any of these insects keep away from them/
There are many insects which protect themselves without being notice by others.This is done with similarty of the background color where they sit.For instance some insects in green color can not be noticed when they sit among grass.
                                       8th August 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

NASA successfully lands Rover on Mars

NASA on Monday 6th of August 2012 landedCURIOSITY the rover on the red planet Mars successfully

making the most Ambitious attempt to reach Mars in history

The scientists at Jet propulsion Lab rehoiced the achievement by embracung each other.

A dusty image of the Rovers wheel on the surface,taken from a rear camera fitted on the vehicle,confirmed the arrival of the car-sized Rover&it's sofisticated tool-kit designed to hunt for signs that life once existed there.

A second image arrived after seconds ,showing the shadow of the Rovers on Mars.The scientists at Nasa distributed Chocolate to the staff of Nasa.

But success was anything but certain with this first-of-its-kind to drop a sixwheeled Chemistry Lab by rocket-powered Sky Crane on an Alien Planet

Nasa's more recent drop-offs were done with the help of Airbags.

In the final moments,the spacecraft acceslerated with the pull og gravity as it nears Mar's atmosphere.making a fiery entry at a speed of 13,200 miles per hour& then slowing down with the help of a supersonic Parachute.

After that,an elaborate skycrane powered by rocket blasters kicked in ,&the Rovers was lowered dpwn by
Nylon Tethers,apparently landing upright on all six wheels.

Scientists do not expect Rovers to find Aliens or living creatures on Mars.Rather they hope to use it to analyze soil&rocks for signs that building blocks of life are present &may have supported life in the past

The project also aims to study the Martian environment to prepare for a possible human mission there in the coming days.

It has already been collecting data on radiation during it's eight&half months journey following launch in
November 2011from cape Canaveral,Florida

Earlier on Sunday Mars programme Director Doug McCuistion called the science "Absolutely Cricial" to
finding out if Earthlings are alone,how Mars evolved from a wet to dry planet&how accessible Mars may be
for explorers in future& if succeeded it would be one of the greatest feats in the histort of planetary exploration ever.

Attempts by Global Space Agencies since 1960 had resulted in a near 40%success in sending Landers ,orbiters,or other spacecrafts for flybys to Mars

NASA has now the Best record.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

VERTIGO from Alfred Hitchkok the Best Suspense Thriller

The Best Thriller "Citizen Cain" was the Best thriller until now.But now ,in the Survey/Selection carried out ny the Site&Sound Magazine of British Institute recently selected Vertgo  with a majority of 34 votes.

50 years back Movie distributers,critics&writers had nominated "Citozen Kain"as the best thriller.10 years back again when selections were repeared Vertigo lost by 5 votes.James Stewart&Kim Novak are the leading actors of Vertigo.Hitchkok had used the best Camera technique in Vertjp.

The Zoom In ezperiment used in Vertigo was later on udsed by many more movies.

Now ,how long Vertigo would remain in first place will have to be seem
                                                                        5th August 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Oldest Hippo is no more

I was all along under the impression that the Oldest Hippo is alive&lives at the famous Zoo of SAN DIEGO

in US.

But I was wrong.The oldest living in Ivan's Park Maskar Villa aged 61 is no more.This Hippo had reached the Park -cum -zoo in  on August 7 1956 .She died on 1st August due to age&kidney problem according to the Zoo authorities.

The normal lifespan of a Hippo is 40 years.But this Hippo with nameDONA.

She had her partner but died at the age of 30 years.The people visit this Park mainly to visit the Hippo.

But hereafter they would miss the oportunity to meet her.

The Zoo Management has decided to give her "HIPPO MEMORIAL SERVICE".A tribute to the oldest Hippo
                                                            Sunday 4th August2012

Friday, August 3, 2012


This Blog could be useful tip to those who use computer regularly during the course of their daily nature of


Are you affected by lack of Concentration while working resulting in not doing what is expected &required to be done?Is it a regular feature you missmany things needed to be carried out?If so,reasons for this are many.

Social Media Network
Social Media sites are the basic reasons which increase your interest in friends more regularly resulting in

reduction of concentration on your work.

Thye increased attention to FaceBook,Twitter&Blogs make you visit these sites frequentl&when returned to regular work you are forced to remember what you have done earlier&do the same again.This resuts in Double work&waste of avoidable precious time.So it is advisable ti stop visiting these sites while at work.If you consider visiting these sites a must ,do visit them during lunch interval or rest interval

Thse sites are like kick from intoxication.Once you become an addict,it is herculian task to get away from their grip.It is like the grip of an octopus!

Frequent visit to E-Mail sites to check mail is another source of interuption which affects your concentration

adversely.Frequent temptation to check mails&visiting such sites divert your attention from regular work&when you return to work the same story with Face Book&Twitter is repeated.The best remedy to overcome the resistace caused by these sites is to fix regular time before you start your work or after finishing your work.

This is the main maniac device that interrupt your concentration during work.Attending to calls&making calls frequently results in much more lack of concentration from your regular work.The same process of repeating work would follow you like a nightmare here also.The Best remedy is either switch off phones or follow caller ID system so that calls would be diverted to Voice Mails.Voice mails could be verified during intervals.

Boring during work
To avoid boring during work,one could fix a break of 10 minutes after working for 2 hours.During this break one could take a cup of coffee,take a brief walk in fresh air or clean one's untidy deskor eating something brief&many more such practises.

Unnecessary thoughts about home&things to do with friends&society etc could be avoided during work.

While at work always remember "WORK IS WORSHIP".

Pressure grom Work
You could get pressure from work when you do more than ome work at a time.During these periods one could feem extra weight on shoulders,Headache,increased heart beat&many more symptoms.

As aremedy one could practise Meditation.It is reliably &scientifically reported that those who do meditation for 7 weeks do achieve more concentration.


Lack of sleep& fatigue could hamper  concentration.So better avoid this.A minimum of 7 hours sleep at night could do wonders to your body&your concentration.

As in the case of a Motorcar,the Brain can not function smoothly without fuek.Food is an effective fuel for Brain &your body.So always take good food to you healthy.

So never starve duribg work due to pressure from it,TGhis do happen in the case of many  especially in the case of executives in an office.

It is estimated thatr there are lakhs of people on FaceBook with Fraud iden& are likely to produce many a harmful effects.
So visit Social sites only when you consider it a must.
                                                                                           3rd August2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ther thtree picturesshown here are from Manorama internet edition.The article was about Western Ghats.These Ghats are in the Eastern Region of Kerala standing like a fort.Western Ghats (Pashmima ghatam) means on the Western side.But this is in fact on the Eastern side of Kerala.But on the western side of India.So the mountains were named after the name India.
The pictures are contributed by the author of the article which can not be saved or copied.So I had to resort to Personal photography from the screen.It has almost come clean.The idea is just to show the Animals &flowers grown in Western Ghats.

The pictures are of "Simhavaalan Monkey",An elephant Family& Thattekkadan Orchids

All the three are worth seeing ,I thought.

                                                                  2nd August2012


Eversmiling face of the evergreen,everliving singer.Yes I am referring to Mohmed Rafi who left us on the 31st of July 1980 owing to a Heart Attack.
Neither his songs nor the smile on his face can face death,B oth are everliving in the hearts of Music lovers.

In 5 National Awards or A Padmasree not enough for the great SWinger.The love &passion in the hearts of his fans are beyond all these awards.

He was born in a village in Punjab called Kotla in December 1924.When he was 13 years old he had his first stage programme.His first appearemce was in a Punjabi Film.Later on at the age of 20 he arrived in Bombay which marked the Golden days of Hindi Cinema.

He decided to become a citizen of India when India got Independemce.He joined the great music Director Naushad

After the sad demise of our father of Nation ,Rafi was invited to sing a song as a tribute to the Mahatma Gandhi.The song "Suno suno oh Duniyawalom Bapuji ka ye Amar Kahani" was recited by lakhs of Indians.On hearing this song The then Prime Minister Javharlal Nehru invited Rafi to sing at his residence.

Many music Directors approached for singing for them.He obliged everyone but remained with his mentor Naushad.This relationship gave birth to the most famous song sung by Rafi.A song which would be remembered for ever for its quality of singing .The evergreen Melody "Yrh Duniyako Rakhne wale".
the voice of Rafi &the high pitch in the song was so great matching that one would never put off the radio wg
hen the song is on the air.

In 1950sRafi started singing for famous music Directors OPNayyar,SDBurman.&Shankar Jayakrishnan

During this time the famous songs like Baharom Phool Bharsavo,Chahe Mujhe Junglee Kahe,Dil ke Jharokhame,Chodavin ka chand,Duniya Yeh Mehfil,Chahunga Mein Tujhe,Churaliya hai Tumne,Kya Hua mera vaada,Mein ne Poocha,Sow Baar Janam &many more hit songs of Different songs gave birth to entertain the Film world,

Once, Rafi recited a song just for one Rupee.

4 years Rafi &Lata were not in talking terms.Lata insisted on Royalty for songs while Rafi said payment for songs sung was enough.This continued four years when some Music directors interfered &made compromise.

Later on Lata used to regret for remaining not in good terms with Rafi.

Finally on July31st of 1980 Rafi said Good Bye to world Music .Those who are good are taken back by God Early,This saying was proved true in the case of Rafi.He was just 56 years old when he said Goodbye.

May his Soul rest in Eternal Peace!
                                                                 2nd August 2012