Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sakthan Thampuran-The Nerve&Artichetect of THRISSUR

sakthan Thampuran lived 139 years ago is said to be the Nerve&Archetect of the present Thrissur. Sakthan Thampuran is well known in the History of Kerala for many a good deeds for the Motherland&specifically for Thrissur. OIne can not think about Thrissur without remembering the well known reforms he made for the benefits of Thrissur. Nothing in Thrissur is strange or unfamiliar to the great ruler of yesteryears Thrissur Pooram,Swaraj Round,,Vadakkumnathan,the place near the North Bus Stand,why the busstand itself is in the name of Great Sakthan. It is understood that the Corporation of Thrissur is going to remember the great archetect by erecting a statue in the Sakthan Nagar as a tribute to the great celebrity. Interestingly,the Corporation is so particular about the statue made real before the Sample Fireworks day (Evening) on the eve of the Great Pooram Day on the 15th of April 2013. The order for the making of the Statue was placed on a famous Sculptor Kunnuvila Murali of Trivandrum. It is understood that the sculpture is in the process of final touch now. In case the unexpected expectation is for real by the day the Corporation has in mind,it would turn out to be the Greatest Tribute to the great ruler of Thrissur to whom the people in&around Thrissur are indebted to a very large extent. The people in &around Thrissur&those visit the Tempme Town&cultural Capital of Kerala would overwhelm with joy which would indirectly reflect favourably on the Po Pooram celebration This year SreedharanMundanat 10th March2013 18-30Hrs(IST)

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