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Back Pain, a very common disorder- Basic causes and remedies.

Back Pain is a common disorder found in people of all ages especially working class who sit or stand in one place while absorbed in work.This a more common in people who work with computer Desktop or Laptop. There is nothing alarming in this unless it is something related to Spinal cord.Mostly it is not so.However,Back Pain is not to be Considered as a laughing matter.In fact everyone in a life time Will suffer from some type of Back Pain. Although Backpain is a common disorder like common cold,it could become sometimes very painful producing total discomfort.Infact the source of exact pain is very difficult to identify or pinpoint.Asa matter of fact there are numerous possible pain sources such as Muscles,soft connective Tissues,discs and nerves. As a result of our day to day activities such as playing Football,soccer,Hockey,cricket,badminton,and other games,doing exercises,Swimming ,running and so on could adversely contribute towards Back pain due to pulled ,strained ,stretched or Sprained Muscles Even if the tissue damages are considered minor and are likely to recover on it's own,the pain suffered by the affected could become unbearable. Often,there is a chain reaction also Which contribution to the pain of the person's experience. This is because in the body of a person various chemical substances are released in response to tissue Irritation,damage,or injury.These substances stimulate the surrounding Pain sensitive NerveFibersResulting in the sensation of pain. Similarly,small tears that occur in the outer layer of a spinal disc can produce severe pain on the back. Some of these chemicals trigger the process of inflammation or swelling which also contributes towards Pain. This condition might persist for a week or two.It makes no difference how long the pain lasts .so long as it affect you or your near and dear Ones it is a matter of concern for all and should never be ignored.Even if the source of pain could not be determined accurately,the good thingbabout back pain is that it subsides over a month or less while the affected tissue get healed itself.80% of Low Back pains are not of serious nature .it could be healed at the most in 6 weeks There are generally three categories of Back pains.Acute,Chronic and Recurrent Acute.The Acute pain susides itself as mentioned above. CHRONIC BACK PAIN is Generally described as Pain that lasts for months together and is often less correlated to tissue damage or Injury and may be a result of More Long-term spine condition or other related Muscle Weakness, body weight ,and certain Life stressors. Recurrent Acute back pain is comes and goes Or flares-up from time to time. Most of the back pains can be cured with the use of over- the - counter medications such as Using AcetamInophen, non- Steroidal ante- Infammatory Drugs or analgesicPain relievers to reduce Swellings and aches associated with back pain.These kinds of Medications proved to be very effective in reducing symptoms and providing comfort. Even though these drugs are effective they do not relax the Skeletal Muscles.The real function of these drugs is to calm or sedate the central Nervous systemAnd also helps to get sleep and to reduceContributing muscular or emotional Tension associated with severe pain. But though these drugs are relieving they can not relieve pain relating to skeletal muscles.These drugs just sedate The central nervous system and help to get sleep and to reduce muscular pain and emotional tension. associated with severe back pain..Narcotic or Opioids are strong drugs which gives fast relief but should be taken only with the advice of a Physician. In almost all diseases complete rest is being advices by Doctors. but for back pain rest is should continue with regular activities including walking which is considered as a cardio vascular exercise .this helps to the flowing of blood and nutrients to the affected area which eases the pain. However,lifting of weight and contractual sports and games activities should be continues only after taking advice from a Physician. Now let us have a look into the treatments to be followed for backspin.Both Ice treatment and Heat treatment are Common for Backpain.But one should know When these treatments are to be taken Ice reduces inflammation or swelling By decreasing blood flow from Consticted blood vessels.Placing an icepack over the affected area after the pain begins. Within 48 hours Can help the pain to ease.everyb2 hours apply the ice pack at least for 15 to 20 minutes taking precaution not to get affected by Frost bite.To avoid this a towel can be used to cover the area where ice is applied Local application of Heat or Ice Can reduce pain .Heat can also help stretching. Heat can also help soothing muscles on the back especially after 48 hours of the start of pain.Either Electic heating or applying towels heated Weight is a factor contributing to should be very careful not to have overweight .Especially in the area of the stomach one shouldtake care not have additional weight bulging.This can affect the centre of gravity thereby giving extra burden for back muscles .This naturally pave way for the Backpain..Controlling weight and avoiding bulging of stomach are essential factors to avoid Backpain.Brisk walking twice a day or at least in the evening together with avoiding overeating can reduce extra fat in the area of stomach.Dieting is ideal for this as a precaution. However,extra thin body is also harmful.the best remedy is to keep your body fit by regular exercise or walking besides observing a balanced diet. Selecting proper mattresses is important for checking Back pain.But there is no standard sized which can be mentioned as it differs from person to person.taking ad vice from doctor in this regard is essential as he knows your history ,your body condition to select the ideal mattress. Surgery is the last thing tothink about for Back pain.just one or two percent people needs surgery. Phisiotherapy ,if advices by a doctor,or medication are the proper treatments for surgery. One simple but very important factor to avoid back pain is to sit or straight instead of bending.Every parent should tack care to see that their children are taught to sit rect and walk straight with a view to avoiding Complications later.Teaching children Swimming and cycling could also help to a very large extent. Children should be encouraged to take part in sports,games and extracurricular activities in schools which can prevent many of the disorders relating to muscles and Bones SreedharanMundanat 29th of June 2015 Narcotic or Opioids also help relieving back pain.but all these drugs are to be used only under The guidance of a Physician. As in the case of almost all diseases,rest is not the right remedy for Backpain. One should be as much active as possible to get relieved from Backpain.Activity ,instead of turning to a sofa to take rest ,is necessary as it helps blood and nutrients Flowing to the affected area,inhibiting inflammation and reducing Muscle Tension. Many people ,who suffer from Backpain find that they can perform their usual including walking which is a prescribed activity in regard to Cardiovascular Activity. However more vigorous activities like weight lifting Or contract sports and games activities can be undertaken only with the advice of a Physician.


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