Monday, June 22, 2015

Longest,fastest& Highest Fliers.

Arctic Tern - Longest distance Traveller: ****************************************** The Arctic Tern Is a migrating Bird.Believe it or notArctic Terns covers a maximum distance ranging from 70,900 KM to 81,600 KM per year.A small sized Bird also known as Bird of the sun Covers longest distance migration from it's Breeding ground in the Green Land to Antartica.During it' s migration ,Arctic Tern covers the entire distance from Europe,Asia and North America. The life span of an Arctic Tern is around 30 years.this means in a life time the bird covers a distance of 1.5 Million miles.In terms of distance to moon from Earth the bird covers a distance of 3 trips to the moon. 2)Peregrine Falcon- The fastest bird on earth *********************************************** This falcon is the fastest bird on can fly ata speed of 322 KM per hour.That is more than the speed of a Magvel train in China can take which is approx 250 KM per hour.This Falcon can make Plunge- Divingbthrough the air Though the exact figure can not be said,the scientists have agrredvto the amazing speed of the Falcon.How it makes such fast dive through air without damaging their body is stillba Mystery to the scientists. 3)Bar headed Goose - The highest altitude flier *************************************************** The bareheaded Goose is proved to be the only bird flying in such height on the sky.the highest living bird on the earth.With very hard working with their wings ,this bird reaches an altitude of 21,000 feet .this geese are are very pretty birds also.They are understood to be migrating over the Himalayas mountains which is the tallest mountain range in the world.The Scientists believe that these birds have Extra blood vessels in their body t perform this .These blood vessels deliver more Oxygen to their muscles more quickly than in the case of other birds.this way they also get a boost for the flying at 8 hrs at a stretch. The information here could help children from their academic point of view. SreedharanMundanat 22nd June,2015.

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