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Back Pain, a very common disorder- Basic causes and remedies.

Back Pain is a common disorder found in people of all ages especially working class who sit or stand in one place while absorbed in work.This a more common in people who work with computer Desktop or Laptop. There is nothing alarming in this unless it is something related to Spinal cord.Mostly it is not so.However,Back Pain is not to be Considered as a laughing matter.In fact everyone in a life time Will suffer from some type of Back Pain. Although Backpain is a common disorder like common cold,it could become sometimes very painful producing total discomfort.Infact the source of exact pain is very difficult to identify or pinpoint.Asa matter of fact there are numerous possible pain sources such as Muscles,soft connective Tissues,discs and nerves. As a result of our day to day activities such as playing Football,soccer,Hockey,cricket,badminton,and other games,doing exercises,Swimming ,running and so on could adversely contribute towards Back pain due to pulled ,strained ,stretched or Sprained Muscles Even if the tissue damages are considered minor and are likely to recover on it's own,the pain suffered by the affected could become unbearable. Often,there is a chain reaction also Which contribution to the pain of the person's experience. This is because in the body of a person various chemical substances are released in response to tissue Irritation,damage,or injury.These substances stimulate the surrounding Pain sensitive NerveFibersResulting in the sensation of pain. Similarly,small tears that occur in the outer layer of a spinal disc can produce severe pain on the back. Some of these chemicals trigger the process of inflammation or swelling which also contributes towards Pain. This condition might persist for a week or two.It makes no difference how long the pain lasts .so long as it affect you or your near and dear Ones it is a matter of concern for all and should never be ignored.Even if the source of pain could not be determined accurately,the good thingbabout back pain is that it subsides over a month or less while the affected tissue get healed itself.80% of Low Back pains are not of serious nature .it could be healed at the most in 6 weeks There are generally three categories of Back pains.Acute,Chronic and Recurrent Acute.The Acute pain susides itself as mentioned above. CHRONIC BACK PAIN is Generally described as Pain that lasts for months together and is often less correlated to tissue damage or Injury and may be a result of More Long-term spine condition or other related Muscle Weakness, body weight ,and certain Life stressors. Recurrent Acute back pain is comes and goes Or flares-up from time to time. Most of the back pains can be cured with the use of over- the - counter medications such as Using AcetamInophen, non- Steroidal ante- Infammatory Drugs or analgesicPain relievers to reduce Swellings and aches associated with back pain.These kinds of Medications proved to be very effective in reducing symptoms and providing comfort. Even though these drugs are effective they do not relax the Skeletal Muscles.The real function of these drugs is to calm or sedate the central Nervous systemAnd also helps to get sleep and to reduceContributing muscular or emotional Tension associated with severe pain. But though these drugs are relieving they can not relieve pain relating to skeletal muscles.These drugs just sedate The central nervous system and help to get sleep and to reduce muscular pain and emotional tension. associated with severe back pain..Narcotic or Opioids are strong drugs which gives fast relief but should be taken only with the advice of a Physician. In almost all diseases complete rest is being advices by Doctors. but for back pain rest is should continue with regular activities including walking which is considered as a cardio vascular exercise .this helps to the flowing of blood and nutrients to the affected area which eases the pain. However,lifting of weight and contractual sports and games activities should be continues only after taking advice from a Physician. Now let us have a look into the treatments to be followed for backspin.Both Ice treatment and Heat treatment are Common for Backpain.But one should know When these treatments are to be taken Ice reduces inflammation or swelling By decreasing blood flow from Consticted blood vessels.Placing an icepack over the affected area after the pain begins. Within 48 hours Can help the pain to ease.everyb2 hours apply the ice pack at least for 15 to 20 minutes taking precaution not to get affected by Frost bite.To avoid this a towel can be used to cover the area where ice is applied Local application of Heat or Ice Can reduce pain .Heat can also help stretching. Heat can also help soothing muscles on the back especially after 48 hours of the start of pain.Either Electic heating or applying towels heated Weight is a factor contributing to should be very careful not to have overweight .Especially in the area of the stomach one shouldtake care not have additional weight bulging.This can affect the centre of gravity thereby giving extra burden for back muscles .This naturally pave way for the Backpain..Controlling weight and avoiding bulging of stomach are essential factors to avoid Backpain.Brisk walking twice a day or at least in the evening together with avoiding overeating can reduce extra fat in the area of stomach.Dieting is ideal for this as a precaution. However,extra thin body is also harmful.the best remedy is to keep your body fit by regular exercise or walking besides observing a balanced diet. Selecting proper mattresses is important for checking Back pain.But there is no standard sized which can be mentioned as it differs from person to person.taking ad vice from doctor in this regard is essential as he knows your history ,your body condition to select the ideal mattress. Surgery is the last thing tothink about for Back pain.just one or two percent people needs surgery. Phisiotherapy ,if advices by a doctor,or medication are the proper treatments for surgery. One simple but very important factor to avoid back pain is to sit or straight instead of bending.Every parent should tack care to see that their children are taught to sit rect and walk straight with a view to avoiding Complications later.Teaching children Swimming and cycling could also help to a very large extent. Children should be encouraged to take part in sports,games and extracurricular activities in schools which can prevent many of the disorders relating to muscles and Bones SreedharanMundanat 29th of June 2015 Narcotic or Opioids also help relieving back pain.but all these drugs are to be used only under The guidance of a Physician. As in the case of almost all diseases,rest is not the right remedy for Backpain. One should be as much active as possible to get relieved from Backpain.Activity ,instead of turning to a sofa to take rest ,is necessary as it helps blood and nutrients Flowing to the affected area,inhibiting inflammation and reducing Muscle Tension. Many people ,who suffer from Backpain find that they can perform their usual including walking which is a prescribed activity in regard to Cardiovascular Activity. However more vigorous activities like weight lifting Or contract sports and games activities can be undertaken only with the advice of a Physician.

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Women and their right equal to men- Vedic culture

This blog, The complete the material incorporated is not mine.I saw a part of this on the Net as interesting gyan which influenced my attitude immensely. So I thought I should share the knowledge I gathered with social net work so that others also could read,appreciate or reject the way they deemed fit.The synopsis of what I learned from net is briefed below: The Hindu Vedic culture is not basically against women which prevents them from taking part in Vedic rituals. There are some vested interests that gave a publicity that the Vedic deeds are out of bounds for women. The Vedic Attitude towards Women is very pure,clear and in no way on ambiguous terms. As we all know and consider the Women are the pillars of Society.It is impossible to thrive in our society without the services from women.Still there are some who boast they could manage everything without help from Women.This kind of attitude is just Myth and ignorance.Women have equal Status,education,Resources and Dignity as much as men do. In fact,if a society has to stand up with their heads high,it is an inevitable need to involve women in all the areas of activity such as knowledge,Dignity and Leadership. But our history shows that the the women were ignored to make it so unfortunate as to the extent of considering Women as a commodity either for sensual Pleasure Or for servile jobs.This did not happen in a day.The degradation of women started before 1000 years of Mahabharat. Later when the Islamic invasion in the middle ages took place the degradation process which was prevailing had deteriorated further resulting in the society becoming weaker and weaker day by day. In short it turned into Cavardly,tortured,multilated,And devastated. The Vedic advice on women had at all times been encouraging for them and never underestimated their ability and dignity. But these virtues of Vedic culture were ignored later on and the price paid for it had been indeed very heavy. In the name of Dharma ,though not mentioned so anywhere in Vedas,The undeserving lot among the ancient Indians dictated that Women did not deserved the right to study Vedas or recite Vedic Mantras. They were not shameful to spread this as a norm and to adhere to it so as to make the society hypocritical. They were the real enemies of Hinduism who denied the right for women to stud Vedas or even reciting the Mantras. Even though there are clear evidences towards atrocities on women were started with the invasion of the Mughals and to some extent after the regime of Britishers, there does not appear to have any evidence of who made the scripts disallowing the women to study Vedas and chantMantras. Anyhow,this was imposed on women and the torture and atrocities were being continuesd even today in the form of Misbehavior and attacks on womwen.Mostly poor women are subjected to the torture . Every Government claim to have made rules ,laws and regulations to protect women but none of this is found to be effective as is evident from the fact that the women are being attacked under the nose of the so called great rulers. The guilty are not punished enough. If one makes a close examination of the the Vedic rituals that are being performed even today in different placces Called "yajnas" and " Yagas" ( for eg Athiraatram) we could find that the women are afforded prominent places in The process The Yajaman ( the performer of Yajna) performs the Yajna with wife.Scholars perform their Yajna with wives to achieve ultimate Bliss.In some places of Rigveda it is mentioned about the mother and sisters performing Yajna together and achieving Bliss.All the members ofa family together are also allowed to perform Yajna to achieve Bliss. Thus the Vedas are not against the women performing Vedic rituals In some places now the Women started mingling with men to perform Yajnas and Yagas though not popular. This should be continued widely among our cocieties.As such proposals preventing women was made by some prominent persons who are in the frontline of the Hindu Societies especially Bhramin community raise their eyebrows and ultimately close their eyes when it comes to making decision.This kind of attitudes should cease to exist. Recently in The famous Guruvayur Temple the women who were not allowed to enter with Churidar & Pajamas were allowed to do so.But the system where restrictions are imposed on dress code and the need to enter without shirt ,pant or vests for men prevailing in Guruvayur is still being observed in Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum This system still prevail in many Temples in India while such restrictions are not prevailing in the Temples abroad where the worship is being done without making any restriction for dress code It is a matter which can not digest what the dress has to do with the Bhakti cult in India.if the mind of the person is pure and clear what has it to do with the dress code.The vice versa,if the mind is not clear and pure how the dress code alone can make the worship of God worthy? The norm prescribed ( but not being strictly followed by devotees)is that devotees should take bath before entering a Temple.This norm implies the refreshing of the body which can be appreciated. But no way to ensure that everyone enters Temple refreshed Since India is being ruled by the Party which gives principles of Hindutua more stress than anything else will it be possible for the present Government to remove all restrictions prevailing now relating to visiting Temples ? Will this Government look into the need to eradicate Atrocities on women ,besides making rules and regulations alone on the matter? Coming back to the Vedic culture,there had been many Universities in India dealt with the study of Vedas and other topics such as Grammar,Philosophy ,Ayurveda ,Agriculture,Surgery ,Politics,Archery,Warfare,science,Music,Dance and many more subjects . All these universities are scattered and spread over India,Pakistan and Bengladesh in ruined state.They are mainly as indicated below: 1) Nagarjunakonda(AP)India,2)Nalanda,Patna,India,3)Jagaddala,Bengal,India 4)Sharda Peeth- Sarda( Pak occupied Kashmir)5) Thakshasila( Rawalpindi) Pakistan!6)Vikramasila( Bihar),India 7)Somapura Mahavihara( Bengladesh ). The pictures of these ruined Universities are shown below respectively in the above order:
Even though nothing useful could be done with these Universities can the present Government giving importance to Hindutua would be able to trace at least the scripts relating to them to know more about them.These could be available and spread over Museums all over the World. Just one University with name Banaras Hindu University exists now after all others were destroyed by Mughal Invasion and British Invasion. If any trace of the documents ( Scripts) could be made it could throw more light to the Vedic culture India, since Independence was ruled by many different parties like Congress,Janata Party,NDA and UPA. It is absurd to say that since Independence Congress alone ruled India over 65 years mostly by Nehru family.Others too have ruled this noble country.However,wide publicity as to the Nehru family alone ruled India was spread to make people believe with a view to getting into Power.None of the rulers ever made any attempt to retrieve the remains of Vedic culture. None was interested in promoting& Protecting women the way they deserved to exist equally in par with men. Similarly none showed any progress to remove all the unwarranted customs prevailed over the Temples in India Will the present regime highlighting themselves as the protectors of Hindutua would be able to look into the matters mentioned above? Performing YOGA alone without removing the dirt of bad thoughts from mind while performing, just for the sake of posing for Photographs alone can not refine and purify India. Sreedharan Mundanat 28th of June 2015

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Good and bad exercises for Heart

There are various kind of exercises for the body like Swimming,playing,running,jogging and Walking. Out of this the Best is Swimming .But this may not suit everyone though it gives full exercise for the entire body.In case you are not happy with swimming better avoid it because if not done systematically and regularly it might produce Ill effects on your health especially on the Heart. The best way of exercise for working class who normally do not find enough time in the morning ,can do it in the evening in the form of Brisk walking.But here also simple walking for 30 or 60 minutes of Brisk walking may not Necessarily help the Heart.The best way of walking most helpful for the Heart is performing it with intervals. This simply means that one should walk normal way for 3 minutes and turn to Brisk walking for 2 minutes and repeat the process until the 30 or 60 minutes are over.The advantage one could derive helpful for the Heart is that by resorting to this method one could help the the Heart to lower and increase the rate of Heart beat .This continous process of lowering and increasing not only helps to Improve vascular function and in burning calories but makes the body more efficient at clearing fat and sugar from the Blood as well. Thus this method of walking with interval has the triple advantage of keeping the Heart and body healthier. The YOGA is considered to be best form of exercise if one can do it with absolute concentration because of the the calmness it provides to lower the Blood pressure and in making the Blood vessels more elastic In promoting the health of the Heart.But how many are there who are capable maintaining the concentration to the extent of forgetting everything for a few minutes to achieve the calmness of Yoga? most of the people are pretending to have lost themselves in concentration but just a few who practice Yoga regularly are able to maintain the advantage of it. Thus the triple advantage mentioned above is lost unless one is perfect in performing Yoga.Just posing for photograph is not everything to do with Yoga. Acharyas who do it for long time with absoluute concentration of mind can derive the divine benefits of Yoga.First of all mind should be clear of any wrong and unwarranted thoughts while performing Yoga.Infants below 6 months of age are the best examples of real YOGA process while they are put to sleep by singing Lulabies to them.Yoga also needs practice to hold breathing.If one has to achieve the full advantage derived from Yoga ,it should be accompanied by Salutation to Sun( The Surya Namaskar) People who are engaged during the entire day by doing physical work are the best blessed people who are able to burn more calories and are generally healthier than those who perform 30 to 60 minutes walking a day.The workers who work the entire day by sweating and sweating are the best category of people who help to maintain a healthy heart.It is very rare a worker dying because of Hear Attack.they die mostly due to violence from Strikes or More commonly due to accidents from their site of work. The worst form of exercise ,which is being followed by some people,is running on the pavements as it invites pain and injuries.It could be helpful to heart in one way but not good for people with history of heart attack. For that matter any Rigorous or Vigorous Exercise not learnt from training from experts could do more harm to Heart than hlping it. The last but not the least, is that any exercise aiming at healthy body and Heart should be performed only after Warm up exercise .This is the reason why sportsmen and players do the warm up before they start the real game.So if you are a walker ( mostly people are) take 5 minutes of slow walking before indulging into Normal and Brisk walking This Blog is a continuation of my Blog on exercise posted on 24th of June 2 SreedharanMundanat 26th of June 2015

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Excercise is the ultimate Medicine for good health and Heart

Now we are in the age of Yoga.Of course, Yoga is one of the best form of exercises.Exercise is the essence of good health and Good heart.Yoga if one prefers ,he should be able to maintain it regularly.Otherwise it could instead of benefits could become a factor for unwarranted muscle pains.Everyone ,especially employed may not be in a position to perform yoga every day like some yoga acharyas do. So for those who prefer exercise for the body can do it by adopting different methods of exercises. If one stops exercise all of a sudden andvskip it for a few days he might find that skipping had an aftereffect of Producing body pain.If one is in pain,there is a temptation To skip exercise further.If you decide shaker this and continue to do exercise it will have the effect of reducing the pain gradually and bringing you back to normalcy. So as far as possible go on doing exercise regularly without break.Even if break is inevitable due to some kind of reason like journey involving a few days,one should not stop it for ever.Should continue with exercise at the earliest possible opportunity Exercise is the ultimate medicine for if you do exercise regularly you can skip medicines and live comfortably. exercise is indeed the best way one should prefer to medicines. According to experts and Doctors,the exercise can allow people Not only to reduce their perception of pain but to overcome limited functioning too as well. In case you can afford to ,it is better to prefer taking the staircase to an escalator or elevator.There is nothing to consider as below dignity if you prefer staircase.Let those mock at you have their pleasure while you also enjoy your own pleasure of helping your health by doing this extra exercise. One should remember that exercise and Physical activity are not Something that one does extra to get extra healthy On the contrary it is something that is necessary for the normal function of the body.We are meant to exercise quiteca bit everyday and if we do not follow this ,we are indirectly allowing our body to malfunction without our Knowledge.This forces us to consult doctors and taking medicines as advised. Exercise is a must to control blood sugar value.Those who have high blood sugar value has to necessarily exercise regularly.This is because inactivity is the foundational piece there always which develops into diseases. There are many types of exercises to choose from according to the practical need The best exercise for everyone to choose is brisk walking in the morning as well as evening for a minimum of half an hour a day.Even if one is unable to stick to the regular plan ,and had to skip walking for a day or two ,it would not harm you much so long as you are ready to resume it at the earliest. In the case of Yogas where breathing exercise is also involved skipping it could become harmful. People would preach about Yoga for publicity but putting it into regular practice is the most vital part of it. Practising of holding breathing for long duration is the essence of Yogas. Sreedharan Mundanat 24th of June 2015

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Longest,fastest& Highest Fliers.

Arctic Tern - Longest distance Traveller: ****************************************** The Arctic Tern Is a migrating Bird.Believe it or notArctic Terns covers a maximum distance ranging from 70,900 KM to 81,600 KM per year.A small sized Bird also known as Bird of the sun Covers longest distance migration from it's Breeding ground in the Green Land to Antartica.During it' s migration ,Arctic Tern covers the entire distance from Europe,Asia and North America. The life span of an Arctic Tern is around 30 years.this means in a life time the bird covers a distance of 1.5 Million miles.In terms of distance to moon from Earth the bird covers a distance of 3 trips to the moon. 2)Peregrine Falcon- The fastest bird on earth *********************************************** This falcon is the fastest bird on can fly ata speed of 322 KM per hour.That is more than the speed of a Magvel train in China can take which is approx 250 KM per hour.This Falcon can make Plunge- Divingbthrough the air Though the exact figure can not be said,the scientists have agrredvto the amazing speed of the Falcon.How it makes such fast dive through air without damaging their body is stillba Mystery to the scientists. 3)Bar headed Goose - The highest altitude flier *************************************************** The bareheaded Goose is proved to be the only bird flying in such height on the sky.the highest living bird on the earth.With very hard working with their wings ,this bird reaches an altitude of 21,000 feet .this geese are are very pretty birds also.They are understood to be migrating over the Himalayas mountains which is the tallest mountain range in the world.The Scientists believe that these birds have Extra blood vessels in their body t perform this .These blood vessels deliver more Oxygen to their muscles more quickly than in the case of other birds.this way they also get a boost for the flying at 8 hrs at a stretch. The information here could help children from their academic point of view. SreedharanMundanat 22nd June,2015.

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Blog from Mundanat: San Diego - The finest city of USA with Glittering...

Blog from Mundanat: San Diego - The finest city of USA with Glittering...: : both; text-align: center;"> San Diego is the finest city of USA.A city surrounded by beautiful hills and Gorgeous gardens bes...

San Diego - The finest city of USA with Glittering Seaworld

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San Diego is the finest city of USA.A city surrounded by beautiful hills and Gorgeous gardens besides places of peace and Tranquility. Tropical Breeze ,natural charms Of various forms and variety are all together Can be experienced here unlike any other city of USA.No wonder this City is popularly and rightly called tha Finest City of USa After all, is there not a limit for taking and enjoying the the charms of surfing,Swimming,Biking Walking And Snorkeling by a human body?this question would surface in anyone's mind who step into and experiencing various forms of natural gifts the City has inherited to enlighten your life. San Diego means Surf,Sand,Sun Nd peace via Dhyana.These are all in one which could be seen rare in other cities . For family with children there are the best Spots like the San Diego Zoo,Sea world and Carlsbad Flower field to look for enjoyment . Besides ,if one seeks Peace,Tranquility,imperturbability and to relax through these ways and means there are beautiful beaches to sit on and on in San Diego. The other places of interest in San Diego are discussed briefly later on in this blog . Now we are going to enjoy first the Zoo of San Diego which is world famous in many respects. The San diegoZoo: ******************** This zoo is the biggest in USA and one of the leading zoos in the world.the speciality is the zoo more natural than caged & trapped animals.the Elephant park has all the freedom for the biggest animal in the world. San Diego zoo is located in the BALBAO park.This zoo accommodate all types of exotic animals including Pandas In fact Pandas are the most popular addition of animals in this zoo.Most of the visitors spend most of their visiting time entertaining the Pandas.The Pandas are also being successfully bred here
It is spread out along a canyon With many hills that can sometimesBe challenging for the visitorsWandering through the site.The park prides itself on The animal enclosure which are designed to Recreate With natural settings. All the usual wide animals are here.The best part of the zoo besides Pandas is the attractive birds of all kinds. monkeys,Gorillas, Chimpanzees ,polar bears,Elephants and condors The month of June is the most busy time inSandiego One popular attraction is the Cheeta Run in the evening .Trained Cheeta ,dogs and trainers take part in the run. One could see the Cheeta running fast in front of the eyes at very close range. The Seaworld - The pride of San Diego in the glittering sand: ***************************************************************
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The Sea world and the beautiful pride Horizon of San diet are ,perhaps the most wonderful show In the World. Most of the species under the Sea,over the sea,many kind of Fish,coral,and Flowers can be seen here.needs at least 8 hours time to see and enjoy everything. There are two kinds of Shows here.The main show is the live Show from whales and Dolphins.The other is involving all other sea animals and birds called " Encounter with Shark" While the former one is an Crobatic show from Whales and Dolphins the later is view from a distance at the same time very close. The Live show is of half hour duration in which the trained girls in colors and tight dresses Perform the acrobatics with whales and Dolphins. While the whale show is Horror in front of your eyes, the later is very amusing with the innocent Dolphins doing everything told to do.Both are really unbelievable.The Aquarium in San Diego is magnificent though not so good in par withe thecaquarium in Florida.But other features in Seaworld has no parallel. One can see here all Sea animals,seabirds,flowersAnd everything under the sea and Really a world of dreams so amusing and stunningIn front of your eyes. The nature,environment,and weather in San Diego suits in all respect with the Pacific Sea around. The shows of birds,animals and shark are horrifying with the beasts roaming in front of us a very close distance. The trainers and keepers busybwith feeing the animals as if otherwise the sharks would become violent.But the Sharks are never interested in human flesh and blood though they mightbfight as a matter of self Defence. The weather on the day we visited the Seaworld was unkindcwith sun playing hide and seek throughout the day decreasing thevday temperature considerably down.But still was manageable with heating arrangements inside. But one could easily forget weather with the wonderful Things happening in from with full admiration. Besides the shows,there are many amusing games and gambling talent game here.Unlike Las Vegas,everything amusing and mind catching. The Roller foster,the raft journey,The skydives ,the balloon ride,Were of very favorite nature among was evidentbfrom the roaring expressions from the visitors especially children. The 4D show on Polar Bears and other animals were unforgettable experiences. The artificial sky and environment made to Make the Polar Bears and polarcanimals so attractive and depicted the talent of experts to make the show more attractive adding to the amusement and admirations of the visitors. Perhaps,Sea world is the most popular and crowded spot of visitors to San Diego. It was estimated that an average of 70,000 people visited the Seaworld everyday . And now,the last but not the least is the Amusing show of the Penguins the widerful loving birds of the Polar area.The most amusing event performed by Penguins is their Dances of different forms with Black and white complexion mixed with peculiar type of movements identically ,even high talented Dance groups can not perform The popular song "Karuppinazhaku Veluppinazhaku " reflected through my mind when the show was in progress. Even if one might forget everything experienced in the Seaworld,during the course of time when we have to think about more important challenges in Life,we can not afford to forget this Army of slow moving Black and White Penguins. While in California,one could afford to forget the experiences,in Los Angeles and San Fransisco,but never the amusing places in San Diego especially,The Natural Musium,Safari Park,Seaworld,SanDiego zoo,the Harbour with very large ships including Aircraft carriers. The triple Complex of Downtown,harborThe Airport,the Gardens the historical monuments all together made San Diego the Birth place of California and as the pride of Horizons. No wonder why this city with Glittering Sand and amazing Beaches is called the Finest City of USA. Sreedharan Mundanat 20 th June 2015 ,

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Sun Salutation-Surya Namaskaram

No life on Earth without Sun.Sun Salutation ( SURYANAMASKAR) is A very ancient Technique of paying respect or expressing gratitude to the Sun that is the source of all forms of Life on the Planet. "All our Emotions get stored in the Solar Plexus,and it is the point from where one's gut feelings arise.The Size Of the Solar Plexus is said to be that of a Gooseberry.However,for those who do Yogas andMeditation it becomes much bigger- almost three to four times bigger than normal size.The more expanded your solar plexus the greater is your mental stability and intuition"-Sri Sri Ravi Sankar of Art of Living. The body( through Physical movement), The mind( through solar plexus)and the spirits ( through chants)get a boost from Surya Namaskar.This is what the Art of Living Teachers practicing under the Guruji taught us. Surya namaskar( Sun Salutation) is a set of 12 postures,preferably to be Performed early morning at the time of sunrise.The regular practice of Sun Salutation has the following benefits if done systematically 1)Improves circulation of Blood throughout the body. 2)Maintains Health 3)Helps one remains disease free. This is because Sun Salutation helps to derive various benefits for the Heart,Liver,Intestine,Stomach,Chest,Throat ,Hands & Legs. From head to toe of the human body is greatly benefitted by Sun Salutation which can be performed any time in empty Stomach.But morning time is considered to be the best time being the time of Sunrise.Morning is the best time to say Good Morning to the Sun.This is because the morning time RevitalizesThe body and refreshes the mind,making us ready for all tasks of the day.When performed at fast pace,Sun salutation is the best cardiovascular workout and also a good way to loose weight. How sun salutation helps children? ************************************ First of all ,Sun Salutation helps children to improve concentration.Nowadays,there being stiff competition in every field of Education,this could help children to boost endurance powerand to reduce the feelings of Anxiety and Restlessness.This is especially so during their time of examinations.Regular practice gives strength and vitality to the body.It is also the best workout for muscles and improoves flexibility for Spine and in How sun salutation helps Women? **************************++++++++ Sun salutation is a Blessing for health-conscious women because it can do what dieting can not do for months together.It helps to lose extra calories and is an easy and inexpensive way to be in proper shape by stretching the abdominal muscles naturally.some pauses of Sun salutations Helps to lose extra fat on bellyby stimulating Sluggish glands like the thyroid to increase hormonal secretions.This has also an effect on weight loss.It is also said that by regular practice of Surya namaskar can regulate irregular menstrual cycles among women and can also help an easy childbirth.The added attraction for women by doing the Surya Namaskar is that it rings back the glow on the face preventing onset of wrinkles making it ageless. Finally,with regular practice of Surya Namaskar and meditation,the solar plexus increase from the size of an almond to the size of a palm.The expansion of the Solar plexus,also known as the second brain,develops our intuitive ability and makes us more clear and focussed.The contraction of Solar plexus ,on the other hnd,leads to depression and negative tendencies. Thus,the manyfold benefits of Surya Namaskar Helps keepbthe body healthy and the mind calm. ( curtesy: Teachings of Art of Living under Sri Sri Ravi Sankar) Sreedharan Mundanat 19th June 2015

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Animal parents

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Here are the photos of a few animals in the role ofParents.Very often in the present world it would appear that the animals are better than human beings in the matter of Love for their children.They love their children with total devotion ,love,sincerity and frame of mind with sacrificing nature.there are some animals who would not allow Human beings neartheir children.Either they will hide their children or defend them using teeth and nails. In our advanced society there are mothers who abandon their children due to various reason.Poverty and inability to afford to bring them up is one of the reasons.the other one is obvious .children born without a proper father to name..they call it illicit children.this is never present among animas.They look after their children at least until they are capable of finding their own food.They even train children in this matter.. In some countries there are strict rules which attracts punishments for neglecting children. In animal kingdom they don't need any assistance from laws to love and to bring up their childre. There are many good lessons human beings to learn from Animals and birds.for that matter the Mother nature itself is the best source to learn many things. But alas!human beings are cruel to nature and environment as otherwise killing animals digging the mountains for Financial gains would not occur as a matter of routine. Just digging a hole ,keeping one plant in it,putting some sand and pouring water to end the process posing for a photograph with folded hands are not enough to protect nature. People should take vows to protect animals ,plants,trees,birds,rivers and forest and observe them volunteerly. If this is not practical at least killing the animals and destroying the forest for paltry gains can be avoided. The pictures above are collected from Internet with a lot of gratitude to the persons who took them as this kind of photography is beyond my ability even if I come across such scenes. Sreedharan Mundanat 16th June 2015

Henna Plant-A boon for beauty& skin disorder conditions.

Henna Plant Is rather a small tree than a plant generally found in Africa,Arabian peninsula and South Asia. Henna popularly known as Mehandi in India(Mailanji) is non sticky in body skin.It is therefore mainly used for Body art in India.during important festivals and during Marriages the use of Henna is more in India. Even though not used in any food as an ingredient ,Henna has as much status as food. In India since it is being Used in one way or other by Indian women. The body art in India mainly pertains to beautification of hands,fingers and feet besides body ratio of women who generally have beautiful fingers and feet as compared to men As the use and method is well known to women as well as beauty parlors all over India this part of the use of the Plant is skipped in this blog as I prefer medicinal use to beautifying the it is harmless if properly used, Women find it as one of the best and costly materian to enhance their beauty.Generally men in India have no opposite view to women in resorting to Mehendi as they too appreciate the beauty of women either openly or secretly.
Let us now have a quick look into the medicinal use of Henna over andvabove beuatification.
MEDICAL USE OF HENNA: 1) JAUNDICE: ***********. Henna can be used for relief from Jaundice.It is available in powder form to use for Liver disorders.Apart from Jaundice which is a liver disorder ,it is generally beneficial for all liver disorders. 2)SKIN CONDITIONS: ******************* Henna can be used for Treating Skin Conditions like Athlete foot,Rashes and Ring worms.It is ALS an effective Sunblock.Leaves of Henna can be used effectively for any skin problem as it is stringent in nature. This Herb Hennacan be used effectively for Vitilligo(a skin condition of white patch). 3) COOLING AGENT: ***************** Henna is a great Cooling Agent.When applied to Scrapes and burns it gives quick relief.This herb can also be used in high temperature conditions to lower the heat.For example High Fever and Heat Exhaustion.proved to be very effective as a homely remedy. 4)HEADACHES: ************* The Flowers of Henna can be used for treatment of Headaches caused by heat of Sunlight.After making a paste of henna flowers by crushing add a bit of Vinegar to stand apply on Temples( forehead). 5)FOR HAIRGROUTH: ***************** For HAIRGROUTH the Henna leaves are used By boiling it in Mustard oil and applying to the scalp of head. 6)NAILS: ********* Henna can be used for cracked Nails.Soak henna leaves in water and keep it Overnight to drink the water next day morning.this is stated to be a good remedy . 7)DYSENTERY *********** The Henna seeds can be crushed into powder and added to ghee to make a paste like substance .Make small balls out of this take it orally with is stated to be a good remedy. 8)ARTHRITIS ************* Henna can be used for Arthritic and Rheumatic pains.message with Henna OilTo get rid of Pain.Messaging for a month or two is stated to be of producing long lasting results INSPITE OF THE VARIOUS USES MENTIONED ABOVE ONE HAS TO TAKE EXTREME CAUTION THAT THE HENNA TREATMENTS ARE NOT SAFE FOR CHILDRENAND INFANTS.SO ONE SHOULD REFRAIN FROM USING THE TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN SreedharanMundanat 16th June 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Aloe Vera - very useful Medicinal Plant

People all over the world are using Aloe Vera in one form or other as a Gel.The leaves of Aloe Vera is sure medicine for healing and softening of Skin.So very useful friend of Women.This is very useful for all kinds of skin disorders. Aloe Vera is not used in any food.So no side effects by using this.This is also a good remedy for Danddruff.Useful for minor burns also as a first aid . There was a time when this was used as a medicine for Constipation and sold over the medicine counters all over the Delhi Medical shops.But sincevthe safety of Aloe Vera was not scientifically established,the FDA ordered in 2002 the over- the - Counter sale should be stopped by removing it . Aloe Vera medicine taken by mouth is found helpful for diabetes and Cholestrol The dosage of aloe Vera as creams or Gels vary.some creams for minor burns use just 0.5 % of aloe Vera while Used for Psoriasis it is used at drastic measure of 70%.PSORIASIS is a chronic( long lasting) Inflamatory skin conditionCaused partly by a Overactve immune system.So before using medicines containing 70 %? and above of aloe Vera should be used only on advice from a doctor.But these medicines are generallybeffective. When used as an over supplement there is no such prescribed dosages. While using for Diabetes and High Cholestrol also doctor should be consulted to maintain dosages. Overdose of Aloe Vera could turn out to be dangerous. Mecdicines containing Aloe Vera prescribed forb usual skin disorders are found to be very useful from the healing point of view. Shampoo and Soaps are the best examples in which Aloe Vera is used and are good for skin as welcomed by ladies all over the World. Henna is another plant very useful for women to use as " Thali" for washing their hair. More about this later Sreedharan Mundanat 15th June 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

USA in the eyes of an explorer-Las Vegas, the Fabulous city
There are two major cities in USA founded in the 19th and 20th century.They are respectively Chicago& Las Vegas Here we are going to have a brief visit to the Las Vegas city.while Chicago is in Illinois Les vagas is in Neveda state.Chicago is famous for it's tall and thickly positioned Buildings,les Vegas is famous for big Casino Hotels. There are many casino hotels with names. Of most popular cities all over the we can have,Neyork and Paris in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was ceremoniously founded in the year 1905.To be précis on 15th of May1905. Originally this place was a watering hole for Travellers on their way to Los Angeles or to other southern parts of USA.Centrally Located in the Southwest quadrant of USA,Las Vegas was ver ideal as a Transpotation hub since the place had plenty of Water. In the twentieth Century,Las Vegas went through several Grouth spurts which in the beginning were mostly influenced by outside factors.Then at some point of time ,Les Vegas became it's own architect. Las Vegas lies in the Middle of one of the driest deserts but it had enough water to support A rail road station and later on a city.Within 5 years of the foundation of Les VegasIe in October 1910 The navada state had passed a set of Laws against Gambling. Later on however the Navada state Stewarts changed mind and made gambling legal. Now in Las Vegas There are over 2,00,000+ casinos slots in about 1700 licensed Gambling establishments.all over the city.People come here for enjoying the game as well as to try their luck to make easy money not only from all parts of America but all over the world as well. The best season to visit Las Vegas is December- January while it is like a festivalvseason along with Christmas and New Year. The casinos and Restaurants keep openthroughout day and night.the cold climate adds to the pleasure of enjoying the city as well as Gambling. But don't misunderstandLas Vegas as a mere Gambling city and avoid the place on this measure. It is not so. gambling is immeterial as compared to other tourist attractions and the place during the could get enjoyable welcome in the city and wonderful food irrespective of the age. In every Casino there are stalls and entertainment programmes.Film shows suiting children also If one had planned to spend 10 days in Las Vegas ,he would change the mindand extend their PROGRAMME for 15 days . Even then he might have missed many places in the city. There are wonderful hotels traveling arrangements like city exploring buses besides private arrangements.the city authorities have made their ownsponsipored programs at reasonable costs. During night Las Vegas is like a heaven in the glittering light,flex boards and advertisement sign boards .Besides you can find mobile advertisers also inform of men and women. There are many people who has made carcatureas a means of livelihood. Within minutes they draw the pictures once you sit for them for a few minutes to finish the job. The MGMGrand,New York,Paris,are a few prominent casinos. mGM Grand has many facilities besides gambling. With the outbreak of World war-11,Las Vegas had become a great contributor to the welfare of the Nation.Because of it's isolation, readily availablewater,Cheap Power,Raw materials and beautiful climate besides being a centralized location ,Las VegasHad become a focus of Defense departments and Defense Industry. Las Vegas has the reputation of building a Giant Magnesium Plant just 3 months before the outbreak of war.The place was then called Midway city because it was between the hoovar Dam and Las Vegas city. The Nellis Gunnery range those days developed into a Premier Fighter Pilot school today. This is the premier fighter Pilot in the world today. The Naveda testSite was Americas nuclear testingTesting ground. So Las Vegas is the most ideal Fabulous city of America to visit and the best city for enjoyment irrespective of the age.All kinds of food are also available here . A heaven under the sun to put Las Vegas in simple words Sreedharan Mundanat June 12th 2015 Onecan find entertainment even on the streets also.