Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Drone aircrafts- for serving Humanity

Drone aircrafts were originally designed with a view to delivering death in battle fields.But today drones are being thought about deli wrings goods on your door by Amazon as a delivery Aircraft. But perhaps instead of unmanned Amazon will have to use them with a pilot in sight of the Aircraft.any how a lot of planning on the issue is likely take place before finally Amazon delivers goods. In between there were many uses for Drone apart from the role of delivering death. 1) HURRICANE HUNTING: Drone can get into the heart of a storm without risking human life.As an unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone can be used to spy on storm As they evolve Global Hawks drones can stay aloft for 30 hrsand fly 11,000 miles with their 116 wingspans.This let's them reach stormy areas which manned aircrafts can't reach and perform valuable surveillance Tasks.This can also help To improve forecastsand save money & life. The University of Florida in the meantime is planning to Employ a swarm of 6 inches long dronesThat are launched with a laptop,use little power ,and can be carried by wind water current-even underwater-to ride through a massive storm by hundreds collecting data.Their reports on Humidity,Temperature,Pressure and Location could help Understand the forces of winds and water inside the Hurricane going with the flow the way Human could never perform. This is not a method of fighting with the Hurricane but Just make use of Hurricane to take Human places. 2)For 3-D MAPPING: Small Lightweight Drones may look likes simple model planes.But they can survey Landscapes with thousands of Digital Images that can be stitched together as 3-D Maps. Military and other Government Satellites are doing this job?But the present emerging UAV Technology can put that capability in the hands of Small companies and individuals to be customized and used for a variety of applications. 3)PROTECTING WILDLIFE: The United States Government is already using the Drones aircraft for protecting the wild life as a part of Protecting the Environment.This task is undertaken by Drone aircrafts to protect it's Land and Species that inhabits them. The UAVsare used by employing the Surplus of Military staff to monitor wildlife populations Or Map roads and wetlands for Land management purposes. It is likely to be pattern of revulution in the field of Environment when fully employed in areas where used. Theapplications available in this branch are many. 4) DOWN ON THE FARM: The Drone Aircrafts can be used in Agricultural branch in farms .there are many appications by using UnArmed Vehicles in the Drone Category. For applications in relation to Pesticides,Water or Fertilizers ,the drone planes can be used very advantageously. Drone Cameras can easily spot where Nitrogen levels are lowOr watch the growth of A specific field section and thereby help Farmers. In the field of protecting the Environment the Drone aircrafts can play a big part safely and effectively than any other method available to mankind. 5)SEARCH AND RESCUE OPERATIONS: Perhaps,this is one field the Drone Aircrafts could be used most advantageously. An injured Automobile victim in Sakatchwan ,Canada in the year 2013 was the first person rescued by a Searchand rescue Drone.. When Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded To a late night rollover In a remote Location,they found that disoriented driver had wandered off.A ground search andan Air Ambulance Helicopter with Nightvision gearfailed to find him. But after a cell phone call from The injured victim gave Clue to his whereabouts,a Dragan Flier X4-ESDrone aircraft with heat sensing equipment launched by Mounties found The victim before becoming potentiallyFatal person in the freezing cold. That was the rescue an Unmanned Aircraft had made and this is not the last in any case.The SAR missions are Time Consuming,expensive And often dangerous for people involved. So the used of well equipped Drones are increasing and could soon become a standard Way to cover Large areas Of inaccessible Terrains even at Night. Thus the Drone aircrafts which on hearing the name itself would appear to be disastrous are in fact not so.Drone Aircrafts Un manned are now in the process of being used for meaningful purposes also [ This blog is indebted to Brian Handwerk who wrote the article for National Geographc in December 2013 The 5th June is Environment day.theDrone aircrafts unmanned could be used for enormous application in the protection og our Western Ghats. Sreedharan Mundanat 3rd June 2015

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