Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nitta Gelatin India Ltd,Chalakkudi-Kerala

The Chalakkudi river was one of the purest until at least 1960 Since a long time agitation from the local people is going on in full swing protesting against the emission of effluent chemical parts into the river &polluting it thereby making it detrimental to the human life& agriculture in the sorrounding areas The agitation is being staged against NGIL functioning there. Let us have a glance to the background of how this company was established in Chalakkudi. It is understood that the Company was set up in 1975 in the Joint Sector by M/S.KeralaState Industrial Development Corporation(KSDIC)&Nitta inc.,Japan The Company started Commercial Production in the year 1979.It produces/manufactures Gelatin,Collagen,Peptide,OSSEIN, and DiCalcium Phosphate The company had employes more than 350 people&exported products to Japan to earn foreign exchange to the tune of Rs 100 crores every year.Thus it happened to be a major source of revenue in those days. This it appears continued being continued from years to year. In the olden days ,it appears to me,that Kerala used to get enormous amount of water from rains with the help of the gifted environmental richness &availability of heavy Rains throughout 3 seasons of Edavappathi,the great Monsoon&Thulavarsham.Thus water was plenty in Kerala and the rivers &lakes passing through a result the rivers,Lakes &even ponds were all overflowing without allowing any kind of shortage.This was a Blessings from Nature .No river or lakes got polluted as the running water cleaned the rivers by depositing unwanted materials in in the seas . So the pollutuion&its severe effects were not felt by people&the health hazards were not known. This perhaps helped the Nita Jalatin to go on &on with their business without interruption or threat from any source. However,in 1996 the effects of pollution(ie after a period of the company's existenceof almost 25 years)was felt by many&the company was approached by a group of people called JANANEETHI with complaint of Industrial Pollution of the area &illeffects of the pollution by the Kerala Chemicals &Proteins Limitted to address their problem. The company had to approach the Court. Thereafter,many commitees,Experts,Volounteen Organisation all tried to study &sort out the issue.All the efforts were futile&invain without allowing any relief to the agony of people of Chalakkudi&the sorroundings for the last many years. As no doors were opened inspite of the efforts from various organisations&experts to solve the burning problem of there was no other way other than agitation .The agitations organised from time to time. Finally the people of Chalakkudi& everyone else who shared the views of C halakkudi decided as a last resort to stopthe activities by damaging the Gigantic pipes that connects the factory to the river. This action from the people can not be considered as an offenmjsive actionas the plea from them from time imemorial were all fell in deaf ears of the authorities who are supposed to help them. Recently the Government Home department tried to stop the agitation by force& arresting many a people involved in the agitation.They wereeven put behind bars. Finally the High court of Kerala observed the illegal way of stopping people who were agitating for a noble cause. This observation from court ,though does not appear to have provided any kind of relief to the people there is still a ray of hope for the people that some favourable proceedure would be worked out with a view to closing the actvities of the Factory of Nita Jalatin. High court has specifically pointed out that,suppressing the people who are involved in agitation for a noble cause, by force can not be justified. Let us hope for a better tomorrow. SreedharanMundanat 31st July2013 18-05Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

K.S.Chitra-The Nightingale of Kerala

The Nightingale of Kerala,Krishnan Nair Santhakumari Chitra has copleted 50 years.Congratulations to Smt Chitra for making our hearts thrilled with her sweet voice of the Nightingale since a long time.Most of the Malayalis get up in the morning welcoming her sweet voice in the form of Devotional songs rendered by Smt Chitra in plenty She sings not only beautiful Classical Songs but ,devotional&popular film songs as well. In fact,it is more appropriate and justified to mention that Chitra is welcomed everyday all over the world for her Movie Songs most of which are treat for ears&gives heavenly peace for the hearts of many every day. Smt Chitra's voice &the way sings is so beautiful that one can not afford to forget her melodious songs once listened carefully&with appreciation. Her popular songs in films are 1)Manjal Prasadavum,2)Aayiram Kannumay3)Poomaname,4)Karmukil Varnante5)Varmukile, 6)Varuvanillarum7)Katte nee8)oro pookkalume 9)Kudajadriyil Kudi Kollum &Deepam Deepam as a support to the Ganagandharvan are a few from the enormous Gems of songs available to us . The Clssical songs&Devotional Songs are like an ocean of Music from which it is a futile effort to choose. She is a Master Degree Holder in Music from the University of Kerala She has rendered invaluable songs not only in Malayalam but in the various other languages .To mention some of them them are Telugu,Tamil.Kannada,Hindi,Bengali,Sanskrit,Tulu,Urdu,&Punjabi. Let us wish Smt Chitra the, Chinnakkuyil&Vanambadi, a very long life & every prospects filled in her life. SreedharanMundanat 31stJuly 2013 5-45 Hrs(IST)

Olive Ridley Turtles.

Turtles are mostly found in seas.The come out to the sand beaches also sometimes. I am not referring to the "Hare&Tortoise " Story fo kids in which the fast running hare was defeated by a Tortoise who used his presence of mind&intelligence in race of running.The turtle moved slowly to reach desyination.The hare who was clever after running some distance thought the slow running tortoise would take hours to arrive at the destination. In the meantime,the hare thought,she could take long rest closing her eyes. But unfortunately the hare fell asleep & got up refresh after many hours.In the meantime the slow running/walking tortoise had reached the Destination&thus won the race to take the crown meant for the race as reward. So goes the story. But in respect of all kinds of Turtle the slow nature is main reason for threat to their life The Female turtles generally keep their species by laying eggs.The hatching period for the tutles depend up on the type of the turtles There are large number&different types of the turtles all over the world are found in seas all over the world There are some types of turtles living in rivers ,lakes &even ponds probably migrated from sea via shore to their new shelter.Basically Turtles are sea animals. A few of the different types of turtles are Box turtles,Painted turtles & so on. A few of the well known turtle4s of many a turtles in the world are shown above :
Rhe above pictures are a few out of enormous number of turtles found all over the world. %They are Seanecked Turtle,Side necked ,Russian Tortoises,Loggerhead sea turtles,Hidden necked ,Green sea turtles,Galapagos turtles . It is next to impossible to depict all turtles in the world because whereever sea &seashore are available Turtles are are supposed to be the members of the Turtles are very beautiful but helpless creatures.Their shell on the back is the only weapon that protects them from being killed by other animals&birds. Men&women are not less in this regard as compared to animals &birds because fortunately or unfortunately the the flesh of turtles are found to be one of the most nutritious diet for human beings also. So whereever turtles are available poachers&hunters also exist. Turtles are very costly commodity which has high selling value &market all over the world. The food habits of Turtles:Generally yurtles eat leaf items likeLettuce,Corn,Green beans,CarrotsApples,Banana&Tomato. Generally they are vegetarians especially sea turtles.A Turtles ,however eat meat also. The main Nonveg diets of turtles are Jelly Fish,Seaweed,Crabs,Shrimp,Sponges&Snails. Reproduction habits:The turtles are egg laying species. The eggs are hatched out by male or female Turtles depending upon the temperature of the ar It is not easy to ensure the number of turtles all over the world because Male&Juvenile turtles do not return to shore once they hatch&return to the ocean.So it is very hard effort to track them again. Sea turtles are found in all warm&temperate waters throughout the world &migrate hundreds of miles/or hundres of KMs between nesting &feeding grounds.Most of the sea turtles encounter long migration even to a distance of around 1400 miles(2240 Kms approx)between their feeding ground & beaches/Shores where they nest. Sea Turtles spend most of their life in water.When females come to the beach/Shore the dig out nest in the ground using their flippers.They bury their clutch of eggs in this nest &return to ocean.BUT THEY NEVER RETURN TO SEE# WHAT HAPPENED TO THIER EGGS OrTO SEE THEIR young ones. The young ones,however, after hatching takes more than a week to emerge by digging out themselves out of their nest digged by their mother female.What a peculiar phenomenon!!!.And alas!they emerge only at night ,perhaps, to avoid the deadly eyes of human beings& move to the sea slowly without being noticed by their animal enemies and Human Enemies.They remain in the sea until the mate time is approached.that is until they mature!. This is the way the God taught to protect themselves&also by using their hard shell behind them.When they pull neck inside &lie motionless they mostly ecape notice by Animals.The human at midnight do not wander in beach or shore fearing themselves.Fear is the Key for Men,Women&Animals!!!. WHAT A SECRET TRUTH THE ANIMALS &HUMAN EQUALLY SHARE!!!. Let me be a bit personal in this context.When I was a kid of 6 years ,I still remember, I had waited for a **************************************************************************************************************** tortoise gone into water to emerge.Hours long wait did not produce any result until my mother searched & found me ******************************************************************************************************************* at the shore of the Pond where I was waiting & took me home.The rest what could have happened is left for the ******************************************************************************************************************* readers to imagine. *********************** The mating season of Turtles/Tortoises is from March to October depending on the Species. The Gestation is from 6 to 10 weeks depending on the species again. The size/Number of eggs is from 70 to 190 eggs again depending on the species. I had read a news in Media recently that a voluntery orgahisation during their routine watch over the beach shore in Kasrgod Beach in the early morning found a freshly dug Turtle nest very well concealed.There were more than 100 turtle eggs in the nest .The organisation, luckily for the turtle,being voluntary nature transferred the eggs into a bucket,took them to a hatchery where they are being protected from predators&poachers.It is also said that after carefully protedting them secretly,perhaps,without being noticed by unscrupolous poachers. Their idea behing offering this protection was with a view to ensuring that they are allowed to go back to the sea at the right time. This Media report PROMPTED ME TO ATTEMPT THIS BLOG ON ONE OF THE MOST INNOCENT SPECIES IN THE WORLD. THE "SEAWORLD" AT SAN DIEGO,CALIFORNIA [USA] is the BEST PLACE TO FIND ALL KINDS OF TURTLES IN THE WORLD. Besides,It is also underdtood that the species they rescued at Kasargod belonged to the Species OLIVE RIDLEYTURTLE Species{Please refer to the PICTURE at the TOP of this BLOG} This Turtle is a rare one & is visiting KASARGOD after a very long time of missing the beach.For that matter it also gathered that many a years different species of Turtles were regular visitors.But they stopped visiting, it seems,they feared becoming the victims of poachers who are cruel human beings who do not spare the most innocent slowly crawling creatures of the God.BE KIND TO ANIMALS!THEY HELP US IN MANY WAYS!OFFER THEM HELP IN RETURN!!!. SreedharanMundanat 30th JULY2013(19-03Hrs IST)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Right of the Court of Law-A dscussion

This Blog is in continuation of the Blog Dt 26th/27th of July2013 relating to " Day & Night Agitaion on Solar scam" One of the top leaders of the Agitating section had mentioned that the Trial Court has no right to Declare an Advocate appointed by an accused as seems the remark of the leader is to some extent valid & logical. But unfortunately for the leader& fortunately for the Court of Law,the Judge has just prevented the advocate from taking Statement from the accused in the jail & not disqualified him. Apart from this,the Judge had valid reasons to make such an order as there had been numerous lies spread in the Media according to the Judge.The judge had made it more clearer by stating that the Trial court has right only to Record secret confession from an accused to the acceptance of a crime committed by him/ But according to the Judge the reports spread in the media were lies& had no relevance to the case in court. It is because of this & particularly in view of the fact that the accused was educated& capable of writing a petition to the court is due to this the Judge prevented the advocate from writing petition on behalf of The accused & not in any manner DISQUALIFIED the Advocate. The decision of the judge is within his right & not the way in which the agitating leader imagined SreedharanMundanat 28th July2013 20-42(IST)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Butterflies-Small beautiful wonders

Please rejoin me in the older blogs of April 18 2013,28th April 2013&29th May 2013 on BUTTERFLUIES Butterflies are very small &beautiful wonders of the world.Their life span is not very long. But within their existence they visit many a beautiful flowers,they entertain your darling Kids&perform many more things. Butterflies are very sensitive creatures of God. Within their limited span of life,they live like any other living things. Believe it or not ,like everything else,they too need water&minerals to maintain their life. In hot places sand dunes are found which do contain minerals&water. The little wonders Butterflies also need water&Minerals. They look for it in Sand dunes &suck minerals& water. The picture above shows some butterflies sucking sand dune to consume water. They perform this in most diciplined manner. Those who do not observe 'Q'should learn from butterflies. Of course they have come from the wings of Rainbow with love to entertain you! SreedharanMundanat 28th July2013 10-12 hrs(IST)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day& Night Agitation on Solar Scam

All people in India must be aware of the terms"Day& Night Pharmacy",Day& Night Medicals"&"Day& Night Dispensary" and so on.But have you ever heard about "Day& Night Agitation"? If not, you can visit Kerala to know more about it. A new form of Agitation by opposition parties is termed this way.Very intellegent& clever people in selecting slogans& new political terms! This kind of agitation is being staged from Kasargod to Parassala by the left opposition parties protesting against the CM of the state with allegation that his office was directly involved in the Solar scam & hence should resign. Every where in Kerala the agitators organized posters & placards to make people aware of it inspire of the fact That the Kerala people are generally fully educated & capable of reading News papers& also understanding what they read. The agitation in TVM was not found right by the court & directed the home department to register cases against the top leaders of the agitating section.Presumably due to this ,one of the top leaders shifted venue to northern part of Kerala where the party has more followers & believers in it. There the leader declared that the party is ready to face election if the rotten ruling party Government falls to the ground & injured beyond repairThe leader also mentioned that their party would not take initiative to overthrow the Government installed by the Ruling Party. All these allegations were based on the involvement of certain persons with two accused in the Fraud Case. All such individuals were booked by the Home Department& cases registered against them .Most of such are being put to Custody in Jails also. The CM ,who agreed to have erred in the matter of managing his office & until the Police enquiry of the case is over & the the top office bearers at Delhi tells him to resign,the question of resigning did not arise. All the allegations made by the opposition were based purely on Media Reports about the second accused in the scam, a lady had given secret statements to the Judge of the trial court saying that ministers & individuals belonging to the ruling party werebinvolved in it. This kind of Media reports& allegation appeared in the media were denied by the Judge of the trial court branding Them as pure lies. The Judge also is understood to have mentioned that the Court is entitled to accept just the confession statement to a case by an accused& nothing else. In the meantime a higher court had made a passing remarks the it appeared that everything was not going well with the case. It is on this remarks the agitating parties had strengthened the Agitation. With the declaration by the Trial court mentioned above, all the Agitations all over Kerala staged until now become Null& Void. The agitating parties even dared to go to the extend of publicly mentioning in meetings that a woman Constable accompanied the lady accused to the court had overheard about the statements made to the Judge by the accused and this information was available to the Public. Thus the final outcome of the scam & relating allegations based on false Media reports & speeches staged by the opposition seem to be inconclusive. So it is necessary to wait & see what is being developed on the Scam& Day& Night Agitations a little longer until the trial is over. The trial court has denied the advocate of the lady accused not to take any statements from the accused as it appeared that Scripts are being made outside Jail to stage drama with a view to putting entire blame for the Petition to the court on the shoulders of the accused. In view of the above developments ,let us wait for some time more to watch the dramas patiently& with humorous interest. SreedharanMundanat Saturday,the 27 th of July 2013

Most genuine treat for ears among Malayalam Movie Songs

Shri.K.J.Yesudad needs no introduction to Malayalis.Not only Malayalis but entire world where there are genuine Music lovers. One of my most favourite songs,in fact the best in my books,is a song in a movie known as "Neelakkadambu" released sometime in the 80s. The song is studded with beautiful words.The lyrics of the song is so beautiful that it indicates one of the most meaningful poetry in literature among Movie songs.You can not find any controversial or words in it that can not be heard in family circles in front of children.It is like a garland of meaningful &pleasant words studded in it. The tune of the song was composed by Late Shri Ravindran. The singer ,of course the the God gifted Golden voice in Malyalam Shri K.J.Yesudas partly assisted by Smt Chiitra another golden voice in Malayalam. Once you hear this song you would feel like hearingit again &again. The song is available on YouTube with easy search. Here are the serach words you would like to have readily. The Movie: "Neelakkadambu" The song: "Deepam !Deepam! Sandhyadeepam"..................... Try this song to make your day &night echoing it in your ears. All the Best. SreedharanMundanat Friday 26th July2013 22-29 hrs(IST)

Second onedayer at Harare between India&Zimbabve-A matter of test of strength for Indiatrength

The second ODI today(the 26th July2013) began disasrerously for India with the fall of 4 important wickets of Rohit Sharma,Virat Kohli,Ambati Raidu&Suresh Raina within the completion of 17 overs for a paltry score of 65 for 4. The strikers for Zimbabve were Vittori,Jarvis&Chatara who claimed 2,1&1 wickets respectively Thus as an experiment of a new strategy for Zimbabve to opt for Bowling, even after winning Toss deviating from the traditional method of batting first in a pitch which was not affected by weather,paid dividend for them initially. However,what we saw later was something cheerful for India .Dinesh Karthik joined Shikar Dhavan, the opener at the fall of wicket of Suresh Raina at b65 for 4. The two together took India to 232 for 5, a partnership of 167 runs when Dinesh Karthik lost his wicket for an individual score 69 consisting of 6 fours.The score card read 232/5As is mostly the convention in cricket,Shikar Dhavan followed his partner Karthik in the 44th over when he lost his wicket for a Glorious 116 runs which contained ELEVEN 4s&TWO 6s.Indeed a bold &fluent contribution from the master of big hits.His induction into TEAM INDIA was a bit late though the selectors opened their eyes later than never! At the fall of Dhavan,the score card read 237 for 6 wicket. In the remaining 5 overs to complete the allotted 50 overs,the batsmen AmitMishra,R.Jadeja,Mohamed Shami& R.VINAYKUMAR from Karnataka added 57 runs to make it tp a final tally of 294 for 8 wickets in allotted 50 overs. The final over in which R>VINAYAKUMAR starred fetched the highest score of 23 runs in an over in this match. R.VINAYKUMAR had smashed 2 SIXERS& 2 FOURS in the final over. The wicket of Virat Kohli the skipper had become a matter of controversy .Waller who took his catch was doubtful about it's genuin nature himself &referred to the third eye who adjudged as "OUT" .Kohli who refused to leave crease had to walk back to the pavilion muttering to himself. The Telivision display ,however, was inconclusive partially favouring the Batsman.It looked as if the benefit of doubt could have been afforded to the batsman. The Zibabve innings in reply was not anything less than India & began with a bang.Zimbabve collected 109 runs fromjust 20 overs resulting in shivers in Team India.Anxiety entered into the hearts of Team India&many Indians watching live on the ground as well as glued to TV sets all over India&abroad. But Alas! The 21st over produced relief to the Indians without allowing their anxiety &grief to last any longer! Both Sibanda,the opener&hero of the day for Zimbabve for the day,&Captain Tailor(one of the finest batsman for Zimbabve)removed by J.D.Unadkat the former caught by Mishra &the later 'run out" by executing a fine throw. Later on Utseya with a half century,Masakadza&Chigambura tried their level best to find home but ended in disappointment. Finally Zimbabve finished their innings at 236 for 9 wickets thereby extending yet another win for Team India by a reasonable margin of 58 runs.India now lead 2-0 in the series. SreedharanMundanat Friday, July 26 2013 20-557 hrs(IST)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The inaugural onedayer between India&Zimbabve began today at Harare Sports Club Stadium,Zimbabve The match progressed without any interruption unlike England&West Indies. Rain preferred to behave co-operative & friendly without playing spoilsport as it happened recently in England&West indies Zimbabve won the toss &elected to make use of bat first in the traditional manner. There is not much to tell about the Zimbabve innings except the good knock from Sikandar Raza the opener made 82 glorious runs to finish their final scote at 228 in their scheduled 50 overs, India began their innings with a bang but lost Shikar Dhavan early to be followed by Rohit Sharma scoring 17&20 runs respectively. There after Virat Kohli,the skipper&Ambati Rayudu sreadied the innings with a century&half century respectively In the crucial stage of the innings when India could have registered a magnificent win by 8 wickets Virat Kohli lost his wicket. Suresh Raina who joined Rayudu also lost his wicket, for reason best known to him executing an indifferent stroke.For a player of Raina's calibre this shot was something cricket lovers can not relish. Any how,Abati Rayudu with an unbeaten 63&Dinesh Kartik ,who joined him at the fall of Suresh Raina's wicket, scored an unbeaten 8 runs to find India home So,India now leads 1-0, the series of 5 matces,the remaining 4 matches to be played at Harare Sports Club Stadium on 26th&28th of July 2013 and Queen's Sports Club Stadium,Bulawayo on 1st&3rd August 2013. The scheduled time of the matches is 12-30 hrs (IST) on all the remaining 4 days. With every good wishes to both Zimbabve& Indian teams,I wish to take leave of you for the time being .Rest in next. SreedharanMundanat 24th July 2013 20-03 Hrs(IST)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

JoeRoot Anew promise for England-Rejoinder to blog dt 14th December2012

joe Root,a highly promising young 22 year old cricketerbelongs to yorkshire.He had his Test cricket debut in the Indian soil in November-December of 2012.He began with a bang in India but just missed his first Century on debut. Thereafter he played 7 Test matches inclusive of the present Ashes series being played in England now.He has scored a century today at Lords agaist Australia So far from 7 tests played he has a century&2 50s to his credit At the moment he has 150 runs to his credit&still kicking. Adeclaration after a lead of 525 runs is on the card though the mystery behind continuing is beast known to Alistair Cook the captain of England. 2 more days still left in the match the prispects of England to win is on the card.2-00 lead if they make in this Ashes,it could enhance the chances of England to win the ashes series provided rains do not play spoilsport. All the Best to England&Australia. SreedharanMundanat 20th July,201320-10 hrs(IST)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rejoinder to blog dt 19/20thof bJuly2013-Believe it or not"

the photo of Jason Holder who was the hero of West Indies today(19tyh July) to stage a miracle of Tie at St KLucias is shown above SreedharanMundanat 20th July 2013 3-46 hrs(IST) sreedharanMundanat

Believe it or not

Beloeve it or not.It was a miracle at St Lucia Stadium in West Indies.The 3rd one dayer staged here on 19th July between WI&Pakistan.After winning Toss Captain Bravo sent Pakistan to bat. Pakistan struggled but their Captain Misbah&Wicket KeeperAkmal managed a respectable 229 runs. When WI went to bat ,it looked with their best players including Gayle,Pollard,Bravo&Simmons in the line up would easily get away with a win to find WI home. But destiny thought akltogether differently. Gayle did not last long.Later on in the innings when Simmons &Capt Bravo gathered momentum from a slow start, Simmons fell after making a match winning score of 75. With Capt Bravo,Pollard,Sammy to follow it still looked within the grip of WI with a bit of late burst-s to win . Butb unfortunately everyone of them fellat the most crucialjuncture leaving Roach&Holder(lower&upper in the above photos respectively)to get 49 runs from the final 4 overs. Both of them rose to the occasion with the last wicket in hand. They did not disappoint the West Indies spectators.Both together mustered 48 runs with 6s&4s to create a miracle of a TIE. In other words,WI staged a sweet Jail break while Pakistan sustained a Shell shock. To me it seemed Captain Dhoni while sitting in the pavilion watching the matches taught the West Indians how to execute Helicopter Shots to come out in flying colors (Here it was not a win but as good as a win)in the end of a match. It was a repeat of what Dhoni did a week earlier in West Indies against the Srilankan who were preparing ti plant kisses on the Trination Cup. It was a pleasure to watch this match in the drawing room after sacrificing much needed sleep SreedharanMundanat 20thJuly-2013 3-27 hrs(IST) b

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Ashes-Historical Rivalry betweenAustralia&England

England has won the first Test of the Ashes Series today defeating Australia by just bu 14 runs on the final Day.An amazing victory indeed! But Aistralians were not less than England in the manner they played. But James Anderson tirned out to be the deciding factor for England taking 5 wickets each on the 2 innings pf Australia The Australians,however,can hold their heads up taking into account the performance of Debutant Ashton Agar,IanBell, Haddin&Siddle. The most significant&stricking comparison of this match to the total number of Ashes matches played until today are that the two rival sides have played since 1882-83 67 matches out of which both the sides have won 31 series each and 5 of them Drawn.This clearly indicate how much equal both the Nations are today as far as Cricket is concerned. So ,all the Best to both the Australians&England in the remaining tests in this Ashes Series. On this occasion it would be most appropriate remembering &paying tributes to Sir Donald Bradman and Paul Wilson Brooks Paul Brooks the eighteen year old then(Born 1n May 1921& died in January 1946)played once fpr England county Middlesex in 1939 before he was drafted to the World war.In this match he had scpred a handful of 44 runs. But the most striking fact that made him famous was that Paul Brooks in 1938 while serving at Lords as ground staff,he got a chance to bowl to Sir Bradman on the Nets at Lords.The first ball he bowled uprooted the middle stump of the veteran.Sir Bradman had to leave his head lowering.But he appreciated the takent of the Youngster. Paul Brppks did not get any more occasion to play cricket as he was killed after injury in the War. SreedharanMundanat 14th July 2013,Sunday 19-55 HrsIIST)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Veteran Pran passes away-Rejoinder to Blog dt 12th April 2013

The Phalke award winner of this year passes away in Mumbai at the Lilawati Hospital Friday night. The most deserving winner of Phalke award ,who reigned the Bollywood Silver Screen for many a year was 93 years old. An irreparable loss to Film world of India. The most famous (a few of them)films of the Veteran are Zanjir,Ram our Shyam,Johny mera Naam&Madhumati&Karz The funeral is to take place in the Shivaji Park ,at Dadar ,Mumbai on 13th Saturday noon Pran was ill for sometime and was unable to reach Delhi to receive the Award which was later on presented to Pran by the Information&Broadcasting Minister Manish Tiwari personally at his Mumbai residence to honour Pran. May Pran's soul rest in Eternal Peace SreedharanMundanat 13th July 2013 7-55Hrs(IST)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

AGAR TUM NA HO..........................!

A new Star has risen in the Galaxy of Australian cricket. I am referring to a new number eleven player to hold the bat.His name is Ashton Agar. As his name suggests he deserved the most vital Ton in an ASHES SERIES.bUT HE COULD NOT GET IT ,hE WAS FINALLY OUT at98 from 101 balls with 12 hits to the Boundary&2 sixes also. Although he could not achieve his most deserving TON,his individual score of 98 is still a World record in the History of Cricket. On the second day of the 1st Ashes test against England,the Australians were in a very bad situation at 117 for 9 wickets against the 215 scored by England in their first innings. But then,Ashton Agar with the able support from PJ.Hughes (81 NO from 131 balls)lifted Ausralia to a reasonably good score in comparison to the England scoreof 215.Australia finished their first innings at 280 ie a lead of 65v vital runs. Ashton Agar being a debutant(a slow left arm orthodox bowler) deserves every kind of praise Congratulations to ASH TON Agar,though he could not get a ton in the Ashes series. SreedharanMundanat 11th July2013,Thursday 20-10 Hrs IST

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Water and Biodiversity

This Blog also serves as a rejoinder to my earlier Blog on " Three elements to & of Life"(blog Dt Thursay 15th December 2011). This Blog was created to stree upon the absolute need for water,light,& air to keep human beings alive.The food was mentioned therein as a supplement to three essential elements.This Blog was also meant to highlight the disastrous effect of water,light& air by way of floods,Draught&storm ( including TSunami) .And this was also in the context of Earthquake which could do damages to the Mullaperiyar Dam. The idea behind the Blog was to highlight that the same essential elements to & of Life could also become detrimental to life& since earthquake consequent storms could destroy life ,the dam of Mullaperyar was necessary to be rebuilt with more& absolute strength to withstand the devasting forces of Nature which no one could predict. The TN Chief Minister was repeatedly saying that Earthquakes can not destroy Mullaperiyar Dam as it was strong& safe.Until now what she said prevailed .But still,there is no guarantee that the Dam could be safe from Earthquakes as no one has scientifically proved it beyond doubt.So Kerala is still under threat from Earthquake& yet another TSunami.Let the fate of the Dam hang in balance until something good like a new Dam or bad like it's destroyal takes place.No one could categorically state the Dam is safe as some scientific reports from IIT Rourkee remains still inconclusive.Let us ,for the time being ,leave Mullaperiyar Dam where it is to It's fate in the hands of Politicians who are more interested in Dispute than the Safety of the People. This year United Nations Has redesignated May 22nd As the International Day for Biological Diversity Day. The Theme of the year suggested by the United Nations is "WATER and BIODIVERSITY. An article written by ShriPrakash Nelliyat an environmental Economist with Nation Biodiversity Authority throws a a lot of Light on the burning issue Water & other related environmental factors . What is Biodiversity?: ********************** Variety of plants,Animals,Microorganisms,& the ecosystems in which these exist can be generally termed as Biodiversity. Water & Biodiversity are interdependent.In reality ,the Hydrological CycleDecides how Biodiversity could function. In other words the Soil Drive& vegetation decides the movements of Water. To elaborate every glass of water we drink Has proportionately Passed through fish,Trees,bacteria!soil and other Organisms.By this passing through ecosystems,Water gets cleaned& become fit for consumption. So the availability of water is a very significant feature provided to us by environment.So ,it is biodiversity Is just an ability of Nature to Recycle Water throughouT. However,when population and their requirement starts to increas!there would be proportionate stress to the Water This is the basic reason for the change in climate,rising cost of Food& Energy & consequent Global economic crisis togetherwith poverty,inequality& underdevelopment. Lack of Access to safe drinking water is thus an important issue especially in developing countries. Today about 40% Of World Population experience some form or other of Water scarcity.Lack of Basic services like Water supply& Sanitation thus Leads to insecurity,Political instability& even armed conflict in developing countries. Plants,soil& Animals apart from sustaining Hydrological cycle,play also a significant role in the purification of water. Water land Plants : Water has also close relationship with environmental changes also. As everyone knows,water is required not merely by human beings but every form of life on this Planet. There are enormous(very difficult to count& arrive at the figures exactly& correctly) living things in this world. Some of the animals & insects living in water solely depend upon water to survive. So if we waste & do not take proper care to protect water,it implies that we are indirectly killing many animals without our knowing it. Plants helps protect& make water more pure. To make it clearer,the forests influence Hydrological cycle by directly affecting the rates of Transpiration& evaporation&how water is routed & stored in watershed. Forest soils absorb,capture,& sustain certain amount of water.Deforestation increases soil erosion which reduces land productivity and causes water scarcity in Downstream areas.One third of the World's largest cities get a significant portion of their drinking water supply from Forest Areas. In other words,forests are part of Biodiversity& cities depend on Biodiversity for their need of Drinking Water. This gives us a fairly good suggestion and warning for the destroyers of Forests. Water is everything in life.Pure Drinking Water is the right for Humanbeings more than food because our life Mainly depend upon 3 Elements.Water,Light& Air.Food is a supplement ingredient to these three elements of life although Food is also essential for survival.But then ,one could survive for a long time without food whereas it is absolutely unimaginable To live without Water,Air& Light even for a single day. Plants,Soils ,Animals including birds & insects,not only sustain the Hydrological cycle but also play a significant Role in purifying water.Wetland plants remove high level of Nutrients such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen thus preventing them from reaching drinking water. Toxic substances such as heavy Metals from water are also removed by Wetland Plants.Water when flows Downstream it's Quality improves drastically as the Biodiversity( Ie mainly Bacteria,Animals& Plants) breaks down impurity and makes them fit for Drinking. There is widespread failure to recognize the Vital Role of Water& Biodiversities in providing Food,Energy, and Disaster relief& environmental sustainability.The main reason for this is that there are no markets or value for Good& Services derived from Ecosystem Once such a System is established,in the proper Spirits it could lift people from suffering from Poverty & Diseases Ignoring this kind of needs is, perhaps,is the reason for destroying KANDAL FORESTS on the bank of Rivers in a place in Kerala to establish a park for entertaiment with a view to collecting a nominal fee for entrance to the park.Ignorance is sometimes Bliss.But not always .the Park ,however,was derecognised later on & closed by the Central Government. To conclude ,the Environment,Ecosystem,water& Biodiversity are topics for unending thoughts concerning Human beings. Water is the most vital part of it. Ignore water &one is ignoring life.Water is the most essential & unavoidable ingredient to life which enables us to lead Peaceful& Happy Life. Sreedharan Mundanat 10th July 2013 13-15 Hrs( IST)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Never tease&abuse Kids

This Blog is a real happening¬ a story.There are many a fiction and even movies of similar nature.But this does not come out of any such hearsay. A four year old in the vicinity of our residence was abused by her mother for some mischief she did. She got extremely annoyed over this and decided to hide for sometime.She chose the worst&most dangerous place to hide.In the terrace of the 4 storied building& that too in the water tank spot overhead.She climbed the iron ladder to the water tank and went on hiding.Poor girl.She fell asleep. Alas!it wasthe most dangerous place to hide&sleep she never knew!. The parents of the girl on the arrival mof the father from the office started searching for the child.They searched all over the building,the neighbourhood&the terrace.But invain. By the time the news spread like wild fire and a lot of people gathered at the building. At last they decided to report the incident to the Police.The father rushed to the police station By this time ,a lucky lady in the crowd who was standing there looking at the terrace found the tip of a red dress in the overhead water tank.She suspected the presence of the girl&went to have a look at along with a few men from the crowd. When they climbed the ladder to the water tank &looked inside the place,they were in for a surprise and got delighted!.The girl was sleeping there peacefully. The father of the girl came back with a policeman.On hearing the news of finding the girl,he left laughing. Had this happened in the USA,the parents of the girl would have been fined heavily if not imprisonment for a few days. The conclusion .Never tease or abuse your kids.Keep them always happy&smiling. SreedharanMundanat 6th July,2013 19-46 HrS(IST)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Night Parrot

I write this with the hope that Bird Lovers&watchers would gladly welcome this. Mr.John King ,a prominent Bird Lover&watcher has found a Night Parrot ,an endangered bird,in Australia after more than 100 years. He says he had demonstrated the Pictures &Videos of one of the rarest species, in the Queensland Museum.on the 3rd of July2013. He has ,however,taken a very wise decision not to disclose the location where he found the Bird fearing danger to the Parrot&with a view to protecting the Species. Perhaps, he maintains this view to avoid the arrival of Bird hunters at the location of the Parrots with a view to capturing&taking them as pet birds to sell. He also says that the Parrot is a small yellowish-green commonly found in the continent of Australia. The Night Parrot is considered to be one of the most elusive and Mysterious birds in the World,without sightings between 1912&1979.This leads to the speculation that it was an extinct parrot. It is also said the sightings since 1979 have been extremely rare. The scientific name of this Parrot is Pezoporus Occidentalis. Sreedharan Mundanat 5th July 2013