Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Obitopedia- New introduction in Internet

The Obetopedia is introduced by Shri.Vinod .K.Jose who belongs to KeralaState in India. The purpose of the introduction of this new platform in Internet is to fulfill a obvious gap. We have many a platforms to interact in Internet as far as people alive are concerned through social Network platforms like Face book ,twitter and many more. However,as at present there is no platform to remember the dead who are precious to us.for some people there may be dead people who are more respectable & loving than the living ones.How to remember them permanently. If we remember them write memories,post photos or videos and include in the Internet it could remain asva permenant record. Let us see what Shri Jose has to say about what he created: For this what one has to do is very simple .Just send an email to Shri Jose at the address given hereunder:. The services of Jose are can join the Obitopedia by signing up with his organization.Make the subject of your email as "ATTENTION VINOD" The email address is. SreedharanMundanat 13th May2015

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