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Top 10 Richest Cricketers in the World 2012-13-The Indians lead the table

All the cricketers earn more from Sponsors for TV &press ads than what they earn from their National appearance.Apart from this for the last few years they earn a lot from, what is generally branded as a Game of chance or Gambling by the pulic,the IPL cricket < 1 )MahendraSingh Dhoni:the present Indian Captain with a total earnings of 26.5millionUSDollars is the richest. Born on 7th July1981 in Ranchi,he entered the Indian Cricket in the Oneday International against Bangladesh on 23rd December2004. Shortly after a year later he was included in the Test team also.He is playing in the IPL for Chennai Super Kings 2)SRTendulkar the greatest Indian Cricketer who made India proud by earning all the world records&laurels for his Motherland was a former Captain of India.Born in Bombay on 24th April1973,his earnings at present is estimated to be 18.6Million USDollars.He has played higest number of Test matches 198 now&is likely to continue to play until he completes 200 Test matches ,a record likely to remain as such for a long time to come.This is a record very difficult to overcome even by the youngest of cricketers in the world today. he now plays for Mumbai Indians in the IPL the team which he captained for sometime until he decided to step down on his own. 3)Gautam Gambhir:Born on 14th October1981,he isconsidered to be the third richest cricketer with an estimated earnings of7.3 Million USDollars at present.Played for India for the first time against Bangladesh in the year 2003 followed by first test match in the next year.Partnerd for a long time with Virender Sehwag in the opening slot.Recently they were separated7their fate is at the present unknown.He plays for Kolkatta Knight Riders as it's captain. 4)Yuvraj Singh:He is the DashingSouthpaw of the Indian Cricket&considered to be the 4th in the richest list according to authoritative sources, though the estimated earnings not known at the moment..He was born on 12th Dec1981 at Chandigargh.ODI debut on Oct3rd 2000&Test debut was on 16th Oct2003.He has the reputation of hitting 100 sixes in T20 games&6 sixes in one over against the Bowling of Chris Broad of England.He is a very important All rounder of the Indian Team with a lot of dedication to the game&national spirit in winning matches for the Motherland. 5)Rahul Dravid:One of the Greatest Players of Indian Cricket who had also captained India for a long time.He hasa nick name"the Wall"because of his resistace to stay at the wicket for long periods by also scoring consistently.He is the 5th richest cricketer in the list though the estimated earnings exactly not known at th moment. Born on 11th January 1973 at Indore at Madhyapradesh,Dravid al along used to be in Karnataka.He married Vijeetadevi in 2003& has two sons. At present he is the Captain of IPL Team Rajastan Royals who are doing well in the current I*PL season6. He has retired from all the three versions of Indian Cricket. 6)Sourabh Ganguly:A successful former Captain of India.Born on 8thJuly 1972 at Calcutta.Former successful Captain who has scored the 10,000 mark of runs in Test Cricket&One day Internationals.Played for the IPL Cricket season1 for Kolkotta Knight Riders &later on left it.At present a commentator &the President of Editorial Board with WisdenI*ndia. odi debut on 11th January 1992 against West Indies.Test Debut on 20th June 1996 against England. He is also a successful Allrounder. In the last ODI in thre Gavaskar Border Trophy in Indisa M.S Dhoni invited him to lead the side in the field .The Trophy was won by India. He is popularly known as Dada in Cricket.He is the richest 6th in the list of World cricketers the estimated amount of his earnings from Cricket is not known at the moment. 7)Veerender Sehwag:The dashing Indian opener,well known for spectacular big hits,was born in Delhi on 20th October 1978.He is also called sometimes the Nawab of Najafgarh.His earnings from cricket&ads is close to 6.9 Million USDollars.ODI Debuton April 1st 1999&Test debut on November3rd 2001. Opened Indian innings in Test&ODI for a long time with Fellowcricketer Gautam Gambhir.Recently got separated.He plays for Delhi Daredevils which he had captained for some time earlier. Most feared batsman in Pakistan against whom he had scored triple century in a test match.He has always been a nightmare for Bowlers particularly Pak Bowlers. 8)Brett Lee:One of the most popular fast Bowlers of Australia.Born on8thNovember 1976 in New South Wales.He holds the 8th position in terms of earnings from cricket which is close to 4.9 Million USDollars annually. His nicknamed asbvinga &highly popular all over the cricketing Nations with broad smiling face . Unlike other cricketers,he made first his Test Debut against the Indians at Melbourne on Boxing Day 1999&ODI debut later on against Pakistan on January 9th 2000.He has 310 Test victims&380 ODI scalps. An outstanding Bowler who is very useful with bat also towards the lower order especially in Test cricket. At present he is a part &parcel of Kolkatta Knight Riders 9)Ricky Ponting: Inspite of being the most outstanding successful Captain of Australia who has won 3 world cups,his position in terms of earnings in the list is just 9th.His latest earning in USDollars is to the tune of 4.9 million alone.He had his OD debut against Srilanka in 1995&in the same year Test debut against South Africa. An out standing Captain &Batsman who could win a test match or ODI on his own.He had played 168 Test Matches&375 ODIs.He has to his credit 13378 Test runs&13704 ODIU runs.He has also claimed 5 Test victims&3 ODIs inspite of not being a regular bowler. An outstanding&popular Captain &player in Australian cricket.Played a major role in making Australia a dominating Nation in the world of Cricket for a long time. At present he is the Captain of Mumbai Indians with his close friend &rival in Cricket Sachin TRendulkar. 10)Michael Clarke:Nick named Pup by his friends&admirers Michael Clarke recently taken over Captaincy of Test&oneday internationals from Ricky Ponting .Born on 2nd April 1981 in New south wales,his annual earnings is around 4.9 Million USDollars to find the 10th place in this list.He had his debut first inODI againstEngland in 2003&Test debut against India in 2004.So far he has played 92 Test Matches&227 one day internationals.He is one of the most outstanding batsmen from Australia who had on many crucial circumstances rescued Australia from defeat to win. He has 7275 Test runs which include one triple century(not out)of 329 runs&7375ODI Runs to his credit.He also has 30 Testwickets&56 ODI wickets He is an outstanding all rounder for Australia& a a very illustious Captain.At present he is playing for IPL team Pune Warriors,though he is yet to make an appearance. so we have discussed about 10 of the richest cricketers out of which the first 7 belongs to KIndia.The reasons are obvious.In other cricketing Nations they do not afford so much of publicity on account of ads to the cricketers by the Media as they do in India. What is rathher unjustfied is the equally good games like soccer,Hockey,Basketball ,volleyball apart fron Lawn Tennis do not get so much importance as is provided to cricket.This situation has deteriorated recently with the introduction of the shortest version of IPL in India.This ,especially in the 4 Metros added to the popularity of cricket as is evidnt from the fact that even Kerala,where Football(soccer)was the heart&soul of sportloving people, began giving prominence to cricket over&above other games. In regard to cricket the reason for Andrew Flintof,Kevin Pieterson,Ross Tailor,Devilliers,Jack Kallis and the like are far below the grades of the ten discussed above is nothing but the Media there are not too much associated with cricketers except in criticizing them. Sreedharan Mundanat 1st May 2013 10-30Hrs(IST) 7& Test match againstIndia in

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CARLSBAD FLOWER FIELD-A Heavenly Experience on Earth

In joy or Sadness,the Flowers are the constant & best Companion to everyone especially Poets. The flower Fields at at Carlsbad near San Diego in California is a show not to miss at any cost. I was told at the Field that the the presently spread Field over 50 Acres of coastal land at Carlsbad is Entertaining visitors from all over the World to return with broad smiles on their face since last 21 years. This magical place turns into a hillside Rainbow painted with vibrant colors of millions of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus. But this field with every flower blossoming in it could be witnessed only for a short period of Spring from 1st March running through 12 th May. So next time you plan to visit California ,it should be designed around this time to return again& again every year because one can not finish enjoying the multicolored flowers in just one visit. Here the rainbow colors grow along with the Flowers. The flowers here ,a sample of which have been depicted,do not have fragrance except roses.I was looking for Jasmine Flowers but could not come across.She should be available some where in the 50 acres of Flowerland.But due to shortage of time it was not possible to search all over the spreading over so much of land. The process of growing flowers here was stated to have been commences a century ago.However,the Flower field in the present shape has come into effect just 30 years.Since then every year in the spring season between the eginning of March&middle of May the flow of tourists to this heaven of earth from all over the world is stated to be beyond imagination. Here are a few samples of the pictures of the fully blossomed flowers of the season. {It is an experience for a whole lifetime.No wonder people are rushing&beelining to this place every spring season. Incidently we happened to visit this multicolored flower field on the 27th of April which is called RedHats Ladies'Day on which an army of disciplined Ladies roamed like a procession of deep red colors reminding the caprisoned elephants in a Temple fastival of Kerala. TheAntique tractor driven wagon Rides,Sweetpea Maze,Rose&Theme Gardens,PoinsettiaDisplay,Fresh Strawberries garden,CymbidiumGreen House,Santa's Playground,Armstrong Garden Centre&Garden Sculpture were sights to remember for a lifetime All the sights spread over 50 acres of land are not to be finished in a day.So we dcided to return to the place again before 12th of Maywithout which we can not do justification to this land of Fascinating colors called Carlsbad Flower SreedharanMundnat 30thApril2013