Monday, April 27, 2015


In continuation of my blog dt 27th April 2015, it is very much disappointing that no alert system of week in advance or month in advance is existing inbtheworld.In spite of continous research not been possible to establish A warning system . However,in certain selected places likeMexico, Japan & United States there is a one last minute warning system The cost of development and installation of such a system is enormous to the extent of many many Laius of Rupees. The latest last minute warning system is in California .The cost of development of this system was around 383 lakh dollars andcthe Recurring yearly cost was 161 lakhs of dollars. This was after research for many years established by the Geological survey of the United States The United Stated Geological survey along with a coalition of University Partners did the research and a system of Earthquake Warning called Shake Alert was established to get a last minute warning from it. The warning could help to take precautionary measures andbdefending methods like evacuation etc. Apart from this,no system of any warning is available to the world. This is why the Earthquakkes are considered as the worst form of devastating tragediesvin the world Sreedharan Mundanat 27 th April 2015

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