Sunday, August 30, 2015

Onion Crisis- Common man's Agony!

Onion being a common man's unavoidable need and since common men are more common in India,it looks like a Paradise For boarders and Blackmarket specialists. There is a general Tendency in India alone that a topic of hot discussion in The Media would take it's natural death soon after the issue is forgotten by the mob.The memory of common public is to some extent short lived. This is what exactly happened in the case of Onion. In 2010 ,there was a major cricis of Onion when UPA were the rulers.The then Prime Minister promptly interfered and Stopped Export of Onion and lowered the Import duties to cope up with the situation.but the then NDA opposition headed by BJP went virtually on a warpathand arranged public protests.The Hoarders had a field day or to be more précis a merry day.It is a common knowledge that when the prices of Agricultural products goes up it is the middlemen are the beneficiaries and not the farmers who grow agricultural product. Once again,as though to make the saying that History Repeats justified ,the same situation is prevailing in India now.The difference is that now not only the poor but the upper class and middle class are feeling the pinching of their pocket.This is ,perhaps,the reason why some cases of theft and hoarding of Onion reported in the media recently. In those days the NDA had virtually attacked the UPA from all the sides and some leaders even said if they had assumed power the diminishing value of rupee would be arrested and brought in par with the American Dollar which is the general yard stick adopted in India for all purposes of Comparison.the NDA leaders had even boasted that if they come to power ,they would bring rupee in par with Dollars. If one reads with the present cricis in the stock market also, the rupee behaving with a declining trend against Dollar and the trend of prices increasing( like Onion) steadily,it is not clear how the Government could manage the economy of the nation in the right perceptive. It has been reported in the media that onion is being imported and would take two months to getvdistributed in India.This implies that for next two months the shortage and price rise would continue to occur as the retailers are not ready to lower the prevailing prices.This is what Media reports.the true position would be known to Authorities alone.Anyhow,everything is not going on well in the country nowadays in relation to Onion. The question of Rupee in par with Dollar is unlikely to happen though there was such an illusion in 1940 & 1947. For getting into Power any party can say anything and promise anything to the Public.It is very easy to promise. But fulfilling the promises seems to be difficult.Nothing helpful had happened to poor people in 100 days. Similarly the promise of " ache din " too remains as a distant dream. Onion prices could be controlled and likely to be settled amicably.Similarly rupee also might get stabilized in due course because of the efforts of the people who had made it stable long ago. Making promises is one thing and very easy one to do.What is making matters difficult for aGovernment is The problem of high expectationsWhich are unreasonable to say the least. The present Government had made many promises and the public expected the leaders to wave a magic wand to set things right. So let us await the good days to come although one prominent leader had said it would take 25 years rule for good days to come. But the fact now prevailing over India amounts to a vacuum.The same promises and claims they offered to Public are coming back to haunt them. Loko Samastho Sukhino Bhavanthu!! Sreedharan Mundanat 30th August 2015 .


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