Tuesday, June 26, 2012


On 26th Early Morning at 1-00AM a  Police party consisting of one AddnlSIMrJOY&Police driverManiyan Pillai  were stabbed by anti social Elements who were subjected to routine Vehicle check by the Policemen as a part of their regular Duty.

Both the Police officials were admitted to the Hospital.The ASI is being reported to be under treatment while driver ShriPillai had succumbed to injuries.

The State Home Minister shri Radhakrishnan on behalf of the Govt announced great benefits to the surviving members of family of  shri Maniyan Pillai.

The novel arrange ment which,perhaps,the first of it's kind says the wife of shri Pillai would get Allowances&salary which was being paid to ShriPillai until his death for a period of Service he was likely to serve had he continued alive &in service.He was 49 years of age at the time of death.

As the wife is announced to have made entitled to salay& allowances on a monthly basis,she is sure to get the family Pension/Normal Pension benefits as applicable to late Shri Pillai.But as he in fact dead the wife would get Family Pensuion normally entitled for her in the normal way.

Apart from this the Govt has abbounced to bear all expenses conected to the Education of the children of Shri Pillai&their other needs.

This announcement is a great gesture from a Great Govt.This would/likely to  pave way for similar announcement from other Govts also from other states.

The Police chief said the investigation to nab the culprits is in full swing.

There is a use of poetical justice saying good words about those who left this world that the great Person was not dead &would continue to stay alive in the Heart of his/Her followers.Poets also say the Person was an "Amaran".ie a person who could never die&live in the minds of dears &nears. This kind of saying is  to extend respect to the dead person& to express profound regards to him

Here The Govt of Kerala too turned out into a Great Poet with their announcement worth every kind of praise &deserving every model of Congratulatpons!!!


                             27th June2012Wednesday
Hello ,I have been writing a lot of Blogs&I am in fact afraid whether I am bothering  my friends with too much material to read while everyone prefer to relax from Hectic days work.

So for a change ,I have decided to put forward Quizloke Blogs.Out of the Pictures above can you decide which is the worst situation.I have,of course my view /But I will juoin the mahority opinion ignoring mine.

So please be sporting to select one to have relaxing method from the usual/

Monday, June 25, 2012

Govts&People of World should Save Planet Earth

20 years ago at the EpicEarth Summit in Brazil'sCapital RIO,the most powerful Politicians including Georgw W Bush&Fidel Castro gathered to discuss the steps needed to save our Planet from ourselves.

The bunch of documents that would emerge out of the High Profile meeting,significantly Agenda21,form the basis of the grossly inefficient Global Environment Policywe do have in place at the moment.At the sequel nicknamedRio+20 that ended last week,the UN tried again to save humanity from what United Nations Chief Banki moon called a "SuicidePact".Sadly enough,it failed.Many billed it as lost opportunity even before it started on 20th June2012.

Since1992,not much has changed except the  spread of righteousactivism in the name of Environmentalism.And the state of Environment is much .Foresrts are thinning,especially at a timewhen we need them more than ever to store the carbon we emit everyday so that it does'nt build up the atmosphere
where it behaves like an invisible greenhouse.;trapping all the heat insideAs a consequence ,soon we wont grow food like we always have,our oceans will boil and acidity,wind patterns will change and glaciers will melt.

To cut short disaster one followed by another would lead Earth to it's slow Death.

 I wriiten a Blog on 5th June2012on "Sea change in Kochi" by drawing a reference to an earlier Blog on "Bhoomiyude Maranam"(The Death of Earth")which was written on 6th January 2012in which it was brought out how the heat&melting pattern of ICE is likely to affect the earth leading to perhaps the end of the World bt year 2100.

Now I had come across an interview by Paul .R.Ehrlich who has insisted upon the need for the Govts all over the World&people do much moreto savePlanet Earth.

This has indirectly forced me for the revival of my Blogs of 6thn January2012&5th June 2012.Though my Blogs are not much of a yardstick to throw light on scientific facts &figure ,the ideas I had discussed might convey a few ideas as t how &why everyone should become alert to deal with the Environmentalism&its impact on earth.

                         Tuesday,the 26th June 2012

The great Term "God's own country replaced by "Criminals Own country"

Kerala  the beautiful state of India towards the southern most end was until now known as "God's Own

Country"is likely to earn a new name  "Criminal's Own Country " if the the prevailing alarming statistics of 

criminal records is taken  as a yardstick to assess.The most part of the criminl activities are reported from

Kochi(Cochin).In Indiamout of every lakh of people 187.1 people are with criminal activities as in the year

2010 whereas the average rate of criminal activities in Kochi during the same period was 1879.8

In 2009-2010 there was an alarming increase of rate of criminal activities which was 193 percent more.

The other stateMadhyapradesh which is in the second place was much behind Kerala .

In the most populated &the biggest State Uttar Pradesh just recorded as low as 87.5 people out of one

lakh people.

In regard to Unrest,Agitations&riot like bandhs &other activities too Kerala was much in front as compared

to other states.The unrest /Agitation rate of Kerala was 26.The national average rate prevailed at the same 

period was just6.4. However the unrest cases are mostly recorded at Bihar which was 13percent.Out of the

2,41,986 cases reported ,11,756 cases belonged to Kerala.

The criminal activities against women was also looked like the pride of Kerala as compared to other States.

The rate in Kera was 27 where as just behind& very close to Kerala was DELHI.This kind of crime was

less reported from GOA.Perhaps,people there have no time for such things as they are advantageously engaged in more desirable activities though the influence of alcaholic drinks prevail there also.But they do not spend in Crores&crores on it as is being done in Kerala.There is hearsay(not confirmed report}that the

basic reason was the flow of Gulfmoney to Kerala

The information available indicates that more cases of criminal activities are being reported from Kerala

because of  the trust in the Justice,Law&Order systems existing in Kerala.

In a nutshell,if this kind of situation cintinues how long we could call with pride KERALA "God's Own Country"?



Sunday, June 24, 2012


Fifty Shades Of Grey is  the latest Hot Topic in Britain.The book published in three series is the one which is

decorating topmost place for the last 6 weeks

In seven days it left behind the record sale of Harry Ptter a thriller  of Kids by selling 100,000 copies.

The theme revolves over a 19 year old girl&a rich old man roaming around with extraordinary romance ex


The Holly wood veterans have already took notice of it to man\ke a movie.

The author is a 49 year old manwith real name Eric Mitchel&pen name#EL James.

The author is said to have concluded a contract worth 6.3 Million dollars wit Hollywood stewards.

Everyone enthusiastic about reading should make it a point to explore the possibility of getting&reading the

book as early as possible with a view to avoiding disappointment later on

All the Best

                                            25th June,2012

An Insult to Injury

Yet another case of Borewell accident at Howrah has found a new place on Internet news This time it has happened even before the earlier incident of a 4 year old lost her Life (24th June2012)had found a place in the morning News papers of today(25th June). These kind of sad News is likely to have impact on every Indians in different ways. Some people would interpret it as cruel Destiny,while some other people would blame the The careless Parents& yet another group of people are the Politicians who would claim conveniently that these incidents are man made the responsibility of which rests with Their rival parties. This time the only difference is that the incident is in West Bengal & the victim is a boy of 15 years. It is said that the rescue operations are in full swing.anyway it could become a topic To be exploited by the opposition in the State against Mamata.Mamta too would get an Opportunity to make long unending speeches of rising emotions. Any way this topic is certain to become today's hot discussion in the suburban trains Of Virar to Churchgate& from Ambarnath to Victoria Terminus this morning & evening. As the boy is yet to be rescued and brought out of the borewell let us pray for his Speedy recovery & becoming fit like a fiddle soon! Sreedharan Mundanat 25th June2012

The worst Tragedy of 2012

A 4 yearold girl Mahi of  HNariyana India died after 60 hours after her getting trapped in a Borewell.

This is not the first time this kind of accidents happens in the northern states of India.

It kooks a regular feature every year to place every kid loving Indians in Agony.Pethaps this was the reason why a Malayalam movie producer was compelled to make a Movie MOLUTTI years back.The details of the news as well as a photograph of the cute girl is enclosed with this Blog.After reading the news on internet I dont have much of a mood to write a detailed Blog.My state of mind is a kind of  what is called "Dharmika Rosham" in Malayalam towards the careless parents &mostly towards the Government for not taking any remedial security measures to avoid recurrence of such incidents despite sufficient instances are available to quote from time imemorial.

                                          24th June 2012

പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥനകള്‍ വിഫലം; മഹി മരിച്ചു

Published on  24 Jun 2012

ഗുഡ്ഗാവ്: ഹരിയാണയിലെ മാനേസറിനടുത്ത ഖോ ഗ്രാമത്തില്‍ കുഴല്‍ക്കിണറില്‍ വീണ മഹി എന്ന ബാലിക മരിച്ചു. 80 മണിക്കൂര്‍ നീണ്ട പ്രയത്‌നത്തിനൊടുവില്‍ മഹിയെ പുറത്തെടുത്തുവെങ്കിലും ജീവന്‍ രക്ഷിക്കാനായില്ല. പുറത്തെടുത്ത ഉടന്‍ കുട്ടിയെ സൈനിക ആംബുലന്‍സില്‍ ആസ്പത്രിയിലേക്ക് കൊണ്ടു പോയിരുന്നു.

മഹിയെ രക്ഷിക്കാനായി സമാന്തരമായി കുഴിച്ച കിണറില്‍നിന്ന് കുഴല്‍ക്കിണറിലേക്ക് നിര്‍മിച്ച തുരങ്കത്തില്‍ വന്‍ പാറ കണ്ടെത്തിയതോടെ ശനിയാഴ്ച രക്ഷാപ്രവര്‍ത്തനം അക്ഷരാര്‍ഥത്തില്‍ വഴിമുട്ടിയിരുന്നു. രക്ഷാപ്രവര്‍ത്തനം തുടങ്ങിയ ദിവസം മുതല്‍ കുട്ടിക്ക് ഓക്‌സിജന്‍ തുടര്‍ച്ചയായി നല്‍കിയിരുന്നു. നാലാം പിറന്നാള്‍ ആഘോഷിക്കവെ ജൂണ്‍ 20ന ന് രാത്രി 11 മണിക്കാണ് മഹി ഉപാധ്യായ 70 അടി താഴ്ചയുള്ള കുഴല്‍ക്കിണറില്‍ വീണത്. തുടര്‍ന്ന് രണ്ടുമണിക്കൂര്‍മാത്രമാണ് കുട്ടി സംസാരിച്ചത്.

സൈന്യം, പോലീസ്, ദേശീയ സുരക്ഷാഗാര്‍ഡ്(എന്‍.എസ്.ജി), അഗ്‌നിശമനസേന, ഗുഡ്ഗാവ് പ്രാദേശിക ഭരണകൂടങ്ങള്‍, ഗുഡ്ഗാവ് മെട്രോറെയില്‍ സര്‍വീസസ്, റിലയന്‍സ് ഇന്‍ഡസ്ട്രീസ് എന്നിവയെല്ലാം രക്ഷാപ്രവര്‍ത്തനത്തില്‍ പങ്കാളികളായി. മെട്രോയുടെ പില്ലറുകള്‍ സ്ഥാപിക്കാന്‍ കുഴിയെടുക്കുന്ന ഭീമന്‍ ഡ്രില്‍ മെഷീന്‍ ഉപയോഗിച്ചാണ് കുട്ടിയെ രക്ഷപ്പെടുത്താന്‍ മണ്ണെടുത്തത്. ഗ്രൗണ്ട് പെനട്രേറ്റിങ് റാഡാര്‍ സംവിധാന(ജി.പി.ആര്‍.എസ്.)ത്തിന്റെ സഹായവും തേടിയിരുന്നു.

ദേശീയപാത എട്ടിനുസമീപം മനേസര്‍ ഇന്‍ഡസ്ട്രിയല്‍ മോഡല്‍ ടൗണ്‍ഷിപ്പിനടുത്തുള്ള കുഴല്‍ക്കിണറിലാണ് കുട്ടി അകപ്പെട്ടുപോയത്. കുഴല്‍ക്കിണര്‍ നില്‍ക്കുന്ന സ്ഥലത്തിന്റെ ഉടമ ഡല്‍ഹിയിലെ നജഫ്ഗഡ് സ്വദേശി രോഹ്താഷ് സിങ്ങിനെതിരെ പോലീസ് കേസെടുത്തു. ഇയാള്‍ ഒളിവിലാണ്. യു.പി.യിലെ അലിഗഢ്‌സ്വദേശി നീരജ് ഉപാധ്യായയുടെ മകളാണ് മഹി. മനേസറിലെ ഫാക്ടറിയില്‍ സൂപ്പര്‍വൈസറായ നീരജ്, ഭാര്യ സോണിയക്കൊപ്പം കാസന്‍വില്ലേജിലാണ് താമസിക്കുന്നത്. മഹിക്ക് രണ്ടുവയസ്സുള്ള അനുജത്തിയുമുണ്ട്.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012


The bird in the picture above is a very common bird of Kerala popularly known as "Chempoth".It is a very beautiful bird with red eye&red and black colored body.Its legs are small.At the time of monsoon it is seen everywhere in Kerala.Generally people do not give much importance to it.

This beautiful bird has some peculiar habit of making a peculiar sound..It is said in books like Jungle book that certain birds survey from top by flying &inform birds &animals if they come across enemies like Lion&Tiger so thats the animals could take precaution to save themselves from being killed by wild animals.

It is also said some birds make peculiar sounds to alert other animals.The sound of Chempoth is similar to a signalling sound different from common sounds made by other birds.

When I watched them in Kerala because of its beautiful color&eyes ,I did not hear it's sound.
Vbut later on when I heard the sound made by it looked as if it was sitting alone at any place making this sound in rhythm of Music.I ,naturally,got more interested in this bird.I asked a native about this bird.He said that "Chem" means red&"Poth" means  buffalos.I could not totally digest what he said .Though the color suits to "Chem" the term "Poth" did not in any way matched because the beautiful bird had nothing to do with buffalos.Then he too got interested in discussing more about the bird.I offered him Tea&Dalvada from a neighbouring Tea shopon tyhe street,They make very good Tea.He was delighted&got more &more interested in talking.

The story he said was relating to the color of the bird&the signalling sound made by it frequently.What he said was though very entertaining ,it was stunning&astonishing to some extent.

He was telling that this beautiful bird was earlier found in forestlike terrain places of the hilly areas of Kerala.
The sound it made frequently was a kind of signal to alert people hiding in the area either from Police or unscrupulous &daring animals &men of cruel nature.It helped the hiding men to change place to escape from the notice of such animals& men.

I remembered Jungle Book for a second &asked how all these he said had any relation to buffellos.His reply was rather very funny&confusing.He said this bird was friendly with the buffello like men hidinfg from Police.Most of them either Thieves or political criminals.

Though I could not relish what he said fully on thinking later on it appeared as if there was some kind of logic
in what he said.But how this bird became friendly with the hiding people was still a mystery for which there was no convincing confirmation  from my friend.

Finally I had to relax myself with the not very convincing logic that the men like the Buffalos hiding there might have in token of their gratitude named it as "Chempoth".Of course the they might have also given some kind of food to the bird regulary to get friendly with the birds/

This was the best option I coulf find to digest his suggestions &logic

                      Sreedharan Mundanat
                                   June 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012


In INDIA everywhere we are going on discussing about theEnvironmental&Ecofriendly &projects to decide whether such projects are to be implemented  or go on postponing them indefinitely w196 feethile in USA Daredevils are exploring the possibility of creating wonders on the already available  environmental woders.
One such instance which occupied the TV channels&conquered the headlines of popular News papers is an act of adventure attempted successfully by a Daredevil with his good name NBick Wallenda.He is an expert in RTightrope walking belonging to the States.It is the fist time in the history of Niagara Waterfalls which someone tried to cross with extreme spirit of adventure.This had happened last Friday.He completed the first walk of the century performing at a height of 196feet over the Horseshoe falls between United States&Canada.
Large crowds of Americans&Canedians were witnesses to the most dare devil attempt from Mr. .He started walking on a cablesuspended 196feet(60Meters)tip over the highest risky rim of the biggest waterfall ofNorth America.He took just 25 minutes to cross the falls in totalitry with just nothing but death under him.He took the highest risk of his carrier&life to create the first ever world recovered.Onw will have to wait ^see whether any one could better his record of 25 minutes which normally considered to be 40 minutes for doing such an act.All records are created to be left behind by breaking it.A similar instance is the 100 centuries created by an Indian enthusiastic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar despite the presence of similar Australians,Soth Africans&Britishers apart from The great West Indies Cricketers.
it was indeed highly risky to find his feet in tact along the lengthy cable.He went on shouting throughout that what he was performing wasincredible&breattaking.He was right even literally indeed.He was shouting over the  Radio attached to him to communicate with his father.How incredible&astonishing!A father listening his son performing with Death under him.How much Agony the Father might have felt!!

Mr Nick Wallanda deserves evey form of congratulations&good wishes to attempt more &more of the sort so that the record he has created now wont be taken away from him.He deserves in every way to keep his record at least for aq lifetime
                         Sreedharan m undanat

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Latest agony of Kerala superstars

Many a people of the Filmworld are under pressure for the last few days.The reason is rather funny.It is nothing of any serious nature or an Emergency in thecIndustry. A worry uncalled for not for the Stars themselves .the agony is more for the people relating to the production.it is nothing but that the Superstar movies are not running for long time in full houses whereas the movies of young generations are running for long period without incurring loss. In order to overcome the resistance caused by the young generation movies running for longer time,the Film industry even went a step ahead without releasing films on time . This method ,however, backfired with the result that every films of young Generations Started running in full houses for longer period than usual. There is just one remedy to solve this problem .This has already been been showed by Super stars of Hindi screen & Tamil screen.It is just simple.when the superstars of Hindi& Tamil screen realized they are becoming old to continue as heroes they themselves refrained from opting to become heroes any longer & instead opted for Character role of old people Such Superstars are Amitab Bachhan of Hindi& Shivaji Ganeshan of Tamil.But when they assumed such roles other than Heros,the result was those movies started running in full houses for longer time than films of younger Generations.the fact behind their success was that they were really good actors.some of the roles they played would never be forgotten by the fans. Some of the Tamil movies in which ShivajiGanesan excelled were Pasamalar,Palum Pazhavum,Pavamannippu,Padikkatha Methai& Uyarntha Manithan & many more.he was a born Actor& really talented Similarly inHindi Screen Amitabh Bachhan also did many such roles.Amitabh Bachhan was a great friend & Fan of Shivaji Ganesan. The only exception on Hindi screen was Dev Anand who did hero roles inspire of becoming very old.He was populary known as "evergreen Hero"his appearance on the screen was so great he never looked old. Pran a veteran villain of Hindi screen resorted to Character roles later on but excelled there too.a typical role is that of " Sherkhan" he played in a movie called Zanjir.Amitabh too was in the film as hero.But people were visiting movie Houses to see Sherkhan again& again.Amitabh Bachhan,however ,got his heroine in the movie Jayabhaduri As his life partner The real fact is that the Superstars are not at all bothered by the youngsters coming up.They in fact encourage them.The superstars have their own headaches to lok after.this kind of Publicity that Superstar do not allow movies to be real eased or they do not cooperate by giving dates for shooting thereby delaying completion of films etc are just stunts sponsored by the people who invest money for the production & their supporters are their own " Chelas" What really happened was some movies like 1)SALT&PEPPER,2)TRAFFIC&3)ORDINARY ALL OF A SUDDEN BECAME Superhits & ran for a record time. I have viewed all these movies on UTube.They are highly entertaining films for their stories ,the performance of the characters in it by the youngsters& their superb dialogue.these movies are entertaining frm beginning to end.this is the reasons they became super hitEven otherwise if the Superstars are bothered by the youngsters,why not these Super Stars join the smaller version of films viz Tv serials,Shri Ganeshkumar who was a veteran actor digit Shri Madhu who had ruled the film world for a long time did it. Jose prakash another veteran villain. Of movies did it. So when other fimm veterans of diffe rent languages could find a way for them easily why not our SSuper stars alone stick to the big screen? In fact,Mohanlal also had done roles suitable to his age & they were successful. What I would like to establish is that it is the other people connoted with films are letting these kind of controversies emerge & not the superstars. Their intention is very clear Some how or other they want to safeguard their economy at the cost of wrong publicity about the Superstars. They should allow the Superstars to survive on their own with out being subjected to unnecessary propaganda.The superstars are not interfering with the controversies made in the Industry because they have no time to get involved Another stunning truth is that these people of Malayalam Film Industry are indirectlyndragging the film fans into a trap besides proting Black market in the sale of tickets in Theatres. This Ora use need to be stopped as otherwise the innocent viewers of the movies who gonto theaters to spend some time in the comfort of A/c to have some entertainment to forget the day to day disturbances in their life would become the victims of unscrupulous practices by producers,Directors & their paid "Chelas"so the earnest request of the viewers is that they should not place the Industry & the fans under Democle's sword whic could be avoided easily. SreedharanMundanat June 2012 {based on reports appearing in the Internet editions of news Reported by jinesh Poonath}+

KARELA(Bitter Groud)&KERALA.

One who observes minutely the above 2 pictures of Karela&the map of Kerala could,perhaps,find that the name&shape of both are slightly similar.

The taste of Karela(Kaippakka or Pavakka) is bitter.Some people adore this taste&likes it very much Some other people especially kids do not like it's taste.Any how it is one of the costly vegetable in Bombay though it is comparatively lesser in cost in Kerala.There are people who avoid it for use at home.Some people on the pother hand invarisbly search for it in the vegetable market..I can proudly say that I belong to the group which adores it.We procure it in bulk whenever good variety is available in Market.Sometimes I go searching for it upto Sakthan Market.

Now let us discuss the Good part of Kerala instead of Karela which has nothing of a big role in this Blog

Kerala is famous for many tasty things.Malayalees do not require my writing to know about different vegetables.They know which is good&which is bad for their health&satisfaction of consuming.Thougfh no one likes to eat anything of too much of bitter taste.

As I said Kerala is famous for many things the prominent factors are as described briefly hereunder:

Kerala attracts tourists from different part of India &abroad especially during vacations for the natural beauty& varoious facilities available here which one can not find every where in the world.The fist attraction coming to my mind is the famous Temples available here.The Guruvayoor Temple,Shri Vadakkumnathan Temple at Thrissur,The Thrikkakkara Vamana moorthy Temple,The Poornathreyasi Temple at Thripunithura,Shri PadmanabhaSwamy Remple at Trivandrum, The Kanyakumari Temple,The Kodungalloor Devi Temple,The Koodal Manikkya Kshetram at Irinjalakkuda,The Kaadampuzha Temple,The Nellovaya Temple,the Pampadi Temple,The Kakkadu Temple near Kunnamkulam &many other Temples spread all over Kerala  are all famous.

The most Famous Temple known  all over the World is the Vadakkumnathan Temple for its World Famous POORAM which involve diffrent kinds of Musical Melams ,Kudamattam&the most popular Fireworks made it the most Famous Temple all over the World.There are large gathering of Foreign tourists during the Pooram season coming over to Thrissur.The beautifully decorated umbrellas&Fireworks attracts the Foreignere tremoundouslly.This Temple & Guruvayyor Temple attracts a lot of people to Kerala during vacations.
The other most Famous Temples which attracts so much of crowd like Pooram is Sabarimala Temple.
These three Temples GVR,TCR&SabariMala account for the major part of the Tourist Revenue to the State.Thats how&why these three Temples are being maintained &safeguarded well by the Governments of India&Kerala.

The next attraction is the varities of Veg& nonveg Food available in Kerala which are not available anywhere else in plenty.

The Veg Dishes like Kaalan,Olan,Avial ,Erisseri different types of Pickles,The Curd Chilly& special big Paoads are things which around the World  many people find as unique&long to enjoy while here.

Similarly Varieties of Fish available exclusively here are the major attraction of people from Abroad.

Let me cut short this as all people of Kerala are well aware of.

But I have to mention about the speciality&tase

 of one variety of fish called KARIMEEN which is being consumed by Personnel of the Three Forcelevels of the country.I am neither nonveg nor a fisheater.But I came to know about this while examinining some Suppy contracts.The quantity & invariable nature of procuremen on a continous basis revealed this to me.There was nothing wrong withe the procurement but happened to know that the protectors of our country were very fond of this particular variety of fish.

The next attraction  is the favourite of those who land at Kochi by Air ,Rail& buses.The natives of Kochi also visit Munnar&other places at Idukki District like Kulamavur&Moolamattam during every vacation especially hot summer vacations.

The famous &cotroversial 999 Dam called Mullaperiyar is in this area.

The next choice is the Backwater at Alleppy District,the boat races,the Hoseboats&many attractions available there.

Many a people invariably visit Kanyakumari to witness the famousVIVEKANANDA ROCK there .They also ptrfer Sunrise&Sunset  to anything else at Kanyakumari.

The latest added attraction is the Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple at TVM with the declaration that it is being considered as the richest Temple in the world.This has in fact resulted in additional Tourists at Nedumbasseri with the hope they could view all the Gems,Gold,Diamonds&many more attractive precious items.

But just after reaching the spot they come to knoe all these arent ready for showing or for an Exhibition.

The next in rhe line that is being attracted in Kerala are of Artistic talents like Kathakali,Mohini Attam,Bharathanaatyam &many more all available under one roof at a place called KALAMADALM near Shoranur.Many foriegners atre even joining there for getting trained.Some people visit hthis place for research&for getting Doctorate degree by submitting Thesis under one or other Guides.

One special I have missed is the famous Boatraces like Nehru Trophy &many more different races involving "Chundan Vallam" owned by different rich Owners of Chambakkula &adjoinining areas.

The President of India& such VVIPs used to visit these races whenever they are conducted there.Here also tourist attraction of Foreigners &Indegenous personalities is on a large scale,

To cut short,Every year there used to be an Exodus of People from NewDelhi,Bombay& other places availing of concessions available to them on a yearly or two yearly basisThe beautiful Birds of migration&permanent,seasonal flowers ,hilly &cold areas are some of the attractions which I have to mention as otherwise the very purpose of this Blog would stand defeated.The attractions of Kerala do not end here.It is unending &would require many more Blogs to complete them.But I dont want to venture such a misadventure now.as a discussion on the Bitter part of Kerala too is the aim of this Blog.

So let me take leave of the good Part&proceed to the lesser valued parts of Kerala

The prominent among this is the one being said &discussed widely in Kerala is about the "NOKKUKOOLI"It is said in some parts of Kerala the workers extract charges in large sums for just observing the Tourists transporting their bags&baggages on their own.This practise would certainly prevent
Tourists making trips to Kerala thereby reducing the Yourist Revenue otherwise available to Kerala exclusively/

Similarly the same Labour &Union Problems being sponsored by Political parties are being quoted as a reason for the Investors from Abroad in becoming reluctant to come over here to invest.their hardearned money.
The latest trend is said to be the Political rivalry existing here which even leads to untoward incidents like political murders.This trend is certain to cut short the flow of tourists to this small state in due course.

I feek it is better&safer not to discuss the bitter parts of Kerala.The reason is simple.I dont want to become a tool myself to give publicity to the bitter state of Kerala state to whicjh I belong to.In fact I asm happy i belong to the better &not nbitter part of Kerala viz Thrissur District to be precise TCR&GVR.

Am I justified now in naming the Blog by demonstrating two pictures abovewhich are similar in name&shape?

Here it reminds me once again what I had read somewhere as quoted as the words of Sir Winstomn Churchil.He said at the time of handing over Power to India on getting Independence after long Struggle by our Father of Nation  "Dont hand over Power to the Indians .If we do si,these Indians would fight among themselves one day for Power thereby destroying this Holy&beautiful Country"Wheter the Kerala is bitter or not,some of the Keralites who are Indians are proving every word of Sir Winston Churchil in toto.

Let us console ourselves thinking that they are at least doing a faithful service to Great Man of the Britain by

justifying his visionas a Truth.

                                                          14th June2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Manorama News-Children are our precious Gems

Manorama News

I am very proud of writing this Blog.in fact ,I have been since my childhood a spokesman for

Kids& always tried to highlight their importance in society.I mean this after becoming a grown

up person.Kindly don't be under the impression that I have been trying to accomplish my

Mission through writing in any newspaper or Magazine.I was just trying to demonstrate through

Practical methods by implementing my view by my action.Please don't misunderstand that my

practical methods had any impact on fellow beings.At least no one has revealed anything of

that sort to me at any point of time.But mission was just to have self proclaim to everyone

Who showed cruelty to kids.But this method too did not derive any useful impact on any body


But some friends & relatives agreed to my views on kids expressing love& solidarity to the

Kids.In ever considered our kids in our family alone as precious.in fact I have been always

always insisting all kids irrespective of cast & creed to treat as the same. Perhaps the

The reasons for this was what my teachers taught me when I was studying in a convent in a

remote village of Kottapadi near Guruvayoor& especially because of the advices from my late

Mother who too was very soft on kids.Like in convent my Mother also punished kids

Particularly me whenever any mischief was done.

But my mother was so loving that she used to tame cats & squirrels & bring them up like her

own kids at home.She made me also a part of it in such activities.Perhaps this was the basic

Reason for my love & care for kids.

Believe it or not my mother used to weep for many days when a precious cat (a pure white

cat) when it was killed by a cruel stray dog of the village.I also shared her Profound

Sorrow for many days.Similarly when our tamed Squirrel left us for a few days without

Visiting us for a few days she started weeping for days . Here too I vividly remember

Sharing her grief.When the same Sqirrel was found lying dead under a co unit tree her sorrow

was beyond explanation.This time it was a male cruel cat was the culprit & villain. We ne

never allowed that killer cat to visit our home again.Driving it away was my mission & I did

it most efficiently.My mother was a kind of social worker and was popular in

The village. Many people used to visit our home .he also reciprocated frequently by return v

Visits.In every such occasion whenever whenever I was not in my School she used to take me

also with her.This afforded enormous opportunity. For me to mingle with smaller kids than

me.This was another reason for my developing a soft corner for kids.

The intention of this Blog is to stress the view that kids are the future of the Motherland.

It is our duty to give them all facilities to grow without any ill feeling in their mind.

To fulfil this purpose every father & mother or every Grandfather& Grand mother have still

Duty to perform to bring up their kids by allowing them to develop their brain& Character

Which is of paramount importance.so a good part part of our time according to convenience

should be devoted to them.

There is another general trend of thinking among some people that Girl children are

Liabilities & boys Assets.This feeling is too bad to maintain& in fact the viceversa is

a better truth.Never ignore girls & give more importance to Boys.

Both Boys & Girls are Gems Nature has given to us.so protecting them is just our primary
duty.May be exceptions are there in which case Boys are more useful.But please remember

a child comes to this World for protecting our desires alone.They have many other roles to


The present trend is to name Girlchildren as Sonia,Mamta,Maya& Jaya in India.All names

ending with "a" ,perhaps, indicating that they are" A"Class.

All the Best in every endeavor you take to protect your Kids

Our son is a good appreciable asvwell as a sharp critic of the Blog I write.in fact I have

an idea in mind while writing a Blog th at I was doing it to entertain him.I also like his

Criticism ,in fact ,more than appreciation because every such criticm reflects his Free,

Frank& Fearless nature.

11th June2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sea change in Kochi by 2100

There had been a news item in the Times of India KOCHI/THRISSUR Edition Dt 4 th January 2012 saying there could be a Sea Change in Kochiby 2100. In this context I would like to mention that I had written a Blog Dt6th January 2012 regarding the "The Death of Earth[BHOOMIYUDE MARANAM] in which I had made an attempt to highlight the Likelihood of environmental changes producing extreme heat could result in the Death of Earth due to various Factors relating to the heat generated. The News item appeared in the Times of India Dt 6th January is of much supporting nature to my Blog I had written By referring to various books scientific journals . So the Blog of 6 th January 2012 is again sent for refreshing with reference to the present News published in The times of India Dt4thJune2012 of Kochi/ Thrissur Edition Sreedharan Mundanat 5 th June 2012 at Thrissur

Monday, June 4, 2012

AmbiSwamy- A Tribute

I feel very sorry at the Sad demise of a very famous veteran in the field of catering Shri MSKrishnanIyer Popularly known as AmbiSwamy who was a specialist of preparing mouthwatering vegetarian dishes especially for The feasts of vegetarian Dishes for marriages in and around Thrissur & other places like Bombay,Chennai& Delhi. He used to prepare feast for marriages all over India.At least for the past 20 years he was doing this noble services for marriage functions. Swamy was 77 years& is survived by his wife seven sons& two Daughters. Last night was a fateful & Last night for Swamy.As usual Swamy gave all instructions forvthe feast of next day( 5th June)k&went to bed to take rest from a busy day.shortly after that he complained about Chest Pain& was taken to the West Fort high tech speciality hospital.but after some time he was declared dead around 11-30 PM. While I was in Bombay,once I had a chance to taste the food the Swamy had made during a marriage feast. Swamy was a specialist of making a sweet dish called "PALADA PRADHAMAN" which is considered to be a must for any marriage of south Indian style. "PALADA " is the exclusive material used as an ingredient in in the preparation of the dish apart from sweeteners like sugar,& ghee etc. The quality of the Dish depends upon making the material& particularly in the method of preparation of it. I was Tolstoy that Swamy used to make his own PALADA though it is available in the open market in plenty all over the world.the famous taste of PALADA PRADHAMAN depends upon the WAY IT IS PREPARED FOR WHICH Swamy was world famous. After adding the ingredients into boiled milk ,the substance is to be put in low flame on the stove and continuously stirred for long time until the white color of Milk is turned into Pink color.This process is called "Pal Kurukal" in Malayam.the original taste emerges only if this process is carried Out correctly. This needs continous supervision.it is here at this stage Swamy was considered as an expert. It is sometimes said as a joke in Thrissur seeing Swamy itself is enough for mouthwatering! Such was his ability to prepare " PALADA" Every one who has tasted his " PALADA PRADHAMAN" would remember him& the taste of his speciality Explaining the taste of PALADA in black & white or on a Computer screen is harmful for both as water is likely to spill out of mouth into the paper or the screen of the Computer. He was such a nice person that he was adored by everyone who had tasted his "PALADA" God has blessed him as he did not suffer at all towards his process of bidding farewell to this world. MAY GOD ALMIGHTY HELP AMBISWAMY'S SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE! Sreedharan Mundanat 4th June 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jhony Jhony!Yes Papa!Eating sugar?NoPapa!

The title of this Blog might look silly.But No.This is a famous nursery song being sung almost everyday in almost every family in the World.Then the question would arise as to why this Rhyme has come up in the writing of a Blog?This is because the Blog writing is a modern Trend whereas the Nursery Rhyme belongs to time immemorial.Then why these two are being linked here?Another question that could be put forward here. Yes!It is because of the fact that the systems prevailing in certain part of the World is the reason. Let me summarize it in very few words to make the point in question clearer. There are different kinds of organizations & Political Parties all over the World with different kinds Of names.Basically they all are one at the same. The latest Trend in a Political party in one of the corners of the world is that they insist upon the local Government to approve their local committee rules & regulations made according to their Party Constitution should be implemented by the Government & included in the Regulations of the Police Department of the govern- ment as such by registering case against the Police Department because Police registered case aga- inst a Local Secretary for uttering Non-sense regarding Murder cases took place earler!!! Am I justified now in affording a Title to my Blog as such arguments from one "Many" looks worth telling kids studying in Nursery Classes. In order to have more information about this news ,kindly refer to & go through the News items appearing in Mathrubhumi& Malayalamanorama(Internet Editions dated 4th June 2012) Did I make myself Clear? Sreedharan Mundanat

"Anjanam", I know it is as white as Turmeric

The Title might need explanation.Anjanam is a kind of Black stone .If one claims that it is as white as Turmeric the basic meaning to be conveyed is that he doesnt know anything about anything.The reason:

Anjanam is Black in color.Turmeric is a substance with pure yellow color.So calling a black stone as white as Turmeric by comparing it to something with color of pure yellow is nothing but ignorance.

Though I am not a person interested in active Politics or following it regularly,I have an interest in discussions between eminent personalities that are being put on air by different TV channels of local origin.This is as good as watching the Presendential debates on TV channels while an ekection is likely to take place in US.

Recently ,I had an opportunity to watch a debate on a TV channel(I dont get such oportunity very often as I have tremendous amount of Domestic works to attend to)regarding the hike in respect of cost of Petrolieum

The real reson for the hike is that the prices of crude oil went up in international market  as a result of which
the Indian Petrolieum companies were forced to hike the domestic prices with a view to avoiding heavy loss to them.When the price of crude oil came down in the international market ,the Petrolieum Companies later on reduced the price correspondingly!

The discussions  on this matter by different personalities were different ,controversial &opposit to one another.The Personalities incidently belonged to different Political parties in the habit of accusing  each other.

The first gentleman who opened the discussion was very clever&fast in speaking.He resorted to the method of speaking very fast touching various aspects simultaneously without allowing time for the listners to analyze what he said .In other words the speaker himself was not aware of what he said.sometimes he justified the increase&simultaneously criticised the decision saying that it was impossing heavy burden on common man
and the rich people were not much affected because they coiuld afford to pay the hike without difficulty.But he appears to have conveniently forgotten the fact that there were extremely rich people in the party to which he belonged

The next gentleman who spoke, said he agreed to the fact that common man was affected but the party who spoke first also belmged to the commitee which took decision to hand over powers to the OPretrolieum companies to increase or decrease prices according to the fluctuations in the international market&why they did not reveal their reservations at that time,This second speaker did not prolong his discussion to punish those who attended to it.

The third gentleman who spoke last was also very clever by sticking to neutral view to save skin.He also did not punish the listeners for long.

Finally at the end of the discussion,there was nothing new emerged by leaving the matter as such where it started.For listeners it was more or less a waste of their precious time which could have been alternatively utilised for something useful

I am not sure &I dont think I have any business to know whether the speakers were being paid anything for the services they rendered to the channel

There is yet another branch of similar nature,It is the "Vaastusastra" .

All those who venture out for a new home are particular about resorting to proper "Vaastusastra" befpre starting construction of their home.They consult different experts&Astrologers to arrive at a proper decision in the matter.

But here in this matter also the opinion differ  from person to person because they  impart different versions of "Vaastusatra"

Finally ,the person who wish to own a Flat/Villa find it very difficult to reach at  a solution.There are some persons who find that constucting a Flat/Villa is easier than arriving at a decision about "Vaastusaastra"As the exploitation in this field is sometimes unbearable ,there are many people who either postpone or  even abandon their desire for a home.

To conclude,the trends on various matters  prevailimg today leads to dipute&fighting among competitors
thereby leaving the commom man perplexed& blinking.

Incidently this reminds me reading somewhere what Sir Winston Churchil said almost 65 years  ago before handing over Power to India on getting Independence.He said:-" Dont hand over power to Indians because they would fight among themselves for Power&destroy this Holy&beautiful country in the fiture"Yes! what the Indians are doing to day is nothing but proving every word of  what Sir Winston Churchil had envisaged long ago.