Saturday, May 2, 2015

Test series between Pakistan & Bengladesh

After the whitewash in Oneday series and a comprehensive win in T20 match by Bengla Desh,a humiliated Pakistan Faced Bengla dish in the Test series began today(w28th April 2015) at Khulana stadium in BenglaDesh. Inspire of the presence of Junaid Khan,Misbah -ui- Haq& Younis Khan in their squad ,Pakistan could not stop Bengladesh from going ahead with a constitute score especially from the blades of Mominul Haquae who made top score of today's batsmen who were out.Mono ul scored 80 runs,Imrul Kayes51,Mahmodullah49& Tamim Iqbal 25. All the batsmen out scored reasonably good score to finish the day at 236/4.SHAKIB Hassan remained not out expecting his partner to join him tomorrow The match progressed further.Bengladesh prolonged their end though Pakistan tried to hasten it. The final score of BD first innings was a healthy 332 In reply Pakistan staged a really deserving fight.thoughbthey lost their debutant Sami Aslam for 20 runs,pakistans Recognized batsmen Mohemed Hafeez& Azhar Ali fought a classic battle to post a reasonably competitive score on the second Mohemed Hafeez is seemingly going ahead well with a century in sight. As expected ,Mohmed Hafeez ,perhaps Pakistan's best batsman today,completed his centuryvwith the help of 2.sixe The third day belonged solely to Pakistan.A massive & amazing scoring pattern fro Pak finished the day with 537/5 . The highlights were a magnificent double hundred (225) from Mohmed Hafeez & healthy contributions from Misbah, & 8 Fours.. The match still progressing towards stumps withba minimum of 15 overs yet to be bowled. Pakistan score at this stage is 164/1 From 43 overs. A good score indeed Azar Ali giving able support by ban anchor role is on 37 at the moment. Pakistan finished day 2 in a very significant manner with a big score of 227/1.Bengladesh will have to sweat a lot on then third day.Let us wait tobsee what's in store further in this test match The third day of the Test match belonged totally to Pakistan with a glorious piece of batting from Mohemed Hafeez Who scored a magnificent double Hundred(225).Pakistan finished the day on a massive total of 537/5.the lead over BDesh now is a significant 205 The individual score of the batsmen out on the third day were SamiAlam20,Azhar Ali 83,Younis Khan33,Misbah59 and the Not out BatsmenShafiq& Sarfaraz Ahmed on 51 each . With 2 more days left,Pakistan is planning to force an innings defeat on BenglaDesh. This is on the card if Pakistan declares by Lunch on the 4th Day..If they prolong the 2nd Innings,BD who are no longer Minnows would Settle for a draw.Let us see what is in store for them in the next 2days. The FOURTH DAY *************** The fourth day ,perhaps ,belonged to the day of BLUNDER employed bybPakistan. Instead of declaringvat thevearliest opportunity ,Pakistan prolonged their firstbInnings until they reached a mammoth score of 628 runs on board.This I would like to call a HIMALAYAN BLUNDER FROM Pakistan. This I am forced to mention so because of the performance from Bengladesh on the fourth day.Bengladesh after 40 overs on the 4th day has made a score of 183 for no loss trailing just 113 runs.around 25 overs on the day 4 plus whole 90 overs on 5th day Bengladesh will have to play for forcing a draw.This they should be able to do by Exposing the weak bowling from the once upon a time Mighty Pakistan The individual score of the Openers Tamim Iqbal& Imrul Kayes are 107(NO)& 78 respectively at the moment. That is after 42 overs.A very healthy score indeed. 25 overs still to negotiate by Bengladesh today the 4th day. They are still progressing well hoping to force spectacular draw against Pakistan. After the recently concluded World Cup the performance ofBengladesh reflected a tremendous improvement by climbing in the ratings above Pakistan.Though this is just an indication of their willingness to stay at the game,they are still below in rankings in Test cricket as compared to Pakistan. If & when they come out successful in this Test match with a glorious draw,it would mean their likely hood of Sending Pakistan lower in cricket as compared to them. Sovfarso good for Bengladesh with just 97 runs behind with all their wickets remaining in tact. 22 overs left on the 4th day.if they continue the way they are doing now,they are bound to get a lead today to go ahead tomorrow with a glorious chance to meet the challengeGe of Pakistan successfully. For the 5th time in Test matches the Bengladesh has produces a 200 runs first wicket patnership still in tact without loss of a wicket.this is indeed a laurel for the once upon a time minnows of world cricket eclipsing the superiority of Pakistan in the field. Pakistan now bowled 50 overs withoutva success.ImrulibKayes also nearing his century after his Partner Tamim Iqb 226 runs partnership is the highest partnership for Bengladesh in Test cricket..a new laurel in their history of cricket,a colorful feather up their sleeves.!!. The fight back by Bengladesh looks fentasic,majestic& attractive with enormous amount of stroke play with sixes and fours from the blades of Tamim Iqbal & Imrul Kayes.I have not watched this kind of performance before.Great treat to my eyes. To add surprise to the performance Imrul Kayes also completes his 3rd Test Test Century . Both openers on century is happening for the first time in the history of Bengladesh Test cricket. Congrats to TAMIM IQBAL& IMRUL KAYES. 51 runs behind with 13 overs left on the 4th day.Still in progress. Current partnership is 241 runs. All the Pakistan bowlers Junaid Khan, mohmedHafeez,Zulfiqr Babar,Wahab Riaz& Yasir Shah are sweating for a wicket But in vain. Crowd wants double hundred for Tamim Iqbal. A day of glorious excitementvamongBengladesh Spectotors. 250 partnership completed with just 46 runs behind.What a record! At stumps on the 4th day, Pakistan bowled 61 overs without any success. Bangladesh finished the day day at 273/0.Tamim Iqbal138& Imrul Kayes 132. A glorious partnership ,indeed for Bengldesh to be proud of. Let us await what is in store for Pakistan& BDesh on the final day tomorrow.Until then good bye on a good day. Kayes is on 91 now.What a performance from The Bengladesh batsmen!!! THE 5 th& FINAL DAY ********************** The fifth daybbelonged to Bengladesh& their openers Tim Iqbal& Imrul Kayes. Both together made a world record of 300Plus runs. Tim Iqbal made a double century 206& Imrul Kayes 150 Runs. Bengladesh has a lead of 232 runs with just 20 overs remaining in the test match. Even if declares at this stage it is an impossible task for Pakistan to win. Neither Bengladesh could win over Pakistan in 20 overs. So draw is in sight. Even a draw is as good as a win for Bengladesh. The match drawn. Sreedharan Mundanat 2nd May 2015 Bengladesh has indeed humiliated Pakistan exploiting their Bowling weakness. An unusual test match with many a records.

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