Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crisis in the Australian Team visiting India.

After having lost both the first & second Test matches to India,the second miserably with an innings and 135 runs, It was absolutely required for theAustralians to to win the next two tests at Mohali& Delhi to level the series. At this juncture,however,Australia is facing an unusual crisis.the crisis is basically due to the fight between the Players against the Coach& Captain. The coach & Captain had asked the players to give how they intend to amend the shortcomings by Berger performance in the Third & final test at Mohali & Delhi.they required the team members to suggest their ways & means through an E-mail,SMS or through a note. There is nothing wrong if a desperate Captain& Coach asks the Team members to oblige them this way.Their intention was to analyze the views of the Players to arrive at an amicable solution to overcome the resistance caused by the Indians to them. All the players except the seniors like Watson,Johnson,& good players like Kwaja& Pattinson replied the note from The captain& Coach. In this case Watson,Johnson,Pattinson& Khwaja had clearly violated the code of conduct.They did not even bothered to tell the Captain & Coach why they do not intend to reply. So this behavior which clearly indicates lack of Dicipline promted them to take Stern Action like acing them from the Team eleven to play at Mohali tomorrow.They are right in doing so because discipline is the essence of cricket especially when a nation is on tour to another Nation. Here the 4 players are at fault. Watson left all of a sudden back to Australia& declared his intention to quit all versions of cricket.he desired to Retire from cricket. However,the responsible team management at home said that Watson was back to look after his wife. The former. captains Allan Border,Mark Waugh,Tom Modified & Tailor & many prominent Australian former cricketers Preferred calling it to School boys behavior by Captain & Coach& such Stern action like acing the players Was not warranted.they said the Captain& Coach behaved in Haste& made Australia like a school Yeam visiting abroad. They too have reasons to say so as in their regime such matters did not come up at all. This kind of crisis is happening in Australian cricket for the first time. But the fact remains that the Australians when they become Hosts do behave badly without any element of Dicipline to the Guests. In the last Test series in Australia when India visited Down Under there were many incidents in which even Sachin Tendulkar was deliberately prevented from retrieving the crease & declared OUT. David Hussey behaves without discipline in makingIndians out in a manner not available in the books of cricket but Right with the rules prescribed. But fighting among them is happening for the first time Coming to the net outcome of this kind ofBehaviour from Aiustralians ,it can be summarized to say that the charm of the game is lost as beating Australia without 4 prominent playerswas never the intention of India. Beating Australia by employing a Whitewash was indeed the intention of India to get their ICC rankings enhanced . But to achieve this Target by beating a weak team does not appear to be right& wise for India. So what the Australians should do now is to sort out the issue amicably in consultation with Top authorities at home& bring back the 4 players back. In this connection it is apparent & most justified to say that all this kind of lack of dicipline started in Cricket Teams all over the World after introduction of T20& IPL in cricket. IPL HAS VIRTUALLY RUINED THE Charm of Cricket .as enormous amount of money staged in IPL THE GLORIOUS game of Cricket was turned out into A Gambler's game. Introduction of many new rules also changed the Conventional Cricket a few years ago. west Indies was reigning Over cricket before Australia had taken over from them. But the time when Clive Llyod,Vivian Richards,Allan Border,Steve Waugh & many England captains like Mike Gatting Played was totally different. When India won world cup for the first time under Kapil Dev ,things started changing.but those changes did not have any bearing on ruining the game of Cricket. All the indiscipline in the World started creeping in after the introduction of the new version of T20 cricket. Until then the two traditional versions of Test Cricket& one Dayers were running along smoothly. Now ,there is nothing India could do solve the Australian Crisis except waiting to watch the final outcome of it SreedharanMundanat 12 th March2013 17-35 Hrs(IST)