Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Australian Dilemma

The Australians on the eve of 2nd Test at Hyderabad,look they are in a Dilemma &utter confusion about what happened to them at Chennai.tgheir main confusion is while their Pacers were among wickets why the Indian Spinners dominated over the Australian Batsmen. Their best striker Shane Watson who alone capable of humiliating the Indians with both Bat&Ball is also feeling that he missed bowling in Chennai. The Indians on the contrary are full of enthusiasm&are raring to go once again against the mighty Australians. This being the situation prevailing at the moment,an interesting contest is in the offing.Cricket Lovers could expect a feast at Hyderabad especially because the australians are more or less like wounded Tigers. in the circumstances,can anyone suggest to Australians how to pass on through the Horns of a Dilemma(here it is spin)? SreedharanMundanat 1st March2013 12-50Hrs(IST)

Lucky win for Kerala in both Soccer &Cricket

it could be surprise for many on two counts. The first is the win over Maharashtra in the Famous Santhosh Trophy Soccer tournament Semi&a win over the greatpunjab Team captained by Yuvraaj Singh in cricket.Yuvraaj Singh must be wondering why he took a break from Test Matches against Australia for the sake of his home Team. The sad happening was the Golden double Duck from YUvraj though he had in bag 3 important scalps of the Kerala Team. But unfortunately his team mates did not rise to the occasion when he failed in Batting&KErala took full advantage of this&won for the first time over a big team. Let us forget Cricket today. I was to write about Soccer . The Kerala in the Semi final against Maharashtra scored an unexpected lucky win to enter final after a long time. Usman opened the Account with a penality Kick. After a boring game until the end ,in extra time Sibilal scored the winner forKerala. Any how a win is a win. So all the best for Kerala in the Final against PUNJAB orKARNATAKA SreedharanMundanat 1st February2013 7-05AM(IST)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Glorious win for India

In the first Test match against Australia India extended their lead to 572. M.S.Dhoni was the first to return to the pavilion but only after making an inspiring 224 runs from just 265 balls he faced.By that time he had left all the records behind except that of the great wicket keeper Andy Flower who had made a highest score by a wicket keeper 232 runs.But it made no difference to MSD so long as he had ensured that he could force a win over the great Australians.And he did it.Even after his departure B.Kumar who had given him able company overnight helped India to enhance the lead to a formidable 572 runs.The lead over Australia was a fantasic 192 runs enough to try for a win with one more day was left to play. Towards the stumps on the 4th day Australia was struggling. How Captain Dhoni managed this was very interesting.Knowing well being the captain of CHENNAI SUPERKINGS also,he was aware of the nature of the pitch which was suceptible to take spin.Like the New Zealand Captains who experimented with opening the innings with Spinners instead of Pacers,Dhoni too resorted to this method with his trusted bowler Ravichandran Aswin an orthodox bowler who could also bpowl offspin well.This decision paid the dividend for India. He had 5 more scalps besides his 7 in the first innings.his victims were the top batsmen of Australia Shane Watson,Covan Cap Clarke,Pattinson&Starc. However their debutant Henrique in the companay of Lyon took the battle to the 5th day. on the 5th day morning ,however,the inevitable had happened.their lead ended at 49. India needing 50 runs to win did the formality soon after & emerged with flying colors of an Eight Wicket win taking the the series to 1-0 Most deserving M.S.Dhoni ewwas declared as the Man of the Match.And thats the end of First Test Match against Australia at at Chepauk,Chennai SreedharanMundanat 26th Feb2013 at13-40 hrs(IST)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

S.R.Tendulkar-The Guardian of Indian Cricket

Time&again,I have been highlighting the value&the pride of Indian cricket are concentrated on one great person Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Once again he has proved that Indian cricket can not flourish without him In the first Test match at Chepauk stadium,chennai India was about to face yet another tragedy,SRT came to the rescue of his motherland. Indian openers were removed without any significant score from them.It looked India was going to ruin themselves against the traditional pace and spin attack from the famous Australians who had been ruling International cricket for the last many years. The great Shane Warne,Glen Magrath,Bret Lee,Mitchel Johnson,Shane Watson and many more were dictating terms to the other cricket playing Nations until recently. In Chennai during their current tour Australians did not look different in the absence of many of the above stars who have been replaced by many a new players who are equally good in their role if not better! Virat Kohli&Cheteswar Poojara ,however ,helped Tendulkar in guarding the tradition of Indian Cricket. With India winning the world cup under the captaincy of M.S.Dhoni at Bombay on 2nd April 2011 Virat Kohli had said"Sachin had carried us on his shoulders all these years.It is now our turn to carry him on our shoulders".Saying this the team members carried Sachin around the Wankhedes Stadium.Yuvraj Singh was yet another player who was responsible for the *Indian triumph though he is not playing in this Test Match. In a function in Mumbai,when a press reporter asked Sachin whether there was anyone in India to break his records,pat came reply from Sachin pointing out to Virat Kohli in the front row in front of him"yes he is the one who was going to break his records. Today at Chepauk Stadium ,we saw both together in the rescuing act. Sachin was out unfortunately at 81.But Kohli still continues the act where Sachin had left it with an unbeaten 82 runs in the able company of his captain M.S.Dhoni. At lunch on the third day of the test match,India was in a favourable position to take lead on the Australian first Innings. Rest in my next at the appropriate time. SXreedharanMundanat 24th February 2013 ,Sunday at12-15 Hrs(IST)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gulls a beautiful friendly Bird

Writing Blogs on Cricket has become rather a boring affairs with the introduction of New T20 Cricket particularly the IPL which is gradually &surely ruining the Traditional Test Cricket which was being enjoyed by the world hitherto especially Australia,England,India,NewZealand,West Indies,Pakistan&Srilanka as a matter of National Pride It was Australia,in fact, who first introduced the controversial Packer Series which slowly attracted the attention of other cricket playing Nations one after another.So as a matter of relief from Cricket ,I am planning to switch over to other interesting topics after the visit of Australians to India This is an attempt to begin with, a topic concerning beautiful Gulls. Gulls are beautiful friendly Birds,There are many a variety ofGulls all over the World.Gulls are migrant seasonal Birds.Alhough they are very friendly birds,they are not for men/women to tame &make pet birds. Perhaps,one could infer the reason for this peculiar nature.They migrate from place to place during seasons.When So they can not remain at one place for the reason that when Winter becomes very severe they can not remain there&will have to fly to warmer places.Now think about Caged birds.After all birds are free to fly all over the World.It is rather cruelm pleasure to keep them in a cage for one's pleasure to watch them.Those who are happy in deriving cruel pleasure at the expense of others might think on these lines.In fact Parrots are friendly&can be tamed.No one could say he/she does notlike watching& feeding Parrots with different kind of fruits.Parrots are fond of Fruits&grains Coming back to Gulls, they are found all over the world especially where sea coast in available. In nations like Australia,Newzealand,Atlantic coast,Curribian sea coast many a varieties of Gulls are found. The migrant birds have selected stop overs all over the world to reach those places regulary according to change in seasons. The state of Kerala in India is one of the many stop overs being selected by Birds like Gulls. Gulls are regular&prompt visitors to the cricket Stadiums all over Australi, NewZealand& even England. Malapuram District is a regular Stop over for migrant Birds&Bird watchers.It is a significant stop over in the Indian Subcontinent for Migrant Birds from Europe& Atlantic Regions. After spotting Blacklegged Kittiwake at Malapuram District as early as inFebruary 2008 the Research Team on Water birds were unable to confirm it's identity despite a series of discussion with The Ornithologists at the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology &Natural History(SACON) at Coimbatore. The Blacklegged Gulls sighted in Malpuram District were again sighted at Chavakkad near Guruvayur in January 2013. All along there were just 5 occasions earlier when this Blacklegged Gulls were sighted in India. The first occasion was in Morgin Goain January 2005.The second at Kadalundi, in Malapuram District.Alibagh in Maharashtra in November 2012,Majuli.Assam in the same month &year and the final sighting in Chavakkad in February 2013. ARCTIC TERN ************ This is a SeaBird.This beauriful Bird is the one ,Believe it or not, is the bird which flies over 70,900KMs every year seeing 2 Summers in a year as the wonderful Bird flies fro Arctic land to Antarctica &back. It lays it's egg in North Pole.Flies to South Pole&back.The male feeds the chics. Arctic Tern has a life span of 30 Years The food is mainly SmallFish&other Marine vertebrates. So the World of Birds is a field where one could find many an interesting unity&Diversity. SreedharanMundanat 20th February2013 11-30HRS(IST)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pakistan vsS.Africa2nd Test match at Caprtown.-Pakistan collapse on 4th day

This is a rejoinder to my Blog on the 2nd test between SA&Pakistan.Blog Dt 15th Feb 2013 refers. on the 1st& &3rd day Pakistan do perform well to emberass SotTh AFRICA PARTICULARLY sAEED aJMAL WHO CLAIMED 6 IMPORTANT WICKETS OF SA.The followingthe victims of Ajmal Capt Smith-19runs A.N.Petersen-17runs H.M.Amla-25runs F duPlessis(the big hitter)-28 VeteranJ.H.Kallis-2 runs D.Elgar-23 runs South Africa who looked at the verge of Collapsing was ,however , lifted by RJ Petersen who did not shine with ball did so with Bat posting a challenging 84 runs with the able support of man in Gloves ABdeVilliers who made an attractive61.South Africa were all out for 326 runs with the debutant Mohmed Irfan claiming 3 wickets of deVilliers,Steyn&Philander. Pakistan who had taken a lead of just 12 runs had every right to rejoice with the hope of making a come back to level the series .Just a repeat of some with Bat like YounisKhan&Shafiq in the first innings was enough to do fulfil this dream! However,when it was a matter of action to fulfill the dream,nothing worked as planned by Misbah-ul-Haq at the end of first test.He had said in the Posttest interview that Pakistan would be a different team in the 2nd test as they had sufficient potential in respect of Batting & and balling besides fielding. They were all out for a paltry 169 runs.Just Captain Misbah&Azar Ali made significant contribution of 44&65 runs respective South Africa just needed 182 runs to win with almost 4th day&5th day to bat They ,however won the test match on the 4th day itself though they lost 6 wickets. H.M.Amla made 58 run South Africa won the match with b12.5 overs tp spare on 4th day.&lead the series 2-0 SreedharanMundanat 17th February2013 21-20Hrs(IST)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tragic Beginning ends in Jovial mood for Pakistan-The second Test at Capetown

The second Test match between South Africa&Pakistan began at Cape Town(South Africa)on the 14th Of February2013The test match is being played between 14th&18th of February. Soth African Captain was lucky to win toss.So Captain Smith promptly put Pakistan to bat. The previous experience at Wanderers,,perhaps,was the factor behind the decision from Smith. When a Captain puts the opposition to bat in a Test match hhis idea normally is to look for early wickets The assessment of Capt Smith did not go wrong.the Pakistan openers Nasir Jamshed,Mohemed Hafees Azar Ali& their Skipper Misbah-ul-Haq returned to Pavilion in quick succession.Dale Steyn,Philander& M.Morkel got the wickets.Morkel was the luckier one to get both Azar ali& Misbah -ul-aHaq in th Same over. South Africans had every reason to rejoice especially their Skipper Smith whose decision to allow Pakistan to use the Bat first worked v very well.At this stage the score of Pakistan was rather p itiable as low as 33 for the loss of 4 top batsmen.The repeat of the fate of Pakistan looked repeating at Cape Town too. At this stage Younis Khan the veteran cricketer&former skipper of Pakistan joined Shafiq in the middle.Their midwicket conference and the determination in the face of Younis Khan was an obvious indication that he was going bto assume the role of rescuing Pakistan once again for which he had a reputation of rising to the occasion.He had done it on many previous matchee against diffrent. Here in Cape Town also he was not different as could be seen from the addition of 219 runs for the 5th wicket in the able company of Shafiq Younis Khan was struck by Nelson rather than Philander&deVilliers when he fell at 252 towards stumps on the First Day. Azad Shafiq who too was emberassed by Nelson at 111 at the end of day one also fell at the same score without any addition to his individual sgore.The 6th nwicket of Pkistan fell in the second over of second day at259..Srfaras Ahmed the the man in the gloves for Pakistan had staged a brief stay falling for just13 runs. Tanvir Ahmed.however tried a lone but brief fight with 44 runs to his credit.Saeed Ajmal&the debutant Mohammed Irfan were still fighting with last wicket in hand when Petersen clean bowled the debutant.Final first innings score 338 in the 117th over. It can be seen that in this peculiar second test at Cape Town Pakistan was extremely unlucky rather than the victims of Pace attack from the south Africans.I am telling this because the world number one Pacer Dale Steyn had just one wicket.Most of his wickets were in South African Soil alone.In other nations when he plays his taking wickets always had limitations. Philander,however had a 5 wicket haul.RJ Petersen on whom captSmith was banking upon had conceded the maximum runs of 94 in just24overs In ta test match this is on the higher trend. Now,how South African veterans like Kallis,Amla,deVilliers,Smith , F.du Plesis(the biggest hitter)&A.N.Petersen are going to smash Pakistan Bowlers would be interesting to watch after Lunch on 2nd Day Younis Khan desrves all the praises for lifting Pakistan from woods&a possible Tragedy.The Pak players are in JUovial mood. SreedharanMundanat 15th Feb2013 at 16-30Hrs (IST)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rejoinder to my blog WOMEN world cup cricket2013 dt3rdFeb2013

I had in my Blog on women World cup 2013 Dt 3rdFebruary had said that the Australian Women& West Indies Women Are likely to reach the final of Women World Cup after analyzing the performance of the two Teams. To day wWest Indies Team in their final encounter in the Super Six format had a clash with Ausralian Women. Australian Women had already secured a place in the FINAL by virtue of their winning all the matches they had Played. The competition was among West indies,England&Newzealand to determine the other finalist. With the Win of WestIndies against Australia for the first time in their final fight against them,the Great WestIndies Women had arrived in the Final of a World cup for Women for the first time. After analyzing their performance I had mentioned a maiden Victory also for West Indies. It is now a matter of wresting the Cup from Australia who had won most of the Women World Cup held earlier. Now it has become a matter for a win for West Indies in my national soil. In other words ,the winning of West Indies over Australia Is now a matter of a prestigious issue for a true INDIAN also. I am a true Indian who give immense respect& regards to Women. So naturally ,since the two teams reached the Final is according to my choice of final,I hope everything Would work out well for my choice of Winner West Indies. So 17th of February Sunday 14-30 hrs (IST),at The Brabourne Stadium the traditional venue of Cricket For a long time where Vclive Llyoid the Former West Indies Captain had made history by dispatching. Ball Over the fence fell,incidentally,in the adjoining Sea of the then Bombay. It is also told that the ball was not traceable thereafter& a new ball of Equal Status had to be employed For continuing the in which he was playing. If this is true,then perhaps my wish could be answered for which the Best performance from the West Indies Women is a must. So let me pray for the first time for The Victory of nation other than India with the hope that my prayer Would be Answered. SreedharanMundanat 13 th February2013 21-15 Hrs(IST)


Australia playing against the Board President Eleven had a very sad story to tell yesterday(12th of Feb2013)at Chennai The captain of the Australia Mathew Wade before playing in India during this series had claimed that he was to assume the role of highly successful Mathew Haiden on this trip. He might prove it true in the days to come! But his first outing with bat was not so encouraging as he thought. The full fledged Australin Team stumbled agaist the spin attack of The Board Eleven ,like a pack of cards surrendering nine of their ten wickets to the spinners. It is rather astonishing to note that they were all out in a single day towards stumps at a paltry 241 runs.Unbelievable! the Captain Mathew Wade who was to perform yet another Mathew Haiden was back in pavilion just for a score of 35 runs after facing 76 balls with one hit to the fence &two over it.From the way he despached the ball twice over the fence,it looked as if he was going to pa play the role really in India of Haiden! But Alas! he fell to the sting of the Spin Bee of J&K ParveZ Rassol who ,incidentally,claimed the 7 of 10 wickets.A marvellous performance from this brand new Spinner from Kashmir! The other veterans of the Australians,EJM.Covan(58),S.P.D.Smith(41),P.M>Siddle(22),J.L.Pattinson(9) J.M.Bird(1)),&A.C.Agar(0)were the batsmen fell cheaply to the unplayable spinner bee Rassol The Million Dollar Man G.J.Maxwell who was purchased by the Mumbai Indias at the highest price of the IPL auctions also fell for(0) cauhht by the wicket keeper P.Patem , bowled by Binny. U.T.Khawaja&M.C.Henrique fell to S.Ladda cheaply for32&16 respectively The BoardEleven ,however,was not much behind the Australians with just103 runs for 5 wickets, giving Australians to make inroads. Being a match of just 2 days which is under progress & concluding today(13th Feb2013), a result is ruled out. Let us, however,await the result by the evening. The following comments ,however,offered 1) this new finfd Parvez should be given proper recognition by giving him as a Bonus to play for India atleast in the 3rd Test Mach as ther selection for the first 2 matches has already been made. 2)The India Team should be careful without taking the performance of Australians for granted as it could very well be a new tactics to mislead Indians that they are suceptible to Spin attack since the Australians are generally good at playing Spin as compared to other cricket playing Nations. 3)Their idea might be to see the back of either Harbhajan Singh or Aswin from the Team by replacing either of them from the Team by the New find. Of late ,it has been observed that England&Australia employ many a tricks to see that they could beat India in the Indian Soil. 4)Generally Australians are reluctant to play spinners in India.Here again their first two practice matches&the first Test match are to be played at Chennai.So if they could find a new spinner in place of Harbhajan or Aswin,they could be very much pleased &happy.Harbhajan Singh, incidentally, has a good record against the Australians in the Indian Soil. Any how all the Best to both Australia&India in the first test match at Chennai where spin is likely to rule the match. SreedharanMundanat Wednesday13th of February2013 ati3-45Hrs(IST)

Friday, February 8, 2013


The IRANI TROPHY between the Mumbai eleven& the REST OF INDIA was being staged at Mumbai ,which Is a five day affair,from 6th Feb2013 to 10 th of this month The rest of India who got a chance to bat first, by virtue of Mumbai de coding to field first on Winning the Toss,had made a highly challenging score of 509 runs. Suresh Raina& Murali Vijay posted tons to take the Rest of India to such a huge score In the absence of Ajit Agarkar ,the recular captain of Mumbai,due to injury,Abhishek Nayar was Officiating as the captain. The reply from Mumbai was not all that encouraging .At one stage even a follow-on was threatening Mumbai with most of their top batsmen returned to Pavilion without lifting Mumbai to a good score. At this stage came to the crease the greatest veteran cricketr of India none other than the sweet Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Sachin was not only representing his home Team but was seeking re-entry to the Test Squad likely to Be named against the visiting Australians in the final playing Eleven. He had yet another secret mission of establishing yet another record among many other records viz "A cricketer who completed 200 Test Matches in his carrier" Whether Sachin establishes this record or not ,the duty he performed for his Home Team today would be remembered for a very long time to come. He with all his might & cleverness of Batting,lifted his home Team from a possible Follow-on by Posting 140 runs(N/O) on the score board in the able company of Ashok Chavan who made49. MUMBAI FINISHED THEIR FIRST INNINGS WITH A SCORE OF 409 runs & avoided the Follow-on A great tribute to a great Team which had won the Ranji Trophy 44 times. So Sachin has proved once again what Sir Vivian Richards& Rahul Dravid said about him. They had said that Sachin should be left alone to decide about quitting Cricket himself and none should force him to do so. Although Sachin had to decide quitting One Day Internationals with his own decision,now he has Closed the mouth of his critics with his Bat once again. Long live the Greatest cricketer of India Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!! SreedharanMundanat 8th February 2013 17-05 hrs(IST)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Women Wold Cup-India2013-----Srilanka Vs India,a conflict of identical teams

Today,the 5th of Feb2013 at the Brabourne Stadium at Mumbai it was literally a coflict of two identical equal teams Srilanka&India.Srilankans are as good as the Indian Women ,if not better.Both the Teams have good strikers&bowlers. Sometimes one might be wondering whether the Women are better than men in all the departments of the Glorious Game of Uncertainty. Srilankans when they play Indians are generally lucky to win toss.In the case of women also this peculiarity was not different today. After electing to bat first ,on winning toss,the Srilankan openers began disasterously with thye fall of first wicket for just 4 runs on the board. But the lionesses did not stop there with their usual roaring with the Bat The second wicket partnership produced 117 runs to take the total to a healthy one Taking the score to 121 for 2 in the 25th over.Thanks to Mendis& Rasangiga who made 54&84 respectively to their individual score.there after,the next two came to the crease Captain Siriwardene& Kausalya added 59&56 runs more respectively . Finally in 50 overs the Srilankans women,despite decline in between ,posted a highly challenging Score of 282 for 5 wickets in the allotted 50 overs. Indian women too started their innings in the D/N match disastrously with the losswicket for Just 6 runs on board in the 3rd over. Like the Srilankans women ,I McKay women also started buillding slowly & steadily with capt. Mithali Raj& Kamini,the century maker on the inaugural day against the West Indies. INSPITE of all their reputation in the past & in the recent match against West indies,the indian women appears to be heading for a painful defeat in this match as wickets are on the fall one after another as is the curse with men'steam looks this women team is also going to prove the General belief that a host nation is not likely to be successful in the World cup as is obvious from the pitiable state of the score card which indicates 69/44 in 22nd overs The Indian women still need 214 runs from 28 overs which is highly unlikely The chances for an Indian victory is very remote. India has just crossed 100 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in the 30 th over.183 more from just 120 Balls is herculian India is rapidly moving towards a humiliating defeat against the neighbours.these kind of happenings are not unusual in cricket.a very recent nstance is just Yesterday when the mighty PAK suffered an unusual defeat against SA at Wanderers in which the first Innings total of Pakistan read 49 ( all out) Let us convince that it is just not the day of India.the honors belong to SriLanka whose batting talent looked exemplary. All the Best to the Srilankan women in the super six format of the cup SreedharanMundanat 5th Feb2013 20-40 hrs(IST)

Monday, February 4, 2013

mid ah-ul-Haq& Azad Shafiq testscthe patience of South Africa

In the first match between S.Africa& Pakistanthere were many things for SA to look into. This was the 100 th test for captain GCSmith.SA holders of first Rank in Test cricket afforded by ICC had to retain it in tact.the match which was to be played in their soil at Wanderers was a prestigious Issue to be looked after. The Test match which was scheduled to be held from 1st February to 5th February 2013. The Test began promptly on the 1st of February. SA who was batting first,did not make any big score expected & instead posted a paltry score of 253 runs in Just 85 overs when they got all out. Pakistan overwhelmed with joy when Mohemed claimed 4 wickets,Umar Gul& Junid Khan 2 each & Younis Khan 1 Wicket of the South Africans.there was one run out also to the credit of Azad Shafiq/Sarfraz Ahmed. Saeed Ajmal who is acclaimed as their best spinner who had bowled the bulk of 23 overs ,however,remained Wicketless. On the very first day itself Pakistan got A couple of overs to play & remained 6 w/o loss of Wicket. The second day began pleasantly for Pakistan with the likely hope of taking substantial lead over SA. ALAS!The second day ,however,had a sad story for Pakistan to narrate. None of their batsmen could post any significant score& in fact theybwere All Out for,perhaps, the lowest Score in the recent past.just 49 runs in a matter of just30 overs giving a lead of 204 was the The worst humiliation they had in the near past one could remember. Dale Steyn claimed 6 wickets & Philander/ Jack Kallis 2 each Despite having more than 200 runs lead SA DID NOT ENFORCE A Follow-On .perhaps they didn't like to Contribute more Agonyny to the Pakistanis. the second innings of SA progressed well as expected by their players.AB.deVilliers scored a fluent 103(NO) & HM.Amla 74(NO). capt Smith also had a significant score of 52 runs. SA DECLARED THEIR SECOND INNINGS at 275 for 3 wickets in 62 overs. Thus SA HAD POSTED an overall lead ofv479 runs, Pakistan needing a 480 runs to win the Test match over SA.IT WAS SUCH AN ABNORMAL TARGET TO MEET inspite of a disastrous start in their first innings ,Pakistan could not maintain any rhythm in batting in their second innings also.4 of their leading Batsmen Saeed,Jamshed,Azar Ali& Younis Khan fell for just A paltry82/4. However,127 runs partnership between the PAK Captain Misbah-ul-Haq&azad Shafiq tested the patience of SA Bowlers,especially,Dale Steyn on the 3rd day.The next morning on 4 th February( Today) Steyn again eventually removes AzadShafiq first to be followed by Misbah. Here after it was easy for SA & the inevitable defeat of Pakistan wagon the card. Pakistan lost the match to SA BY A huge margin of 211 runs with one day to spare. DW Steyn once again proved he could do wonders in SA Soil.HE CLAIMED 11 wickets in the match. AB deVilliers was able to take The honor of the Day by equalling the highest number of catches in a Test Match of 11 .he shared the figure with Jack Russels. The Player of the match was of courseDW Steyn SreedharanMundanat 4th February2013 21-47 hrs(IST)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


In the WORLDCUP for Women today West Indies & England won the matches. Thus in GroupA all the 4 teams have equal points of 2 each by virtue of winning one match. The leaders in the groupA are now West Indies as a result of their posting the highest score of Women WCup 368/8.this could perhaps,remain as the highest score in this World cup! Their run rate is +1.040 In groupB Australia & Newzealand were the winners of the Day. They also lead the table with 4 points eack Thus in every probability the prospects for winning the Cup looks very high for Australia ,Newzealand & West Indies. My feeling is that in the final Australia & West Indies might meet.chances look more in favor of WEST INDIES SreedharanMundanat 3rd Feb2013 20-20Hrs(IST)

Saturday, February 2, 2013


It has been widely reported in the Malayalam Media that between Peppara in Agastya wildlife Forest and Paruthipally forest area a dwarf elephant called "Kallana" was found by a group of photographers headed by one Mr.Sali who is reported to have videographed it on the 18th of January 2013.This place is stated to be an area in which Elephants always used to roam about. Since this particular dwarf elephant less than 5 feet in height was roaming alone away from the group of Elephants,it is said they were able to confirm that it was a Kallana. The group of men reported the matter to the Forest Department of Kerala State. The conservator of the forest shri Shri Gopinath reported that a group of Forest officials consisting of the scientists of Peechi forest research centre, Aveterenary Doctor&a warden of the wild life forest were deputed to ivesti- gate the matter with a view to confirming that it was,in fact,a Kallana However,The Principal Conservator of Forest Shri RajaRaja Varma ,expressed his doubt about the identity of the Kallana as it had been reported earlier also about seeing Kallana but was not confirmed beyond doubt. Hearing the news about tracing a Kallana,The Forest Minister of Kerala shri. Ganesh Kumar has ordered forming a committee to further investigate to estab- lish the real identity of the Kallana The matter is being looked into by this committee as announced by the office of the Minister. Now what is this new find Kallana?There are many legends&rumours about this surprise find. There was,it is said,a shrine of Agastya at Agastyakoodam in the southern Tip of western Ghats where folklore used to say they had frequently found a kind of Dwarf Elephants known As " kallana" or a dwarf stone elephant.It was considered by many as a A mythical creature of Dwarf Elephant never more than 5 feet TallThe scientists preferred to conclude it as a mythical Imagination to reality. The locals ,however,considered it as a real creature like an elephant which had extraordinary Abilityntoncling ton rocks & roam through rains like a dragonfly. A recent expedition by Dr.Angstrom H.Troubador, an expert Biologyst maintained With conclusive Genetic evidence thatb what he found was for real.the creatures are real Dwarf Elephants as maintained by the locals.he called the creatures as distinct Species Of Dwarf Elephants. The western Ghats ranges are widely considered& confirmed as valuable areas of Unparelleled biological diversity & considered as Homes to many endangered species found no where else in The World. Rare medical herbs& special quality Tea are being cultivated here a valuable resources Represented by The Shrine to Agastya a divinity who was Stated to have been gifted with Medicinal System by Lord Muruga the son of Shiva. There ar many more similar stories spread which is free for those who believe in God & Devine Features or reject as a imagination of myth. The mythological storing Gajendra Moksham is relevant in this context! In any case the recent find of Dwarf Elephant" Kallana" is worth of further Investigation to prove something behind the mystery. let us await theresults of the investigation to prove the existence of such a species First before arriving at a final conclusion SreedharanMundanat 2nd February 2013 15-40 Hrs( IST) .

Friday, February 1, 2013


There were 3 matches in the World Cup for women today the 1st of February 2013 2 at Cuttack& 1 at Brobourne Stadium Bombay. The teams in the group A are India,Srilanka,& West India.those in Group B are Newzealand,Australia, Pakistan& S.Africa. In group A,England & Srilanka played at Brobourne Stadium,Mumbai It turned out to be thriller, SL beating England with a last ball six.the scores were England batting first made a challenging score 238 in 50 overs. Srilanka after taking the crease second reached 238 in the last 50th over the same 238.almost Everyone at the stadium expected either a tie or a win for England.But the Glorious game of Cricket & Srilanka thought differently.Their wicket keeper Surangika ,however,pulled the last ball over the fence to reach 244 for 9 wickets winning a thriller In the other matches in groupB Australia batting first against Pakistan at the Baramati Stadium ,Cuttack made a normal score for women 175in 46.1 overs.Pakistan Women in re Succumbed to 84 in the 34th over giving a good win for the former Champions. In the 3rd match at DRIEMS GROUND AT Cuttack Newzealand using the bat first made the highest Score of 320 for 5 wickets until now in this Cup challenging the South Africans SA ,However finished at 170 in Just 41 overs giving NZ Aa convincing win with a victory Margin of 150 the best until now in this WCup. The final tally of points for the 4 teams ,including the Indian women yesterday ,read as Under: GroupA :India 2 points with NRR+ 2.100 SL. 2 points with NRR+0.120 WI. 0 points with NRR-2.100 England0 points with NRR-0.120 GroupB. NZ. 2 points with NRR+3.000 AUS. 2 points with NRR*1.820 SA. 0 Points with NRR-3.000 PAK. 0 Points with NRR-1.820 AND THAT'S THE END OF THE CRICKET NEWS TODAY. SreedharanMundanat 1st February 2013 17-40Hrs(IST) Group