Sunday, March 10, 2013

Children on their first step of planning their carrier

The first step of school going children is appearing in the SSLC examinations to determine how to build their carrier depending upon the marks&their general performance in the said Examinations. This examination for large number of students from Kerala,which they consider as a Herculian Task starts today the 11th March2013 This year as many as 4.7 lakhs children are wtiting in this test of skill. This figure is said to be more by 9550 as compared to the last year's figures. we have to wish every child writing /testing their talent&skill best wishes.They are now stepping on to the first step of building their carrier today. Strangely enough ,rather astonishingly is a news report that there are 4 twins from Koothattukkulam on the list of those attempting to cross their fisrt hurdle in their carrier. It is also reported that the Authorities have claimed that they have every arrangement to look after every need of the candidates&also to afford proper and quick valuation of the answer books by providing for enough teachers who are supposed to do their job efficiently. If at all there is any shortcomings in the arrangements ,it would be known only after the event is over when remedial measures /Correcting process would be employed with by the authorities. Coming back to the TWINS appearing this year,they are from St Pauls Highschool in a place known as Mootholapuram . Their names are 1)Akhila/Aleena,2)Albin /Anil,3)Akhil/Aarya&4)Stenchu/Steni. We should wish every child appearing in the examination a very good performance from them &also specially for these Twins. Why Twins need special treatment? Who knows when they were in the womb what are al the things they discussed in gestures and also using their mother as a via media to communicate between them?!! This is just an imagination of a strange thought though this thought has not been scientifically proved beyond any doubt. But, still no one can say anything clearly about the wonders of human birth. Medical science is ,however,doing research on these kind of unknown wonders. We would come to know in future the same way knew recently that a Mechanical man (Yanthra manushyan)can be made doing every function of the body of human beings except the function of Stomach. My intention ofbringing out this at this point of time of SSLC Examinations is just to remind every one that the children who are taking this first step today could step in future on many many important&vital scientific steps to help humanity. So let us once again wish all the Best to all children to enable them to meet the competition successfully& come out with flying Colours. SreedharanMundanat 11th March2013 8-25 hrs(IST)

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