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San Diego - The finest city of USA with Glittering Seaworld

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San Diego is the finest city of USA.A city surrounded by beautiful hills and Gorgeous gardens besides places of peace and Tranquility. Tropical Breeze ,natural charms Of various forms and variety are all together Can be experienced here unlike any other city of USA.No wonder this City is popularly and rightly called tha Finest City of USa After all, is there not a limit for taking and enjoying the the charms of surfing,Swimming,Biking Walking And Snorkeling by a human body?this question would surface in anyone's mind who step into and experiencing various forms of natural gifts the City has inherited to enlighten your life. San Diego means Surf,Sand,Sun Nd peace via Dhyana.These are all in one which could be seen rare in other cities . For family with children there are the best Spots like the San Diego Zoo,Sea world and Carlsbad Flower field to look for enjoyment . Besides ,if one seeks Peace,Tranquility,imperturbability and to relax through these ways and means there are beautiful beaches to sit on and on in San Diego. The other places of interest in San Diego are discussed briefly later on in this blog . Now we are going to enjoy first the Zoo of San Diego which is world famous in many respects. The San diegoZoo: ******************** This zoo is the biggest in USA and one of the leading zoos in the world.the speciality is the zoo more natural than caged & trapped animals.the Elephant park has all the freedom for the biggest animal in the world. San Diego zoo is located in the BALBAO park.This zoo accommodate all types of exotic animals including Pandas In fact Pandas are the most popular addition of animals in this zoo.Most of the visitors spend most of their visiting time entertaining the Pandas.The Pandas are also being successfully bred here
It is spread out along a canyon With many hills that can sometimesBe challenging for the visitorsWandering through the site.The park prides itself on The animal enclosure which are designed to Recreate With natural settings. All the usual wide animals are here.The best part of the zoo besides Pandas is the attractive birds of all kinds. monkeys,Gorillas, Chimpanzees ,polar bears,Elephants and condors The month of June is the most busy time inSandiego One popular attraction is the Cheeta Run in the evening .Trained Cheeta ,dogs and trainers take part in the run. One could see the Cheeta running fast in front of the eyes at very close range. The Seaworld - The pride of San Diego in the glittering sand: ***************************************************************
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The Sea world and the beautiful pride Horizon of San diet are ,perhaps the most wonderful show In the World. Most of the species under the Sea,over the sea,many kind of Fish,coral,and Flowers can be seen here.needs at least 8 hours time to see and enjoy everything. There are two kinds of Shows here.The main show is the live Show from whales and Dolphins.The other is involving all other sea animals and birds called " Encounter with Shark" While the former one is an Crobatic show from Whales and Dolphins the later is view from a distance at the same time very close. The Live show is of half hour duration in which the trained girls in colors and tight dresses Perform the acrobatics with whales and Dolphins. While the whale show is Horror in front of your eyes, the later is very amusing with the innocent Dolphins doing everything told to do.Both are really unbelievable.The Aquarium in San Diego is magnificent though not so good in par withe thecaquarium in Florida.But other features in Seaworld has no parallel. One can see here all Sea animals,seabirds,flowersAnd everything under the sea and Really a world of dreams so amusing and stunningIn front of your eyes. The nature,environment,and weather in San Diego suits in all respect with the Pacific Sea around. The shows of birds,animals and shark are horrifying with the beasts roaming in front of us a very close distance. The trainers and keepers busybwith feeing the animals as if otherwise the sharks would become violent.But the Sharks are never interested in human flesh and blood though they mightbfight as a matter of self Defence. The weather on the day we visited the Seaworld was unkindcwith sun playing hide and seek throughout the day decreasing thevday temperature considerably down.But still was manageable with heating arrangements inside. But one could easily forget weather with the wonderful Things happening in from with full admiration. Besides the shows,there are many amusing games and gambling talent game here.Unlike Las Vegas,everything amusing and mind catching. The Roller foster,the raft journey,The skydives ,the balloon ride,Were of very favorite nature among was evidentbfrom the roaring expressions from the visitors especially children. The 4D show on Polar Bears and other animals were unforgettable experiences. The artificial sky and environment made to Make the Polar Bears and polarcanimals so attractive and depicted the talent of experts to make the show more attractive adding to the amusement and admirations of the visitors. Perhaps,Sea world is the most popular and crowded spot of visitors to San Diego. It was estimated that an average of 70,000 people visited the Seaworld everyday . And now,the last but not the least is the Amusing show of the Penguins the widerful loving birds of the Polar area.The most amusing event performed by Penguins is their Dances of different forms with Black and white complexion mixed with peculiar type of movements identically ,even high talented Dance groups can not perform The popular song "Karuppinazhaku Veluppinazhaku " reflected through my mind when the show was in progress. Even if one might forget everything experienced in the Seaworld,during the course of time when we have to think about more important challenges in Life,we can not afford to forget this Army of slow moving Black and White Penguins. While in California,one could afford to forget the experiences,in Los Angeles and San Fransisco,but never the amusing places in San Diego especially,The Natural Musium,Safari Park,Seaworld,SanDiego zoo,the Harbour with very large ships including Aircraft carriers. The triple Complex of Downtown,harborThe Airport,the Gardens the historical monuments all together made San Diego the Birth place of California and as the pride of Horizons. No wonder why this city with Glittering Sand and amazing Beaches is called the Finest City of USA. Sreedharan Mundanat 20 th June 2015 ,

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