Sunday, June 10, 2018

Clay court King Rafael Nadal

10th of June 2018,perhaps ,most important and happiest day for Raefel Nadal of Spain as he has created yet another history in Lawn Tennisin Clay court winning it 11the time. His seniorand close friend Roger Federer had won in French Open only once in 2009.Butvat the same time he has in total 20:grand slams.He is elder to Nadal by 4 years which means Nadal has plenty of time and opportunity to reach Federer's figures of 20 grandsons if not overtaking it. Last night he had beaten Dominic Thiem an Austrian rival in straight sets 6-4,6-3&6-2. In fact Domenico Thiem had defeated Nadal recently in Rome and Mardrid open.But they were 3sets game & not 5 .That was the only difference.Here also last night it looked as if Thiem could take the first set.Nadal had to struggle in the first set. AAaANy way all is well and ended well for Nadal.Hecwas at the verge of breaking into tears at the victory stand conquered by emotional upheaval. Federer ,in fact,when he won his last match ,the 20th began virtually crying with tears all over his face. Federer,however did not take part by slipping French open certainly not to avoid Nadal but with a view to recouping his form for his most favourite Wimbledon next month.He has won 8 titles in Wimbledon out of his 20 titles. Rafael Nadal on the other hand has no ambition of overtaking the The ,20 titles of Federer .He has already 17 titles including the latest French Open and in all probability might overtake Roger as he is only 32 year old now. But according to his own words it is not one of his Ambitions. In Wimbledon this year there is every possibility of tuff fights among youngsters.the Two seniors Federer and Nadal are,however,likely to come face to face in Wimbledon .The draw will almost make sure whether they meet in final or earlier. His yesterday night(10thJune2018 night)opponent is just 24 year old and was reaching the final of French Open for first time and was confident of winning. Although he lost to the immense clay court experience of Nadal,he is likely to make many more finals in French open as was evident the way he played.The straight sets win of Nadal does not diminish the capability of Them in any way. he played Superior game against Rafael Nadal making him sweat enormously to seal the match. Domenic Thiem had his debut in 2014 when he lost to Nadal.Again in last year's semi final he lost to Nadal.This year he lost in Final.So his experience gathered with Rafael Nadal alone is enough for him to win many Grand slams in future including French Open. Here too Nadal who is generally a player who is affected by injuries in the middle of a match,had such a suspicion staged towards the end although he survived it successfully. Let us wish both Nadal and Thiem many more successes in Lawn Tennis in future SreedharanMundanat 11th June 2014

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Environment day-Planting of Saplings

The 5th of June every year is considered as World Environment Day by the United Nations since 1972.This is a very important World Day suggested by UN and every year being celebrated as such.This year the celebration and connected Global action is the responsibility of Canada. Every year a theme is being selected and approved by United Nation.This year 2018 the theme is "PLASTIC POLLUTION" The aim of the theme is to employ such methods to save every nation from the illeffect of Using plastic which could even lead to death if not proper care is not taken to avoid the impact of Plastic usage.Every Nation is expected to take steps to avoid or destroy Plastic products without allowing the, to mis with water resources like,lake ,river,.The idea is to avoid Plastic wastage to spread and finally joined with Sea. The best policy is to destroy Plastic by burning . Every year in most of the nations in the world there is a system prevailing to save forest and mountains.This also include excessive use of the mountain soil by digging the mountains to obtain mineral soil Besides this every year planting more Saplings of different plants and trees also suggested by the UN and is being implemented by all nations. In India also every places and cities planted saplings of plants and trees as a matter of routine. But the fact remains that even after the ceremony of planting saplings and the photography session the leaders who perform the deed mostly do not look back to ensure that the plants are grown up and not destroyed by various reasons. So generally very few plants survive to help the purpose of providing shades and protection from heat. By just performing this every year on 5th June as a matter of routine does not appear to have any urose served. This year the theme is Plastic Pollution which is a very serious matter.The use of Plastic can not be stopped overnight.It has to be stopped gradually by stopping use .For example one can resort to use of glass bottles instead of plastic bottles for drinking water.Every school going child has a water bottle made of Plastic material. The milk is being supplied in Plastic covers. Earlier Milk was being supplied in glass bottles.we changed the system for convenience and from economic point of view into plastic covers. Similarly the breakage of glass bottles made us to change to plastic bottles. So all of a sudden we can not stop plastic totally. But it has to be done as the menace of usage of plastic has been found to be devastating. We must realise now that 5th June ,the world Environment day is not just for plantation of saplings and to take photographs of such ceremonies. This year's theme of Environment day being " Plastic Pollution",it is our duty to gradually destroy plastic by stopping it's use. All of us know that the plastic bottles of cold drinks,plastic covers used for carrying goods are thrown away after use. Where do they go ultimately?Into the sea around us.Many of us do not know these plastics accumulated in the sea causes dangerous damages and ultimate death of life in sea like fish,turtles and many more. The facts about Midway Islands alone is enough to indicate how much life is affected by Plastic by way of it's presence around us. The story of Midway Islands is enough to make us think and to act to remove plastic from our life. Midway Islands is a a place where human living is impossible.It is between the Asian Continental and America in the pacific coast far away from places where people live.This group of Islands is the place where Albatross birds are living in groups in plenty.It is estimated that there were around 15 lakhs of Albatross birds in this group of Islands.Today the Island is becoming the graveyard of the birds.The sea we see around is not the same we saw many years back.Today the sea is full of plastic materials.Whatever we throw away ultimately reaches the sea travel to far away places and get deposited every where including islands similar to Midway Islands
The Albetross birds are dying because they think what is floated in plenty in the sea are food materials for them and eat plastic .This resulted in the death of the birds every day. Similarly in another incident,it was found in 2004 a small dead whale came to the shore through shore.When it's dead body was examined it was seen that it's stomach was full of plastis blocking entry of food into the Stomach and this caused it's death. There are many incidents of the sort happening all over the world causing harm to all kinds of living beings including human beings. So this year's theme of "Plastic Pollution" is of Paramount importance. We should ensure that Plastic is no longer used liberally for domestic purposed and gradually stop total use of Plastic. It is the duty of every citizen to bring to the notice of his/her acquaintances to avoid use of plastic as far as possible and stop totally invdue course of time. The theme of waste materials and their accumulation could be the theme for next year . Thus protecting Environment like forest,mountain water resources ,avoid use of Plastic totally and planting more saplings every year and looking after them later on are our basic responsibility to ensure welfare of Humanity with a view to living free from illnesses. SreedharanMundanat 5th June 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018

The USA CRICKET- new systematic venture

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has since announced that the USA will be hosting the 2020 the World T20 American Group A RegionalQualifier from September 16 to 20 of 2018. Besides USA ,the other competing teams are Canada,Panama,and BBelize.The top two teams will join Bermuda and Cayman Islands in the Americas Regional finals with both teams having already advanced from the Americas Group Regional Qualifier held in Argentina early this year. Though no city has been selected yet to host for USA,only one ground is needed to play since only 2 matches will be played per day.This means that single -turf-wickets such as Indianapolis,Houston,Fort Lauderdale and North Carolina are possible options aside from the four ground Woodley Park in Los Angeles.It is notified that new members of USA Cricket Registrati0n must wait for further decisions. All eligible candidatescleared by the nominating and governance committee formed by USA Cricket. was to bwe announced by 13th May 2018 with a view to decide the winners.The result was to be announced by June 11. Thereafter three independent Directors are to be installed and a 10 member squad be formed before this years ICC Annual conference.A preliminary list of all voting clubs,leagues and other members already released by USA Cricket by April 27 Atleast two members on the new USA Cricket board will be female.(One of the two Elite Player Directors and one of the three independent Directors) It is a noticeable change from the previous USACA administration,which had no female members while it existed.This is as per the interest of the ICC sustainable Advisory group.They beleve that inclusion of women is a step that will make for stronger and more united board of Directors going forward. Dr.VincentAdams a member of the ICC sustainable Advisory group said in a USA Cricket Press Release"We have worked incredibly hard to develop a Constitution and a membership base that unites thye wondwefully diverse cricket community in USA and our hopes and expectations are that this diversity is reflected in the inaugural USA Cricket Board and we are really excited to announce this process which we are confident will attract the best possible candidates" Thus ,soon after establishing a proper cricket council,USA would start taking Nternational competitions and World Cup arranged by International cricket cricket council SreedharanMundanat 1st June,2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pokkal fields again-now new species of birds

Pokkali fields is a place where quality rice as well as prawn is being put to farming turn by turn to produce quality rice and quality prawns. The method is easy.From November to April Prawn farming can be done and from November to April the pokkali rice can be cultivated. The advantage is that while thec Prawn farming is done at the end of farming the decay helps as manure for next sessonal pockali rice and vice versa for Prawn next season. This had been continuously a process f\or years together and helped Ernakulam districtb to produce Pockali rice and Prawn. As in the case of any other busines in this area also the interfearence from Mafia could not be prevented as a resultb of which the availability of trained labourers is understood to have been affected threatening the production of rice and prawn.To cope up with the situation and to improve the industry a thirsd product Duck farming also tried recently.The idea was to produce ducks for Easter celebrations.How far this helped in unknown. in the meantime the new arrival of Metro project in Kochi is stated to have affected as an exodus of labourers from farming to the rail project is suspected as the later was more favourable and better paid for lbourers.This is ,however,not confirmed although there had been shortage in the production of the pockali rice,Prawn andv thev third Duckfarming. In the meantime a report appeared in a national news paper the Hindu recently shows the Large pockali field has become a centre of attraction fotb migrating birds as in tghe case of Wester Ghats and Malabar area. A copy of the report is incorporated below which is self explanatory.:
As per the report above and Blogs dt15th April 2014 & 3rd April 2018 from Sreedharan Mundanat under htttp:// ,the pokkali fields need to be urgently conserved and farmers should be encouragedto cultivate pokkali rice and prawn farming in equal interval every year so as to provide mutual decay benefit for both the process.The Pokkali Rice production and Prawn farming are mainly carried out in Thrissur,Ernakulam and Alapuzha districts and is a sure source of quality rice and Prawn It is also a sure source to earn Foreign business to earn foreign exchange too. The Government should ,therefore ,should take active interest to protect these farming without any element of neglect in future. Sreedharan Mundanat 21st May 2018.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Until next week Australian Open Rafael Nadal number one.

The loss of Mardrid open QF to Theim speller disaster to Nadal as he kvlost number one ranking to Roger Federer who did not even lift the racket to regain number one ranking. Totally upset by this,Raf decided to make yet another effort to take back the title from Federer. For this he worked hard to beat experts like Monfil,Djokowic,Zverve to win the Italian open title successfully.And he is number one again now.The next week is Australian open scheduled for every one to see how successful they are in restricting Nadal from winning it. Many times Rafael Nadal had won Australian Open. So once again it does not look like a luxury if he wins it. And if he win he would be much ahead in points and could hold number one ranking for longer time to come. SreedharanMundanat 21st May 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rafael Nadal-Surrendered at Mardrid open to revive at Rome

In continuation of my blog dt 25th April 2018 on "Rafael Nadal World number one"Rafael Nadal had lost the world number one title when he was beaten un expectedly by Domenic Theim at the Quarterfinal of Mardrid open. It was so sad an affair for Nadal. One of the most dominant sequences of Modern Tennis was staged at Mardrid open when Dominic Theim put an end to his nonstop run on clay court to the surprise of everyone watching the Quarter final on the stadium as well as on TV. The first set was a tuff fight of fluctuating fortunes between the two which ultimately claimed by Theim at 7-5 followed by 6-3 in the second set. Three weeks ago Nadal had beaten Theim 6-0,6-3 This loss to Theim not only resulted in his loss of the match but in surrendering the number one spot to Roger Federer without lifting his racket. Rafael Nadal the clay court Specialist Spaniard was totally disappointed in the turn of events. Here now comes a God-given opportunity for the Clay court Specialist Nadal to regain the number one spot with his win over Denis Shapolavov the CanadianTeenager at 6-4,6-1 Nadal had high praise for the Canadian Teenager Shapolavov who in last year Montreal open had denied a chance for Nadal to become world number one. Now ,if Nadal can claim Italian Open final title on this Sunday20th of May 2018 he could again find himself as World Number one. Let us wish success to humble fighting specialist on Clay court Rafaael Nadal to regain the number one spot lost to Roger Federer without playing a match to regain it. Sreedharan Mundanat 18th May2018. at Thrissur

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rafael Nadal- world number one.

The clay court Specialist Nadal restored his number one position after returning from a Hip injury as a result of which he had to skip Miami Open recently.
The 31 year old Nadal a very close friend of Roget Federer,36 straight sets in Clay court to beat 36 year old Nishikori in straight sets 6-2,6-2.The first set was not so easy as the score shows.Nishikori had broken the serve of Nadal first to take advantage.But soon after,Nadal broken back to equalize.Later on there was no need for Nadal to look back .He won straight away both sets and regained the number one post over and above Roger Federer. Now comes the real nightmare for Rafael Nadal.If he has to continue as number one he will have to win The following matches he is to play. 1)Barcelona2)Mardrid,3) French Open,4)At least Quarter final in Rome. If he the above his total earnings of Points could be somewhere over4680 points at a stretch. His appearance in Davis cup againstvGermany can also count for future As on date he had Been in number one spot for 167 weeks. His withdrawing duecto a hip injury in tge middle had been really an unexpected turning point of his carrier towards loss of ranking. So if he can win upto quarter final of Rome he can retain the number one ranking for some time to come. Let us wish him success in every match he plays in future.He has a lot of time left before thinking about retirement. The Montecarlo Masters proved he is still as good as he was when holding number one ranking. SreedharanMundanat 25thbof April 2018 Thrissur