Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Bat or the Flying Fox- more about them

This blog is in continuation of my blog dt 4th june2015 regarding Flying Foxes( Vawals) of this blog dt 4 th June it was more about my personal experience with Bats. In the present blog more useful information ,about Flying box which is innocent and less harmful to human beings, is being discussed. Among Mammals bats are the only mammal that could fly.they are generally Fruiteaters.but there are varieties which take also insects. There are three varieties of blood consuming Bats.But they are very few found only in Southern Mexico,CentralandSouth America.but they do not suck blood and do not attack human beings.The vampire bat stories are just fiction and imagination.Even the bats feeding on blood do get it by biting chics & not from human body.The vampire stories have made bats rather insulted inspite of being very innocent and useful creations of God. Perhaps, their peculiar shape and being the only mammals who can fly might have prompted fiction like Dracula to stage them as vampire bats by Brampton Stoker The Bats found in tropics such as Flying Fox feed on fruits mainly.there are certain very useful bats which eats insects harmful to agriculture. 70 percent of the Bats In the world eats insects.One Bat alone can eat around 3000 insects in a night. Most of the investvorous bats can eat insects equal to or more than their weight in a night. A piece of Statistics indicate that 22 Million Maxican free-tailed bats can eat 250 tons of Agricultural pests in a night.This is an information from Bracken Cave ,Texas records.Thus,The bats become a wonder in regard to controlling thevNightflying insects harmful to Agriculture.This makes the Bats best friend of Farmers. In tropiccs,they eat just fruits,nectar,Honey and such vegetable oriented food. The Bats are the misunderstood species and are in fact needing protection to avoid their total disappearance from the world. No need to be afraid of Bats.It is rather a dramatic irony to describe Bats as harmful and related to the Vampires to the kids. The bat can find out their kids from a big group if they are lost from the sound of the younger ones. So it is time now to eradicate the false feeling in the mind of kids about bats and to consider them as a friendly Mammal ( or is it as a bird) TheirBody structure and the way they come over the mango trees or Plantain trees and hanging on them head down to get themselves to get their stomach filled isa warming sight to watch. In Kerala we could watch this sight in the evening when it is neither day nor night ie Dawn or more popularly called " Sandhya". There many more specialities to write about bats or Flying Fox. But for the present I would like to end this with the following remarks. Bats are disappearing at alarming rates.We can help Bats by learning more about them and sharing such information with friends and relatives.Fear and Misunderstanding it are the worst enemies of Bat.One way the farmers could adopt is to make a suitable house for bat to live comfortably instead of hanging heads down from the Branches of trees.But when the house is made one should take care to see that there is some arrangements for to hang face down inside.This is because habits never die.if we help Bats this way ,in turn they would help you in eradicatingharmful pests from your area of operation. Next time you come across a bat ,please don't hate them.Instead love them. Sreedharan Mundanat 10th June 2015

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