Friday, June 26, 2015

Good and bad exercises for Heart

There are various kind of exercises for the body like Swimming,playing,running,jogging and Walking. Out of this the Best is Swimming .But this may not suit everyone though it gives full exercise for the entire body.In case you are not happy with swimming better avoid it because if not done systematically and regularly it might produce Ill effects on your health especially on the Heart. The best way of exercise for working class who normally do not find enough time in the morning ,can do it in the evening in the form of Brisk walking.But here also simple walking for 30 or 60 minutes of Brisk walking may not Necessarily help the Heart.The best way of walking most helpful for the Heart is performing it with intervals. This simply means that one should walk normal way for 3 minutes and turn to Brisk walking for 2 minutes and repeat the process until the 30 or 60 minutes are over.The advantage one could derive helpful for the Heart is that by resorting to this method one could help the the Heart to lower and increase the rate of Heart beat .This continous process of lowering and increasing not only helps to Improve vascular function and in burning calories but makes the body more efficient at clearing fat and sugar from the Blood as well. Thus this method of walking with interval has the triple advantage of keeping the Heart and body healthier. The YOGA is considered to be best form of exercise if one can do it with absolute concentration because of the the calmness it provides to lower the Blood pressure and in making the Blood vessels more elastic In promoting the health of the Heart.But how many are there who are capable maintaining the concentration to the extent of forgetting everything for a few minutes to achieve the calmness of Yoga? most of the people are pretending to have lost themselves in concentration but just a few who practice Yoga regularly are able to maintain the advantage of it. Thus the triple advantage mentioned above is lost unless one is perfect in performing Yoga.Just posing for photograph is not everything to do with Yoga. Acharyas who do it for long time with absoluute concentration of mind can derive the divine benefits of Yoga.First of all mind should be clear of any wrong and unwarranted thoughts while performing Yoga.Infants below 6 months of age are the best examples of real YOGA process while they are put to sleep by singing Lulabies to them.Yoga also needs practice to hold breathing.If one has to achieve the full advantage derived from Yoga ,it should be accompanied by Salutation to Sun( The Surya Namaskar) People who are engaged during the entire day by doing physical work are the best blessed people who are able to burn more calories and are generally healthier than those who perform 30 to 60 minutes walking a day.The workers who work the entire day by sweating and sweating are the best category of people who help to maintain a healthy heart.It is very rare a worker dying because of Hear Attack.they die mostly due to violence from Strikes or More commonly due to accidents from their site of work. The worst form of exercise ,which is being followed by some people,is running on the pavements as it invites pain and injuries.It could be helpful to heart in one way but not good for people with history of heart attack. For that matter any Rigorous or Vigorous Exercise not learnt from training from experts could do more harm to Heart than hlping it. The last but not the least, is that any exercise aiming at healthy body and Heart should be performed only after Warm up exercise .This is the reason why sportsmen and players do the warm up before they start the real game.So if you are a walker ( mostly people are) take 5 minutes of slow walking before indulging into Normal and Brisk walking This Blog is a continuation of my Blog on exercise posted on 24th of June 2 SreedharanMundanat 26th of June 2015

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