Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cruel act to an innocent Tusker at West Bengal

It has been reported in the Press that the poachers in the area of Buxa Tigerreserve(BTR) in West Bengal Shot dead a Tusker & then committed the most cruel act to such an innocent animal by chopping off the head of The Devine Animal.Tuskers are vegetarians and are being worshipped in Temples of India especially in Kerala. Tuskers obey human beings .They love human.but when they get angry ,they are beyond Control and could destroyed Everything in sight. This Tusker did not get any opportunity to safeguard himself because the Poachers might have caught it unaware and shot without Mercy. The Forest officials are stated to be hunting for the Poachers.what is the fun in catching the Poachers?.Instead , the animals should have been protected with their force level& Weapons. This is a clear case of Lapse on the part of Forest officials.By the time the Poachers are caught ,the costly ivory they aimed at would have left the country. In India where human beings are being slaughtered for achieving Power,this incident does not appear to be enough to catch the attention of Officials who are supposed to be guarding the motive behind the slaughter appears to be money & not Power. It is high time that animals like Elephants,Tigers& Lions are protected properly. But it appears it is too much to expect from those who could not even look into protecting Western Ghats which Provides us water & safeguard us from Carbon dioxide emission. Sreedharan Mundanat 24th March2014 7-55 hrs(IST)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Corruption Free Administration-A Dream in India

There is an old saying in Malayalam which amounts to convey the meaning roughly as this" If one happens to put hands in a pot of Saccarine he/she is bound to lick them".This saying is absolutely true as far as the Indian Administration is concerned. This blog is more relevant now when the General Election to the Parliament is round the corner. The basis for this Blog is the Editorial of the Internet Edition Dt 14th of March 2014 of the Malayalam News paper Deepika .In the article article presented through the Editorial,the writer of it has broadly Analyzed the menace of Indian administration,THE CORRUPTION like an OCTOPUS has it's grip tightened from which there does not appear to have any way to escape. The announcement of the General Election had the effect of not only new expectation & hope in the minds of Indian voters but the dream of a corruption Free Administration in India. However,the recent development in the Delhi assembly in which a new Political party came into effect to take the power in hand produced a kind of Magical effect in the minds of common man.But the further developments and the latest picture emerged over the Indian Politics gradually diminished the hope as if the common man was driven back to Square one In the history of Indian ParliamentElections,there had been many instances of criminals contesting the Election and winning even when they were behind bars. Many a Instances are on record where the corporate leaders & their Benamis influenced the Political parties in power at the Centre& States to loot the exchequers of the Government. This is how many a instances of Curruptions were detected & brought to light.In this process of indulging in corruption all the PoliticalParties ,irrespective of their ideologies ,are birds of same feather. It is learnt from a study report that One third of the candidates announced so far by different Political Parties do have criminal Backgrounds.This being so, how can we expect to have a clean Democracy in this so called Democratic India?The common man stands perplexed, with his eyes wide open,Why the leading Political Parties are unable to do away with their close relationship with the Mafia of all sorts? An organisation named Association for Democratic Reforms recently found after carrying out a study that out of the Present strength of Members of Parliament 162 are facing criminal cases including Murder& Economical offences. Two typical instances are the cases of Lalu Prasad yadav& former Karnataka CM Yeduriyappa Since he could not contest the election Laluprasad Yadav managed seats for his wife& Daughte This means ,if he is really corrupted for which he was booked,the story of Corruptions would continue through his kith& kins now even if he is absent in the political Arena. Similarly Yeduriyappa who had to resign as CM of Karnataka due to allegation of corruption had formed a new patty to leave it & come back to his original party to manage a seat in the present what does this mean when BJP says that they are going to form a corruption free Government? The Left parties until now had no chance to taste the sweetness of corruption at the centre as they never got an opportunity to get themselves included in the Government.But they cleverly compensated for this lapse by indulging in all kind of corrupted Activities apart from criminal activities including Murders in States. Taking into account all the features mentioned above,the voter should be more careful than ever to give top Priority in exercising their franchise this time.The following norms should be kept in mind now 1) to ensure that every one who has a voters card should not only vote but make doubly sure that they in fact Votes instead of keeping indoor to avoid the terrible heat in the surroundings. 2)everyone should ensure that their friends& relations entitled to vote do so without fail 3) to ensure that protest votes are not polled by them. 4) all voters should also ensure that they vote to most refined Candidate known for corruption free character There had been a Trend among MPs& MLAs to spend their fund available for them to use for the benefit Of people of their constituency.Many of them have not used the fund .Those used it concentrated mainly for constructing Bus Shelters& Waiting Sheds especially in Kerala.Those who travel by road can see these shelters for buses.Of course it is a common facility for common man. But this alone should not be the welfare measure taken for the people. The need of the time is Employment& Food. So those who give importance for these needs should be afforded priority to cast our vote& not for those Constructed bus shelters&waiting sheds Thus to be in a Nut shell,the responsibility to elect the suitable candidates rests in the hands of people & not political leaders So kindly exercise your franchise wisely because in your discretion& recognition depend the fate of this Holy nation. Please don't allow Politicians with their knack to influence you in casting your vote conquer you totally It is a precious weapon with the help of which you could fight Corruption to some extent. Please remember what Sir Winston Churchill said while the power was being transferred from the Britishers to the Indians.He said " Dont hand over Power to Indians.if you do,the Indians would fight among themselves for achieving Power and one day would destroy this Holy& Beautiful country" Although what he said can not be justified from the point of view of Independence,it can not be totally ignored as the Political Parties of India have proved true beyond doubt what he said as could be seenfrom their behavior & approach until now.Besides, from their restless run to wrest Power one could easily judge their motive.So please ensure that you do not become a victim of their persuasion to vote for them.Use your own Judgement to assess a Candidate& then cast your vote wisely and without fail. Now let us examine the happenings in the past at the Indian Parliament.there had been many occasions when the Functioning of the Parliament was deliberately stopped by MPs adopting the novel way of Protest to express their Opinion.Manyvdays the Parliament turned into a situation of Standstill & had to be announced as closed for such Days.Taking into consideration the cost of every hour of Parliament into consideration,the total loss sustained by the Exchequer amounted to many Crores of this connection my blog on " believe it or not"dt 10th May 2013 Brings out the calculation of loss of Rs26.25 Crores for the lost 175 hrs of the functioning of the Parliament. There are many similar occasions when the Parliament was subject to Boycott. Such people who were responsible for the Protest should not be on any consideration be allowed to step into the Parliament again. Yet another issue to be considered is the famous reports on Western Ghats presented by Shri Gadgill and Shri Kasturi Rangan recently. There had been many agitations on these two reports.Unfortunately those who were made to agitate by the politicians Were not aware of the contents of the reports in relation to the effect of it on Environment& precious Western Ghats which protects the life of Humanity in India. The Gadgill report was ,in fact,had a lot of proposals for the welfare of Humanity emphasizing the need to protect the Environment which indirectly had it's impact on Western Ghats.This report was totally ignored & decided not to implement basically due to ignorance. The Kasturi Rangan Report too had some good Propsals .But again ignorant politicians interfered with a view to cashing in on votes & made the report as a skeleton as it stands now after proposed amendments one after another. The Politicians responsible for attempted killing of the two Reports should not be allowed to enter the sacred Parliament of India again. To conclude every one should use their discretion to vote wisely. Those who make promises to improve upon the need for EMPLOYMENT,EDUCATION,FOOD& SECURITY TO HUMANITY should be Chosen to be despatched to the Sacred Parliament,provided you are convinced that the promises they do make are in fact feasible & not merely for getting vote. So all the Best to everyone in choosing their candidate to vote. SreedharanMundanat 17th March2014 16-04 Hrs(IST)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ref:Picture naming contest

Since the annual examinations of children are interfering with the last date stipulated to send entries,it has since been decided to extend the last date until 27th of this month. To be more précis about the pictures,it can be said that while the picture of Caged parrot indicates lack of independence& agony of being caged,the picture of the Dancing Peacock indicates a picture of freshness& happiness. With the help of above clues,please try to name the 2 pictures with some similar words suitable to them in any language viz Malayalam,English or Hindi but preferably in Malayalam to promote the cause of Mother Toungue. All the Best to everyone of you for your examinations and for arriving at a most suitable naming in this contest as well. SreedharanMundanat, 15 th March2014 18-20Hrs(IST)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Picture naming contest

Hello friends, Here are two pictures of two beautiful birds in entirely different moods. This Blog from me is basically meant for children upto the age of 15. What you should do is to create a suitable caption for the two pictures preferably in Malayalam if not English or Hindi Children are supposed to find suitable caption themselves No harm done if the parents do offer their suggestions to their kids. 10 days are allowed to send the captions from today to send the captions as comment under this Blog or by E-mail as you prefer. Unfortunately, there is no reward for the best caption as there is no intention to make this contest commercial. The intention is to judge the talent of the children to attempt captions in Malayalam, English or Hindi. All the kids who send nice captions would be congratulated by means of beautiful E-Cards selected from Internet So why waste precious time?Please ensure that you are an early bird for which there would be special E-Card apart from best caption card. All the Best to every one . SreedharanMundanat 7th March,2014,Thursday, 07-41 hrs(IST)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From the Wings of Rainbow with Love-Butterflies could mimic

Every one of us knows heard about the Mimicry adopted by men &Women .In the world of Motion Pictures Mimicry is a common feature which at times produced famous artists.To imitate the voice&gestures of other people is a gift from God.Everyone can not do this.This needs genuine gifted voiice& sometimes practice to make it perfect. In butterflies too this habit is found present.But for a different purpose altogether. The butterflies the little wonders do mimic to dodge predators Mr.K.Kunte of the NationalCentre for BiologicalSciences has since found out that the common Mormon Butterflies ofPapilioPolytes could resemble the red bodied Crimson Rose butterflies of Pachliopia genus types.Mr.Kunte has termed this as BatesianMimicry where species such as butterflies ,moths&snakes imitate toxic or Poisonous counterparts to effectively dodge predators However ,Mimicry is limited to females which are heavier with eggs,slower in flight& are therefore in greater need of adaptive protection according to Mr.Kunte. This kind of protection is common in bigger insects&animals but generally not found in tiny butterflies. There is a saying in Malayalam "Udara Nimitham Bahukrutha Vesham" which means "to adopt different styles to effectively find both ends meet" Funny tiny wonders from the wings of rainbows with love.What else to say? SreedharanMundanat 6th March 2014 09-20Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Western Ghats-The Protector turning into sufferer&Victim

The Western Ghats spread over an area of 12,65,000 Sq KM approximately across 5 states of Peninsular India. They are Kerala,Karnataka,Tamil Naadu,Goa,Maharashtra and at the tip of it just 450 SQKM of Gujrat. This area covers some of the important places like,Thiruvananthapuram,Munnar,OOty,Kudremukh,Panaji(Goa) Sindhudurg,Ratnagiri,Mumbai&ignorable tip of Gujrat. This area form the major Watershed in Peninsular India controlling the Rainfall Pattern across the country. The Western Ghats is the Protector of Peninsular India because the Ghats with enormous forest population is responsible for Neutralising an estimated 4 Million Tons of Carbon Emission every year.This is also about 10% of emission of Carbon neutralised all over the Indian Forests. The Western Ghats also protects people with the need for drinking water &water for other purposes. The Western Ghats is the superior force that controls climate change in the country. in view of what mentioned above,THE WESTERN GHATS IN TURN NEEEDS HER PROTECTION FROM THE PEOPLE OF INDIA. Why the Western ghats needs Protection? **************************************** 1)The Western Ghats is the main source of pure water which currently serves the entire Peninsular India. 2)Most of the Plants &Animal Species(Including Butterflies of various kinds with colorful wings) found in India are found in Western Ghats 3)She has the most important Horticultural&Agricultural Species&rich Bio -Diversity that helps in climate-proofingof the region. 4)the green Swathe of the Ghats helps protect the control of the Temperature&climate very effectively systematically. IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING THE GHATS,THE GOVERNMENT WITHIN THE FRAME OF CONSTITUTION OF INDIA IMPLEMENTED THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACT. Besides various laws were enacted &orders issued highlighting the vneed for protection of environment. However none of the efforts of the Government appears to have reached the ears of people residing in the area of the ranges of mountains.Perhaps this could be due to lack of conducting training classes to teach people how to protect the Ghats. As a result of these,two Panels of Madhav Gadgil&Kasturi Rangan were formed . The submitted their rports. None of the reports were were implemented inspite of discussions after discussions. It would appear that the real reson behind not implementing the recommendations of different committees is because of vested interest of Politicians &business people like Builders,quarry&mine owners who take interes in Improving upon their business prospects. Thus for the last many years nothing creative has been done to protect the Western Ghats except discussions after Discussions. Indeed a very sad affair as far as western ghats are concerned. wATER,lIGHT&AIR ARE THE MAIN INGREDIENTS THAT MAINTAINS THE LIFE OF HUMAN BEINGS.FOOD IS JUST SUPPLEMENTARY TO THESE INGREDIENTS. The western Ghats is the indirect provider of these ingredients to us! iT IS SHEER CRUELTY TO DESTROY FORESTS&DIGGING THE MOUNTAINS &POLLUTING THE SOIL&PLANTS IN AND ARROUND THE gHATS. THE GOVERNMENT ,POLITICIANS,BUSINESSMEN,&ILLEGAL DIGGERS SHOULD OPENTHEIR EYES THEMSELVES OR SOMEONE SHOULD COME FORWARD TO MAKE THEM OPEN THEIR EYES. pERHAPS,THE BALLOT COULD BE THE BEST WEAPON TO USE AGAINST PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE WESTERN GHATS SUFFER!!! Sreedharan Mundanat Wednesday the 5th of March 2014 11-30 Hrs(IST)

Monday, March 3, 2014

An interestijng& Heart-touching Magnanimous Reality

On a day{4th MArch 2014} whwn the entire World is busy on Internet&News papers to know about the Oscar Awards and the Development of Ukrraine-Russia likely conflict,I was deeply touched by a news of the marriage of two teen age lovers at Guruvayur Temple in Kerala State,India. The lovers are not in their Teenage now when they got married.They are 28&29 year old now The names of the couple are Sunitha&Jayaprakash.They were class mates when they were doing their Plus2. Later on their life advanced in different places with Cell phone contacts growing systematically. Sunitha, after her education, joined IBM at Bangalore as a programme Manager and Jayaprakash on completion of MBA as a faculty in Drama School. Time&Tide waits for no man.As is the mysterious cruel game of Fate,Sunitha met with a serious accident while travelling from Bangalore to Coimbatore in a car.The car was overturned at Dharmapuri & Sunitha was thrown out of it when her face&head crashed onto a Rock on the side of tghe road.The impact was so strong that it had the effect of crushing her face beyond recognition.Besides,the head also collided with the rock.She lost her consciousness.She also lost eyesight partially which also resulted in loss of power to speak.She had many serious injuries all over her body.Everyone judged her life was over¬ likely to recover. However ,under the supervision of expert Doctors in the Manipal Hospital,Bangalore plastic surgery was carried out .She survived the fatal accident though the shape of her face totally altered as is seen in the picture. Jayaprakash who learnt about the accident rushed to Hospital.Inspite of her total change in the shape of the face ,he decided to marry her willingly&got married at Guruvayur Temple. The magnanimity of Jayaprakash &his firm belief in Love touched&shaken my heart,the result of which produced this Blog after a very long break. Those who are desirous of knowing more details may kindly refer to internet in the Mathrubhumi news paper of 4th March The relevant article has been contributed by ShriKallur Unnikrishnan Sreedharan Mundanat Posted on 4th March 2014 09-50 Hrs(IST)