Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Henna Plant-A boon for beauty& skin disorder conditions.

Henna Plant Is rather a small tree than a plant generally found in Africa,Arabian peninsula and South Asia. Henna popularly known as Mehandi in India(Mailanji) is non sticky in body skin.It is therefore mainly used for Body art in India.during important festivals and during Marriages the use of Henna is more in India. Even though not used in any food as an ingredient ,Henna has as much status as food. In India since it is being Used in one way or other by Indian women. The body art in India mainly pertains to beautification of hands,fingers and feet besides body ratio of women who generally have beautiful fingers and feet as compared to men As the use and method is well known to women as well as beauty parlors all over India this part of the use of the Plant is skipped in this blog as I prefer medicinal use to beautifying the body.as it is harmless if properly used, Women find it as one of the best and costly materian to enhance their beauty.Generally men in India have no opposite view to women in resorting to Mehendi as they too appreciate the beauty of women either openly or secretly.
Let us now have a quick look into the medicinal use of Henna over andvabove beuatification.
MEDICAL USE OF HENNA: 1) JAUNDICE: ***********. Henna can be used for relief from Jaundice.It is available in powder form to use for Liver disorders.Apart from Jaundice which is a liver disorder ,it is generally beneficial for all liver disorders. 2)SKIN CONDITIONS: ******************* Henna can be used for Treating Skin Conditions like Athlete foot,Rashes and Ring worms.It is ALS an effective Sunblock.Leaves of Henna can be used effectively for any skin problem as it is stringent in nature. This Herb Hennacan be used effectively for Vitilligo(a skin condition of white patch). 3) COOLING AGENT: ***************** Henna is a great Cooling Agent.When applied to Scrapes and burns it gives quick relief.This herb can also be used in high temperature conditions to lower the heat.For example High Fever and Heat Exhaustion.proved to be very effective as a homely remedy. 4)HEADACHES: ************* The Flowers of Henna can be used for treatment of Headaches caused by heat of Sunlight.After making a paste of henna flowers by crushing add a bit of Vinegar to stand apply on Temples( forehead). 5)FOR HAIRGROUTH: ***************** For HAIRGROUTH the Henna leaves are used By boiling it in Mustard oil and applying to the scalp of head. 6)NAILS: ********* Henna can be used for cracked Nails.Soak henna leaves in water and keep it Overnight to drink the water next day morning.this is stated to be a good remedy . 7)DYSENTERY *********** The Henna seeds can be crushed into powder and added to ghee to make a paste like substance .Make small balls out of this take it orally with water.it is stated to be a good remedy. 8)ARTHRITIS ************* Henna can be used for Arthritic and Rheumatic pains.message with Henna OilTo get rid of Pain.Messaging for a month or two is stated to be of producing long lasting results INSPITE OF THE VARIOUS USES MENTIONED ABOVE ONE HAS TO TAKE EXTREME CAUTION THAT THE HENNA TREATMENTS ARE NOT SAFE FOR CHILDRENAND INFANTS.SO ONE SHOULD REFRAIN FROM USING THE TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN SreedharanMundanat 16th June 2015

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