Sunday, May 10, 2015

Balboa Park San Diego- A great Picnis spot.

San Diego is known as the Finest city of USA.Situated at 2 1/2 hours travel by road from Los Angeles,San Diego is famous for it's cultural value as LA besides Commercial value.the prominent places in San Diego are San Diego Skyline,Coranado Bridge,Museum in BALBAO PARK,Serra Museum in Presedio Park,The old point Loma Light House,the Belmont Park,the Downtown Beach,the Seaworld,the Safari Park,the Carlsbad Flower field are some of the sight seeing& Picnic Spots that would come to the memory of an explorer/ visitor to the grand city. The residential Areas of San Diego are really very picturesque and almost identical in nature with Small hills surrounding the areas. There are many towns in Texas starting the names with " San".in California ,which is in the West coast,there are many cities with names starting with " San".Some of them besides SANDIEGO ARESan fransisco,San Andreas,San Jose, San Bernandino,San Bruno,San Carlos,San Dimas,San Jose and many more counting to about 33 in number including Santa Rosa. Let us come back to the Balboa park in San Diego. The BALBAO park grounds are open 24 hours a day.Admittance is free for the Park grounds,the Botanical Building,,Outdoor gardens & some similar attractions. Admission Charges vary at some of the other cultural Attractions. The city leaders designated a large track of lands for recreational purposes in the year 1835 making it one of the oldest such sites in the United States Of America.however,no cultural activities had taken place until the year 1868 when 1400 acres of land was set aside for a large city Park. In 1870,the guardians of City Legislature passed a law that the lands would be placed in trust For a park for ever. For many years there was no activity.later on a school called San Diego school came into existence. Later on in 1892,A graceful Lady a Botanical & Horticulturist Kate Sessionsleased 36 acres for a Nursery.In return for using the land she promised to open the Nursery to the Public. She also promised to donate hundreds of plants & trees to the City every year for it's beautification.Kate sessions,later on known as the " mother of BALBOA park."She had brought varieties of Native Nd Exotic plants to the Park.Many of her original Trees are alive even today & visible to the visitors. In 1910,With preparations under way to hold an expo to coincide with the opening of the Panama Canal,the Park was names for the Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa,the first European to Cross the central Americaand see the Pacific Ocean.A number of Buildings as well as much of the present day look and feel can be attributed to the 1915 Panama- California Exposition.Built in the Spanish Colonial- revival style ,it wasthe first time this highly Ornamental style was used in the United States of America.Although scheduled to last only one year,the 1915 expo was extended to another year and it was estimated that more than 3.7 million Visitors came to the Expo during it's run. Twenty years later,San Diego hosted the 1935 California pacific International Aexposition to boost the local economy during the Depression and additional structures anlandscaping were added to the Park including The Old Globe Theatre,International cottages and Spanish Village,all of which are still in use today. In the year 1977,the BALBOA PARK and historic Exposition Building from 1915& 1935 were declared a national Historic Landmark and National historic Landmark District,and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. As on today,plans are in progress for a yearlong celebration of the Centennial of the 1915-16 Exposition called the BABOALA PARK 2015. Sreedharan Mundanat May10th 2015

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