Monday, September 21, 2015

World in the Eyes of India- Loko samastho Sukhino Bhavanthu

Here are a few logical conclusions about how much India has contributed towards the welfare of the World.Believe it or not,these are logical facts with possible evidence to convince since a very long time India was a spiritual force behind the progress of the World. India is always known to be a Nation which has been interested in the welfare of the world as can be seen from the Famous saying in India "Loko Samastho Sukhino Bhavantho" which was a mantra chanted during the conclusion of any auspicious event. Until 1947 the culture of India was being handled badly by Foreigners in India.Thereafter We ourselves started treating it badly towards destruction. Whenever damage was done to our culture thereby destroying Dharma,there used to be Adharma taking place.however on every such occasion,nature re-established dharma.this is how India is still existing with high Glory to show the world. Whenever World needed any kind of knowledge,the first place to find such source is indeed India Sciences of Metals,health,mathematics,Astrology all are the contribution to the World by India.Until 10th Century Europe was not knowing the Arithematical Progression and the Geometrical Progression .But Indian had chanted Vedamantras using Arithematical Progression and Geometrical progression.There are mantras in Yajurveda where the metals like Copper,Brass,Tin andvLead were honoured.We had learned in books that all these metals were discovered by Europians after 1500 AD.But these metals were known to India about 5000 years back. Between 400AD and 1500AD many Chemistry books were written in India.the books by names,"Rasaratnakaram",rasa samuchayam,Rasendra Sara Sarveswam,and Rasendra Choodamani were books written by Chemistry experts and Ayurveda Vizards like Nagarjuna of these books it has been clearly mentioned how to use these metals.It has also been clearly mentioned how to process Gold,Silver,Tin,Lead,Iron,copper and Mercury We believe that the seven colours of Sun called Vibgiyor,was discovered by Newton.This could be true that the theory was introduced by Newton to the World but it has been mentioned In Indian Vedas by Viswamitra that the sun sends seven colours to the Earth.Similarly,It has also been mentioned that the light is sent in 2022 Yojana speed to Earth by Narayana Acharya of the Vijayanagaram Empire of Harihara &Gupta. As regards Newton's Theory of Gravity,this phenomenon had already been mentioned in the Astrology of India.Bhaskaracharya in his book Siddhanthasiromani,in the chapter Bhuvanakosam ,it has been recorded as a definition that the Earth attracts all solid objects in the sky and those which are not attracted equally by other planets would fall to the earth and others attracted by other planets do not fall.This was recorded by Bhaskaracharya who lived between 1114-1185 Besides ,Aryabhata another famous scientist of olden dayS had discovered that Earth was a round planet and this planet revolves around the sun. all the details about earth and sun are recorded in the book called Aryabhatteeyam. However what we have learned is in the name of Galileo and copper Nicuscus.But ,in fact,in AD 449 Aryabhattacharya- 1,When he was 23 year old had written about this. Incidentally India had named their first Sattelite as Aryabhatta. Brahmagupta another Astronomer has written more in detail about Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya in the book Bhramaspuda Siddhantham.he has also recorded about the details and formula of circle in Geometry. Varahamihira yet another Mathetician cum Astrnomer in AD 553 had calculated the longitude and Latitude of Alexandria on the two sides of Green which line which was stated to be in India.Alexandria was located 23.7 degree from Ujjain. A book written by Panini Of India called " Ashtaddhyayi" is stated to be the basis for the German Language. All the diseases likely to affect mankind and about the medicines & Mantras required to be recited while giving the Medicines are described in the is insisted in Adharva Veda that water is one valuable compound required to be given for all diseases. Hippocrates who is known as the father of Modern Medical sciences,says in his book 117 times that he learned the secrets of Medical sciences from two Indians Charakan and Sushruthan
Sushruthan had said in a book that for effective medical treatment the mind and Body should maintain a state of Unity.He had also said that every attack to the human body affects Mind also and vice versa.This is so said by Sushruthan in the book "Sushrutha SA highs" written in 700 BC.Today in America The same principle of treatment is being employed.This is considered as the Quantum healing of the 21st century.It is also said in American medical science that there is no better medicine to activate brain than Yoga and Meditation. According to the Syllabus of Universities in the last chapter of The text books published in America is dedicated to Yoga and Meditation. The Salutation to Sun( Suryanamaskaram) has become a daily routine among Americans and Britishers nowadays. According to the data maintained by the Washington Post and Newyork TimesMagazines,65 percent of the Adults in America Above 40 years perform yoga and Meditation daily. The yogasasthra written by Patanjali Shasthri,there is mention about evolution. It was first said that in 7 days of a week one day should be a holiday was declared first by Chanakya of India And not by Britishers.This is clearly said in his book Athasasthra. The Panchathanthra written by Visnu Sharma in 505 AD is a part of the Syllabus of CIA of America. The world today gives importance to the Heritage of the principles of Medical sciences,Chemistry,Metellurgy,and Astronomy of India. It is said that in the Oxford University In the Boleian Library,20000 Boxes The Indian origin Taliyola grandhas .are kept and is being maintained.It is also said that many discoveries today had the knowledge behind it from the The knowledge gathered from these Grandhas. In Harward University it is said that 442 Hrigveda Grandhas are kept which are of Indian Origin. These are the reasons why Maxmuller had said that the World would Extend their both hands in front of India for useful knowledge. Max Muller had studied Sanskrit for 11 years in Inda and translated 47 books and made one book called The book of Oriental. MaxMuller had said that when Euoropians lived in Darkness there were also one society among Light in India and Unfortunately, the Indians are the Only people who do not know the Indian culture and their enormous value in the Eyes of the World. SreedharanMundanat 22nd of September 2015.

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