Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Elephants' beauty belongs to Asian&Indian Elephants

Elephant is the most beautiful&biggest animal on earth. But Lion is known as the King of Animals. In fact,taking into account the size&strength the Elephants should have been recognised as the King. But the Elephant is not as ferocious as Lion.Elephants do not believe in killing &eating fellowanimals. Elephants are strict vegetarians.They eat mainly the coconut leaves,Sugarcane, Bananas&similar fruits. Elephan has very small eyes as compared to their big body These should be the reasons why LOion is still the king of Animals Had the elephants got bigger eyes ,perhaps,it could have recognized its body&tempted to fight Lions&replace their crown as Kings Kids are very fond of Elephants especially those taking part in Temple festivals. I dont think there is any one who had not shown fancy for Elephants during their Childhood. Kids start their first lessons from "A for Apple,B for Ball,C for Cat,D for Dog &E for Elephants So this Blog is dedicated to growing kids who do not know about the cruelty in the minds of grown up men!!! Let us now discuss the Elephants in General&particularly the beautiful Indian Elephants. The Asian Elephants are recognised ®rouped into mainly 4 categories.They are 1)Indian Elephants2)Srilankan Elephants3)Sumatran Elephants&4)Bornio Elephants The average weigt of a grown up Elephant is 4 Tons& height around 3 meters. But when they become caprosoned Elephant in a Temple Fastival their height increses to more than 3 meters because of their tendency to rise their forhead while the the Vigraham of the Diety called "Kolam"is kept on them to take them in a procession. GURUVAYUR KESAVAN was a specialised Elephant fo this habit.He was well known for this& his long ivory/\. Those kids interested in watching him ,who is no more,could go to the Guruvayur Temple to see his Statue erected near the Devaswam Office. A sample picture of him is here for quick view though not for real The Asian Elephants are generally found in India,China,Srilanka,Burma, Bangladesh,Nepal,Indonesia,Kampoochia,Lavos,Thailand&Vietnam. The Asian Elephants has reputation for their broad forehead,Beauty of their body&the Get Up of their Head especially when they are caprisoned in a Temple fastival. The other nation where Elephants are in plenty is Africa.The ears of these Elephhants are so big like small umbrellas .But they are not as beautiful as Indian Elephants.But they too have their own specialities .One particulatr speciality is playing with too much of sand&mud for a long time as compared to the Indian Counterparts. The Best place see almost all animals in one place(All -in-one) is the San Diego natural Zoo in California in USA. In 1992 the Government of India had envisaged a project with name "Project Elephant"&allotted funds to varoious states including Kerala.Howfar the Kerala Government had utilised the funds without diverting to other purposes than the Protection of Elephants is unknown to me. The Elephant reserves in Kerala are at Wayanad,Nilambur,Aanamudi&Periyar . Their efective functioning&how far the Poor Elephants are benefitted from the project is unknown to me . In India Kerala State has the second place in the number of holding Elephants. The first place goes to Karnataka. Exploiting the money meant for Elephants without even affording proper and sufficient food had been a topic of discussion among Elephant Lovers for some time as brought out my media.But whether anyone had taken any effective measure to avoid recurrence of such matters is also unknown to me. When who love Elephants when they grow up should take active interest in these matters with a view to avoiding the decreasing trend in Elephants of Kerala. Or else Elephants would turn out into strangers to the coming Generation. SreedharanMundanat 12th March2012 13-25Hrs(IST)

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