Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Test Match -Srilanka vsBangladesh

Two test matches are scheduled to be played byBangla Desh in Srilanka during this season. The first test match is scheduled to be played between 8th&12th March 2013. In the ICC Test rankings Srilanka is in the 6th Rank&Bangladesh in the 9th. The first Test being played at Galle in SL might have,perhaps,given SL to enhance their rankings as the opponents are minnows BDesh. With this intention clearly in the mind of the Srilankan players,they decided to bat first as soon as they won the tos Srilanka with good batting line up better when compared with BD started aggressively 7 by the evening of the second day amassed 570 runs just for 4 wickets&declared the innings to have closed.There were three players with century Dilshan,Sankakkara&Thirimanne. Bangladesh in reply started slowly wondering how to cope up with such a huge score in front of them. while most of the players blinked at the score of SL,thre players Ashraful&Rahim with centuries and Mohemed Haque with a half century came to the resque of BD as Life savers for them. At the end of 3rd day ,BDesh had made 438 runs just for the loss of 4 wickets,shattering the sweet dreams of the islanders to improve their ICCRankings The match is noe posed for a remarkable&unexpected end. Mostly a draw if not a win for the wounded tigers. Let us await the uout come by the 12th of March. SreedharanMundanat 11th March2013 09-40 Hrs(IST) .

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  1. Srilanka as expected took a lead in the second innings over the Bengladesh dish & declared enforcing a target of 268 runs for BDESH TO WIN.BDesh ,however,finished the final day without evenattempting to meet the impossible target.thus the match ended in Draw .but the dream of SLstill remains shattered as their intention was to beat BD& enhance their ICCRanking.this they have to try in the second Test in the series.there are just 2 Test matches in the Series.